Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 435 (Week Ending 24/01/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
686198 Diamond/Tone Street Management Company Limited Mayo
686199 Mourneviewd12 Limited Dublin
686200 Cqs Consulting (Eastern) Limited Westmeath
686201 C.P Maintenance Limited Meath
686202 Nouryon Receivables Finance Designated Activity Company Dublin
686203 Somerton Medical Services Limited Dublin
686204 Dunwood Contracting Services Limited Carlow
686205 The Postal Store Limited Donegal
686206 Sophia Analytics Limited Dublin
686207 Gtp Travel Planners Limited Dublin
686208 Xbow Investment Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
686209 Helios Concept Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
686210 Louis Warde Construction Limited Mayo
686211 Redcross Dairy Limited Wicklow
686212 Michael Dowling Engineering Services Limited Dublin 8
686213 Jms Carpentry Limited Meath
686214 Resonance Consulting and Coaching Limited Limerick
686215 Atozway Limited Dublin
686216 Amarie Healthline Limited Dublin
686217 Zoidii Limited Dublin
686218 Lisronagh Engineering Solutions Limited Tipperary
686219 Ubuningi Trading Limited Donegal
686220 Amt Construction Limited Galway
686221 Blueflame Mechanical Limited Dublin
686222 Boxprepped Limited Kerry
686223 Alphas Managed Accounts Platform Civ Limited Dublin
686224 Mdr House & Cottage Holdings Limited Cork
686225 Innet Limited Dublin
686226 Ckg Community Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
686227 Asara Vision Limited Dublin
686228 Jb Dhesi Limited Westmeath
686229 Braddidge Textiles 2021 Limited Offaly
686230 Poulmaleen Limited Dublin
686231 Acorn Fox Limited Dublin
686232 Ternlee Point Limited Dublin
686233 Reveltop Limited Dublin
686234 EMC Advisory Limited Kildare
686235 Ryder Surveys Limited Mayo
686236 Kilnaseer Dairies Limited Laois
686237 Jc Financial Consultancy Limited Kilkenny
686238 Inchaquire Industries Limited Dublin
686239 Hutflow Limited Dublin
686240 O'Shea Demolition Limited Cork
686241 Mayryn Limited Westmeath
686242 Nd Design Limited Cork
686243 Wild Adventure Campers Limited Mayo
686244 Jse Car Service Centre Limited Dublin 12
686245 Sã"Na Sasta Meals on Wheels Company Limited By Guarantee Meath
686246 The Penny Brothers Stocklot International Limited Meath
686247 Jk Sahota Limited Westmeath
686248 Abbdan Limited Kerry
686249 Agub Restaurant Limited Dublin 13
686250 Walsh Keating Bakery Limited Waterford
686251 Execo Security Limited Offaly
686252 Autotranz Logistics Limited Dublin
686253 Foodiz Better For You Limited Dublin
686254 Ap Alpha Holding Designated Activity Company Dublin
686255 Wefitzpatrick Limited Dublin
686256 Park Lewis Enterprises Limited Limerick
686258 Intelligent Property Ireland Limited Dublin
686259 Kmf Contracting Limited Galway
686260 Max's Happy Ever After Limited Limerick
686261 Colebrooke Sales Limited Roscommon
686262 Grimbeek Trading Limited Dublin
686263 Genehill Limited Dublin
686264 Alphas Managed Accounts Plaform Cv Limited Dublin
686265 Ccfr Properties Limited Mayo
686266 McNena Construction Limited Galway
686267 Optique Eye Clinics Limited Galway
686268 Kaza Design Limited Dublin
686269 Loftus Agri Contracting Limited Westmeath
686270 Remote Wellbeing Limited Meath
686271 M. Connolly Property Services Limited Cork
686272 Active Tribe Limited Dublin
686273 Shane O'Carroll It Limited Dublin
686274 Nathan Cannon Limited Dublin
