Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 401 (Week Ending 25/05/2020)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
670958 Gentao Limited Dublin 2
670959 Mountview Fortlawn Community Youth and Sports Hub Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 15
670960 Colibri Digital Limited Dublin 4
670961 Jp Grange Construction Services Limited Co. Meath
670962 World Class Software Development Limited Co. Dublin
670963 Fintechpro Managed Services Limited Dublin 15
670964 Bernard Kavanagh & Sons (Dublin) Limited Co. Dublin
670965 Conlar Developments Limited Dublin 22
670966 High4's Film Production Limited Wicklow
670967 Jmt Engineering Asset Management Limited Dublin 3
670968 Birchfield Pharmacy Limited Co. Dublin
670969 Gtl 2020 Consulting Limited Cork
670970 Ali Col Lounge Limited Co. Dublin
670971 Newgrange Snails Limited Co. Monaghan
670972 Mmk Accounting Services Limited Co. Carlow
670973 Mybod Health Limited Co. Dublin
670974 Celtic Fs Advisory Limited Castleknock
670975 Nutribond Limited Co. Cork
670976 Toni & Guy (Aungier Street) Limited Dublin 2
670977 Oakley Investment Holdings Limited Co Kildare
670978 Oakley Construction & Project Management Services Limited Co Kildare
670979 Mac Maintenance Contracts Limited Co. Cork
670980 J P Dealing Limited Co. Cork
670981 Bare Life Yoga Limited Co.Dublin
670982 J Kee Plant & Groundwork Limited Co. Limerick
670983 Aromatic Foods Limited Co Louth
670984 Cm Clipping Services Limited Cork
670985 Knocknamay Farms Limited Co. Limerick
670986 Piongain Consulting Limited Dublin 15
670987 Plan B Project Management Limited Co. Cork
670988 Galstrad Limited Dublin 4
670989 Your Local Pet Shop Limited Co. Galway
670990 National Proton Therapy Centre Limited Co. Dublin
670991 Pp Leonard Dromin Construction Limited Co. Limerick
670992 Nimbus Fire Limited Dublin 3
670993 Wilde Mushroom Limited Co.Wexford
670994 Clarity Career Coaching Limited Dublin 6
670995 Steelframe Design and Build Limited Co. Kildare
670996 Wasc Supplies Limited Co. Wexford
670997 Coolbridge Pharmacy Limited Co. Waterford
670998 Antidote Apps Limited Co. Meath
670999 Frontline Contracts and Services Limited Cavan H14e439
671000 Two Snakes Media Limited Dublin 16
671001 S O'Mahony Construction Limited Co. Kilkenny
671002 Lisa's Montessori and Preschool Limited Dublin 15
671003 Barrosco Limited Co. Roscommon
671004 Mrm Building and Development Limited Co. Louth
671005 The Forbes Effect Limited County Mayo
671006 Catger Limited Athlone
671007 Olly's Farm Limited Dublin 24
670907 The Ethical Silk Company Limited Dublin 6w
670908 Scott Street Factory Holdings Limited Co. Dublin
670909 Shindella Dairies Limited Co. Kildare
670910 Terra Solar Holdings Limited Dublin 6
670911 Spectronum Limited Co. Monaghan
670912 Swevexx Limited Dublin 1
670913 M. Heffernan Engineering Limited Co Tipperary
670914 Marathon Training & Events Limited Dublin 2
670915 Mercato Uno Trading Limited Dublin 5
670916 Metzoff Limited Limerick
670917 Eco Loop Ireland Limited Co. Wexford
670918 Kec Cashin Limited Kilkenny
670919 Labrax Limited Cork
670920 Sheen Stoneworks Limited Co. Galway
670921 Cosain Manufacturing Limited Dublin 11
670922 Blueowl Limited Dublin 2
670923 Greyowl Limited Dublin 2
670924 Purpleowl Limited Dublin 2
670925 Blackowl Limited Dublin 2
670926 Colehaha Limited Dublin 18 D18h6k2
670927 Extarget Limited Dublin 18 D18h6k2
670928 Fareway Holding Limited Dublin 18 D18h6k2
670929 Vonman Investment Limited Dublin 18 D18h6k2
670930 Panera Limited Dublin 18 D18h6k2
670931 Donegal Playmatters Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Donegal F94px82
