Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 461 (Week Ending 20/06/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
698366 Fenton Entertainment Limited Kerry
698367 Lf K9 Security Limited Limerick
698368 Mary Frazer Limited Louth
698369 Ip Automotive Group Limited Donegal
698370 Tricket Limited Waterford
698371 Attic Storage Innovation Limited Meath
698372 Fashionista Woman Limited Louth
698373 Ath Dara Capital Limited Cavan
698374 Epn Compliance Limited Dublin 8
698375 Gra Mobility Limited Wexford
698376 Bunsen Z Limited Dublin
698377 Dominic O'Connor Holdings Limited Galway
698378 Pierside Limited Donegal
698379 Esjm Properties Limited Cork
698380 Amberfast Limited Limerick
698381 3 Hot Whiskeys Productions Limited Dublin
698382 Neumatter Limited Dublin
698383 Very Berry Limited Dublin 12
698384 Shine Racing Limited Longford
698385 Pf Murphy Civil Engineering Ireland Limited Cork
698386 Sarys Limited Louth
698387 Valentia Island Food Trucks Limited Kerry
698388 Kema Dos Limited Roscommon
698389 Garraunigerinagh Limited Cork
698390 Dfar Corporate Holdings Limited Dublin
698391 Ger Corbett Construction Limited Limerick
698392 Corcoran Precast Solutions Limited Carlow
698393 Zenlayer Networks Ireland Limited Dublin 2
698394 126 Artist-Run Gallery & Studios Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
698395 Skyline Shannon Ii Aircraft Holdings Limited Dublin
698396 Adamra Property Holdings Limited Clare
698397 Skyline Shannon Ii Aircraft Finance Designated Activity Company Dublin
698398 Skyline Shannon Ii Investor Designated Activity Company Dublin
698399 Lynmar Fine Foods Limited Monaghan
698400 Golden Forest Limited Dublin
698401 Solid Start Limited Cork
698402 Gsl Residential Bridge St Limited Cavan
698403 Deepmelco Limited Cork
698404 Planet of Accessories Limited Dublin
698405 Kiladze A&A Limited Dublin 24
698406 Sustain Nibble Limited Monaghan
698407 Money and Freedom Limited Dublin
698408 Pj Doyle Plumbing Services Limited Wexford
698409 Od Stunts Limited Dublin
698410 Cslt Properties Limited Cork
698411 Claddagh Childcare Limited Cavan
698412 Prophetess Vivian Ugochukwu Ministries Limited Louth
698413 International Skilled Workforce Limited Limerick
698414 Factory Carpets Depot Limited Kerry
698415 Annaghmoe Building Contractors Limited Offaly
698416 Athena Resources Holdings Europe Limited Dublin
698417 Nktm Management Limited Limerick
698418 Cabinteely Park Clo Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
698419 Ardfoyle Developments Limited Cork
698420 Bolter Media Limited Dublin
698421 Atlantic Way Cm Limited Galway
698422 Hannigan Holdings Properties Limited Kildare
698423 Kells Spirits Limited Meath
698424 Davidstown Renewable Energy Community Designated Activity Company Wexford
698425 Jg Stewart Limited Donegal
698426 Green Circle Asian Market Limited Limerick
698427 Clooncon East Renewable Energy Community Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
698428 55 Lad Lane Estate Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
698429 Sound Point Euro Clo Vii Funding Designated Activity Company Dublin
698430 Lisa Wallace Property Limited Dublin
698431 Tmc Global Trading & Marketing Cooperations Limited Dublin
698432 K J Veterinary Services Limited Limerick
698433 Qbc Technology Limited Dublin
698434 Meb Equipment Limited Carlow
698435 Tgsb Beverages Limited Dublin
698436 Gort Biogas Concern Group Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
698437 Magda Consulting Limited Dublin
698438 Order Now Limited Dublin
