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9,100 New Docs Available On Your Customers & Competitors.

There's a good chance your customers and competitors have just filed their latest financial accounts! You can access them today on your account.

As we head into the last month of the year, the financial year end for many companies is only around the corner. This year will see more companies than ever before file their latest financial accounts by the 31st of Dec.

We have already seen a sharp increase in the number of financial documents being uploaded to over the last six weeks. These have also trigger multiple updates and movements to Credit Scores and Credit Limits. You can access the latest filings today on

This week alone saw over 9,100 financial documents uploaded to with Legal, Accounting & Business, Real Estate and Construction seeing the most submissions.

Not only does this mean that there are so many more documents to view/download but over the coming week thousands of Credit Reports will be updated with the latest information/changes to reflect new filings. Many of your customers, competitors and suppliers are likely to be included in these cache updates.

Changes to Credit Reports

Once a new document is uploaded to the CRIFVision-net database it is analysed and each company's credit report will be updated. For financial accounts, this could mean changes to credit scores, credit limits, liquidity and much more. These changes you the very latest details on a company and in turn will allow you to make more confident decisions based off this information.

Why Are Alerts Important?

With so many companies filing financials it can be easy to miss an important update. That's why CRIFVision-net's alert system, monitors all of the companies important to your business on your personal monitoring list, and as soon as any changes occurred we notify you straightaway by email, free of charge. You can then decide whether you'd like to view the full report or not. This takes the strain away from manually keeping an eye on the changes to the companies that matter to you. To add companies to your alerts list simply click here

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Issue 429 (Week Ending 05/12/2020)

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