16 Oct 2018Start-ups point to 'more mature' phaseThe Times
16 Oct 2018There was a decrease in new business formations - but fewer collapses tooFORA
16 Oct 2018Business & company start-up growth slows in first three quarters of 2018 but insolvencies decrease by 23%Irish Tech News
16 Oct 2018Insolvencies down by 23%Irish Examiner
16 Oct 2018Business and company start-up growth slows in first three quarters of 2018Business World
23 Jul 2018Limerick welcomes hundreds of start-ups in six monthsIrish Examiner
23 Jul 2018Breakfast BusinessNewstalk
23 Jul 2018RTE - 1 O'Clock
23 Jul 2018Limerick leads rise in company start-upsThe Times
23 Jul 2018Limerick sees 'significant growth' in number of new start-ups in 2018The Limerick Leader
23 Jul 2018Limerick sees growth in start-ups but Dublin still dominatesIrish Times
06 Apr 2018Cork is startup hotspot as number of new firms surgesIrish Independent
06 Apr 2018More than 60 companies formed every day in the first quarterBusiness World
06 Apr 2018More than 60 companies formed every day in Irish economyIrish Times
06 Apr 2018Beast from the East may have frozen insolvenciesThe Times
05 Feb 2018Spike in new finance, construction firmsIrish Independent
05 Feb 2018Start-ups do big service for economy, says Vision-netThe Times
05 Feb 20182017 was a record year for the number of start-ups in
04 Feb 2018Last year 'best ever' for startups as average of 61 firms formed every dayIrish Independent
09 Jan 2018Credit Register operator buys data firm Vision-netIrish Independent
23 Oct 2017Irish businesses report increased pressure due to rising costsIrish Times
23 Oct 2017Brexit of no benefit fear Irish firmsIrish Mirror
23 Oct 2017Rise in operating costs is 'worse than Brexit'The Times
23 Oct 2017Costs breeding Brexit 'complacency'Irish Examiner
23 Oct 2017Brexit a 'low priority' as firms battle rising costsIrish Independent
11 Jul 2017Increase of 6pc in number of start-ups on
10 Jul 2017Insolvencies up by 13% in first half of
10 Jul 2017Nearly 1,900 new company start-ups a month in first half of
03 Jul 2017Majority of companies entering examinership since crash survivedIrish Times
10 Apr 2017Formation of new companies exceeds 12,000 in first quarterIrish Times
10 Apr 2017New companies flourish as economy looks upIrish Times
10 Apr 2017Number of new businesses up by 10pc in Q1Irish Independent
10 Apr 2017Jump in number of business start-ups in March - surveyRTE
06 Jan 2017New companies topped 20,000 last year for the first time in almost two decadesFORA
06 Jan 2017New companies topped 20,000 last year for the first time in almost two
06 Jan 2017Number of new Irish startups hits 18-year
06 Jan 2017Morning
06 Jan 2017Morning IrelandRTE Radio
06 Jan 2017Start-up numbers pass 20,000 for the first time since 1998Irish Examiner
06 Jan 2017New startups pass 20,000 in 'robust recovery'Irish Independent
06 Jan 2017Start-ups surpass 20,000 for first time in almost 20 yearsIrish Times
06 Jan 2017Start-up numbers pass 20,000 for the first time since
06 Jan 2017New company start-ups surpass 20,000 for first time in almost 20
27 Oct 2016Confidence is key as Irish retail sector outstrips
10 Aug 2016Most Irish consumers eye major purchase by the end of next
09 Aug 2016Three-quarters of shoppers aim to make major purchase by end of
09 Aug 201636% of Irish people planning big ticket purchase this
09 Aug 2016Visa data supports notion of a consumer
18 Jul 2016Amount of companies formed increased by 21%Irish Times
18 Jul 2016Fewer Insolvencies, more start ups outside DublinIrish Independent
04 Jul 2016Lots of new startups are popping up outside Dublin... especially in the Rebel
04 Jul 2016Increase in company formations in first half of
04 Jul 201621% increase in new companies in first half of