698439 Moonotter Limited Cork
698440 Breakthrough Maths Limited Cork
698441 Behy Investments Limited Sligo
698442 Basewear Limited Dublin
698443 Mv Painting Contractors Limited Dublin
698444 Zks Medical Services Limited Wexford
698445 Genepool Limited Dublin
698446 Cumming Management Ireland Limited Dublin
698447 Yitao Limited Longford
698448 Ocodango Limited Dublin
698449 Siavash Limited Dublin
698450 Glas Venture Limited Dublin
698451 Mia's Food & Beverages Operators Limited Donegal
698452 Eden Capital Partners Limited Dublin
698453 New Flow Ireland Limited Dublin
698454 Artemisia Travel Limited Dublin
698243 Engage Medical Limited Cork
698244 Absberg Limited Dublin 2
698245 Atlantic Eco Distribution Limited Donegal
698246 Harbara Limited Cork
698247 Nyhan Wood Design Limited Dublin
698248 Ken Hyland Developments Limited Dublin
698249 McHt Unlimited Company Cork
698250 Sika Private Limited Dublin 24
698251 Gemini Digital Assets Limited Dublin
698252 Alexander Investment Holdings Limited Cork
698253 Softify Ireland Limited Waterford
698254 Ewers C Limited Dublin
698255 Lanz F Limited Dublin
698256 Resolve Careers Limited Dublin
698257 Smart Tek Recruitment Ireland Limited Dublin
698258 Jodie Wood Limited Wicklow
698259 Guibeb and Associates - International Business Consultants Limited Cork
698260 Ivo Engineering Limited Cork
698261 Glas Inv Limited Dublin
698262 O'Hal Process Engineering Limited Dublin
698263 Jentec Construction Limited Clare
698264 Diub Services Limited Dublin 4
698265 Barry Jameson Mechanical Limited Kerry
698266 On the Day Limited Meath
698267 Conroy Ventures Limited Laois
698268 Gabo Football Limited Dublin
698269 Ermis Capital Ii Designated Activity Company Dublin
698270 Scotts Film and Tv Set Painting Limited Dublin
698271 Kodc Advisory Limited Dublin
698272 Maxor Limited Meath
698273 Wpvc Limited Galway
698274 Zerzura Limited Dublin 2
698275 Vivrdh Property Holdings Limited Dublin
698276 Ffmf Property Holdings Limited Offaly
698277 Bd Shades Limited Laois
698278 Eteachers Global Limited Roscommon
698279 Pioneertown Productions Limited Cork
698280 Storyford Limited Dublin 4
698281 Shouyin Zhou Limited Dublin
698282 Hu Panpan Limited Dublin
698283 Albaum L Limited Dublin
698284 Schrf W Limited Dublin
698285 Jamnitzer Z Limited Dublin
698286 Camus General Practice Limited Dublin
698287 Xingnongwang Limited Dublin
698288 Pure Intention Limited Dublin 12
698289 Harper C Investments Limited Cork
698290 Ballygriffey Equine Centre Limited Clare
698291 Rpbd Balgriffin Developments Limited Dublin
698292 Quantum Life Ark Limited Waterford
698293 Effected Clothing Company Limited Cork
698294 Le Clos D Eugenie Limited Dublin
698295 Senara Investments Limited Cavan
698296 S I P Construction and Carpentry Services Limited Dublin
698297 Texerit Limited Dublin
698298 Brown Tiger Holdings & Investments Limited Dublin
698299 Meath Tyre and Car Care Limited Meath
698300 Euro Axiomworld Limited Meath
698301 Celestal Consulting Limited Dublin
698302 Ias Ind 3 Limited Dublin
698303 Kate O'Brien Consulting Limited Dublin
698304 Tacoman Limited Dublin
698305 Hassles Limited Dublin 15
698306 Gerry Lally Carpentry Limited Galway
698307 Skyark Limited Dublin
698308 Know Your Customer Limited Dublin
698309 Buxton Capital Limited Dublin
698310 Rooske Consulting Limited Meath
698311 Cronosprint Invest Limited Dublin
698312 Cork Candy Man Limited Cork
698313 Fcs Farrell Control Solutions Limited Cork
698314 Interwork Agendas Limited Dublin
698315 Paradise Falls Holdings Limited Kildare
