Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 467 (Week Ending 30/07/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
700772 Siro Jv Holdco Limited Dublin 3
700695 McManus Retail Limited Roscommon
700696 Ao Fourty Clothing Limited Cork
700697 Kendellan Construction Limited Cork
700698 Keystone Resourcing Limited Cork
700699 Cn Flight Training Services Limited Meath
700700 Wiskin Property Developments Limited Clare
700701 Yellow Rose Property Developments Limited Dublin
700702 Cratloe Community Solar Limited Clare
700703 Kmn Urban Homes Limited Dublin
700704 Locked Apparel Limited Carlow
700705 Harrington's Garage Limited Cork
700706 Ringfort Estate Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
700707 Amber Eco Limited Dublin
700708 Future Edge Limited Dublin
700709 Data Management Professional Association of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
700710 Rathnee Bloodstock Limited Cork
700711 Future Operations Ire Limited Cork
700712 Cmrm Limited Roscommon
700713 N & J Ventures Limited Dublin
700714 Greenscepter Investment Managers Limited Dublin 4
700715 Green Automobiles Limited Dublin 24
700716 Boiler Tech Limited Limerick
700717 Shanagarry Entertainment Limited Cork
700718 Cry From the Sea Designated Activity Company Galway
700719 Crescent Surgical Limited Galway
700720 Pirate Academy Films Designated Activity Company Galway
700721 Castlespence Management Company Limited Mayo
700722 Premier Liquidedge Limited Limerick
700723 Apanara Limited Dublin 24
700724 Camowen Properties Limited Sligo
700725 Hollidge Management Limited Cork
700726 Clover Court Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
700727 Sli Na Craoibhe Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
700728 Bolton Grove Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Kildare
700729 Walter Crean Farming Limited Wexford
700730 Glen Securities Finance Designated Activity Company Dublin
700731 Geosh Farms Limited Waterford
700732 Rashmian Eu Limited Louth
700733 Ellco V Locums Limited Waterford
700734 Dillian Foods Limited Cavan
700735 Get&Better Limited Dublin
700736 Deyton Catering Limited Offaly
700737 Eternity Designs Limited Cork
700738 Jubilee Investment & Management Limited Dublin
700739 Shane Mullen Martial Arts Limited Wicklow
700740 Datblox Limited Dublin
700741 Roasoptimized Limited Louth
700742 Knockmullen Investments Limited Wexford
700743 Millquater Investments Limited Wexford
700744 Rye River Tech Limited Kildare
700745 Rowan Beg Designs Limited Galway
700746 Ooler-Snow Limited Meath
700747 Yumeds Holdings Limited Dublin
700748 Instarmac (Ireland) Limited Dublin
700749 Knockboy Holdings Limited Waterford
700750 Tobily Consulting Limited Dublin
700751 Brighter Star Trading Limited Dublin
700752 Autosoft Motors Limited Dublin
700753 Rangers Three Films Designated Activity Company Galway
700754 Munfin Farm Limited Wexford
700755 Ar Dtus Solution Construction Limited Dublin
700756 Kehoe Brothers (Farms) Limited Wexford
700757 Roojja Couriers Limited Dublin
700758 Jw Accounting Services Limited Dublin
700759 Nature's Remedy Limited Dublin
700564 Interval Consulting Limited Dublin
700565 Loanitt Nominees Limited Kilkenny
700566 Manticore Games Holdings Limited Dublin
700567 The Film Fountain Limited Galway
700568 Brew Brothers Creations Limited Wexford
700569 Hildy Asset Holdings Limited Kildare
700570 Silicon Overdrive Ireland Limited Dublin
700571 Clonlink Investments Limited Dublin
700572 Blue Point Analysis Co., Limited Dublin
700573 Sud Tech Limited Waterford
700574 Nancy D's Baby Limited Dublin 11
700575 Mizzuna Lodge Limited Wexford
700576 Jpoc Investments Limited Dublin 14