04 Apr 2016Irish start-ups increase by 13% in the first
04 Apr 2016Financial sector leads increase in startup firmsThe Irish Times
04 Apr 201610 pc more businessess than in the crashIrish Independent
04 Apr 2016Morning business news - April
04 Apr 2016Number of new Irish start-ups increases by
02 Dec 2015This year on track to be record one for start-upsIrish Independent
02 Dec 2015November sees 21 percent increase in start-upsIrish Examiner
02 Dec 2015Almost 4000 companies formed in NovemberThe Irish Times
01 Dec 2015Strong November for business as 147 new start-ups form every
01 Dec 2015Kildare Among Most Popular Locations For New Business Start Ups In
01 Dec 2015147 start-ups born every day in Ireland during
01 Dec 2015Number of start-ups up by one
01 Dec 2015147 new start-ups formed every day during
04 Nov 2015Almost 1200 tech firms setup since the start of the yearIrish Independent
03 Nov 2015Ireland?s tech start-up sector remains
02 Nov 2015129 Irish companies were declared insolvent last
02 Nov 2015Over 4,000 new companies and businesses formed in
02 Nov 2015More than 4000 new firms formed in OctoberIrish Independent
01 Sep 2015Start-up number rise in AugustIrish Examiner
01 Sep 2015Approximately 114 business formed every day in AugustIrish Times
01 Sep 2015A strong but uneven economic recovery in
31 Aug 20153,094 company and business start-ups formed in
31 Aug 2015Company insolvencies dropped by almost half in
31 Aug 2015114 businesses were formed during every day of this
06 Aug 2015July saw the highest number of start-ups since the end of
06 Aug 2015Start-ups at highest level since late 2007Irish Times
06 Aug 2015Last month was best July for startups since the recessionIrish Independent
06 Aug 2015Failed firms fall by 45 percentIrish Examiner
06 Aug 2015140 firms set up each dayDaily Mirror
06 Aug 2015Start-up stats upIrish Sun
05 Aug 20154,281 new start-ups in July, Vision-net
23 Jun 2015Examinership the forum for rent controlIrish Times
21 Jun 2015Banks are taking lots of people to court ? and
21 Jun 2015Bad debt judgments of ?220m awarded in first 6 months of
21 Jun 2015Number of debt judgments awarded by courts rises in first six months of
21 Jun 2015Judgments on bad debt riseThe Herald
21 Jun 2015Surge in value of bad debt judgments in the courtsIrish Independent
21 Jun 2015Bad debt judgments value hit E220mIrish Examiner
21 Jun 2015Bad debt judgments awarded by courts in first half of 2015 up 32pc to ?220mBusiness & Leadership
21 Jun 2015Consumer judgments up 41 percent to E202mIrish Times
02 Jun 2015135 new start-ups here every day last monthIrish Independent
02 Jun 2015Newstalk Breakfast Show ? Part
02 Jun 2015Every day last month, 135 new Irish businesses were set
02 Jun 2015Start-up numbers rise 24pc, insolvencies down by 38pc in MayBusiness & Leadership
02 Jun 2015Irish economy boosted by 24% rise in business
01 May 2015More than 3,000 new companies set up last
01 May 201527 percent drop in insolvenciesDaily Mirror
01 May 2015No companies in Monaghan were declared insolvent last month while there was one insolvency in
01 May 2015Seventy seven new start-ups in Co Donegal in
01 May 201530 percent dip in business insolvency rateIrish Examiner
25 Apr 2015?70.5m awarded against consumers in first quarterIrish Times
25 Apr 2015Bad debt judgements award ?53m to
25 Apr 2015Calls for help on
25 Apr 2015Courts award ?52m to banksIrish Independent
25 Apr 2015Large increase in consumers being pursued for bad debts in
08 Apr 2015Number of female company directors rises by 10pcSunday Business Post
04 Apr 2015Ready, Set? Five start-ups A DAY are being created in
04 Apr 2015Number of firms made insolvend falls sharplyIrish Independent
02 Apr 20153,600 business startups established in MarchThe Daily Business Post