698316 Afterburn Limited Dublin
698317 Manchee Limited Dublin
698318 Drilling Fluids Consultancy Services Limited Dublin
698319 Tcv Logistics Limited Meath
698320 Snm - Murphy Limited Meath
698321 Candlebell Limited Dublin 4
698322 Acilro Limited Kildare
698323 Frostspell Limited Dublin 4
698324 Moveblock Limited Dublin 4
698325 Too Good To Go Limited Dublin
698326 Nodcon Limited Dublin
698327 Flashford Limited Dublin 4
698328 Faithbrook Limited Dublin 4
698329 Jomar Investments Limited Tipperary
698330 Wise Tree Consulting Limited Wicklow
698331 Integria Capital Limited Dublin 18
698332 B.B+Roe Limited Waterford
698333 Ipebranco Limited Dublin
698334 Schratt M Limited Dublin
698335 Agst X Limited Dublin
698336 Axen H Limited Dublin
698337 Blucony North Limited Dublin
698338 Sage Oat Bar Limited Dublin
698339 Diesterweg Y Limited Dublin
698340 Artzinger W Limited Dublin
698341 Boogo Designs Limited Cork
698342 Kg Products Limited Dublin
698343 Hardgainer Solutions Limited Kilkenny
698344 K9 Wildlife Project Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
698345 Arka Tech Limited Dublin
698346 Onism Studios Limited Cork
698347 Jimscar Limited Dublin
698348 Blackhall Travel Consulting Limited Dublin
698349 Bri Chualann Court Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
698350 European Food Imports Limited Cork
698351 Tdb Tiling Limited Dublin
698352 Sheehan Autoelite Limited Kildare
698353 Dysi Dyslexia Specific Learning Difficulties Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Kilkenny
698354 Hook Grip Technologies Limited Dublin
698355 Linkor Baking Developments Limited Kerry
698356 McKenna Innovate Holdings Limited Dublin
698357 Angico Limited Dublin
698358 Belavista Limited Dublin
698359 Merciful God Church Waterford (Epfi) Company Limited By Guarantee Waterford
698360 Huebner Holding Limited Donegal
698361 Gchhausen Z Limited Dublin
698362 Konkine Empire Limited Dublin
698363 Intelliware Solutions Limited Dublin 1
698364 Vision Imperency Limited Dublin
698365 Azaan Medical Services Limited Cork
698153 Wrky Limited Dublin 6
698154 Cumann Na Ninnealtoiri Teoranta Cork
698155 Argue Meats Limited Cavan
698156 Sey Tax Limited Dublin
698157 Asc Cronnelly Holdings Limited Dublin
698158 Tereowen Holdings Limited Dublin
698159 Vs Painting & Interiors Limited Dublin
698160 Traxx Technology Limited Dublin
698161 Dalem Specialist Services Limited Louth
698162 Brexit Export Import Limited Cork
698163 The Mullan Hope Centre (Hub of Positive Energy) Company Limited By Guarantee Donegal
698164 Arlaec Limited Dublin
698165 Peter McKay Carpentry Limited Tipperary
698166 Muirchumhacht Seapower Limited Dublin
698167 Jam Jar Juice and Coffee Bar Limited Cork
698168 The Only Plaice Limited Donegal
698169 Andriessens W Limited Dublin
698170 Dominik H Limited Dublin
698171 Greenstak Nominees a Limited Wicklow
698172 We Business Solutions Limited Dublin
698173 Telecom Route Limited Dublin
698174 Benedictus Deus Limited Dublin 2
698175 Consciousf Limited Dublin
698176 Keeyra Holdings Limited Dublin
698177 Alicja Lipfillers Limited Dublin
698178 E.Maher Management Services Limited Tipperary
698179 Ravenport Limited Dublin
698180 Dalem Group Limited Louth
698181 Reinold X Limited Dublin
698182 Nihua Limited Dublin
698183 Biwen Yang Limited Dublin
698184 Zhuoshan Wanga Limited Dublin
698185 Preferred Home Limited Dublin
698186 Pajc Garville Limited Dublin 6w
698187 Ke Installations Limited Cavan
698188 Lucky Rabbit Limited Dublin
698189 Consultech Avionics Limited Limerick
