Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 378 (Week Ending 22/10/2019)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
659249 Doyle Heating & Plumbing Limited Co. Dublin
659250 Future Tech Windows and Doors Limited Co. Dublin
659251 Northwoods Capital 21 Euro Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
659252 Aftm Investments Holdings Limited Dublin 11. D11yk25 Ireland
659253 Guitane Holdings Limited Co. Kerry, T93 Vn5p
659254 Iwg Operations (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
659255 Aneress Limited Co. Cork
659256 Winewonderland Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
659257 Kh Development Limited Dublin 3
659258 Ln Shannon Environmental Consultancy Limited Co Longford
659259 Bjp Engineering Limited Co. Westmeath
659260 Cara Mushrooms Limited Co. Monaghan
659261 Gmm Marketing Limited Co. Dublin
659262 Drogheda Garden & Lifestyle Limited Co. Louth
659263 Tritonville Recruitment Limited Dublin 3
659264 Brainnovators Licensing Limited Dublin 1, D01 Kv26
659265 Trillaflex Limited Cork
659266 Wild Boar Mobile Armourers Limited Dublin 5
659267 Cootehill Laundry Shop Limited Co. Cavan
659268 Safrec Performance Limited Co. Dublin
659269 Scene Print and Design Limited Sligo
659270 Sfxray (Europe) Limited Dublin 5
659271 Kaffe O Limited Dublin 9
659272 Jdm Media Limited Waterford
659273 Wonderworld24 Ip Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
659274 Dmsmatrix Ecommerce Limited Co. Meath
659275 Experience Magic Hill Limited Co. Louth
659276 Bunguo Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
659277 Cobapine Limited Dublin 12
659278 News Bites Media Limited Co. Leitrim
659279 West Cork Finance Limited Co. Cork, P75 D959
659280 Palliare Nominees Limited Dublin 2, D02 A342
659281 Dania Shinkar Limited Co. Dublin
659282 4hourshotel Limited Co. Dublin
659283 Dooey Meats Limited Co. Donegal, F94 Ye89
659284 Blue Line Mining Limited Dublin 6w
659285 Christopher Keane Plant Hire Limited Co. Clare
659286 Bm Style Limited Dublin 24
659287 Birkdale Sales (Ireland) Limited Co. Dublin
659288 E-Vate (Ireland) Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
659289 Davtier Limited Co. Meath
659290 Ttilgnh Holdings Limited Co. Dublin
659291 Optosafe Ireland Limited Co. Meath
659292 James Blacoe Jewellers Limited Co. Westmeath
659293 Oku Power Limited Dublin 18 D18 R9c7 Ireland
659294 Bjr Catering Limited Dublin 1
659295 Model Homes Limited Dublin 2
659296 Lugus Belgrave Ii Slp Limited Dublin 4
659297 Jfh Tax Advisory Services Limited Co. Limerick
659298 Hibernia Language Education Limited Co. Galway
659299 Hercules Amphiteus Limited Co. Dublin
659300 Ajm and Son Brewing Beverage Supplies Limited Co. Louth
659301 Howard Financial Services Limited Co. Cork
659302 Mc Lernon Flooring Limited Co. Galway
659303 Eurolux Platinum Trading Limited Co. Dublin
659304 Doughty Group Longfield Limited Co. Cavan
659305 Kbe Keith Byrne Electrical Limited Co. Wicklow
659306 Gerry Costello Electrical Limited Co. Meath
659307 Gfh Farrelly Haulage Limited Co. Meath
659308 Taken Down Pictures Designated Activity Company Dublin 6
659309 Rubine Red Limited Dublin 1
659310 Josh Home Decor Carpentry Limited Kilkenny
659311 Solarshare Limited Clontarf Dublin 3 Dublin
659312 Rotundus Limited Dublin 3
659313 Truenoord Gouwzee Limited Dublin 2
659314 Keating (Mishells House) Limited County Cork
659315 Brilliant Construction Limited Cork
659316 Orange Srbj Limited Co. Galway
