Accounts and Annual Returns added to since 15/06/2021

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Company NameAccount
B1 Annual
Date Added
81 Boring Humans LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
A & K Walsh LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Abbeylands Manor Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Abo Wind Supply LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Adagio Iv Clo Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Adl Artificial Grass Suppliers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Aidan McGurn Developments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Allcap Asset Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Allen's Pharmacy LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Allium Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Amvm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ankerjan Ideas Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Anler Finance LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Anna Maria Beauty & Styling LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Annascaul Transport LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Arcalle Enterprises LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Arch Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Architectural and Metal Systems LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Arickon LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Armone Transport LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Artur Stac LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Asa Computers Ireland LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Asd Lauragh LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Asset Integrity & Inspection Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Atlantic View Caravan Park LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Audiothing LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Aura Metals Eu LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Aurora Consultants LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Autonomousit LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Aveen Modelling LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Aviator Iv 1082, LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Aviator Iv 1118, LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Aviator Iv 2429, LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Aviator Iv 2466, LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Aviator Iv 2648, LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Aviator Iv 3056, LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Avonleaf LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
B.M.D.A. Management Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Ballymacasy Management Company LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ballymahon Tile & Bathrooms LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Balmain Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Bangor Children's Center Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Barniskey Investments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Barry Healy Landscaping LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Baseline Dating LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Bcp Capital LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Beachrise Properties LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Beauparc Utilities Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Beazley Solutions International LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Belarus Equipment (Ireland) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Belrobe LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Bespoke with Us LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Best Campers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Bft Acecon LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Biotector Analytical Systems LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Bk Immobilien-, Handels- & Dienstleistungs LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Black Donkey Brewing LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Blackrock Management Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Blackrock NTR Renewable Power Fund Public Limited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Block G & H (Frenchpark) Service Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Blueotter LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Bonview LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Boroimhe 1 Owners' Management Company Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Brandon Taverns LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Brewery Lane Management Company Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Bridgefield Management Company Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Brigown Arts and Heritage ProjectNoYes15/06/2021
Budo Fitness LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Buon Forno LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Business and Accounting Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
C.Walsh Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cabinteely Athletic Club Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Caff's Consigliere Consultancy LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cahermore Management Company Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Cannorback LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Canvest LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Captiola LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Carlisle Legal Management Services Unlimited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Carnaross Sand & Gravel LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Carnawaddy LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Carnyx LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Carolon Investment Funds Public Limited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Carrick on Shannon Heritage Group Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Carty Group Civil Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Castleknock Gas LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Castlelyons Parish Development Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Cathedral Office Company LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cbk Beauticians LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Century City Ireland Fund Public Limited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Chail Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Chantercove LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cherry Orchard (Broomfield) Management Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Chertan Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Christ Evangelical Ministry of Christ Apostolic Church Drogheda Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Christopher Keane Plant Hire LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cill Dara Software and Multimedia LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cl Cameron LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Clanbrassil Mill Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Clare Mez (Maritime Economic Zone) Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Clarke Griffin Associates LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Clashacrow Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Clean Energy Ireland LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cleenagh Plastering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Clgn Wind Holdco LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Climate Club LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Clonard Holy Family Preschool Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Clonliffe House LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cmd Contracting Management Development (Irl) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
College of Psychiatrists of IrelandNoYes15/06/2021
Colmar Construction LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Comhoibriu Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Complete Compliance LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Compliance Software Systems Dmo LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Consulting For Artists, Film and Design LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Coordinates Hoae LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Coppsy LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Corbwell Design LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Corr Branding LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Corran Project Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cowan Construction LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Credicorp LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Crookstown Service Station LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Crovilla Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cryan Software Solutions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Csgl Electrical Wholesalers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Culkin Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Currenstown Enterprises LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cyclelines LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Cyro Advisory LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
D M K Wholesale Motor Parts Distributor LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dab Interiors LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dakota Irish Crafts LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dalavich LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Daniana LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Danu Sports LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dargle Lake Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Darragh McArdle Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dave Doherty (Insurance Brokers) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Davekennycoaches LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
David Lilley Construction LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Davy Funds Public Limited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Dbc Medical LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dealán Dé (Gabháltais) TeorantaNoYes15/06/2021