02 Apr 2015Increase in number of new start-ups last
02 Apr 2015Average of 120 businesses set up every dayUTV Ireland
11 Feb 2015Insolvencies fall in first six weeks of the
02 Feb 2015Breakfast
02 Feb 2015An astonishing number of Irish start-ups were created in January
02 Feb 2015132 new companies startup every dayIrish Sun
02 Feb 20152015 off to a strong start for new companies, and it could ?beat all predictions?
02 Feb 2015January sees surge in the number of
02 Feb 2015132 companies established per day in
02 Feb 201522% jump in start-ups in January ?
02 Feb 2015Start-ups on the rise as 3,700 businesses established in the last
08 Jan 2015Almost 18,000 new company formations in 2014 -
08 Jan 2015New startups at seven year high as almost 18000 firms formed in 2014Irish Times
08 Jan 2015New startups at 7 year highIrish Examiner
08 Jan 2015These were the bumper industries for Irish start-ups last
08 Jan 20157 yr high for new
08 Jan 2015The Ian Dempsey Breakfast
08 Jan 2015Number of startups hit record high last yearIndependent
28 Dec 2014Startups at 14 - year high in some sectorsSunday Business Post
18 Nov 2014Consumers "slowly navigating" out of debtIrish Examiner
18 Nov 2014Number of debt judgments down 39pc compared to 2010 Business & Leadership
18 Nov 2014More people getting out of debtFM104
17 Nov 2014Dramatic fall in judgments for
13 Sep 2014We have 48 start-ups every day as 37 close their doorsIrish Examiner
01 Sep 2014983 Start-ups in August as growth continues in sectors hit by recessionIrish Examiner
01 Sep 2014Insolvencies fall in worst hit areas of the economyIndependent
01 Sep 2014Galway has third highest rate of insolvenciesConnacht Tribune
01 Sep 2014Galway has third highest rate of insolvenciesGalway Bay FM
01 Sep 2014Monday Newspaper
01 Sep 2014Almost 1,000 new companies were formed in Ireland last monthMSN News
01 Sep 2014Decline in insolvencies by sectors most hit by recessionBusiness and Leadership
01 Sep 2014Today in the
01 Sep 2014Almost 1,000 new companies were formed in Ireland last
01 Sep
01 Sep 2014Fewer firms going bustDaily Mirror
07 Aug 201449 businesses a day formed in
07 Aug 2014Galway third highest for business failuresGalway Bay FM
07 Aug 2014Newstalk
07 Aug 2014Economy will grow more than expected this year -
07 Aug 2014New firms at 7-year highDaily Mirror
07 Aug 2014Over 1500 firms set-up last month in seven year highIrish Examiner
07 Aug 2014Swedish seafood group to land Mayo dealIrish Independent
07 Aug 2014Number of new businesses up by 11 percent as recovery takes holdIrish Independent
07 Aug 2014Uprise 11 percent in July, highest since before 2007Irish Times
07 Aug 2014Open for business: new company start-ups beat pre-recession
07 Aug 2014July's company start-ups up 11pc - Vision-netBusiness & Leadership
07 Aug 2014New Company Figures On The UpEast Coast News Centre
07 Aug 2014Figures show highest July figures for company start-ups since pre-recession 2007WLRFM
07 Aug 2014Figures show highest number of Irish start-ups in July since pre-recessionSilicon Republic
07 Aug 2014Open for business: new company start-ups beat pre-recession levelsMSN News
07 Aug 2014Figures show highest July figures for company start-ups since pre-recession
08 Jul 2014Contruction start-ups outpace growthThe Journal
03 Jun 2014Drop in judgmentsThe Herald
03 Jun 2014Today in the
03 Jun 2014Big fall in debt cases before
03 Jun 201418 New Businesses Start Up In
03 Jun 2014More than 100 start-ups formed everyday in MayThe Irish Times
03 Jun 2014Judgments against consumers fall 35%The Irish Examiner
03 Jun 2014Consumer judgment fall welcomedThe Daily Mirror
03 Jun 2014Here's how many companies were started every day last monthThe Journal
02 May 2014The 9 at 9: FridayThe Journal