698190 Drinkable-Water-For-All Gemeinnuetzige Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
698191 Burke Safety Consultancy Limited Offaly
698192 Simpacto Limited Dublin 2
698193 Palace Motors Limited Louth
698194 Equal 1 Laboratories Ireland Nominees Limited Wicklow
698195 Zodia Markets (Ireland) Limited Dublin 1
698196 Breffni Training Services Limited Dublin
698197 Crowes 1901 Limited Cork
698198 Tullach Building Limited Galway
698199 Industrial Pixel Visual Effects Eu Limited Limerick
698200 The Institution of Engineers of Ireland Limited Cork
698201 Corrib Ales Limited Cork
698202 Wicklow Mountain Glamping Limited Wicklow
698203 Gomez Power Limited Wicklow
698204 Holisto Limited Louth
698205 Madra Entertainment Limited Dublin 1
698206 Voreli Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
698207 Kenny Sheil Interiors Limited Dublin
698208 Milliebud Limited Waterford
698209 Navello Ventures Limited Dublin
698210 Dsquared2 Properties Limited Dublin
698211 Consensus Cloud Solutions International Limited Dublin
698212 Viec One Limited Dublin
698213 Viec Two Limited Dublin
698214 Select Property Investments Limited Monaghan
698215 Monavilla Properties Limited Kildare
698216 Doonshore Waterside Limited Roscommon
698217 Goldcross Developments Limited Sligo
698218 Dragontcm Limited Dublin
698219 Kdbeh Limited Dublin
698220 Wellness Mastery Limited Westmeath
698221 Leni C Limited Dublin
698222 Blue Cross Medical and Locum Limited Cork
698223 Helping Cross Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
698224 Shanwick Alpha Nine Limited Dublin
698225 Edge Automation and Instrumentation Engineering Services Limited Cork
698226 Trade 2 Farm Technologies Limited Wicklow
698227 S & K Demolition Limited Galway
698228 Dublin Farm Dairies Limited Dublin
698229 Cos Plant Hire Limited Carlow
698230 Lismorris Plant & Civil Limited Clare
698231 Ai Guang Limited Laois
698232 Twin Light Entertainment China Europe Consulting Limited Dublin
698233 Becoming Hair and Scalp Limited Louth
698234 Columbus Voyage Limited Westmeath
698235 Hexagon Construction Limited Offaly
698236 Dson Building & Carpentry Limited Louth
698237 Killalan Limited Dublin 2
698238 Dancing Lions Limited Tipperary
698239 Dalla Rovere Solutions Limited Dublin
698240 Nayyab Consulting Limited Mayo
698241 Paddy Angland Transport Limited Cork
698242 Smartvest Limited Laois
697994 Spiorad Medical Limited Dublin
697995 Alice's Kitchen Limited Meath
697996 Brave Flavour Limited Louth
697997 Crannog Wellbeing Limited Dublin
697998 Enanos Films Limited Dublin 22
697999 Puppy Dog Treats Limited Dublin 15
698000 David Hennessy Transport Limited Westmeath
698001 Jgj Technologies Limited Dublin
698002 Dominicks Bargains Limited Dublin 24
698003 Rb Retrofit Limited Dublin 24
698004 Rubicon Alternative Investment Managers Limited Dublin 2
698005 Judges Scientific (Dublin) Limited Dublin 4
698006 Future Offshore Holdings Limited Donegal
698007 Dom Transport Limited Galway
698008 O'Keeffe Orthodontics Holdings Limited Waterford
698009 McAul Lb Limited Cork
698010 C D Operations Limited Wexford
698011 Esmoe Holdings Limited Dublin
698012 Speenoge Consultancy Limited Donegal
698013 Taurus 2021-4 UK Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
698014 Drive Virtual Driving Academy Limited Louth
698015 Bundoran Rental Limited Donegal
698016 D.W. Semiconductor Test Limited Kilkenny
698017 Axa Im Global Secured Assets Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
698018 Emf Advanced Limited Dublin
