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Highly predictive Credit Reports, with over 80% of insolvencies predicted on average six months in advance

The right credit decision can make or break a small business. CRIFVision-Net Credit Reports provide you with some of the most highly predictive Credit Scores in Ireland. Already this Scoring model has successfully predicted over 80% of all business failures!

CRIFVision-Net Credit Reports use the very latest technology along with the key critical risk factors facing Irish businesses today, to continually monitor and evaluate every score every day.

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Great Credit Reports = Less Bad Debts For Your Business

Why CRIFVision-Net Credit Reports?

Powerfully accurate, built with Real-Time data using the latest credit scoring model in Ireland.

Chasing poor-paying credit customers can be an expensive, time consuming and slow task. Let CRIFVision-Net show you the repayment history of any business as you extend credit and make decisions with confidence, safe in the knowledge your invoices will be paid on-time, in full.

Over 300 factors are analysed every day on every company.

Most Up-To Date Scoring Model
This is the latest and most Up-to-date Credit Scoring Model in Ireland.

Right-Now Data
CRIFVision-Net Credit Reports specifically cater for assessing risk in the recovering economy while balancing the need to conduct business.

Built On Hard Economic Facts
Unlike any other model in the market, this was built considering today's critical risk factors using hard economic facts resulting in a highly predictive score.

Irish Business Environment
CRIFVision-Net Credit Reports are based exclusively on the Irish economy, unlike many others which are imported from UK, and simply applied to Irish companies.

Continual Performance Scoring
Every Credit Score is reviewed every day to check for any new data which may affect the score. This ensures that we will keep the Credit Score live and alert you should there be any change.

New Technology
CRIFVision-Net Credit Reports use the innovative new technology, to interpret key factors both financial and non-financial which we have found to be predictive in assessing business risk.

Easy To Follow
The simple traffic light on each report offers a top level credit score at a glance, along with analysts observations and key ratios to offer the most comprehensive credit decision you can get.

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This is a common question. Many companies don't realise their credit score has dropped until they are refused credit by a supplier or lending institution. If your company's score is low here's three quick suggestions to help improve the score.

Background Checks on Individuals

The most comprehensive check on non-corporate customers

11 Consumer Databases Searched Simultaneously

CRIFVision-Net brings you the most comprehensive report on Individuals available to the general public.

  1. Consumer Bad Debt Judgments Search
  2. Bankruptcy Search
  3. Disqualified / Restricted Person Search
  4. Directorship Search
  5. Business Owners Search
  6. Personal Insolvency Arrangements Search
  7. Debt Settlement Arrangements Search
  8. Debt Relief Notice Search
  9. Protective Certificates Search
  10. Revenue Defaulters Search
  11. Politically Exposed Persons Search (optional)