02 May 201466 per cent of hotels and restaurants at risk of collapseBusiness Etc
02 May 2014Tech firm start-ups increase by 47pcIrish Examiner
01 May 2014Ireland going through tech
01 May 201447pc rise in number of Irish tech start-ups - Vision-net.ieBusiness & Leadership
01 May 201447% rise in number of Irish tech start-ups
01 May 201447pc increase in the number of Irish tech start-upsSilicon Republic
13 Apr 2014Getting the right corporate structureSunday Business Post
31 Mar 2014Over 10,700 new start-ups recorded in first quarter of
31 Mar 2014Average of 127 start-ups registered each dayIrish Examiner
31 Mar 2014Jump in new firmsIrish Independent
31 Mar 2014127 new businesses set up per day in
31 Mar 2014over 120 start-ups a day in last quarterIrish Times
11 Mar 2014Gender Gap CutIrish Sun
07 Mar 2014More women directors but long way to
07 Mar 2014Female directors make strides in Irish boardrooms as number increases by over 53,000 in 10 years - Vision-net.ieBusiness & Leadership
07 Mar 2014Female directors in Irish boardrooms double in 10
07 Mar 2014Top jobs for galsIrish Star
07 Mar 2014Female chiefs up by 53000Daily Mirror
30 Jan 2014Galway has second highest level of insolvencies this monthGalway Bay FM
30 Jan 2014Insolvencies drop by 26pc nationally from January ? Vision-netBusiness & Leadership
30 Jan 2014Company insolvencies down by 26 percentIrish Examiner
30 Jan 2014Insolvencies drop by
30 Jan 2014Company insolvencies down 26 per centIrish Times
25 Jan 2014Debt judgments secured have fallen by a quarter since 2011Irish Independent
25 Jan 2014Debt judgments down 25pc since 2011 - Vision-netBusiness & Leadership
13 Jan 2014Upbeat surveys on improving Irish
13 Jan 2014Fewer retail firms in danger of
13 Jan 2014More green shoots in retail as rate of insolvencies fallsIrish Independent
30 Dec 2013Company insolvencies fell 18 percent in 2013Irish Times
30 Dec 2013Insolvencies fall as 15000 firms formedIrish Examiner
27 Dec 2013Number of firms going bust fell in
27 Dec 2013Credit unions head for courts in debt questIrish Examiner
12 Dec 2013Huge dip in firms going bust since
29 Nov 2013Number of insolvent companies drops by 18pc so far this yearIrish Independent
29 Nov 2013Hospitality sector at risk of collapse while economy continues to
29 Nov 2013Company insolvencies drop this yearIrish Examiner
29 Nov 2013Company insolvencies down by 18pc in 2013 - Vision-netBusiness & Leadership
29 Nov 2013Galway has second highest percentage of company insolvenciesGalway Bay FM
29 Nov 2013Company insolvencies drop this
29 Nov 2013Insolvencies down, start-ups rise in
29 Nov 2013Today in the
18 Nov 2013Credit Unions secure court judgments of over E9m this yearIrish Times
28 Oct 2013Number of firms going bust falls by a third amid growing confidenceIrish Independent
28 Oct 2013Company insolvency rate falls by a thirdIrish Times
28 Oct 2013Reduction in corporate failure rateIrish Examiner
28 Oct 2013Fewer companies going
28 Oct 2013Fewer Irish companies failing - reportThe Journal
28 Oct 2013Listen Back: 28th October
15 Oct 2013Judgments show that taxes are low priority for struggling firmsIrish Independent
09 Oct 2013Irish hospitality sector in crisisDaily Star
27 Sep 201325 percent drop in number of insolvenciesIrish Examiner
27 Sep 2013Number of start-ups rises 8pc in Q3, company insolvencies down 25pc - Vision-netBusiness & Leadership
29 Aug 201340pc fall in business failures in AugAIB FX Centre
29 Aug 201340 per cent decrease in number of businesses failing last
29 Aug 2013Significant fall-off in number of businesses failing this monthIrish Independent
29 Aug 201340pc fall in business failures in
29 Aug 201340 per cent decrease in number of businesses failing last monthMSN News
29 Aug 201340 per cent decrease in number of businesses failing last monthThe Daily Edge