698019 Appolus Loesungen Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
698020 Becks Pub Limited Meath
698021 Silver Fox Consulting Limited Cork
698022 Yanhua Lu Limited Dublin
698023 Xiaohui Zhang Limited Dublin
698024 Official Flmngo Limited Dublin
698025 Guizhou Chai Limited Dublin
698026 Qiang Zhang Limited Dublin
698027 Rong Ren Limited Dublin
698028 Plunger Limited Dublin
698029 Courtyard Delice Limited Cork
698030 Poolbeg Pharma (Ireland) Limited Dublin
698031 Provender Stores Limited Dublin
698032 Ulster Mead Limited Donegal
698033 B & S Faulkner Limited Limerick
698034 Brooktwine Limited Dublin 2
698035 Roestown Farms Limited Louth
698036 Bee Fed Limited Dublin
698037 Tibi Manicure Limited Monaghan
698038 Upgrade Maintenance Limited Kildare
698039 Michael Moder Trade Limited Dublin 18
698040 Diaspora Mauritius Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
698041 Sip N Snack Limited Louth
698042 Alcona Limited Dublin
698043 Faribault Limited Dublin
698044 Ohms Electrical and Engineering Limited Donegal
698045 Stringer & McDonagh Developments Limited Clare
698046 Edenderry Tidy Towns Company Limited By Guarantee Offaly
698047 Emerald Groupage Limited Louth
698048 Hibernian Management Property Estates Limited Dublin
698049 Doppelganger Limited Dublin
698050 Pat Gosnell Roofing Limited Offaly
698051 Ui Shp No. 1 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
698052 Hsna Logistics Ireland Limited Dublin 2
698053 R & G Coffee Innovation Limited Wexford
698054 Pairfumiq Limited Monaghan
698055 Rc Land Development Limited Galway
698056 Upunu Dsx Consulting Limited Carlow
698057 Crossthebridge Limited Dublin
698058 Sky High 128 Leasing Company Limited Dublin
698059 Pt Fabrics (Ireland) Limited Dublin 10
698060 Eba Product Services Ireland Limited Dublin
698061 Studio Caravelle Limited Dublin
698062 Dunlea Flooring Limited Kerry
698063 Sini Consulting Limited Dublin
698064 Inkawo Verwaltung Limited Dublin
698065 Informatica Group Ireland Unlimited Company Dublin
698066 Siam Thai Rathmines Restaurant Limited Dublin
698067 Breaffy Lodges Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
698068 Bhatti Dental Services Limited Dublin 7
698069 Traditional Stone Masonry Limited Westmeath
698070 Clarach Farm Limited Offaly
698071 Mario's Dog Toys Limited Dublin
698072 Cadence Communications Limited Cork
698073 Interior Service Team Limited Longford
698074 Datonye Limited Meath
698075 Barry Fitzgerald Butchers Limited Cork
698076 G&L Ani Services Limited Meath
698077 Briomhar Coffee Limited Westmeath
698078 Acallanan Construction Limited Galway
698079 Crosstown Engineering Limited Wexford
698080 Customdale Limited Dublin 4
698081 Windy Arbour Stores Limited Dublin
698082 Upco Technologies Limited Dublin 14
698083 Green Castle Capital Limited Galway
698084 Shieldvale Limited Dublin 4
698085 J. Clarke Equipment Sales & Service Limited Donegal
698086 Sky High 127 Leasing Company Limited Dublin
698087 Everstone Limited Dublin
698088 Mabre Limited Dublin
698089 Lgr Bay Limited Dublin
698090 Body Green Fit Limited Dublin
698091 Kiwi Yrll Limited Laois
698092 101 Cresthill Real Estate Limited Galway
698093 Hone Energy Limited Dublin
698094 Crossthesea Limited Dublin
698095 Heyflorist Social Technologies Limited Dublin
698096 Welcomeartist Social Technologies Limited Dublin
698097 Lyopa Limited Dublin
698098 Bisan For Trading and Services Limited Dublin
698099 Gowash Limited Dublin
698100 Aquila Air Capital (Ireland) Designated Activity Company Dublin
