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Wherever your goods are shipped or sold, you can now enjoy the latest details
on over 200m companies across 230 territories.

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Faster Decisions With One Familiar Score

To make decisions easier for you when trading internationally, CRIF Vision-net and SkyMinder
have created a unique international score card across over 200 territories.

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One consistent score means you can now easily compare trading partners across borders,
review credit and manage risk on a global scale.

Find And Interpret International Data Easier

Familiarity means less searching for the information you need. It's always in the same place.

English Report Template

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Reports that speak your language in one consistent voice.
Our international credit reports are delivered with
English headings, letting the data and figures speak for
themselves and helping remove the need for translation services.

Globally Consistent Layout

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That's why we've created one globally consistent layout,
letting you find the information you need every time
faster and with less hassle, regardless of the country or
region you are searching.

With SkyMinder data from CRIF Vision-net, it's now easier than ever before to
trade with Confidence, Visibility and Transparency on worldwide relationships.

Better Information Powered By Local Experts

Access the highest quality credit information on any company, sourced from local experts.
We've evaluated the top local business information providers in each country,
to select the best local sources and support your decisions with the
most up-to-date and reliable reports.


Delivering local information, globally. Only local providers with an in depth
knowledge of the business environment of the country can provide trustworthy information
and establish the correct parameters for a reliable credit assessment.
Unlike our competitors we bring their expertise to you in a simple, complete and
easy-to-use way using SkyMinder's technology and superior data.

Low Prices Customised To Your Search Needs

Enjoy the data you need at low prices, and grow your business network with confidence
with any one of our global credit reports.

Verification Report
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Verify the existence of the legal entity, the registered name and address, official number and report options available.

Slim Credit Report
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Identify the key persons involved, a summary credit report, key financial fields, and statutory filing data.

Full Credit Report
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View a full credit report, with up to 4 years of financials, shareholders / owners, associated companies and more.

Data insight to develop and manage risk with global business opportunities

Bringing a world of opportunities closer to your business

SkyMinder Powered

SkyMinder is the CRIF platform allowing the global market to access
commercial risk data and take better business decisions on worldwide
companies. All countries around the world are available on SkyMinder,
even countries with data accessibility and updating issues, making it a
powerful asset in international credit and risk management.


Fully integrated into all CRIF Vision-net accounts to work seamlessly and deliver you the world.