29 Aug 2013New businesses up and insolvencies down in August - Vision-net.ieBusiness & Leadership
28 Aug 2013Peats World of Electronics joins long list of failed rescue plansThe Irish Times
31 Jul 2013Business start-ups grow by 28 per cent on last year, figures showIrish Times
31 Jul 2013Boost in number of new companiesIrish Independent
31 Jul 2013Firm cause for economic hopeDaily Star
31 Jul 2013July boost for firmsThe Herald
31 Jul 2013Business Start-ups IncreaseIrish Sun
31 Jul 201324 per cent hike in newly established companiesIrish Examiner
30 Jul 2013Company incorporations at their highest in five years -
30 Jul 2013New company set-ups soar in
30 Jul 2013New company registrations 'highest since 2008'
30 Jul 2013Incorporation rate 'back at pre-recession levels'
27 Jul 2013Little acorns to great oaksIrish Examiner
17 Jul 2013Almost half of companies in Ireland's agri-food are financially stableDaily Star
17 Jul 2013Vision-net survey finds 49% of agri companies at low risk of going bustIrish Examiner
16 Jul 2013Food sector firms performing stronglyBusiness World
27 Jun 2013'Positive' sign as number of firms closing down falls 17pcIrish Independent
27 Jun 2013Big drop in rate of business failuresBusiness World
27 Jun 2013Five Irish companies fail every day despite improvementSunday Business Post
27 Jun 2013Insolvencies 17pc lower in first half - Vision-netBusiness & Leadership:
27 Jun 201317 percent decline in number of firms declared insolventIrish Examiner
27 Jun 2013Number of Irish company insolvencies down 17 percentDaily Star
27 Jun 2013Business insolvency rate has decreased by a fifthDaily Mirror
09 Jun 2013Half of nations pubs at high risk of failureSunday Independent
09 Jun 2013Over 120 firms being founded in Ireland every daySunday Business Post
04 Jun 2013Half of Ireland's traditional pubs set to close due to economic
03 Jun 2013Half of our pubs to shutDaily Mirror
03 Jun 2013Half of boozers on brink of shuttingIrish Sun
03 Jun 2013Time could be called on half of pubsThe Irish Examiner
03 Jun 2013Last call for half our pubsDaily Star
03 Jun 2013Every second pub to closeIrish Daily Mail
02 Jun 2013Poll: Do you go out to pubs?
01 Jun 20136500 startups, highest since 2008The Irish Examiner
31 May 2013Entrepreneurial buzz highest since
14 May 2013Big fall in number of firms wound upBusiness World
26 Apr 2013114 firms fail in this
26 Apr 2013Consumers and firms ordered to pay 44m to creditors last
24 Apr 2013Rate of business collapse is down 20pc in past yearIrish Independent
22 Apr 2013Revenue and Banks get judgments worth over
14 Apr 2013Credit Unions in 190 court actions over unpaid debtsSunday Business Post
06 Apr 2013More than 30,000 Irish company directors registered offshore
04 Apr 2013Breakdown fear for car industryDaily Star
04 Apr 2013Third of car dealerships 'at risk'Irish Examiner
04 Apr 201333% car dealers close to crashingIrish Sun
04 Apr 2013One-third of car firms face failureDaily Mirror
29 Mar 2013Sales are up - but five firms fail every daySunday Independent
29 Mar 2013Number of Irish firms going bust fell by 20pc in first
26 Mar 2013Over one third of retailers risk collapse this yearShelflife
26 Mar 2013Credit Unions aggressively pursue debtors with 160 court judgmentsIrish Independent
08 Mar 2013Glass ceiling smashedIrish Daily Mail
08 Mar 2013One in five company directors is a woman (and she's most likely to be called Mary)
08 Mar 2013Women playing larger role in Irish recovery, says
08 Mar 2013Its girl powerDaily Mirror
08 Mar 201320% increase in female directors since
08 Mar 2013Slight dip as study shows just 21 percent of senior business roles filled by womenIrish Examiner
08 Mar 2013Glass ceiling still holding women backIrish Independant