Debrouillage LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Decampo LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Deerstone Investments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Denis McKenna and Son Building Contractors LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Depuy Ireland Unlimited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Der Kraftgarten LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Derek Wallace LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Devok Trust LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dexgreen Investments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dexgreen Properties LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dfd Asset Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dfd Gleeson LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Diff Festival Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Digiguys Media LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Digital Gateway LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Digital Juice LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ding Phone Minutes LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Donnybrook Inns LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Doras Bui a Parents Alone Resource Centre Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Dpo Property Ireland LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dpod Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dragonbell LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Drumcondra Home Help and Care Services Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Drumguill Farms LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Drumlish Cemetery Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Dublin Leather and Sports LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Duna Properties LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dunmanus Construction LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Dynamic Stability Systems International LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
E. R. Maguire & Sons LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Eastern Connection International Tour and Business LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Eco Miah LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Elite Team Development LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Embedded Control Technologies LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Emiry LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Enda Kirwan Consulting Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Erne Dental Laboratory LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Eurieka I.T. Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Euro Coach Express Tours LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Eurogene Ai Services (Ireland) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Eva Barber LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Extenard Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Ezee-N-Quik Laundromat LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
F. Hollywood Construction Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
F.M.G. Electronics (Distributors) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Faha Agri LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fahey Financial Solutions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fdy Farm Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Feltrim Construction LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fenleigh LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fenwell LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fernbourne LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ferndale Removals LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ffmf Catering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fiddane Mineral Trading LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Finance Ireland Property Finance Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Fincarne Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Finger on the Pulse LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fiplc (Ireland) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
First Conveyancing Services Unlimited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Fitzgerald Auctioneers (Kilkenny) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fiunex Consultants LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Flat Planet Networks LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Flood Contracting Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Flynn Landscapes LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fogarty Formworks LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Foley and Crowley Architecture and Design LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Follain TeorantaNoYes15/06/2021
Forgeworks Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Formiti Data International LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Forsage Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Foxford Alzheimer & Community Trust Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Foxland Stud LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fpk Marketing LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fractal Capital LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Frank Doyle Meats LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Freestyle Consultants LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Friends 2 Dinner LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ftbr LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Fusion Payments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Future Planet LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
G & L Assets Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
G-Dental Jacek Chmielewski LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
G.M.C Validation Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Gaia Equity LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Galtee Fireplaces LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Gavin Ryan Racing LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Genesis Real Estate Developments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Geoff Lillis LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Geoghegans Navan LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ger O'Keeffe Consulting Engineers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Gerry O'Shaughnessy Engg. LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Get Funky LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Gg Groundworks LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Glassford Developments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Glendown Taverns LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Gormagh Electrical Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Gorman Projects LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Goss Fly Screens LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Grantstown Nurseries LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Graphic Index LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Grayatron LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Green Hydrogen LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Green Oak Energy Solutions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Greendrive Asset Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Greenhouse Gifting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Griffin Education Holdings Ireland LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Griffin Education Services Ireland LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Grove Network Solutions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
H & H Collection LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
H.P. Roofing LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hair By Anna Danielle LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Halcon Plant Hire LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hallam Property LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hannah Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Harleypark Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hazleton Developments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hgf Ip LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hhs Investments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hiddleston Interior Design LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hipperstone LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hng LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Holy Family Parish Community Creche Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Home For Life Gp LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hortencia LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
House in Order LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Htf Investments Ii LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Hummingbird Property Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Iavor Baev LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ille Contract Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ille Service (Irl) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Impax Funds (Ireland) Public Limited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Inishowen Car Dismantlers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Inishturk Community Club Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Innealtóireacht Cjs TeorantaNoYes15/06/2021
Ionracas Enterprises LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Iotco LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Irish International Boat Show and Fisheries Exhibition LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Isofor LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ison Software LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Itm Irish Tissue Manufacturers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
J & G Cosgrave (Transport) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
James Blacoe Jewellers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
James Murray (Joinery Works) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Jamie Rogerson Landscapes LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Janssen Biologics (Ireland) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Janssen Group Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Jarrzbars (Waterford) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Jc Property Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Jenny Rankin Showjumping LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Jim Droney & Associates LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Joe Donnelly Financial Solutions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
John Breen (Mace) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
John Daly Veterinary LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
John Murray Stonework LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
John O'Brien Builders LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Johnson & Johnson (Ireland) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Joseph Sutton LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Jp Henthorn Properties LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Jónico Software LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