659317 Axs Technologies Limited Dublin 2
659318 Artur Cahalane Limited Cork P47n673 Ireland
659319 Lg Cinema Limited Galway
659320 Bray Friary Apartments Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
659321 Aroomb Limited Dublin 6w
659322 Fracel Limited Dublin 9
659090 Nucompass Mobility EMEA Designated Activity Company Dublin 2, D02 T380
659091 Fetchauto Limited Dublin 2, D02 T380
659092 Nomis Investments Limited Co. Kerry
659093 Gramayre Investments Limited Co. Kerry
659094 R Thorpe Electrical Limited Co. Meath
659095 Byrock Technologies Limited Dublin 2
659096 P.S. I Love You Handcrafted Gifts Limited Co. Kildare
659097 Mw Elite Construction Limited Co. Dublin
659098 Pullin Trees Limited Co. Cork
659099 Rymac Hair and Beauty Limited Co. Meath
659100 Keith Foran and Associates Limited Co. Cavan
659101 Liam Barry Plant Hire Limited Co. Cork
659102 U.S. Real Estate Credit Holdings Iii-C Gp Limited Dublin 2
659103 Fox's Irish Hemp Limited Co. Wicklow
659104 Megaway Limited Co. Dublin
659105 Xianton Limited Co. Dublin
659106 Sculpt Fusion Limited Co. Dublin
659107 Dundrum Stockwell Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
659108 Jayden & Preston Limited Dublin 18
659109 Unlike Minds Enterprises Limited Co. Kildare
659110 Mullingar Online Limited Co. Westmeath
659111 Gheko Investments Limited Co. Limerick
659112 Walsin Limited Dublin 7
659113 A1 Clearance & Logistics Limited Co. Cavan
659114 Dssk Catering Limited Co. Roscommon
659115 Edentober Limited Co. Louth
659116 Rouxway Limited Co. Dublin
659117 Gridflow Limited Dublin 15 D15vc58
659118 Modaclothing Limited Dublin 15
659119 Stel Commercial Limited Dublin 16
659120 Dulann Heartsafety Limited Dublin 22
659121 Sansoms Appliance Repairs Limited Co. Louth
659122 Monkey Reusable Products Limited Co. Waterford
659123 Discipulo Developments Limited Dublin 2
659124 Jfs Commercial Sales Limited Co. Galway
659125 Halo Interiors Limited Co Roscommon
659126 Bantry McM Construction Limited Co. Cork
659127 Hopondigital Limited Dublin 24
659128 Logos Moving Solutions Limited Co. Meath
659129 Amvoy Financial Limited Dublin 15
659130 Popsa Europe Limited Dublin 12
659131 North West Cost Consultants Limited Co. Donegal
659132 Zenith Diffusion Limited Blackrock Co. Dublin
659133 Create Space Interiors Limited Dublin, A96 De88
659134 Meera Converational A.I Limited Co. Dublin
659135 Neil Mac Hugh Limited Co. Donegal
659136 Nuanrg Limited Co. Limerick
659137 M & M Property Investors Limited Dublin 15
659138 Pgf Consultancy Limited Dublin 2
659139 Ping an Financial Services Limited Dublin 6w
659140 Ilgapt Limited Dublin 1
659141 Dump Warrior Limited Limerick
659142 Charcoal Cafe & Grill Limited Galway
659143 Darkside Tanning Limited Dublin 17
659144 Secular Organisation Company Limited By Guarantee County Cork, T12 Hfd6
659145 Robbie Dillon Property Services Limited Dublin 6w
659146 Bio Force Medical & Dental Clinic Limited Limerick
659147 Méid Denim Limited Co. Dublin
659148 Karios Management Limited Ireland
659149 Allied Concrete Cutting Limited Co. Cork
659150 Microbyte Limited Dublin 22
659151 Target Providers Limited Co Meath
659152 No Deviation Ireland Limited Cork, T12 T6c0
659153 Innotech Bridge Limited Cork
659154 Billme Limited Dublin 2
659155 Payapp Digital Limited Dublin 2
659156 ABP Training Limited Dublin D07h67t Ireland
659157 Sarhed Foods Limited Co. Meath
659158 Ckeel Limited Co. Longford
659159 Kr Wsa Esn41129 Designated Activity Company Co. Clare
