Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 453 (Week Ending 10/05/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
694730 J. Gormley Electrical Contractors Limited Offaly
694731 Sava Canna-Botanicals Limited Dublin
694732 Rock Solid Sales Limited Cork
694733 Dwk Engineering Solutions Limited Kildare
694734 Carrickheary Holdco 4 Limited Dublin
694735 Carrickheary Holdco 5 Limited Dublin
694736 Carrickheary Holdco 6 Limited Dublin
694737 Here Listen Limited Dublin
694738 Ephesus Foods Limited Kerry
694739 Head First Health Limited Dublin 6w
694740 Costa Dorada Limited Waterford
694741 Activate Vision Limited Dublin
694742 The Cracked Spine Limited Kildare
694743 Redforrest Farm Limited Cork
694744 Dr. G. Kitzmann Services Limited Dublin 14
694745 Greengrants Limited Cork
694746 Mayfair Rare Books Ireland Limited Dublin
694747 Mont Blanc Development Limited Kildare
694748 Engenuiti Construction Limited Cork
694749 Thomas Street Taverns Limited Dublin
694750 Pieroni Limited Dublin
694751 Fiachra Martin Limited Dublin 8
694752 Gharial Digital Media Limited Cork
694753 Kellymount Farms Limited Kilkenny
694754 Nef Construction Limited Dublin
694755 Montana Family Business Limited Dublin
694756 Lindas of Kinsale Limited Cork
694757 Athenry Spirits Limited Galway
694758 Gestioni Real Estate Limited Cork
694759 Tl Lash Limited Dublin
694760 Livitas Facilities Management Limited Donegal
694761 Livitas Construction Limited Donegal
694762 Livitas Assisted Living Memory Care Limited Donegal
694763 A.B.E Innovations Limited Kilkenny
694764 Donzar Enterprises Limited Cork
694765 Casa Garabandal Limited Cork
694766 Marflor Care Services Limited Westmeath
694767 Centaville Limited Dublin
694768 Tidona Limited Dublin
694769 Dfinitive Finance Limited Dublin
694770 K P Fire Systems Limited Offaly
694771 Meta-2ude Limited Mayo
694772 Ph Ten Water Limited Cavan
694773 Agora Securities UK 2021 Designated Activity Company Dublin
694774 Stringblue Holdings Limited Cork
694775 Galway Pet Crematorium Limited Galway
694776 Omaonlaoi De Faoite Limited Laois
694777 Keagre Limited Galway
694778 Mar Pacifico Holdings Limited Sligo
694779 Dunne Farm Buildings Limited Kildare
694780 Leinster Sheds Limited Dublin 24
694781 Her Physio Limited Dublin
694782 O'Caomhanaigh Comhairleacht Straiteiseach Teoranta Kerry
694783 Indigenes of Rivers and Bayelsa Heritage Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Kildare
694784 Sanwei Asia Food Limited Dublin
694785 Aj Gadgets Limited Dublin
694786 Emerald Gold Productions Limited Dublin
694787 Fulacht Fiadh Cafe Teoranta Leitrim
694788 Dmc Children Services Limited Donegal
694789 Moycullen Riding Centre Limited Galway
694790 Xpc Construction Firm Limited Dublin
694791 No More Excuses Limited Offaly
694792 Teeling Contracting Limited Dublin
694793 McAuley's Farm Owerbeg Limited Galway
694794 Jd Barrel Limited Dublin
694795 Building Brighter Concepts Limited Dublin 24
694796 Unipet Ireland Limited Cork
694797 Elite Racking Systems Limited Dublin 2
694798 Dubglade Investments Limited Dublin 2
694799 Cedar Montessori Limited Dublin
694800 Neve Jewels Ie Limited Dublin 4
694801 Mamarf Limited Cork
694802 Rock Specialists Limited Dublin
694803 Chickeroo Limited Dublin
694804 Golden Translation Services Limited Monaghan
694805 Ch Shine Consulting Limited Dublin 14
694806 K & D Richardson Limited Leitrim
694807 Jaylen Limited Dublin 2
694808 Flat & Green (Holdings) Limited Limerick
694809 Baltrasna Developments Limited Meath
694810 Rak Medical Services Limited Dublin
694811 All in One (Garden Maintenance & Services) Limited Carlow
694812 Ash & April Limited Dublin
694813 Hit Fitness Equipment International Limited Dublin 22
694814 Sincere Condolences Limited Cork