28 Feb 2013The number of businesses collapsing throughout February is down by 32 percentDaily Star
28 Feb 2013Fall in number of failed firms points to stabilising economyIrish Independent
28 Feb 2013Number of firms collapsing declinesIrish Examiner
17 Feb 2013Struggling retailers on rack over high rentsSunday Independent
13 Feb 2013Over half of retailers are in trouble survey by VisionNet showsIrish Independent
13 Feb 2013Almost one third of Irish retailers at risk of collapse, VisionNet warnsIrish Examiner
13 Feb 2013Research shows one-third of retailers risk collapseShelfLife
13 Feb 2013one third of retail firms showing signs of business
30 Jan 2013Insolvencies drop by a fifth in a yearBusiness World
30 Jan 2013Insolvencies fall by a fifth in JanuaryThe Business Post
07 Jan 2013Credit Unions pursue members for 37m euroIrish Examiner
07 Jan 2013Hangover sets in after Celtic Tiger BingeIrish Examiner
07 Dec 2012Fewer companies fail in NovemberBusiness World
01 Dec 2012Value of judgments rise by 31m euroIrish Examiner
01 Dec 2012Drop in number of retailers going broke as sales riseIrish Independent
01 Dec 2012Retail FailsIrish Sun
29 Oct 201210 Cullen Enterprises Bite The DustDaily Mirror
29 Oct 2012Seven Firms a Day Going Under as Insolvencies RiseThe Irish Times
29 Oct 2012Number of insolvencies up 39% in October 2012 compared to last
29 Oct 2012Almost seven companies folding every day last
29 Oct 2012Seven firms a day going
29 Oct 2012Business collapses on the upIrish Sun
29 Oct 2012Seven Irish Companies Collapsed Everyday This MonthIrish Daily Star
01 Oct 2012More Than 100 Firms Began Trading Each Day in SeptemberIrish Daily Star
01 Oct 2012100 Firms start daily just as 120 close downIrish Daily Mirror
01 Sep 2012Six Companies a day Forced to Close DoorsDaily Mail
01 Sep 2012Six companies collapsed each day this
01 Sep 2012Six Companies Collapse Each DayIrish Examiner
02 Aug 2012We'll Soon be a Concubine State Relying on HandountsIrish Independent
31 Jul 2012Half of Irish Businesses are on Verge of Collapse, Survey ShowsIrish Independent
31 Jul 2012Half of Firms on Brink as Five Close Each DayDaily Mail
31 Jul 2012On Brink of FailureEvening Herald
31 Jul 2012Almost 50 per Cent of Businesses at RiskIrish Examiner
31 Jul 2012Five Companies Fail Every MonthDaily Star
31 Jul 20125-a-day is Bad for BusinessDaily Mirror
31 Jul 2012Five firms a day collapse in
31 Jul 20125 Firms a Day July in RuinsIrish Independent
31 Jul 2012Banks: Stresses remain on SME
31 Jul 2012The Evening
30 Jun 2012Banking Federation Criticises E3m Limit on Mortgate DebtIrish Times
30 Jun 2012Personal Insolvency Bill Q and AIrish Times
28 Jun 2012Five Firms Fail per Day But 104 CreatedIrish Independent
28 Jun 2012Company Failures Stabilise at 116 in June While Startups Steady at 2606Irish Examiner
28 Jun 20125 Firms Go Bust Each DayIrish Daily Star
28 Jun 2012Companies Collapsing at Rate of 5 per DayIrish Daily Mail
28 Jun 20125 Firms Out of Business Every DayIrish Daily Mirror
01 Jun 2012Five firms went bust every day in MayIrish Examiner
01 May 2012Start-ups Increasing as insolvencies easeDaily Mail
01 May 2012118 Start-up firms lauched every dayIrish Examiner
01 May 2012April Shower Of New FirmsDaily Star
01 May 2012Business closures outstrips start-upsIrish Independent
01 May 2012118 start-up firms launched every daySilo Breaker
01 May 2012Hike in New CompaniesFM 104
01 May 2012New start-ups rise 10pcEvening Herald
01 May 2012Large number of companies started-up last month according to new figuresRTE
30 Apr 2012Mixed Results As Stats Released On Company Start-ups and ClosuresFocus Me
30 Apr 2012118 new firms a day as failures easeBusiness World
19 Apr 2012Lending Level is Too HighDaily Mail
19 Apr 2012Credit Unions Claw Back 19k per Court CaseIrish Examiner