K&L Naíonra & Afterschool Club LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kairos Medical LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kairos Property Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Karlcraft LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kchs Management Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kdsec LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Keash Estates LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ken Cosgrave Transport LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kepleaf LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kevmat LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kieran Moroney Management Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kieran Projects LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kiesal Construction Consultants LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kilbolane Voluntary Housing Association Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Kilgobnet Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kilkenny Irish Whiskey LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Killeen Executive Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Killgerm Ireland LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Killiney Hill Management Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Kiltipper Logistics Dublin LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kinbrace LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kinlough Pharmacy LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kinnerton Mortgage Funds Public Limited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Kioma Advisory Unlimited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Kmg Physiotherapy LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Knight Issuer Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Knock Electric LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Kobus Medic LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
La Diinsen Dynamics LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Lathair Spoirt an Daingin TeorantaNoYes15/06/2021
Lauragh Construction LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ld Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Lead Asset Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ledak LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Lep (Shannon) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Les Buissonnets Management Company Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Limetree Healthcare LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Link Associates Integrated Media Solutions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Lins Dining World Company LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Lng (Residential) Owners Management Company, Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Longford Chiropractic LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Lough Phelim Management Company Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Loughstes LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Lovely Property LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Lucey Motors (Charleville) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Lugus Belgrave Ii Slp LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
M and D Lecarrow Plant Hire LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
M J Mc Kinney Crane Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
M&J Gleeson & Co Unlimited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
M.F.M. Plant Hire LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
M.Higgins and Associates LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
M.J. Spillane Flooring LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mam Aircraft Leasing 2 (Ireland) Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Man Funds Public Limited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Man Qualifying Investor Funds Public Limited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Mantek Aviation LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Martin Conroy Electrical & Security Systems LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mayfair Management Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Mb Drinks and Packaging LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mc Cabe Masonry LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mc Cullagh Architecture & Surveying LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
McCarthy Investment Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
McT Financial LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Me To Me Hair & Beauty LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mercurio Investments and Trade LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Meridian Public Relations & Media Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Metlab LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mgq Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Michael Baynes Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Michael Linehan Heartsafe Killarney Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Micro Shield Technology LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mind Myths LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Misem LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mithileash Enterprise LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mk Drilling LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mlc Edu LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mleu Dublin 3 LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mma Foods LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Moani It Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Moher Hill Open Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Moldswort Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Moroney Educational International LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mount Kennedy Management Company Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Mount Temple Dairy Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mountain Movers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mp Murphy Carpentry LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mrm Plant LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Msi Windservice LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mullingar Online LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Multi Sensory Environments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mumbai Tadka LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Muse Ventures LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Mvccc LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
National Express Bus & Coach Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
National Guild Financial Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nature's P.A.T.C.H. Network LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Navigator Aviation Ireland 6 LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nb Plastering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Neeppoc LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Neilhega LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Neo Healthies LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Neustadt Capital LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
New 57 Cafe LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
New Life International Ministries Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Newway Car Rental LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nexithon LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Niamh C.Buckley LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nicholas O'Hanlon LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nohoval Drinks Company LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nolan Brophy Auctioneers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
North Star Yl Oils LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Novella Consultancy Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Novumoto Energy Systems LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nssl LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nu Power Generation LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nucompass Mobility EMEA Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Nuenna Environmental Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nuhall Retail Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Nzeb Products LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
O'Donnell Coach Hire LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
O'Keeffe Civil LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Oak Management Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Oc Business & Logistics Solutions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Off the Wall Creative Ireland LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ofia LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ol Irish Pubs LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Olann Knitwear LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Old City Management Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Oliver Collins Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Oliver Reilly & Associates LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Opsec It Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Oultort Property Developments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Oulu Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
P.E.M. Professional Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Park Fire Design LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Parkes Logistics LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Parkmore Agri LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Pat O'Connell Clothing LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Patrick Collins Construction LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Pdlp LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Pembroke Business Centre No.8 LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Peregian LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Peregrine Falcon Invest LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Peter O'Connor Motors LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Peters Traditional Fish and Chips LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ph Montessori LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Phi Denim LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Phoenix Car Tyres Centre LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Phoenix Technologies EMEA LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Phoenix Wellness Studio LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Pinegrove Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Placenta Tlc LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Pneuma Taxation LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Point View Ventures LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Portarlington C. E. Project Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Premier Invasive Plant Control LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Presentation Convent Trustees Unlimited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Prime Shopping Valley LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Prince Barbers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Print on LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Profitness Gym LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Prosport Recovery LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Proto-Scale LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Providence Finance Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Puddleducks Creche and Montessori LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Pushme LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Qol Therapeutics Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Queenan Kitchens LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
R & G Mechanical LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
R and J Doyle Building Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