659160 Pca Acquisitions (Iberia), Limited Carlow
659161 Pca Acquisitions (Deutschland) Limited Carlow
659162 Computer Nutt Heads Limited Co. Dublin
659163 Idacs Limited Dublin 2
659164 McLaughlin Cloud and Services Limited Co. Wicklow
659165 Pvp Geeks Limited Cork
659166 Rail Car Wash Limited Co. Meath
659167 Azeem Medico Limited Kilkenny
659168 Dmc Utilities Limited Carlow
659169 Navar Farm Limited Co. Cork
659170 Dom O'Driscoll Limited Co. Tipperary
659171 Kubodom Holdings Limited Co. Cork
659172 Dusty Boy Limited Co.Wexford
659173 Thompson Feeds Ireland Limited Dublin 1
659174 John McKeon Electrical Holdings Limited Co. Cavan
659175 Richard McWalter Limited Co. Galway
659176 Claddagh Statistical Consultancy & Training Services Limited Co. Clare
659177 Obf Consultants Limited Co. Tipperary
659178 Pr Rathmurray Limited Co. Meath
659179 Azurite Infrastructure Investments Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
659180 John Angus Mills Ireland Limited Dublin 15
659181 Equi Moringa Limited Kilkenny
659182 Hera Health Solutions Limited Galway
659183 The Anne Sullivan Foundation For People Who Are Deafblind Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
659184 Revolving Star Limited Co. Dublin
659185 Altracks Developments Limited Dublin 2
659186 Venubooth Limited Co. Dublin
659187 Molina Dentistry Limited Dublin 13
659188 Margaret Dabbs Europe Limited Co. Louth
659189 Insane Barber Lounge Limited Tallaght Dublin 24
659190 The Utility Shop Limited Dublin 2
659191 Ire Real Estate Opco Ii Limited Dublin 2
659192 Cherry Orchard Tyres Limited Dublin 22
659193 Hanniffy Homes Limited Co. Meath
659194 Dublin Cartridge Limited Dublin 1
659195 Sg Conneely Mmc (Modern Methods of Construction) Limited Co. Galway
659196 Electric Avenue Bikes Limited Dublin 12
659197 Paul O'Leary Architecture Limited Cork
659198 Euso European Union Science Olympaid Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin A96cx66
659199 Evoke Streetwear Limited Dublin 4
659200 Tech Steel Services Limited Co. Cavan
659201 Outlier Investments Limited Co. Wicklow
659202 Eksa Investments Holdings Limited Dublin 11. D11yk25 Ireland
659203 Streamstone Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
659204 Quabury Limited Co. Dublin
659205 Esclaire Investment Limited Dublin 2
659206 Willis & Company (Insurance Brokers) Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
659207 Amalob Limited Dublin 2
659208 Paradise Fiber Holding Limited Dublin 2
659209 Lighthouse Lane Consulting Limited Dublin 13
659210 Urbanq Technology Holdings Limited Dublin 2
659211 Dr. Cattani Herbaceutical Limited Dublin 2
659212 Old Cabra Road Spv Limited Co. Dublin
659213 Tuffin Ferraby Taylor (Europe) Limited Dublin 6 D06c8x4
659214 Hedgefield Consulting Limited Co. Cork
659215 O'Donovan Dental Limited Dublin 3
659216 Printworks Food Market Company Limited Dublin 6
659217 Bob Martin (Ireland) Limited Co. Dublin
659218 Study Centre Success Limited Co. Galway
659219 Petal Projects Ireland Limited Dublin 18
659220 Glenspan Construction and Civils Limited Co. Leitrim
659221 Severn Diamond Tools and Abrasives Limited Co. Louth
659222 Ridge Pool Capital Limited Co. Dublin
659223 Isto Ireland (International Safety Training Organisation) Limited Co. Waterford
659224 Royal Spice Land Limited Cavan
659225 W & R Barnett (Ireland) Holdings Limited Dublin 1
659226 Prospect House Development Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 6
659227 De Vigne Limited Co. Louth