700577 The Happy Swimmer Limited Dublin
700578 Ventis Nexus Limited Dublin
700579 Active Authors International Limited Dublin 12
700580 Kohinoor Catering Limited Dublin
700581 Proof Analytics Europa Limited Dublin
700582 Coach Roddy Limited Dublin
700583 Beirut Productions Designated Activity Company Donegal
700584 Hasks Limited Cork
700585 Cosmos Securitisation Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
700586 Aob Architects Cork Limited Cork
700587 Clare Rayner Photography Limited Limerick
700588 Clonderlaw Bay Energy Park Limited Dublin
700589 Fresh Grocery Delivery Services Limited Dublin
700590 Cellnet Limited Clare
700591 Fresconsulting Limited Dublin 6
700592 Sparkle Merchants Limited Dublin
700593 Fdi Tax Consultants Limited Sligo
700594 Kieran O'Connor Engineering Limited Galway
700595 Mdmd Limited Wicklow
700596 Liam Larkin Plant Limited Limerick
700597 Handelsvertretung Maschinen Und Waagen Sperling Limited Dublin
700598 Goatlocker Limited Tipperary
700599 Fitzpatrick Travel Bus Hire Limited Tipperary
700600 Rayfus Consulting Limited Dublin
700601 Eko Hoofcare Limited Donegal
700602 Jjab Properties Limited Waterford
700603 Knt Logistics Limited Mayo
700604 Mak'Eat Eazy Limited Meath
700605 Cwb Investment Limited Wicklow
700606 Voxcom Systems Limited Dublin
700607 The Yoga Mama Limited Dublin
700608 M & C Trend Coffee Limited Tipperary
700609 Zeta Zones Limited Cork
700610 Queensland Store Import and Export Limited Dublin
700611 Yann's Car Service Limited Dublin
700612 Limerick Lymphoedema Clinic Limited Limerick
700613 Ofintag Limited Waterford
700614 Shabra Eco Cup Limited Monaghan
700615 Hallbury Limited Cork
700616 Legal Diaries Consultancy Limited Donegal
700617 Dairbhreach Construction Limited Westmeath
700618 Strike Itad Limited Cork
700619 Hkr Engineering Limited Cork
700620 Hall Investments Limited Dublin 24
700621 Vara Consultant Services Limited Donegal
700622 Imend Technology Limited Dublin
700623 Mo & Kh Food Limited Meath
700624 Abbey European Textiles Limited Tipperary
700625 Cymp Wellbeing Limited Dublin
700626 Sre Property Management Limited Dublin
700627 Tarotto Limited Dublin
700628 Aero Motor Vehicle Hire and Leasing Limited Dublin 20
700629 Riverhouse Koffie Limited Kildare
700630 The Lucky Investment Limited Dublin
700631 Ballintogher Enterprise Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Sligo
700632 Kennedy Fuels Limited Wexford
700633 Hdd Progress Ireland Limited Dublin
700634 Tes Recruitment Limited Dublin
700635 Xstatic Electrical Services Limited Kildare
700636 B4x Operations Limited Dublin
700637 Rsci Atos Limited Dublin
700638 Movesalon Limited Dublin
700639 Hibernia Investments Limited Dublin 1
700640 Yicheng Trade Limited Dublin 15
700641 Jason Millar Pm Services Limited Donegal
700642 X4u Germany6 Limited Donegal
700643 E Gorman Fitness Limited Donegal
700644 Save Our Homeless Dundalk Company Limited By Guarantee Louth
700645 Designs For Growth Limited Dublin
700646 Dasajo Global Services Limited Dublin
700647 Labs Sop Limited Wicklow
700648 Hazel Clinic Limited Dublin
700649 Noyce Aston Limited Dublin
700650 Cappagh Transport Limited Waterford
700651 Elite Painting Contractors Limited Dublin
700652 Bernard McDonnell Senior & Junior Limited Louth
700653 Bon-Apt Quay Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
700654 T.T.B Consulting Limited Dublin
700655 Nstar Chain Limited Dublin
700656 Sorcon Civil Engineering Limited Cork
700657 Pdc Electrical Limited Wexford
700658 Stoix Limited Dublin
700659 Gila Consulting Limited Dublin 9
700660 Emergency Pest Control Limited Cavan
700661 Sean Nolan Transport Limited Dublin