R.E. Auto LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Raise Media Group LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Raleigh and Associates LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rapidash Investments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rathoonagh Investments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rathowen Community Development Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Ray Crowley Plumbing & Heating LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Raytec Construction LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rbg Patton LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rde Electrical Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Redwood Sustainable Living Owners Management Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Redzone Ipc LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rembrandts Hair Design LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rheinfelden LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Richstone Trading LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
River Crescent Management Company LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Riverrock Emerald Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Riversdale Dairy LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rivi Farm Enterprises LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rob Fenton Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Robur Medical LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rock House Sporting Estate LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rocky Mountain Agriculture LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rookstown House Management Company Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Rose Transport Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rosebower Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rossaguile Beautician LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Rotary Retail LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Royal Atlantic Gold LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
S & M Delaney LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Salva Pharma Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Salvas LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sandeur LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sands Capital Funds Public Limited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Sangret Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Scel Consultants LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Scholarstown Wood Owner Management Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Seaconview Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Sean & Noreen LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sean Meade and Sons LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Seaspray Financial Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sfi Aircraft Holdings Vii Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Sfv Aircraft Holdings Ire 1 Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Sfv Aircraft Holdings Ire 2 Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Sfv Aircraft Holdings Ire 3 Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Sfv Aircraft Holdings Ire 4 Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Sfv Aircraft Holdings Ire 5 Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Sgm Fire Prevention Systems LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Shanakiel Childcare LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Shane Fennell Engineering Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Shane O'Dea Landscapes LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sheskin Wind Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sister Ita LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sitas Developments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sito Invest LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sizebreed (Ireland) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Slieve Foy Tool & Die LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Slievenamon Lounge LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sligo Leitrim Home Youth Liaison Service Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Slm Investments Ireland LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Smith Brothers Power Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Smithfield Pharmacy LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Snowy Peak LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sofibeco LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Solas Office & Hygiene Supplies LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
South West Alternative Energy LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Southern Fire Protection LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Spiddal Glow LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Spinix LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Spoo Datascience LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sports Turf Practitioners (Ire) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sskk LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
St. Andrew's College, Dublin, Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
St. Canice's Community Employment Training Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
St. Clare's Pre-SchoolNoYes15/06/2021
Stafford Mechanical LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Stat Accountants LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Steftec LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Stirling Falls Investors Response Designated Activity CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Stone House Blue LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Strand Hotel (Tramore) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Strathmore Property Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Stylecraft LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Successemotions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Sunhill Developments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Synergy Servers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Syst - Com LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
T. Hayes Victuallers LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tadhg O'Connor Holdings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tara Telecom LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Target Integration LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Taryn De Vere LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tax Very Much LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Taxation Procedures LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tcs Imports LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Techrase LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tedmar Developments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Terence Healy LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
The Creative Learning Centre Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
The Institute of Rural Health Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
The Irish Brewing Company LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
The Irish Federation of Marine IndustriesNoYes15/06/2021
The Kilnacrott Abbey Trust Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
The Turn Inn LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
The Ultrasound Suite LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tinnakilly Farms LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tm Capital Investments Unlimited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Tobernea Engineering Services LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tomah Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Toni & Guy (Dundrum) LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Topkeen Walls and Ceilings LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Total Asphalt Solutions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Trevor Tool Hire LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Trijunction Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Tripper Law LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tune & Fairweather LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tunedock LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Twin Wood Court Management Services Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Tynte Real Estate Investments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Tyreseal LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
UK Cars and Vans 2u LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Upton Farm LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Uws Ie LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Victoria Hall Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Village Table LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Virtual Building Engineering LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Vision Av LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Visioo Interieur & Planung LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Vivid Edge LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Vladinna LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
W H Raitt & Son LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
W.L.C. Catering Supplies LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Water Cremation Ireland LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Waterbridge Consulting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Waterways Environmental LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Wenbir LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Westcoast Quality Homes LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Westlong Developments LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Wildstead LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Willbrew Development Company LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Willow Innovation LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Wilson Walsh Trading LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Windermere Ireland Fund Public Limited CompanyNoYes15/06/2021
Winders Electrical LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Wm Clinic LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Wolfgang Forestry Company Limited By GuaranteeNoYes15/06/2021
Wolram LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Woodstes LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Woodview Safety Management LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Wool Carder LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Write Direction Films LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Wsr Energy Solutions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Wychbro Coppersmiths LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Xray Vision LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Ycd LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Your Club Manager LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Yuriy Painting LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Zaca Planning LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Zeo World Sales and Distributions LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Zero Emission Power LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Zinolli LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
Zoeross Retail LimitedNoYes15/06/2021
There are 634 rows in the list above.

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