694815 Wend-Panga Limited Tipperary
694816 Enfield Transport Services Limited Meath
694817 Fdp Expert Bookkeeping & Payroll Solutions Limited Dublin 15
694818 Atami Coffee Limited Dublin
694819 Airetree Limited Dublin
694820 Pangyo Solutions Limited Dublin 2
694821 Speyway Limited Dublin
694822 The Sporting Jersey Company Limited Clare
694823 Bureill Holdings Limited Monaghan
694824 Norwegian Wood Stud Limited Kildare
694825 Blarney Montessori School Limited Cork
694826 Abstract Innovation Limited Dublin
694827 Connex Electrical Services Limited Louth
694828 Atman Technologies Ireland Limited Dublin 13
694829 Bmqs Limited Wicklow
694830 Siderite Limited Dublin
694831 Triple Social Limited Cork
694832 Royal Returns Limited Dublin
694833 Sidoti Limited Dublin
694834 Lotso Coffee Company Limited Galway
694835 College Square Gp1a Limited Dublin
694836 College Square Gp1b Limited Dublin
694837 Rossco Farms Limited Cork
694838 Sebastian Enke Communications Limited Dublin 18
694839 Carraher Electrical Limited Dublin 22
694840 Raptury Limited Dublin
694841 Eileen's Bakes & Brews Limited Kildare
694595 Cybin Irl Limited Dublin 1
694596 Wellview Farm Limited Cork
694597 Cape Advisors Limited Dublin
694598 Lionsring Limited Cork
694599 Optitech Limited Dublin
694600 Cummerstown Farm Aviation Limited Westmeath
694601 Turnspell Limited Dublin 2
694602 J.Cat Beauty Eu Limited Dublin
694603 Rwpp (Roi) Limited Dublin
694604 Goldyard International (Ireland) Pty., Limited Dublin
694605 Avocet Hardware Limited Dublin
694606 Skin Philosophy Ireland Limited Dublin
694607 Sekem Solutions Limited Dublin
694608 Organicules Limited Cork
694609 Odkm Property Holdings Limited Galway
694610 Skystrand Limited Dublin 2
694611 Forestdream Limited Dublin 2
694612 Goldcrest Environmental Services Limited Kerry
694613 Hedgedale Limited Dublin 2
694614 Fillet Ventures Limited Dublin 15
694615 Ivystrand Limited Dublin 2
694616 Digital Pigeons Limited Dublin
694617 Hallvale Limited Dublin 4
694618 Danganvale Limited Dublin 4
694619 Webbame Limited Dublin
694620 Aaf Marketing Limited Dublin 2
694621 Morena Foods Limited Louth
694622 Lily Bloom Florist Limited Wexford
694623 Concore Galway Limited Galway
694624 Kr Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Limited Wicklow
694625 Owen & Colette Murphy Dairy Limited Wexford
694626 Lodatille Limited Dublin
694627 Jdm Connect Limited Westmeath
694628 Numis Europe Limited Dublin
694629 Proactive Retail Limited Cork
694630 Ks Finance Limited Limerick
694631 Stonemadt Limited Dublin
694632 Crazy Bounce Castles Limited Offaly
694633 Cross Ocean Aviation 9 Designated Activity Company Dublin
694634 Little Darling Limited Dublin
694635 Futurenergy Violet Hill Designated Activity Company Dublin
694636 Futurenergy Croaghaun Designated Activity Company Dublin
694637 Futurenergy Croagh Designated Activity Company Dublin
694638 Bally Solar Energy Limited Dublin
694639 Stuart Hester Construction Limited Limerick
694640 Irish Debt Investor Management Limited Dublin
694641 Futurenergy Carrownagowan Designated Activity Company Dublin
694642 Protect and Save Limited Carlow
694643 Eolaseco Limited Clare
694644 Knowledge4health Limited Dublin
694645 Lakota Consulting Limited Dublin
694646 Scott Bader Ireland Limited Meath
694647 Pera Cosmetics Ir Limited Dublin
694648 Kpfg Limited Longford
694649 Frontal Technology Limited Limerick
694650 Time Out Theatre Nursing Limited Dublin
694651 Corex Re1 Limited Dublin
694652 Polostores Retail Limited Dublin
694653 Edward Lacey Consulting Limited Kerry
694654 Deftbro Limited Dublin 7
694655 Le Capitaine Limited Dublin
694656 First Clinic Limited Dublin
694657 Tiarnan Events and Festivals Limited Dublin