19 Apr 2012Institutions Lending Beyond Their MeansIrish Examiner
30 Mar 2012Six companies collapse dailyInside Ireland
30 Mar 2012Six firms fail everydayIrish Sun
30 Mar 2012Sharp Drop in Performance Sees Six Firms a Day go BustIrish Independent
30 Mar 2012Six companies go bust a dayDaily Star
09 Mar 2012Rise in number of women directorsThe Examiner
08 Mar 2012Three out of ten company directors are women - up 20pc in five
08 Mar 201220% increase in female directors since
01 Mar 2012Companies collapsing at rate of eight a dayIrish Daily Mirror
01 Mar 2012Failure rate is alarmingly highIrish Daily Star
01 Mar 2012Eight companies a day failed during FebruaryIrish Examiner
17 Feb 2012Taxman behind half of firm wind-up petitions this yearIrish Independent
22 Jan 2012Getting Back to BusinessSunday Business Post
18 Jan 2012Noonan admits some credit unions under severe strainIrish Independant
09 Jan 2012Six Firms Went Out of Business Each Day in Last MonthIrish Independant
03 Jan 2012Company collapses up by 20 percent to 160 a monthIrish Times
03 Jan 2012Average of five businesses went bust each day last yearIrish Independent
03 Jan 2012170 firms collapsed every month in 2011RTE
03 Jan 2012170 Companies folded every month in 2011Irish Examiner
30 Dec 2011Families taken to court over utility billsEvening Herald
02 Dec 2011Company Failures Up By 20 PercentIrish Times
01 Dec 2011Etihad Airways is to hire 100 people and keep the details of hundreds of others.RTE
01 Dec 2011Five Companies CLose Every DayIrish Daily Star
01 Dec 2011Gilmore defends 'job creation' strategyTV3
01 Dec 2011Five firms collapse every dayBBC
01 Dec 2011Five Go Bust Every DayFM104
01 Dec 2011The terrible toll of recession: 47,000 Irish firms closedIndependent
01 Dec 2011Five firms collapsed every day in 2011RTE
01 Dec 2011Five companies collapsed every day this yearInside Ireland
01 Dec 2011Five Firms Colapse Every Day This YearIrish Examiner
31 Oct 2011172 Companies Failed in OctoberRTE
31 Oct 20119 Firms Involvencies every October DayIrish Examiner
31 Oct 20119 Business Insolvencies declared Daily in OctoberIrish Independent
01 Sep 2011Ten Firms Per Day Go BustIrish Independent
01 Sep 2011August Proves One of the Worst Months for InsolvenciesThe Irish Times
19 Aug 2011"Rise of Phoenix" Small Firms Brings Real FrustationIrish Examiner
15 Aug 2011Start-up Companies Up 6% Last YearThe Irish Times
12 Aug 2011Start-ups Every Day 'Despite Tough Conditions'Irish Examiner
02 Aug 20114 Companies Go Bust Every DayIrish Examiner
02 Aug 2011Judgments in Second Quarter Top €185mIrish Independent
30 Jun 2011Fall in New Irish BusinessesMetro Herald
30 Jun 20118 Firms a Day Went Bust in First Half of 2011Daily Mail
01 Jun 2011Liquidations up by HalfDaily Mail
31 May 2011Survey:8 Firms a Day Go BustIrish Examiner
31 May 201142% Fall in First-time Company DirectorsThe Irish Times
30 Apr 201110 Firms Close Daily as Debts RiseIrish Examiner
30 Apr 2011Number of Receivers Appointed to Firms DoubleIrish Independent
05 Apr 201135000 Firms Face ClosureDaily Star
04 Apr 2011'Stress Test' Show Half Firms in DifficultyIrish Independent
04 Apr 2011Firms at Risk of Closure Up 10%Irish Examiner
10 Mar 2011Court Actions Recover €894m in DebtsIrish Examiner
10 Mar 2011Unpaid Debt Soars As Court Judgments Total €894mIrish Independent
10 Mar 2011Courts Award € 900m Against Bad DebtorsThe Irish Times
28 Feb 2011Business Closures Soar By 46 PercentIrish Examiner
28 Feb 2011130 Firms Held Meetings Over Wind-upsThe Irish Times
04 Feb 2011Liquidation Levels Fell 17% Last MonthIrish Examiner
04 Jan 2011Number Of Firms that are Going Out of Business has Now PeakedIrish Independent
04 Jan 2011Over 1500 Firms go out of business over debtsThe Irish Times