698101 Secoth Investments Limited Dublin
698102 Cian Sullivan Productions Limited Meath
698103 Clonpad Limited Cavan
698104 Mr Unit Limited Donegal
698105 Bcalm Limited Dublin
698106 Glopay Limited Dublin
698107 Veplusde Limited Dublin
698108 D16 Dental Centre Unlimited Company Dublin 16
698109 Tune in with Jana Limited Dublin
698110 Cm Stability Limited Cork
698111 Jared O'Sullivan Company Limited Kerry
698112 Let's Help Company Limited By Guarantee Clare
698113 James Martin and Eibhlin Ni Chathasaigh Limited Dublin
698114 Hg Consulting Business Psychology Services Limited Cork
698115 Spacebrook Limited Dublin 4
698116 Sao Science Limited Westmeath
698117 Dawnstrand Limited Dublin 4
698118 Qcross Bloodstock Limited Tipperary
698119 Dr. Mark's Pharma Limited Clare
698120 Deaaadly Merch Limited Dublin 4
698121 Nutz Renaissance Limited Dublin 8
698122 Sqc Commercial Developments Limited Cork
698123 Vyana Limited Waterford
698124 McGrath Machinery Services Limited Cork
698125 Chylomicron Holdings Limited Dublin 16
698126 Denise & John Carroll Limited Laois
698127 McCormack Plant Hire Services Limited Kerry
698128 Ohl Townlink Jv Limited Dublin
698129 Megiston Limited Dublin 16
698130 Coffee State of Mind Limited Dublin
698131 Altofan Limited Dublin
698132 Stream Tickets Limited Dublin
698133 Apis Holding Limited Dublin
698134 Vesco Medical International Limited Sligo
698135 Sweeney Sisters Hikers & Bikers Limited Laois
698136 Abbas Foods Limited Dublin
698137 Salient Customer Service Solutions Limited Meath
698138 Lams & Eskimo Kilcullen Limited Kildare
698139 Danisat Limited Dublin
698140 Buckethats Ireland Limited Dublin
698141 McGregor Garden Centre Limited Cork
698142 Fair Deal Property Limited Galway
698143 Ballymahon Big Bites Limited Longford
698144 Dubai Easy Services Limited Dublin
698145 S. Hartley Construction Limited Dublin
698146 Ajw Cleaning Limited Dublin
698147 Atletico Limited Dublin
698148 Ardcormack Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Louth
698149 Pratai Baked Potatoes Limited Dublin
698150 Creatio Media Limited Waterford
698151 Anchell27 Consultancy Limited Tipperary
698152 Cocoa By Brendan Cashman Limited Cork
697880 Avaya Treasury Ireland Designated Activity Company Galway
697881 Chateaulait Limited Dublin 2
697882 Mdb Developments Limited Waterford
697883 Stroane Hill Limited Cavan
697884 Ballycoe Electrical Limited Waterford
697885 Bulu Av Limited Dublin
697886 The Conkertree Restaurant Limited Tipperary
697887 Erp P&Pm Consulting Limited Dublin
697888 Always Sunny Designated Activity Company Dublin
697889 Sarah Collopy Coaching Limited Limerick
697890 Willow Design and Alterations Limited Wicklow
697891 Deutsche Metallkasse Limited Dublin
697892 Baolixiang Limited Dublin
697893 Highbernia Provisions Limited Dublin
697894 Nemea Limited Louth
697895 Shakes & Cakes Limited Dublin
697896 Beyond the Button Limited Cork
697897 Eqeer Group Limited Dublin
697898 Epms Technik Limited Dublin 17
697899 Tf Receivables Assetco 3 Designated Activity Company Dublin
697900 Castle Volumetric Pods & Metal Studdings Limited Dublin
697901 Kosta's Olive Oil Limited Meath
697902 Rij Regenair8 Limited Dublin
697903 Haddington Road Café Limited Dublin 4
697904 Palm New Energy Technology UK Ireland Limited Dublin
697905 Co-Host Hospitality Limited Donegal
697906 McD Electrical Limited Cork
697907 Lcq Electrical & Electrical Technology UK Ireland Limited Dublin
697908 Ambizone Consulting Limited Dublin 20
697909 Fariones Freight Limited Meath
697910 Tanami Holdings Limited Dublin 2