686275 Claddagh Renewables Limited Galway
686276 Lilberry Limited Dublin
686277 Tszch Limited Waterford
686278 Abbeyview Agri Limited Offaly
686279 Sheldrake Consulting Limited Dublin 24
686280 Vip Renovations Limited Cork
686281 Xg Commerce Limited Cork
686282 Arley Foods (Europe) Limited Offaly
686283 Vimar Digital Marketing Limited Laois
686284 Emywood Limited Wicklow
686285 Atlantic Martial Arts Limited Sligo
686286 Smfl Lci Helicopters Ireland Limited Dublin
686287 Ksi Faulkner Orr (Payroll) Limited Dublin
686288 Analysis Cloud Limited Dublin
686289 Mineo Technical Services Limited Dublin 11
686290 Ampleworth Limited Dublin 22
686291 Sports Tech Ventures Limited Dublin
686292 Round House Consultancy Limited Offaly
686293 Knight Electrical Contractors Limited Kildare
686294 Killanne Regeneration Limited Wexford
686295 Brennan Boats Limited Wicklow
686296 Flowers By Knight Limited Dublin
686297 Cafico Alternative Asset Management Limited Dublin 2
686298 Clh Little Leaders Limited Kerry
686299 Fortuna Digital Custody Limited Cork
686306 Tomana Ventures Limited Dublin
686307 Sp Novo (Ireland) Designated Activity Company Dublin
686308 Firewood Delivered Limited Meath
686309 Agrimend Limited Wexford
686310 Ballinamona Agri Limited Offaly
686311 C8 Associates - Business Development and Public Affairs Limited Clare
686312 Hinamal Global Trading Limited Dublin 2
686313 Honan Financial Services Limited Clare
686314 Quicktec Managed Services Limited Galway
686315 Movers and Makers Limited Sligo
686316 Cohc Solution Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
686317 Loewenherz Vermoegen Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
686318 Hegarty Bricklaying Limited Dublin 10
686319 Bewusstsein Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
686320 Provision Film Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
686321 The Bci Forum Ireland Limited Cork
686326 Colm O'Reilly Engineering Limited Meath
686327 Amozalinx Limited Dublin
686328 Cherivect Limited Dublin
686329 Nolinamix Limited Dublin
686330 Fj Childcare Centre Limited Meath
686331 5dn Consulting Limited Dublin
686332 Os Decor Limited Dublin
686333 Greenbuild Courtmacsherry Limited Limerick
686334 Peach Perfect Limited Kerry
686335 Eleos Capital Limited Dublin
686336 Cart Craft Limited Dublin
686337 Casesumma Limited Dublin
686338 Hive Circle Limited Dublin
686339 My Mission Limited Dublin
686340 Chelsea Harbour Motors Limited Dublin 24
686341 Singapore-Global-Investment Limited Dublin
686342 Lorna's Cosy Cabins Limited Mayo
686343 Cambrean Technology Limited Cork
686344 Bg Station Europe Limited Dublin
686345 Jensens Ip Limited Dublin
686346 Chill Cooler Limited Meath
686347 Keefield Groundworks Limited Meath
686348 Susbuddy Limited Limerick
686349 Spenditwise Limited Dublin
686350 Reddoor Capital Teoranta Meath
686351 Whiteville Consulting Limited Louth
686352 Podium Technologies Limited Mayo
686353 Foley and O'Gorman Services Limited Kerry
686354 Nialas Design and Build Limited Dublin
686355 Solace Sister Limited Kildare
686356 Kindfolk Clothing Company Limited Galway
686357 Cm Electrical & Carpentry Services Limited Westmeath
686358 Games Talent Limited Dublin
686359 Hxu Xiongdi Catering Limited Dublin
686360 Vishwa Information Technology Limited Dublin
686361 If Agency Impex Limited Dublin
686362 Sherry Property Maintenance Limited Meath
686363 Adrian Donoghue Design Limited Laois
