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How To Reduce Your AML / KYC Checks .

As we all know, performing AML, KYC, or Credit Due Diligence can be a tedious time consuming task. Hours can be spent tracing through information in order to meet compliance regulations.

Over the past year we have helped many companies improve efficiencies in this area with our range of tailored solutions.

Our suite of data enrichment services let you quickly identify the UBO, PEPs, Latest Filings, Credit Risk and lots more of any batch of customers you do business with in one go.

Credit Assessment - Batch credit checks on any group of your customers
PEP Checks - Real-time PEP and Sanction checks with reduced false positives.
Beneficial Owner Reports - Rapid identification of beneficial owners along with supporting documentation where required.
On-Boarding & Monitoring - Smart KYC reports for on-boarding and monitoring.
Documentation - Real-time access to the latest Filings of any batch of customers, for faster AML compliance.
Audit Trail - AML reports available in PDF and customised storage available to provide proven audit trail.
Global Reporting - International and Domestic PEP, Sanction Reports.

Three Step Process

1. Identify:
Once we are supplied with your customer records, our matching technology pairs this information with their official legal entity or against PEP lists for individuals.
For Corporate checks such as Beneficial Owner Checks, we carry out a full investigation and filter through the shareholders of each company to identify the UBO.

2: Remediate
Appends required fields and search results along with dates and PDF's of search results to provide an audit trail of KYC / AML / Credit search. You are therefore fully covered and have proof that all checks have been performed.

3: Monitor
Data is monitored and periodical reviews can then be scheduled to ensure your compliance is kept right up-to-date with the latest data. We will make sure your data never goes out of date.

API Integration

More and more of our customers want to use CRIF Vision-net data in their systems. Our API Integration makes this possible. Further improving your companies efficiencies and making it easier for your team to access all the data they need, when they need it.

Regardless of whether it's personal or corporate customers, our batch checking solutions or API's can be calibrated to supply you with fast, robust and traceable reports, removing the burden from you and your teams.

If you think this is something your business would benefit from please get in touch, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call today on Tel: 01 903 2260 or to your CRIF Vison-net account today.

For more information on AML / KYC Batch Solutions Click Here

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Issue 401 (Week Ending 25/05/2020)

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