694658 Carrick Floral Limited Monaghan
694659 My Pup Pal Limited Dublin
694660 The Reach Advisory Limited Dublin
694661 Peader Tech Consulting Limited Donegal
694662 Glenora Wind Farm Designated Activity Company Dublin
694663 Hype Freak Trading Limited Dublin
694664 Cunav Consulting Limited Dublin 6w
694665 Spreemill Limited Dublin
694666 Tlp Alliance Limited Dublin
694667 Havelcraft Limited Dublin
694668 Secureeye Limited Dublin
694669 Drimnagh Pizza Limited Dublin 12
694670 McAdoo Engineering Limited Monaghan
694671 Subotica (Joyride) Limited Dublin
694672 Mbi Cork Construction Masters Limited Cork
694673 Warnotale Limited Dublin
694674 Okerlane Limited Dublin
694675 Amperlite Limited Dublin
694676 Rational Project Solutions Limited Cork
694677 Rhinescape Limited Dublin
694678 Ussher's Coaches Limited Louth
694679 Octagon Foundation Limited Dublin
694680 Maple & Moss Agency Limited Dublin
694681 Hudsonfall Limited Dublin
694682 Oran Flow Screed Limited Galway
694683 Aldarkel Limited Dublin
694684 Tynestone Limited Dublin
694685 Datakoi Limited Dublin
694686 Trentwood Limited Dublin
694687 Rem Heat Limited Wexford
694688 Kerri.Alexandra Limited Dublin
694689 Giga Phone Mart Limited Limerick
694690 Feirm Na Pairce Limited Tipperary
694691 Newtown Rovers Football Club Company Limited By Guarantee Clare
694692 Jo'Balloons Limited Dublin 13
694693 Creedon Byrne Developments Limited Dublin
694694 Gero Dental Limited Dublin
694695 Db Recovery, Rehabilitation & Performance Limited Carlow
694696 Varamex Global Limited Dublin
694697 Capital Buyer's Agent Limited Dublin 3
694698 Mc Engineering Ironhills Steelworks Limited Kildare
694699 Motiv Health Limited Dublin
694700 Thomas O'Connor Mobile Homes Limited Wexford
694701 Creative Transformations Limited Dublin
694702 Accurate Books Limited Meath
694703 Yvonne McWey Consultancy Limited Dublin
694704 Tr Fitness Limited Donegal
694705 Cmm Furniture Limited Tipperary
694706 Chabad-Lubavitch of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
694707 Fundation Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
694708 J.W. Smyth Holdings Limited Dublin 5
694709 Raymond Coughlan Construction Limited Dublin
694710 Diatom Technologies Limited Wicklow
694711 Cky Marketing Limited Kerry
694712 Alstersand Limited Dublin
694713 Cueli Family Limited Dublin
694714 Holstonloft Limited Dublin
694715 Van Winkle Ireland Limited Dublin 14
694716 Hensav Training Limited Dublin
694717 Alima Consulting Limited Carlow
694718 Zanter Holdings Limited Galway
694719 Kilhedge Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
694720 Finsolz Advisory Studio Limited Dublin
694721 Page Dublin Commercialisti Limited Dublin
694722 Docutask Limited Cork
694723 Ormonde Accountants Limited Kilkenny
694724 Robot Wasp Media Limited Wexford
694725 Fg Europe Hvac Ireland Limited Dublin 12
694726 Nugent Gas & Heating Limited Dublin 12
694727 Cygent Msig 2 (Eur) Designated Activity Company Dublin
694728 Home Factory Systems Limited Sligo
694729 Connole's Garage & Recovery Services Limited Clare
909591 Heyday Integrated Circuits Laois
694473 Joseph Kelleher Fitted Furniture Limited Cork
694474 Akber Property Limited Louth
694475 Boro Ventures Limited Kerry
694476 Inctablet Ireland Limited Wexford
694477 Minespell Limited Dublin 4
694478 Monagarrow Engineering Limited Wicklow
694479 McCarthyalpha Limited Cork
694480 Starlingspell Limited Dublin 4
694481 Bauservice Fischer Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
694482 Habon Holdings Designated Activity Company Dublin 12
694483 Limitless Digital Europe Limited Dublin
694484 Sole Mates Foods Limited Kilkenny
694485 Redcode Consultancy Limited Wicklow
694486 Test-Zen-Labs Limited Dublin 15