686364 Global Office Network Limited Dublin
686365 Irish Property Constructions Limited Dublin
686366 Idoru Limited Dublin
686367 Jamesland Company Limited Galway
686368 Nct Neocomm Technology Limited Dublin
686369 Mister Botanist Limited Dublin
686370 Mhc Cleaning Contractors Limited Dublin 24
686371 Topline Education Limited Dublin
686372 Locher's Limited Dublin 1
686373 Michael Hanney Limited Dublin
686374 Plustec Printing Limited Meath
686375 Aiden O'Neill Plant Services Limited Westmeath
686376 Delicious Coffee House Limited Cavan
686377 Gt Solar Limited Wexford
686378 Ec Denture Care Limited Galway
686379 Tagemion Management Limited Dublin
686380 Sjm Pensions and Investments Limited Monaghan
686381 African Information Technology Group Limited Dublin
686382 The India Pentecostal Church of God (Ipc Dublin) Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
686383 The India Pentecostal Church of God (Ipc Dublin) Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
686384 Jangut Services Limited Laois
686385 Alchemy Programme Management Limited Dublin
686386 Bizbike Ireland Limited Dublin
686387 Vipipay Limited Dublin
686388 Mk Sportsbusiness Limited Dublin
686389 Kerry Hydrogen Limited Kerry
686390 Smartnct Limited Dublin
686391 Affinity Space Limited Dublin
686392 Reassure Security Limited Dublin
686393 C Suite Studios Limited Dublin
686394 Kitec Healthcare Services Limited Kildare
686395 Musarubra Ireland Limited Dublin
686396 Konfir Limited Dublin
686397 Jenmar International Services Limited Dublin 15
686398 Glannarouge Farm Limited Cork
686399 Issaac Lepos Limited Sligo
686400 Grealishtown Investments Limited Galway
686401 Declan P. Egan & Associates Limited Dublin 18
686402 Palmer Square European Loan Funding 2021-2 Designated Activity Company Dublin
686403 Cadgef Technology Limited Dublin
686404 Pyxroad Limited Dublin
686405 Hunnu Jet International Limited Dublin
686406 Prism Pharmacy Contracting Limited Dublin
686141 Kebblar Capital Ireland Limited Dublin 6
686142 Expa Me Limited Dublin
686143 Mihailov Services Limited Kildare
686144 Malone & Co. Acs Limited Dublin
686145 Teceze Limited Dublin
686146 Phyxiom Limited Dublin
686147 Cobmitt Limited Dublin
686148 W McC Fabrications Limited Monaghan
686149 Securitax Ireland Limited Offaly
686150 Arden Truck Sales Limited Offaly
686151 Semnet Limited Dublin
686152 Corre Global Limited Dublin
686153 Fase 4 Logistics Limited Sligo
686154 Techsoft Ict Services Limited Limerick
686155 Cc Renewables Limited Waterford
686156 Adrian McConnon Limited Monaghan
686157 Argbandouagh Limited Cork
686158 Aqualuxe Limited Dublin
686159 La Corbillonnerie Limited Dublin
686160 Repechage Europe Limited Dublin
686161 Manoform Limited Cork
686162 Off on Technologies Limited Dublin
686163 Xposign Limited Dublin
686164 Zuutech Limited Dublin
686165 Kcs Cleanrooms Ireland Limited Louth
686166 Salodon Logistics Limited Dublin
686167 Renaissance Design Studio Limited Dublin
686168 Qcx Management Limited Dublin
686169 Dr. A. Abeidi Limited Galway
686170 Tekvendor Limited Galway
686171 Oink Oink Holdings Limited Dublin
686172 Medical Digital Devices and Pharmaceuticals Metpha Limited Cork
686173 Cj Twins Limited Dublin
686174 John Maguire Carpentry Limited Waterford
686175 J&F Transport Limited Dublin
686176 Churchwood Developments Limited Wexford
686177 It's Your Party Bouncy Castles Limited Kerry
686178 Kmb Farms Limited Galway