659228 Loughrea Auto Parts Limited Co. Galway
659229 D & S Hanley Holdings Limited Co. Wicklow
659230 Clee Engineering Limited Dublin 16
659231 New Link Consulting (Europe) Limited Dublin 2
659232 Yun & Ben Limited Dublin 1
659233 Mercyland Multi-Ridges Services Limited Co. Meath
659234 Cardenton Farm Limited Co. Kildare
659235 Pembroke Business Centre No.8 Limited Dublin 2
659236 Pembroke Business Centre No.9 Limited Dublin 2
659237 Pembroke Business Centre No.10 Limited Dublin 2
659238 Goodson Commissioning Technologies Limited Dublin 5
659239 Lifework Health Limited D6w
659240 Djv Consulting Limited Dublin 8
659241 Ap Design Labs Limited Wexford
659242 T.L.R. Energy Services Limited Co. Laois
659243 Conor Hegarty Construction Limited Co. Cork
659244 Protostar Nutrition Limited Co. Galway
659245 Mtm Wood Products Limited Co. Clare
659246 Cnie. Ireland Limited Dublin 24
659247 Mashto Limited Co Cork
659248 Deziredsolutions Limited Dublin 13
659009 Itpaving Limited Dublin 7
659010 Ctn Communications Europe Limited Co. Cork
659011 The Gym King Ie Limited Dublin 4
659012 Meon Valley Travel Ireland Limited Co. Dublin
659013 Buttons Mavis Limited Co. Kilkenny
659014 Kg Renovations Limited Cork
659015 Skellig Ai Technologies Limited Co. Sligo
659016 Traditional Lime Plastering Limited Dublin 24
659017 Enigma Industrial Services Holdings (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
659018 Sector Global Event Services Limited Leinster, D02 Ey47
659019 Modernised Town Agent Services Limited Dublin 6w
659020 Brexodus Limited Offaly, R42 Kp20
659021 Kilrush Hotels Limited Dublin 2
659022 Kelly Aviation Consulting Limited Co. Kerry
659023 Agl Tpass Limited Co. Westmeath
659024 Biynd Limited Dublin 3
659025 Simmy Limited Leinster, A92 Ea27
659026 Giftpig Limited Co.Wicklow
659027 Hhs Investments Limited Co. Meath
659028 Water Creamation Ireland Limited Co. Meath
659029 Be Epic Coaching Limited Co. Laois
659030 Amorella Corporation Limited Dublin, K67p6k2
659031 Ftbi Limited Co. Kildare
659032 F.O.H. Digital Console Hire Ireland Limited Co. Cork
659033 De Praia Limited Dublin D13 Fn32 Ireland
659034 Denis Dinan Farm and Industrial Steel Buildings Limited Cork
659035 Silver Trap Taverns Limited Co. Offaly
659036 Hanratty Plant Hire Limited Co. Meath
659037 Cairnglen Sandymount Limited Co. Dublin
659038 Spacepath Communications Europe Limited Dublin 12
659039 Composed Home Limited Dublin 8
659040 Sdm Performance Limited Co. Meath
659041 Wicklow Home Heating Oil Limited Co. Kildare
659042 Molla Rua Investments Unlimited Company Co. Donegal
659043 Breffni Accountancy Services Limited Dublin 13
659044 Djv Construction Limited Dublin 8
659045 Beerensgas Limited Clontarf Dublin 3 Clontarf
659046 Ignite Fire and Safety Training Limited Galway
659047 K-Scaff Ireland Limited Co. Monaghan
659048 Krapp Management Limited Co. Dublin
659049 Krapp Music Limited Co. Dublin
659050 Jamac Cleaning Services Limited Co Cork
659051 Orel Transport Services Limited Co. Galway
659052 Nrg Illumination Ireland Limited Co Donegal
659053 Parallax Forex Advisors Limited 27 Pembroke Street Upper
659054 Yaya Investment Limited Co Dublin
659055 Clerkin Complete Funeral Services Limited Co. Monaghan
659056 Ags Catering Limited Co. Dublin
659057 Vkhans Limited Co. Meath
659058 Chenxi Limited Dublin 13
659059 Hescb Limited Blackrock Co Dublin
659060 Viagem Enterprises Limited Cork
659061 Sean Collins Carpentry Limited Co. Wexford, Y25 F6f6