694487 Top Dog Showbiz Services Limited Wicklow
694488 Early Bird Cleaning Services Limited Donegal
694489 B. Smith Plant & Civil Limited Cavan
694490 Eden Lake Limited Dublin
694491 Tny Property Holdings Limited Dublin
694492 Jwm Energia Ireland Limited Dublin
694493 Gmc Transport Limited Westmeath
694494 Ramtech Mechanical Limited Cavan
694495 Castlebridge Nominated Representative Services Limited Dublin
694496 Futurenergy Kealafreaghane Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
694497 Slathan Holdings Limited Limerick
694498 Itw Productions Limited Dublin 16
694499 Pandana Limited Wexford
694500 Aspire Media Limited Kildare
694501 Glow Mercurial Limited Dublin 1
694502 Hearyhill Limited Dublin 4
694503 Akin Collaborative Limited Dublin
694504 Casimar Technologies Ireland Limited Dublin
694505 Brew Water Limited Laois
694506 Tes Digital Learning Systems Limited Dublin 24
694507 Perfect Stripe Limited Dublin
694508 Adibel Construction Limited Dublin
694509 Zerve Ai Limited Tipperary
694510 Le Detail Limited Dublin
694511 Hypure Mechanical Engineering Limited Roscommon
694512 Tt Catering Limited Dublin 11
694513 Supper Tiptop Limited Dublin 15
694514 Roxy Yummy Limited Dublin
694515 Enviro Grind Biomass Limited Donegal
694516 Prudential Painting & Decorating Limited Kerry
694517 Re-Home Developments Designated Activity Company Dublin
694518 Target Capital Limited Dublin
694519 Kenneth Mullaney Civil Works Limited Mayo
694520 McCarroll Accounting Services Limited Waterford
694521 Moonhaven S1 Productions Designated Activity Company Wicklow
694522 Finnsbury Engineering Limited Dublin
694523 Beerbohm Media Limited Dublin
694524 Futurenergy Gortnahurra Designated Activity Company Dublin
694525 Euitsols Limited Kildare
694526 Futurenergy Glenard Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
694527 The Thoughtful Shopper Bespoke Gifting Limited Laois
694528 Futurenergy Cullenagh Designated Activity Company Dublin
694529 Futurenergy Crowagh Designated Activity Company Dublin
694530 Futurenergy Corravaddy Designated Activity Company Dublin
694531 Xeanvermin Limited Dublin
694532 Lily & Clara Limited Cork
694533 Galway Siol Limited Galway
694534 Viridis Office Securities Designated Activity Company Dublin
694535 Quokka Accounting Limited Clare
694536 Glacier Finance 4 Designated Activity Company Dublin
694537 Amari Properties Limited Dublin 4
694538 Powdermills App Limited Cork
694539 Jgsb Holdings Limited Wexford
694540 Yew People Limited Dublin
694541 Arklite Events Limited Laois
694542 Go Bike Outdoors Limited Dublin
694543 Conodi Limited Dublin
694544 The Embroidery Doctors Ireland Limited Dublin
694545 Drummond Close Management Company Limited By Guarantee Monaghan
694546 Beech Mountain Limited Mayo
694547 Izhaan Sher Limited Galway
694548 Ballywater Dairy Limited Wexford
694549 Dublin Indoor Gardeners Limited Dublin
694550 Holocaust Education Trust Ireland Dublin
694551 Cristina Sales-Navarro Limited Wexford
694552 Pcomer Limited Meath
694553 Prizebreak Limited Dublin 4
694554 Melodyside Limited Dublin 4
694555 Bloomsburg Post Limited Tipperary
694556 Valentia Research Limited Dublin
694557 K Joyce Scaffolding Limited Galway
694558 Futurenergy Tievemore Designated Activity Company Dublin
694559 Futurenergy Slieveragh Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
694560 Ghaas Limited Dublin
694561 Futurenergy Slieve Rusheen Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
694562 Es Depo Limited Dublin
694563 Kiltra Woodcraft Limited Wexford
694564 Futurenergy North Mayo Designated Activity Company Dublin
694565 Dip'N'Sip Limited Donegal
694566 O Rourke Bros Project Management Limited Wexford
694567 Futurenergy Mongorry Designated Activity Company Dublin