686179 Braveheart Media Limited Clare
686180 Integrity Electrical Limited Dublin
686181 Emakin Limited Dublin
686182 Em Path Ways Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 1
686183 Silver Emerald Limited Dublin
686184 7 Wanders Coffee Limited Dublin
686185 Spn Developments Limited Laois
686186 David Harty F&I Consultancy Limited Sligo
686187 Ross Electrical MD Limited Galway
686188 I.W. Sheridan Limited Meath
686189 Neptune Ribs Limited Cork
686190 Nostra Leasing Limited Dublin
686191 Brookhaven Medical Centre Limited Dublin
686194 Sonder Technologies Limited Dublin
686195 Wexford Equine Veterinary Practice Limited Wexford
686196 Coventbridge (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
686102 Patrick J Durcan Management Services Limited Mayo
686129 Europa It Search Limited Cork
686130 Limerick Polymers Production Unlimited Company Kerry
686131 C.M.D. Hire Limited Laois
686132 Smartlift Bulk Packaging (Ireland) Limited Louth
686133 Prowall Construction Limited Dublin
686134 Yong Sheng Foods Limited Cork
686135 Tom Joule Europe Limited Dublin 2
686136 Eeic Ireland 1 Limited Dublin
686137 Exeter Ireland Property Iv D Limited Dublin
686138 Hopscotch Markets Limited Dublin
686139 Hopscotch Labs Limited Dublin
686140 Caduceus Diagnostics Limited Dublin
685953 Agbotic Limited Sligo
685954 Krave Cafe Limited Cavan
685955 Avicena Limited Wexford
685956 Aayaat Limited Louth
685957 Realtech Consultants Limited Dublin
685958 Cabin Electrics Limited Kildare
685959 Botfiler Limited Dublin
685960 Voya Renewable Energy Infrastructure Debt I (Tf-Ire) Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
685961 Reable Health Limited Galway
685962 Decon 7 Disinfection Systems Limited Dublin
685963 Advantage Analytics Solutions Limited Dublin
685964 Hwt Digital Limited Dublin
685965 Dublin Tech Solutions Limited Dublin
685966 Thebethlehem Grace Limited Dublin
685967 Bk Integrated Technologies Limited Galway
685968 Bagthatbargain Limited Dublin
685969 Clover Woodcraft Limited Kildare
685970 Link Entertainment Catering Limited Cork
685971 Clonmeen Livery and Riding School Limited Cork
685972 Isra Management Limited Dublin
685973 Logam Aviation Limited Dublin
685974 Fusionstx Limited Dublin
685975 Penuel Limited Galway
685976 Inow Limited Dublin
685977 Fleet Ventures Limited Louth
685978 Cdon Limited Meath
685979 Zumrut Adasi Intelligence Limited Dublin
685980 Song Sleuth Limited Dublin
685981 Song Sleuth Holdings Limited Dublin
685982 We Care Healthcare Agency Limited Dublin
685983 Sioran Limited Monaghan
685984 Rubinex Limited Dublin
685985 Controsoft Limited Cork
685986 Distrimax Ocean Ireland Limited Dublin
685987 Tafy Consultants Limited Dublin
685988 We2sure Limited Dublin
685989 Holmacre Investments Limited Waterford
685990 Gh Independent Social Worker Limited Cork
685991 Eleanor Curtain Calligraphy and Design Limited Cork
685992 Drama Ministers Association Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
685993 Tudor Trust Nominees Limited Dublin
685994 Vanilla Blush Limited Carlow
685995 The Brew-Tech Co Limited Wicklow
685996 Harcon Contractors Limited Clare
685997 Touchstone Homes Limited Cork
685998 Wandle Fintech Limited Dublin
685999 Dublin-Ice Sports Entertainment Limited Dublin
686000 Harry Wild S1 Productions Limited Dublin
686001 Gsm World Trim Limited Meath
686002 Mealagh Valley Community Preschool Limited Cork
686003 Jyc Synergy Limited Roscommon
