Q) How often is the information updated?

A) Information is updated daily. This means you will get immediate and up to date access to every single new company formed each day. You will also get access to the filed and recently scanned documents of all Irish, NI and UK companies, including Mortgages, Accounts, B1 Annual Returns etc.

Q) How much does it cost?

A) At Vision-net we have a range of low cost packages tailored to suit your requirements, from low volume occasional users to higher volume, regular users. For occasional users we recommend one of our Pay Per Click (PPC) accounts. With these accounts, Documents and Printouts are just 2.10 to access and you only pay for what you use. To remain active, PPC accounts must have at least one paid invoice every 12 months. Alternatively, our Fixed Price packages might offer more competitive rates for higher volume users and allow for up to 12 months of access of a number of reports for an agreed, up-front, cost. We are Irelands most competitively priced information service. If you find a better service at a better price, we guarantee to better it.

Q) Can you search on individuals?

A) Yes, you can search on any individual, once they are a Director of a company, or have been a Director of a company in the past. You can also search on individuals who own a Registered Business or Trade Name.

Q) Have you got every company on this service?

A) Yes every single company in Ireland, UK and NI is available to view on Vision-net.ie. Even new companies that were only incorporated yesterday are available today on Vision-net.

Other Questions

Q) What is Vision-net ?

A) Vision-net is an internet based service which gives you immediate online access to information on every Irish and UK company registered.


Q) What Information is available on Vision-net ?

A) Vision-net.ie provides you with immediate online access to the original documents that companies have filed in the Companies Registration Office. By scrolling through a report you can click on any C.R.O document (filed since 1998) and a scanned image of the actual filed document will appear on your screen which you can then print, view or save.


Q) How can I track my usage of the service ?

A) As Vision-net is an internet based service at any stage you can check your remaining credit, top-up your account, view your usage over the past few months, update your details and much more.


Q) How up to date will the information be ?

A) Vision-net.ie is up-dated on a daily basis, making company documents and analysed accounts that have just been scanned in the C.R.O. available to you immediately. Each night the main database is up-dated with details of newly incorporated companies and the very latest filings of companies.


Q) How much does the service cost ?

A) There are no set up costs involved in connecting to Vision-net. Simply open a Vision-net account and each time you access a company report your account is debited by €2.10. You may then access scanned documents filed by that company for just €2.10 per document. Opening account balances start from €350 plus VAT.


Q) Is there any other service like Vision-net ?

A) Vision-net is unique. It's one of a kind. No other service lets you view C.R.O. Documents so easily. No other service provides this level of access at these kind of prices.


Q) How can I start using Vision-net ?

A) You can open a Vision-net account using the online order form or if you prefer, you can call us on (01) 903 2660.


Q) Do you have a help desk ?

A) Yes, there is a Vision-net Help Desk. If you need help or advice using this site please call (01) 903 2660 if you are in the Republic of Ireland or please call +353 (0)1 903 2660 if you are outside the Republic of Ireland.


Q) Why do I receive some documents by email ?

A) High Priority Alerts save you the time of having to check back on companies to view any new document filed. Please visit this page for information on our "High Priority Alerts" service.


Q) Why do I receive alert emails ?

A) Please visit this page for information on our "Alerts" service.


Q) How can I Top-Up my account ?

A) Topping up your Vision-Net account online is extremely easy. All you need to do, is decide how much you would like to top-up your account by and then go through our Credit Card Secure Payment Service. The minimum top-up is €350 plus VAT. Alternatively you can contact us and pay by Cheque or Bank Transfer.

We accept the following payment types:

Mastercard accepted Visa accepted Visa Delta accepted
MasterCard Visa &
Visa Purchasing
Visa Delta

Q) How do I change my screen resolution?

A) We recommend you use a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 or greater. For informations on how to change your screen resolution click here.


Q) Do you offer ID Verification?

A) Yes, we offer an Electronic ID Verification system as part of our DigitalHub product. It allows you to compare the Identity document of the data subject with a live selfie video. The customer is redirected to our sister site https://idverify.ie to complete the process.