697911 Archilux Lighting Limited Dublin 15
697912 Merckmerker Z Limited Dublin
697913 Suvarna Foods Limited Meath
697914 Elite Aluminium Window Systems Limited Wexford
697915 Martinel Cover Europe Limited Dublin
697916 Omcc Contracting Limited Galway
697917 Upscil Academy Limited Dublin
697918 Why Amsterdam? Limited Galway
697919 Julie Harris Limited Cork
697920 Ixca Limited Kilkenny
697921 Loughrea Groundworks & Surfacing Limited Galway
697922 Encore Equity Limited Dublin 4
697923 Pafamo Holdings Limited Westmeath
697924 Ceartas Dmca Limited Dublin
697925 Sea Horse Coffee Box Limited Cork
697926 Vertical Garden Limited Cork
697927 Shamma Electronics Limited Carlow
697928 J and J Luxury Gifts Limited Dublin 3
697929 Lyro Motors Limited Dublin
697930 Vintage Car Welding Limited Dublin
697931 Bright Rainbow Textile Limited Dublin
697932 Irish Packaging & Converting Limited Dublin
697933 Cnz Limited Dublin
697934 Liqiang Ma Limited Dublin
697935 Oleeds Limited Dublin
697936 Aggressive Health Europe Limited Dublin
697937 Symbiose Limited Dublin
697938 5th Influence Avenue Limited Dublin
697939 Zongbao Han Limited Dublin
697940 Reichert H Limited Dublin
697941 Blue Nile Life Style Limited Cork
697942 Pd Car Sales Limited Donegal
697943 Juergen Maier Limited Dublin
697944 Saftbotschaft Limited Carlow
697945 The Life House Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
697946 Weinbotschaft Limited Carlow
697947 Formas Limited Dublin
697948 Beach Beans Limited Meath
697949 Wachile Holdings Limited Dublin 2
697950 Jlc Stone Limited Galway
697951 Decaro Limited Tipperary
697952 Cj Kylemore Ayre Farm Limited Tipperary
697953 Stonora Properties Limited Kerry
697954 Friars Corrosion Inspection & Consultancy Limited Galway
697955 Dris Plant and Agri Limited Cork
697956 Ryan Residential Holdings Limited Dublin
697957 Segotia Studios Limited Dublin
697958 Helixr Limited Dublin
697959 Segotia Holistic Limited Dublin
697960 Orcadia Games Limited Dublin 16
697961 Emerald Abattoir Services Limited Tipperary
697962 Cmb Analytical Consultancy Limited Waterford
697963 Goingmax Trading and Consulting Limited Dublin
697964 Mms Byg Aps Limited Dublin
697965 Scottyorna Limited Mayo
697966 Sjl Project Management Limited Kilkenny
697967 McCullagh Couriers Limited Tipperary
697968 Skipnrope Limited Louth
697969 Darren Davey Services Limited Sligo
697970 Coastline Digital Limited Donegal
697971 Sunrise Ii Npl Finance Designated Activity Company Dublin
697972 Carrig Investments Limited Cork
697973 Productboard Software Ireland Limited Dublin 18
697974 Spot Promotions (Ireland) Limited Cork
697975 Butchers Best Holdings Limited Wexford
697976 Tom Byrne Designs Limited Meath
697977 Willow and Weave Interiors Limited Cork
697978 Amp Emerald Limited Westmeath
697979 Pig and Leaf Limited Kerry
697980 The Lazy Daisy Limited Dublin
697981 Cheeky Chestnut Limited Kildare
697982 Cryptodeal Limited Wicklow
697983 Cwpd Food Service Limited Dublin
697984 Pre Property & Real Estate International Stiftung Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
697985 Our Colours Limited Kildare
697986 Dm Quality Solutions Limited Clare
697987 Byteexplain Limited Dublin
697988 Pvq Pharm Limited Galway
697989 Redia Ivf Limited Dublin
697990 Jorenzo Media Limited Dublin
697991 Faughnan Electrical Irl Limited Leitrim
697992 First Choice Medical Centre Limited Limerick
697993 Tubhub Limited Donegal
There are 575 Company set ups in the above list.

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