686004 R M Kelly Limited Dublin
686005 Mmc Life and Pensions Limited Limerick
686006 Garaiste Mhic PhãIdãN Teoranta Donegal
686007 Hibernian Dynamics Limited Kerry
686008 Jnrb Consultancy & Business Advisors Limited Dublin
686009 Iber Engineering Limited Cork
686010 Operse Web Development Limited Cork
686011 Mtec Engineering Limited Waterford
686012 Dairygold Health and Nutrition Limited Cork
686013 Wild West Sailing Limited Sligo
686014 Graigue Hayden Dairies Limited Kilkenny
686016 Godzeela Limited Dublin
686017 Facn Limited Dublin
686018 A Creane Construction Limited Monaghan
686019 Priorpark Farm Limited Tipperary
686020 Fairhaven Finance Limited Dublin
686022 Newabbey House Limited Mayo
686023 Develeco Sustainable Developments Limited Wicklow
686024 Bmco Retail Limited Meath
686025 Mpa Welding Limited Cork
686026 Berkeley Investments Unlimited Company Kildare
686027 Asap Cargo (Ireland) Limited Monaghan
686028 Granite & Quartz Specialists Limited Meath
686029 Start Monday Digital Limited Dublin 4
686030 M.H.L Consulting Engineers Limited Cork
686031 Sky High 123 Leasing Company Limited Dublin 1
686033 Indoozium Limited Meath
686034 Contraflow Traffic Management Limited Kildare
686035 Vincent & Denis P Behan Beef Farming Limited Waterford
686036 Warrenstown Carpentry and Construction Limited Meath
686037 Dmc (Sales & Plant Hire) Limited Limerick
686038 Think and Learn Smarter (T.A.L.S) Limited Dublin
686039 Grastones Limited Dublin
686040 Mullen Eng Solutions Limited Cork
686041 Rylim Holdings Limited Meath
686042 Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens Waterford
686043 Racefield Farm Limited Offaly
686044 Hai Kuo Shipping 2058c Limited Dublin 1
686045 Menzer Consulting Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
686046 Crowd Surfing Limited Dublin
686047 Daniel Browne Construction Limited Limerick
686049 Caffeine@Home Limited Louth
686050 Slf & Sons Eggs Limited Monaghan
686051 Ardrar Technology Limited Cork
686052 Kebabish Trill Limited Longford
686053 Smgrace Farm Limited Tipperary
686054 Parker Stewart Limited Longford
686055 Minprop Holdings Limited Meath
686056 Rince Fada Designated Activity Company Dublin
686057 Pieridae Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin
686058 Cremello Holdings Designated Activity Company Dublin
686059 Alphatech Ventures Limited Kerry
686060 Bullet Blockchain Limited Cork
686061 Rothwell Agri Services Limited Wexford
686062 Imsr Institute of Materials Science and Research Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
686063 Horgan Initiatives Limited Cork
686064 Carroll Estates Dunboyne Limited Dublin
686065 Blue Diamond Soul Limited Tipperary
686066 Abhainn Counselling and Psychotherapy Limited Dublin
686067 SãOlra Foods Limited Cork
686068 Easyport Customs Limited Donegal
686069 Limerick Eye Surgery Unlimited Company Limerick
686070 Odm Plant Hire Limited Cork
686077 Charge Ev Limited Dublin
686078 Elk Electronics Limited Dublin
686079 S.V. Residential Owners Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
686080 Wavetable Limited Dublin 9
686082 Titanicom Tech (Ireland) Limited Dublin
686084 Loburn Ventures Limited Dublin
686085 Rath Gnã" Limited Dublin
909515 Resolute Management Limited Dublin 2
909516 Incline Ii B Shannon Holdings Co., Ltd. Dublin
909517 Moore Large & Co. Limited Dublin
There are 389 Company set ups in the above list.

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