694568 Futurenergy Lissinagroagh Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
694569 Dr Sean Michael Browne Chiropractor Limited Cork
694570 Hikma Red Limited Dublin
694571 Liz Doran Consultancy Limited Dublin
694572 Futurenergy Corbally Designated Activity Company Dublin
694573 Futurenergy Clonbullogue Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
694574 Giggles Pre School & Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee Westmeath
694575 Futurenergy Broemountain Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
694576 Futurenergy Barracree Designated Activity Company Dublin
694577 Futurenergy Ballyhoura Designated Activity Company Dublin
694578 Whitecliff Information Solutions Limited Louth
694579 Futurenergy Tullintowell Designated Activity Company Dublin
694580 Stormstrand Limited Dublin 4
694581 The Friends of Clonegam Company Limited By Guarantee Waterford
694582 Smyth Software Development Solutions Limited Dublin
694583 Veda Medical Healthcare Limited Galway
694584 Ounavarra Farm Limited Wexford
694585 Kentack Limited Dublin
694586 Clanelle Limited Meath
694587 Barleyfield Bookkeeping Limited Louth
694588 Pach Developments Limited Kildare
694589 Regent Chinese Cuisine Limited Wexford
694590 Deltaspin Ireland Limited Dublin
694591 Darren Murphy Light Engineering Limited Wexford
694592 Duality Limited Dublin
694593 Axelmunthe Limited Dublin
694594 Athena Tech Limited Dublin
909585 Regional 2021-1 E Holding Limited Clare
909586 Regional 2021-1 Limited Clare
909587 Yorkville Entertainment, Inc. Dublin 2
909588 Fibrefab Limited Dublin 2
909589 Hib Limited Dublin 2
909590 Iprescribe Exercise Digital Ltd Limerick
694330 Make Music Together Limited Dublin 6w
694331 Icon Operational Financing Unlimited Company Dublin 18
694332 Tom Ahern Autos Limited Limerick
694333 Black Sea Freight Limited Wexford
694334 Red Interiors Finishing Limited Meath
694336 Paddy Irishman Project Limited Dublin
694337 David Andy Construction Limited Dublin
694338 O'Regan Sand & Gravel Limited Cork
694339 Otera Coffee Limited Dublin
694340 Retro Camper Hire Limited Dublin
694341 Art Me Pictures Limited Dublin
694342 McLaughlin Fitness Limited Dublin 22
694343 Merseycove Limited Dublin
694344 Hoot Fish Limited Dublin
694345 Glasthule General and Aesthetic Dentistry Limited Dublin
694346 Viio Design Limited Dublin
694347 Ribblesway Limited Dublin
694348 Irish School of Reflexology and Wellness Limited Dublin
694349 Leapod Limited Dublin
694350 The Crypto Climate Exchange Limited Dublin
694351 Tamarwood Limited Dublin
694352 Kingdom Financial Limited Limerick
694353 Duo Launch Limited Meath
694360 Owens Europe Screening Limited Limerick
694361 John Daly and Sons Memorials Limited Donegal
694362 N.T.M Manpower Limited Dublin
694363 Lonni Gh Limited Wicklow
694364 Capsule Management Limited Dublin
694365 Spaceout Limited Westmeath
694366 Wjdtools Limited Dublin
694367 Terroni Limited Kildare
694368 Clickharvest Limited Dublin 18
694370 Savage Cooling & Heating Systems Limited Dublin
694371 Alviss Solutions Limited Galway
694373 Jarlathos Limited Dublin
694374 Chroi Coffee Limited Wicklow
694375 Doyle Sustainable Windows Limited Wexford
694376 Ellwood Homes Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Louth
694377 Hausus Company Limited Dublin
694378 Littlespark Limited Kilkenny
694379 Mala Lienka Limited Longford
694380 D & N Diggers Limited Laois
694381 Smk Food Limited Dublin
694382 Helgen Technologies Limited Dublin
694383 Byrne Deliveries Limited Dublin
694384 Box-Line Developments Limited Cork
694385 Rajkumar Nursing Care Limited Dublin
694386 Nebula Software Limited Dublin
694387 Healthier Tap Water Limited Cork
694388 Leinster Equine Limited Dublin