700662 Rosen Jg Property Holdings Limited Laois
700663 Abyte Entertainment Limited Dublin 3
700664 Rostellan Dairy Limited Cork
700665 River Catchment Management Ecosystem Services Limited Clare
700666 Aerobrook Limited Dublin 4
700667 Ponyville Limited Dublin 4
700668 Lyonsview Limited Dublin 4
700669 Donnygrove Limited Dublin 4
700670 Riverbreak Limited Dublin 4
700671 Dsp-Manager Limited Meath
700672 Iassist Products Limited Dublin 16
700673 Outer Place Brewing Limited Kildare
700674 Gfrc Ireland Limited Meath
700675 Evanthia International Limited Kildare
700676 Prime Parcel Limited Meath
700677 My Farewell Wishes Limited Cavan
700678 Shiraka Limited Limerick
700679 Bm Max Limited Galway
700680 Reliance Actuarial (Roi) Limited Dublin 4
700681 Jalcap Limited Dublin
700682 Basic Alien Limited Galway
700683 Rory McGuire Painting & Decorating Limited Meath
700684 Bed Res Ireland Limited Dublin
700685 Dca Construction Limited Donegal
700686 Ballyrock Investment Holdings Limited Limerick
700687 Newlands Sales & Service Centre Limited Dublin 22
700688 Know How Valley Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
700689 Lecarrow Bikes Limited Roscommon
700690 Maubach Edmed Coaching Limited Dublin
700691 Yesac Group Limited Kerry
700692 Ela Projects Limited Longford
700693 Aramo Business Consulting Limited Cork
700694 Contego Clo X Designated Activity Company Dublin
909634 P.S.K. Tech America, Inc. Dublin 2
909635 Advertima Ag Dublin
700532 Aurum Financial Limited Dublin
700533 O'Farrell Cost Consultants Limited Meath
700534 Kkr Hire Direct Limited Louth
700535 Lavelle Productions Limited Louth
700536 Torquay Capital Limited Dublin
700537 Csv Compliance Limited Wicklow
700538 Promising Electronic Company Limited Dublin
700539 Ads-Tec Energy Public Limited Company Dublin
700540 Sandville Lifestyle Holdings Limited Cork
700541 Kujira Limited Dublin
700542 Fpsh Limited Kildare
700543 Structure Works Worldwide Holdings Limited Dublin
700544 Silky Ocean Limited Kildare
700545 Lee Corrib Limited Kildare
700546 Natterjack Acquisitions Limited Dublin
700547 Morwenstow Education Limited Dublin 22
700548 Lewy Body Ireland Dublin 8
700549 Rise Rocket Limited Dublin
700550 Constor Solutions Limited Dublin
700551 Hqm Research Center Limited Louth
700552 Donegal Green Energy Solutions Limited Donegal
700553 Star Stone Property Investment Limited Meath
700554 The Carrick House Restaurant Limited Tipperary
700555 Martley Ecotrans Logistics Limited Laois
700556 Hira Quality Food Limited Dublin
700557 Cleere Haulage Limited Tipperary
700558 Relax Moment Limited Dublin
700559 Ivernia Energy Limited Dublin
700560 Belle Etoile Luxury Beauty Limited Dublin
700561 Kazmi Property Limited Dublin
700562 Biovancia Limited Dublin
700563 Pgim Investments (Ireland) Limited Dublin
909631 Connect Distribution Services Limited Dublin 2
909632 Kigen (UK) Limited Dublin
909633 Re:Sure Intelligence Ltd Dublin
700428 Irish Poker Tour & Championship Limited Galway
700429 Kbmt Limited Leitrim
700430 Juggle Limited Dublin
700431 Ire Sga Management Limited Cork
700432 Jeslek Limited Cork
700433 Sutter Home Winery Eu Limited Cork
700434 Close Oldbridge Holdings Limited Dublin
700435 Feivant Limited Cork
700436 Sorel Finance No.1 Designated Activity Company Dublin
700437 Maud Films Designated Activity Company Wicklow
700438 Rathbarry Bloodstock Limited Cork
700439 Schumacher Grounds Work Limited Limerick
700440 Glantoiri Teoranta Wexford
700441 Resilient Oaks Limited Meath
700442 Seile Biosciences Limited Galway
700443 Fluxline Limited Donegal
700444 Western Firewood Supplies Limited Galway
700445 Salt Pay Hardware Limited Dublin