670932 Hair Together Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 11
670933 Nunrg Hybrid Solutions Limited Co. Offaly
670934 Rocarez Goods Limited Co. Dublin
670935 Happy Bar and Grill Limited Co. Dublin
670936 Diadem Aircraft Limited Co. Clare
670937 Ormonde Homes Market Square Limited Co. Kilkenny
670938 Dídean Investments Limited Dublin 14
670939 Dídean Properties Limited Dublin 14
670940 Crsc Limited Co. Donegal
670941 Cognitive English Solutions Limited Galway
670942 Social Ignis Limited Dublin 18
670943 Eddy Current Electrical Limited Co. Louth
670944 Eden Digital Ventures Limited Co. Donegal
670945 Othair Prothena Limited Dublin 2
670946 Gapuma Ireland Limited Dublin 2
670947 Double D Deliveries Limited Cork
670948 Panther Hygiene Limited Dublin 22
670949 Coleville Dairy Co. Limited Co. Tipperary
670950 Hcw Financial Services Limited Co. Dublin
670951 Glenanaar Transport Limited Co Cavan
670952 Keriya Ó Haodha Services Limited Dublin 3
670953 Safetouch Antimicrobial Protection Limited Dublin 24
670954 Glenanaar Plant Hire Limited Co. Cavan
670955 Helfax Limited Co. Cork
670956 Vida Care Limited Co. Dublin
670957 Thefarmai Limited Co. Laois
670856 Brian Casey's Pub Raheenagh Unlimited Company Co. Limerick
670857 Davitt Investments Unlimited Company Dublin 12
670858 Oranmaree Consultancy Limited Co Galway
670859 Csrd Strategic Consulting Limited Co Clare
670860 Ballyruin Farms Limited Co Laois
670861 The Big Bender Limited Co. Laois
670862 Latinamerican Market Consultancy Opc Limited Dublin 14
670863 Tdq Consulting Limited Co. Cork
670864 The Lads Lounge Limited Co. Dublin
670865 The Redeemed Christian Church of God - Hope of Glory Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
670866 Ilovecarousel Limited Dublin 12
670867 Mammamia Grattan Limited Dublin 2
670868 Mimi & Bowe Limited Dublin 4
670869 Catalyst Hospitality and Media Limited Co. Wicklow
670870 Old Head Marine Services Limited Co. Mayo
670871 Ted4parts Limited Co. Monaghan
670872 Dempsey Drains Limited Dublin 11
670873 Hair Burst Ireland Limited Dublin 1
670874 Parkside Early Education Limited Ratoath Road
670875 Mammamia Grattan Properties Limited Dublin 2
670876 Cabinpac Group Limited Co. Wicklow
670877 Fox Veterinary Limited Dublin 11
670878 Acts of Radical Kindness (Ark) Outreach Cork T12p3fx
670879 Institute For Methods Innovation Dublin 1
670880 Archly Technologies Limited Cork City
670881 E-Wand Atlas Limited Co. Dublin
670882 Atanua Films Limited Dublin 16
670883 Miblackbox Technologies Limited Dublin 8
670884 Gk Munster Couriers Limited Limerick
670885 Lh Medical Research Investments Limited Galway
670886 Showpay Limited Dublin 2
670887 G.M. Fassadenservice Limited Dublin 2
670888 Neio Systems Limited Dublin 2
670889 Liberty Morgan Limited Dublin 2
670890 Sial Autos Limited Co. Dublin
670891 Master Foodway Limited Co. Cork
670892 Team Activity Solutions Limited Dublin 2
670893 Prospect House Production Designated Activity Company Co. Galway
670894 Marine Giveaways Limited Co. Donegal
670895 Acorn Trust Barrack Street Unlimited Company Cork
670896 Ordee Limited Co. Waterford
670897 Assembly Productions Limited Dublin 2
670898 Staffpool Limited Dublin 2
670899 Chembook Limited Dublin 3 D03 P590 Ireland
670900 Uncommon People Limited Dublin 3 D03 P590 Ireland
670901 Dynamite Lifestyle Tech Limited Co. Donegal
670902 Earth To Fork Foods Limited Co. Kildare
670903 Jungle Conversion Limited Co. Cavan
670904 Tairbhe Properties Limited Co. Dublin
670905 Red Hook Limited Co. Cork
670906 Glen Solar Limited Co Sligo
670781 Nsm Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
670782 Project Medical Limited Dublin 15