694389 Cypher-Fx Crypto Finance Limited Dublin
694390 Cycle Electric Limited Dublin
694391 Prospects Recruitment Limited Dublin 2
694392 The Winning Shamrock Limited Sligo
694393 Cordovan Limited Dublin
694394 Lineen Property Group Limited Clare
694395 Borg Running Services Limited Wicklow
694396 S. Brophy Carpentry Limited Laois
694397 Ultra Engraving Limited Donegal
694398 Mar-Pol Catering Limited Donegal
694399 Bomfa Limited Dublin
694400 A2b Media Communications Limited Dublin
694401 Cork Self Drive Limited Cork
694402 Rogersal Limited Dublin
694403 Villosa Limited Dublin 2
694404 Ldh Management Limited Wicklow
694405 The Keep Coffee Limited Tipperary
694406 Universal Motors Consortium Limited Dublin
694407 Frameform Steel Systems Limited Monaghan
694408 Slaneyside Transport Limited Wexford
694409 Axiologix Technologies Limited Dublin
694410 Bouse Plant and Construction Limited Cork
694411 Roscrea Scouts Company Limited By Guarantee Tipperary
694412 Gz Trading House Limited Dublin 12
694413 Just Ask After School Club Company Limited By Guarantee Westmeath
694414 Emerald Baits Limited Cork
694415 McK Services Limited Monaghan
694416 Myfolio3 Limited Dublin
694417 Diamond Buyers Club Limited Cork
694418 Sri Investments Limited Dublin
694419 Cma Financial Consultancy Limited Dublin
694420 Natures Choice Supplements Limited Dublin
694421 Ifes Group Holdings Limited Cork
694422 Dgk Investments Limited Meath
694423 Colin & Jason Plastering Services Limited Cork
694424 Grand Coffee Connection Limited Waterford
694425 Erro People Solutions Limited Dublin 2
694426 Getac Video Solutions Ie Limited Dublin 4
694427 Pg It Consultancy Limited Dublin
694428 Reviveme Carwash and Valeting Limited Cork
694429 Rspk Limited Clare
694430 Northwoods Capital 26 Euro Designated Activity Company Dublin
694431 Abbeylara Bouncing Castles Limited Longford
694432 Carrigmore Candles Limited Dublin
694433 Fuego Foods Limited Kildare
694434 Cox's Field Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
694435 Ali Shaad Enterprise Limited Kerry
694436 2050 Biomethane Energy Group Limited Dublin
694437 City Palace C & Y Limited Kerry
694438 Zinc Ventures Limited Limerick
694439 Bolton Forest Farms Limited Kildare
694440 Clover Apps Limited Dublin
694441 Excelsior Capital (Irl) Limited Cavan
694442 The Hr Guys Limited Dublin 2
694443 Afnk Limited Dublin
694444 Black 11 Entertainment Limited Galway
694445 White Rock Company Limited Dublin
694446 Mgic Layout Consultancy and Design Services Limited Limerick
694447 Jf Waterbikes Limited Kildare
694448 Niamari Limited Galway
694449 Kilquane Governance Solutions Limited Limerick
694450 Lekupack Limited Wexford
694451 Skills Provision Europe Limited Dublin
694452 Babotebana Limited Waterford
694453 Lollipop Apparel Limited Dublin 2
694454 The European Network Media Vision Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
694455 Plan Energy Developments Limited Sligo
694456 Weather Tight Roofing Limited Dublin
694457 J&G Access & Plant Hire Limited Limerick
694458 Proprioarch Limited Wexford
694459 Accubooks Bookkeeping Services Limited Meath
694460 Seirbhisi Proiseala Orduithe Tps an Ae Teoranta Donegal
694461 Blossombridge Limited Dublin 4
694462 Val's Stone & Brickwork Limited Carlow
694463 Basestrand Limited Dublin 4
694464 Sienaville Limited Dublin
694465 Irish Music and Drama College Limited Cork
694466 Vs Digital Limited Dublin
694467 RCT Telecoms Limited Dublin
694468 Bk Print Limited Kildare
694469 Gam Navy Limited Dublin
694470 Exemplar Investment Holdings Limited Dublin 20
694471 Elis Advantage Limited Cork
694472 Runtu Ireland Limited Dublin 4
There are 510 Company set ups in the above list.

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