700446 Barrett Fallon Electrical Limited Mayo
700447 Cotc Foods Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
700448 Brasscrest Limited Dublin 4
700449 Mauvedale Limited Dublin 4
700450 Fierycrest Limited Dublin 4
700451 Cadetvale Limited Dublin 4
700452 Ballybarn Co Limited Clare
700453 Mullack Limited Westmeath
700454 Incline Ii B Barrow 2 Limited Dublin
700455 Otus Freight Consultancy Limited Meath
700456 Incline Ii B Barrow 3 Limited Dublin
700457 Setmore Limited Dublin
700458 Red Kite Asset Holdings Limited Dublin
700459 Cuil-Beg Dairies Limited Cork
700460 Provident Weir Limited Kilkenny
700461 Southern Performance Styling Limited Cork
700462 Formidable Foods Limited Limerick
700463 Donegal Arc Limited Dublin
700464 Xhaven Training Limited Cork
700465 Fu Forex Academy Limited Cork
700466 Ev Revolution Limited Cork
700467 Msl Ventures Limited Roscommon
700468 Connacht Urology Unlimited Company Galway
700469 Duplex Capital Partners Limited Dublin
700470 Académie I.C.L. Impact, Cash Et Liberté Limited Dublin
700471 Westmoreland Consulting Services Limited Dublin
700472 Win Bright Technology Co., Limited Dublin
700473 Chairhone Co., Limited Dublin
700474 MacFarlane Packaging Ireland Limited Dublin 4
700475 Vivalto Vie Irl Limited Dublin
700476 Munster Screen Print and Embroidery Limited Cork
700477 Rocko Ventures Limited Wexford
700478 Loughnane Catering Limited Kildare
700479 Valecro Eys Limited Westmeath
700480 Darren McCartney Engineering Limited Laois
700481 Mingchuang Trading Co., Limited Dublin
700482 Arkle Legacy Limited Dublin 24
700483 Cnir Limited Dublin
700484 Covision Medical Technologies (Ireland) Limited Dublin
700485 Veraz Real Estate Designated Activity Company Dublin
700486 Unique Acorn Limited Dublin
700487 Orchard Wave Limited Kildare
700488 Laurence Dunne Archaeology Limited Kerry
700489 Brian Hoary Software Limited Galway
700490 G P Kilmore Farm Limited Tipperary
700491 Azurton Limited Dublin
700492 Eagle Edge Connect Limited Dublin
700493 One Stop Motors Mmb Limited Dublin 24
700494 Saik Medics Limited Dublin
700495 Maroon Media Limited Dublin
700496 Athena Labs Limited Dublin 2
700497 Fourth Street Logistics Limited Dublin
700498 Celebs Entertainment Limited Cork
700499 Church Heating & Plumbing Limited Dublin
700500 Crann Dubh Cuideachta Ghniomhaiochta Ainmnithe Galway
700501 Tristero Limited Tipperary
700502 4c Carbury Limited Kildare
700503 Kizazi Moto Limited Galway
700504 Kyoto Short Film Productions Limited Galway
700505 H&M Select Co Limited Dublin
700506 Red Beard Joinery Limited Wicklow
700507 Ego Ev Chargers Limited Dublin
700508 Rj Ethnic Traders Limited Dublin
700509 Meisso Duval Limited Dublin
700510 Arbatt Construction Limited Donegal
700511 Alarma Automatico Limited Dublin
700512 Bryan O'Sullivan Studio Limited Kerry
700513 Cullinane Transport Limited Cork
700514 Wox8 Limited Dublin
700515 Munster Building Materials Limited Cork
700516 Ezam Technology Consulting Limited Meath
700517 M&G Icof Vii Subsidiary 2021 Limited Dublin
700518 Graliom Limited Dublin
700519 Suncroft As Limited Limerick
700520 Demeter Consultancy Limited Dublin
700521 Kjd Olka Limited Westmeath
700522 Bear Lemon Limited Dublin
700523 Beacht Corporate Services Limited Dublin
700524 MacMahn Eu Limited Laois
700525 Carmo Electronic Company Limited Dublin
700526 Eagle Ndt Limited Dublin
700527 Basharat & Sons Limited Longford
700528 Ichiban Catering Limited Wicklow
700529 2brally Designs Limited Mayo
700530 Samkatabella Limited Louth
700531 Viaje Electronic Company Limited Dublin
There are 338 Company set ups in the above list.

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