670783 Little Milestones Montessori Limited Co. Dublin
670784 Gmq Transport Limited Co Roscommon
670785 Numeri Limited Dublin 18
670786 Kilmannin Stud Limited Co. Mayo
670787 Cubo Rooflights Limited Co. Wicklow
670788 Lockdown Developments Limited Co. Donegal
670789 Stibis Kiltan Teoranta Co Cork
670790 Mov & Life Health and Beauty Limited Dublin 7
670791 Miblackbox Operations Limited Dublin 3
670792 Finessethemarket Limited Carlow
670793 Act Medical Supplies Limited Co. Louth
670794 Cognition Games Company Limited Co. Mayo
670795 Niall Patton Engineering Services Limited Co. Donegal
670796 Rollo Communications Limited Co. Dublin
670797 Smart Choice Centre Limited Waterford
670798 Cox Security Systems Limited Co. Wexford
670799 Denis Crotty Consulting Limited Co. Cork
670800 Kmfitness Limited Co. Cork
670801 Shrule Community Partnership Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Mayo
670802 Slusarz Ltdengineering - Roi Limited Athlone
670803 Zodian Direct Limited Co. Laois
670804 Col Capex Consultancy Limited Co. Cork
670805 Kds Developments Limited Co. Limerick
670806 True Fitness Technology Ireland Limited Dublin 6
670807 Tamsey Europe Limited Co. Dublin
670808 Mc-Reil Management Limited Dublin 3
670809 Stanley Transport Limited Co. Meath
670810 Nixerz Advertising Limited Wicklow
670811 Milano Takeaway Limited Co. Wexford
670812 Shazrash Fashion Limited Cork
670813 Dpl Investments Limited Dublin 14
670814 Western Screed and Concreting Limited Co. Galway
670815 Xiang L55 Ireland International Ship Lease Co., Limited Dublin 2
670816 Xiang L56 Ireland International Ship Lease Co., Limited Dublin 2
670817 Xiang L58 Ireland International Ship Lease Co., Limited Dublin 2
670818 Xiang L57 Ireland International Ship Lease Co., Limited Dublin 2
670819 Xiang L59 Ireland International Ship Lease Co., Limited Dublin 2
670820 Xiang L60 Ireland International Ship Lease Co., Limited Dublin 2
670821 Ramor Green Limited Co. Dublin
670822 Skylark Wellness Centre Limited Cavan Cavan Ireland
670823 Corsaire Consultancy Limited Do5c6n1
670824 Mithrim Limited Dublin 18
670825 Grace Technologies Limited Dublin 9
670826 Jhpk-Irl-UK Limited Co. Limerick
670827 Morley Economic Consulting Limited Co. Kildare
670828 Somecto Limited Co. Dublin
670829 Hale Court Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co Louth
670830 Maxitec Limited Co. Dublin
670831 Gowizyou Limited Co. Dublin
670832 Perucia Consulting Limited Co.Meath
670833 Buildin'-Door Limited Dublin 7
670834 Dtc Equipment Limited Co. Meath
670835 Xtremedy Medical Limited University College Hospital Galway
670836 Filter Health Limited Dublin 2
670837 Project Building Consulting Limited Dublin 6
670838 Dogs Are People Too Limited Dublin 14
670839 Djm Agri Limited Co. Donegal
670840 Dtormont Foods Limited Co. Kildare
670841 Taza Bite Limited Co. Kilkenny
670842 Cookalong Kitchen Limited Co. Dublin
670843 Gamezlink Limited Dublin 2
670844 Atlantic Bridge Early Stage Ii Gp Limited Dublin 2
670845 Atlantic Bridge Early Stage Ii Nominees Limited Dublin 2
670846 Personal Safety and Protective Equipment Limited Co Galway
670847 Corry Internet Solutions Limited Co. Leitrim
670848 Sweetie & Bubbles Limited Co. Dublin
670849 Vos Maintenance and Civils Limited Co. Cork
670850 Hex Controls Limited Kilkenny
670851 Obcm Holdings Limited Co. Kerry
670852 Little Island Recovery Limited County Cork
670853 Hua Thai Food Limited Galway
670854 Shnk Shop Limited Co Kildare
670855 Hygiene Sanitisation Stations Limited Co.Meath
There are 227 Company set ups in the above list.

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