659062 Kenrho Limited Dublin 6w
659063 Itl Recruitment Limited Co. Kildare
659064 I Like Spoons Limited Co. Wexford, Y21 Rx26
659065 Advantage Auto's Limited Co. Kildare
659066 Uplift Marketing Limited Dublin 15
659067 Supaplay Limited Dublin 2
659068 Jrs Structures Limited Co. Donegal
659069 Masons Apron Limited Co. Cavan
659070 Dexgreen Properties Limited Co Cork
659071 Atoo Information Technology Limited Dublin 3
659072 Argentan Productions Designated Activity Company Co. Wicklow
659073 Gecr Dl Collectionco Limited Dublin 2
659074 Nails Empire Carlow Limited Carlow
659075 Penumbra Topline Services Unlimited Company Co. Dublin A94e8h7
659076 Sarah-Kim Watchorn Limited Co. Wexford
659077 Westmeath Innovation & Enterprise Designated Activity Company Co. Westmeath, N91 Fh4n
659078 Anavon Limited Dublin 1 D01p2v6
659079 Accounchiz Limited Dublin D18h6k2
659080 Xod Entertainment Limited Co. Wexford
659081 Karl Lagerfeld Ireland Limited Dublin 4
659082 Kiltech Engineering Limited Co. Cavan
659083 Dexgreen Investments Limited Co Cork
659084 Financial Services Made Simple Limited Co. Cork
659085 Ullord Water and Energy Limited Dublin 4
659086 Projectgandg Holdings Limited Co Cork
659087 Walpol Construction Limited Dublin 7
659088 Joe Daly Magic Limited Dublin 3
659089 Old Tom Construction Limited Co. Clare
658930 Corporate Beauty Amenities Limited Dublin 18
658931 Iceni Holdings Limited Dublin 2
658932 Knockane Agri Limited Co. Waterford
658933 Dunboyne Castle Farm Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
658934 F E Film Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
658935 Corley Investments Limited Co. Kildare
658936 Bernborough Limited Dublin 2, D02 T380
658937 Li and W Limited Dublin 12
658938 Kids Stay To Play Limited Kinsale, P17w263
658939 Chakra Relife Limited Dublin 3
658940 Haggardfield Limited Co. Meath
658941 Maghoy Holdings Limited Co. Dublin, A94 F9x9
658942 Abbey Gp1 Limited Dublin 2
658943 Bosphorus Clo Vi Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
658944 Pollaphuca Limited Dublin 2
658945 Little Red Door Limited Dublin 2
658946 Cosmic Crane Services Limited Co Donegal
658947 Cosmic Wind Services Limited Co Donegal
658948 Michael Moran Coach Hire Limited Co Mayo
658949 The Idco Technology Limited Dublin 7
658950 Drogheda Petmedical Limited Co. Louth
658951 Nikko Asian Restaurant and Takeaway Limited Co. Louth
658952 Darren O'Sullivan Seafood Limited Co Kerry
658953 Leungs Kitchen and Catering Limited Co. Dublin
658954 Paladone Products (Ireland) Limited Dublin 18 D18r9c7 Ireland
658955 Aviator Iv 3444, Limited Dublin 2, D02 Tf82
658956 Leasing Service Home Limited Dublin 2
658957 Flyingbolt Limited Dublin 2, D02 T380
658958 Milestone Capital Limited Co. Louth
658959 All Our Dreams Limited Co. Tipperary
658960 Mean Seagull Limited Dublin 7
658961 Jensaral Holdings Limited Wicklow
658962 King's Country Kitchen Limited Co. Kildare
658963 Al-Baraka Goceries Limited Clonmel Co.Tipperary
658964 Nativaland Ireland Limited Co. Kilkenny
658965 Patrick Gill Consultancy Limited Co Leitrim
658966 B & H Murphy Transport Limited Co. Kilkenny
658967 Mevagh Sports Ground Company Limited By Guarantee County Donegal
658968 Cedarwalk Talent Solutions Limited Dublin 13
658969 McSc Properties Limited Co. Cork
658970 Colcol Holdings Limited Co. Cork
658971 Smpm Engineering Limited Dublin 7
658972 Rdb Design Consultancy Limited Co. Cork
658973 Reinforce Information Security Limited Dublin 1
