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The Key Business Trends For The First 9 Months Of 2018


Company start-up growth slows in the first three quarters of 2018 but insolvencies decrease by 23%

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The Key Business Trends For The First Half Of 2018


Company start-ups remain strong while insolvencies fall by 30% in the first half of 2018

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The Key Business Trends of Q1-2018


Company start-ups remain strong while insolvencies fall in the first quarter of 2018

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    Reduced bad debts with our market leading low cost credit and kyc reports.

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    Vision-net is Ireland's leading low cost provider of Eircodes. We can batch append Eircodes to all of your existing customer address - in one convenient update. Ask us today about our market leading rates to auto-append eircodes in bulk batch or use our API's to verify address accuracy on data entry.

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    Give your teams access to full KYC, Financial, Company and Credit Risk data on their customers - where and when they need it most. Our API integrates easily into to any CRM or Accounts ledger system including SAGE, SAP, SalesForce.com, Microsoft and Oracle.

    Increase form completion rates using auto filled data. Pre-populate B2B forms with accurate data to enable seamless auto-filled company details on web sign-ups, internal forms, insurance forms and financial due diligence checks.

    Background Checks On Individual

    The most comprehensive check on non-corporate customers

    10 Consumer Database Searched Simultaneously

    Vision-net brings you the most comprehensive report
    on Individuals available to the general public.

    • 1) Consumer Bad Debt Judgments Search
    • 2) Bankruptcy Search
    • 3) Disqualified / Restricted Person Search
    • 4) Directorship Search
    • 5) Business Owners Search
    • 6) Personal Insolvency Arrangements Search
    • 7) Debt Settlement Arrangements Search
    • 8) Debt Relief Notice Search
    • 9) Protective Certificate Search
    • 10) Revenue Defaulters

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    Let our experience guide yours when you are trying to source new customers. We can give you the facts and figures on any company. How long they're in business, directors, size, area, industry...latest financials. The works.

    We'd love to help you grow your business. Benchmark your competitors and avoid those costly poor paying customers. How does that sound to you?