658974 Shergan Traffic Solutions Limited Co. Westmeath
658975 Amber Safety Consultants Limited Co. Offaly
658976 Cabinet D'Aide Aux Entreprises Limited Co. Dublin
658977 Limerick Spirits Company Limited Co. Limerick
658978 Websoft Consultants Limited Co. Dublin
658979 Awt Journeys Limited Dublin 8
658980 Retailer Hub Limited Dublin 2
658981 Mullen Timber Products Limited Co. Donegal
658982 Frankie Greene Plumbing & Heating Limited Co. Donegal
658983 Nüwa Digital Media Content Production Studios Limited Clontarf Dublin 3 Dublin
658984 Elektra Purchase No. 70 Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
658985 Read Play Code Limited Dublin 3
658986 My Commercial Construction Limited Co. Dublin
658987 High Modern Construction Limited Co. Dublin
658988 Ballycartoon Productions Limited Co. Clare, V95h9c3
658989 Tullow Chapel Court Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Wexford, Y35 Xy01
658990 Dunmore East Coral Grove Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Wexford, Y35 Xy01
658991 Saggart Drury Mills Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Wexford, Y35 Xy01
658992 Now Training and Employment Enterprise Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2, D02 T380
658993 Steel Trade Receivables Designated Activity Company Dublin 1 D01 Ye64
658994 Eit Health Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Galway H91 Xn5e
658995 Logistics Publishing Limited Cork
658996 Bstengineering Services Limited Co Dublin
658997 Jc Cleaning Solutions Limited Longford
658998 Smartbox Assistive Technology Limited (Eu) Limited Dublin 4
658999 Cottonmount Trading (Ireland) Limited Dublin
659000 Steele Family Foods Limited Dublin 2
659001 Bruton Construction Management Services Limited Co. Westmeath
659002 Wild Atlantic Homes Limited Co. Galway
659003 Maiden Recruitment Services Limited Co. Donegal
659004 Teo Air Solutions Limited Galway
659005 Pangea Worldwide Consulting Limited Dublin 2
659006 Atlantic Real Estate Management Limited Co Wicklow
659007 Aquis Colts (Ireland) Limited Co. Tipperary
659008 Aquis Fillies (Ireland) Limited Co. Tipperary
658833 Arcadin Owner's Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Roscommon
658834 Crystal Facilities Management & Property Services Limited Monaghan, H18 K038
658835 Astuff Online Limited Dublin 24
658836 Gvidas Donskis Limited Co. Louth
658837 Londoniam Limited Limerick
658838 Prom View House Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
658839 S Dollard Engineering Services Limited Co. Louth
658840 Stargazer Costemic Products Limited Dublin 1
658841 Steamfrost Limited Dublin 4
658842 Jk Nice Foods Limited Co. Dublin
658843 Cloudfall Limited Dublin 4
658844 Mightwall Limited Dublin 4
658845 Treeset Adventures Limited Co. Wicklow
658846 Mapped Reel Consulting Limited Dublin 13
658847 Icg Senior Debt Partners Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
658848 Pentata Limited Dublin 7
658849 Noidata Limited Dublin 7
658850 Harrija Limited Dublin 7
658851 Katoom Traders Connect Limited Dublin 15
658852 Montek Connection Limited Dublin 5
658853 Europe China Cooperation Council Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
658854 Platinum Freight Management Limited Dublin 8
658855 Wholesale Tyres & Parts Direct Limited Cork
658856 Profiletree Software Consultancy Limited Co. Monaghan
658857 License Recycling Limited Dublin 9
658858 Occ Decorators Limited Cork
658859 Killybressil Farms Limited Co. Monaghan
658860 Laguna Massage Supplies Limited Co Cavan
658861 Sprintmodo Limited Dublin Ireland
658862 Dwretail Limited Co.Offaly
658863 Dbdb Funding Subsidiary Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
658864 Yci Software Consulting Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
658865 Ap Fitness & Nutrition Limited Co. Cork
658866 Mr Kite Limited Co. Dublin
658867 Blue Horse Aviation Ireland Limited Dublin 1
658868 Kirkwood Imports Limited Dublin 12
658869 Ensource Ireland Limited Dublin 6
658870 Rjs Chemists Limited Co. Leitrim
658871 Churro's Palace Limited Limerick
658872 Partridge Peartree Eu Limited Co. Donegal
658873 Crossakiel Taverns Limited Co Meath
658874 McGlanaghey Services Limited Co. Wexford
658875 Boldforbes Limited Dublin 2, D02 T380
658876 Buckpasser Limited Dublin 2, D02 T380
658877 Islamic Cultural Centre Muslim Community Castlebar (Cic) Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Mayo
658878 Cuxson Gerrard Healthcare Limited Cork
658879 New Era Coaching Limited Dublin 15
658880 Dealight Flowers Limited Dublin 3
658881 Loose Canon Cheese and Wine Limited Dublin 2
658882 Aviator Iv 3782, Limited Dublin 2, D02 Tf82
658883 My Tax Back Irl Limited Co. Donegal
658884 Kincsem Limited Dublin 2
658885 Coole House Farm Limited Co. Kildare
658886 Emerald Health Consulting Limited Co. Cork
658887 Glackin Project Services Limited Co. Kildare
658888 Dad Aero Management Limited Cork
658889 Fscom (Regulatory Services) Limited Dublin
658890 Stephen Kerr Cabinetmaker & Builder Limited Co. Kilkenny
658891 Aviator Iv 3863, Limited Dublin 2, D02 Tf82
658892 Ned Investment Properties Limited Dublin 6w
658893 Best Deal in Limited Clontarf Dublin 3 Clontarf
658894 Nbi Management Limited Dublin 2, D02 T380
658895 Delta Packaging Limited Dublin 18
658896 Premier Horse Transport Limited Co. Tipperary
658897 Medi-Freight Limited Co. Leitrim
658898 M&J Carpentry Limited Co. Monaghan
658899 P.J.B.W.W. Inclusive Management Limited Dublin 18
658900 Kenmare Community Care Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kerry
658901 Next Filtration Limited Limerick
658902 Millennium Opportunity Market Limited Co. Dublin
658903 Creating Wellness Limited Dublin 13
658904 Bro Lane Property Holdings Limited Galway
658905 Usg It Limited Co. Dublin
658906 Kingfisher Ventures Limited Dublin 16
658907 Key Lega Limited Dublin 2
658908 Cutting Edge Lean Consulting Limited Dublin D15 Y6x6 Ireland
658909 Islandbridge Property Limited Dublin 2
658910 Codira Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
658911 Borracal Limited Cork
658912 Woodbury Learning Academy Limited Co. Dublin, K67 Tf22
658913 Sepaco Construction (Ire) Limited Dublin 4
658914 Isabella Roux Limited Dublin 6
658915 Aviator Iv 4183, Limited Dublin 2, D02 Tf82
658916 Pluto Electronics Limited Cork
658917 Sintetica Ireland Limited Dublin D02 Kv60
658918 Isinglass Limited Dublin 2, D02 T380
658919 Cmd Architects Limited Co. Monaghan
658920 Silli Range Limited Co. Monaghan
658921 Wellnessdrops Limited Dublin 3
658922 Páirc Na Coimín Holdings Limited Y14 Vx59 Ireland
658923 Lmh Engineering Holdings Limited Y14 Vx59 Ireland
658924 Kellabro Holdings Limited Y14 Vx59 Ireland
658925 Platform Apps & Designs Limited Co. Wexford
658926 Glowvard Limited Co. Tipperary
658927 Cala Resources Limited County Dublin
658928 Blucher Limited Dublin 2
658929 Pupaza Motors Limited Tipperary Town
There are 490 Company set ups in the above list.

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