Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 383 (Week Ending 10/12/2019)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
662007 Cast & Tool Limited Dublin 3
662008 S.C. Food Palace Limited Co. Meath
662009 Cregg Farm Limited Co. Meath
662010 Crj Construction Limited Co. Clare
662011 Silvafox Consultancy Solutions Limited Dublin 5
662012 Lexa Design Plus Limited Co. Cork
662013 As Air Lease 163 (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
662014 Ks Wild Iris Limited Co. Kilkenny
662015 M & T Utilities Limited Dublin 10
662016 Laclinta Designated Activity Company Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
662017 Sinoclix Limited Dublin 2
662018 Abw Contracts Limited Co. Louth
662019 Moyderwell Pharmacy Limited Co. Kerry
662020 Edv Team Deverson Limited Co. Offaly
662021 Optima Strength Limited Co. Galway, H91 De88
662022 Virginiaway Estates Limited Co. Dublin
662023 Kings Catering & Refrigeration Limited Co. Meath
662024 Retana Beteiligungs Limited Dublin 1
662025 Moorehall Property Holdings Limited Co. Louth
662026 Dacapo Consulting Limited Dublin 15
662027 J&A Martin Holdings Limited Co. Cavan
662028 Inwork Limited Co. Dublin
662029 Camán Films Designated Activity Company Co. Galway
662030 Mga Consulting Limited Co. Kildare
662031 The Bridge Takeaway Limited Co Wexford
662032 Kimo Employ Limited Co Leitrim
662033 Rullell Designated Activity Company Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
662034 Performe Pharma Consulting Limited Carrigaline, P43 Ph31
662035 The Planet Calls Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 4
662036 Air Austral Regional Jet Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
662037 Limerick Training Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Corbally Limerick
662038 Puma Aviation Consultants Limited Co. Cork
662039 Midleton Community Swim and Sports Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Cork
662040 Sourcechain Marketplace Limited Dublin 4
662041 H53 Analytic Technologies Limited Dublin 15
662042 Ormonde Veterinary Hospital Limited Kilkenny
662043 Archaeology & Built Heritage Limited Dublin 7
662044 Martin Holiday Cabins Limited Co. Cavan
662045 Tartan Medical Limited Co. Dublin
662046 Oconken Limited Co. Kerry
662047 Hill Farm Landscaping Services Limited Co. Cork
662048 Harding Grant Licence Limited Co. Dublin
662049 Agilitysmith Limited Co. Dublin, A94xt18
662050 Hillview Nurseries Limited Co. Limerick
662051 Actiquant Consulting Limited Dublin 14
662052 Keane Vets Limited Co. Offaly
662053 Dromard Engineering Limited Co. Tipperary
662054 Wetargetads Limited Galway
662055 Lathyrus Limited Cork
662056 Archer Cars Limited Dublin 22
662057 Stelvios Resources Limited Cork
662058 Connecticut Real Estate Limited Co. Dublin
662059 Xianway Limited Co. Dublin
662060 Minan Microfluidic Innovation Limited Dublin 1
662061 Leapfrog Training Studio Limited Dublin 7
662062 Jr Genable Limited Dublin 2
662063 Paul Delany Consulting Limited Dublin 18
662064 Twist Digital Marketing Limited Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny
662065 Hightown Farm Limited Co. Westmeath
662066 Yu&Hui Technology Limited Co. Dublin
662067 P. Barton Investments Designated Activity Company Co. Kildare
662068 Avanti Civil Group Limited Co. Meath
662069 Kevin Higgins Advisory Limited Co. Galway, H91 Yt2k
662070 Trebuchet Technologies Limited Co. Wicklow
662071 Seaview Farm Limited Co. Louth
662072 Pm Data and It Services Limited Dublin 9
662073 Jerry Walsh Agri Contractor Limited Co. Kerry
662074 Frank M. Ahearn Limited Co. Dublin
662075 Tribe Dash Limited Co. Dublin
662076 Championbuild Limited Co. Dublin
662077 Merrion Computer Systems Limited Dublin 12
662078 Munnki Software Limited Dublin 7
662079 Jle Electrical Limited Dublin 1
662080 Flinbay Ls Holdings Limited Dublin 2
662081 Dwellstone Limited Co. Dublin
662082 John Paul Group Holdings Limited Dublin 14
662083 Julie's Barbers Shop Limited Co. Kerry
662084 MacKay Shields Euro Clo-2 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
662085 Vistona Limited Dublin 12
662086 The Tipsy Cow Limited Co. Louth
662087 Quinn O'Brien Holdings Limited Sligo
661888 Long Harbour Euro Secured Income I Ireland Limited Dublin 2
661889 Drogheda Hire & Sales Limited Co. Louth
661890 Drogheda Hire Holdings Limited Co. Louth
661891 As Air Lease 168 (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
661892 Navillag Properties Limited Co. Kerry
661893 Caspian One Sirl Limited Dublin
661894 Lyng Farming Limited Co. Kilkenny
661895 Lci Helicopters Twenty Five Limited Dublin 1
661896 Depd Taverns Limited Dublin 6w
661897 Harry Hayes Electrical Limited Co. Tipperary
661898 Ideo Soft Limited Dublin 7
661899 Insure My Work Limited Carlow
661900 Buggie Farming Limited Co. Laois
661901 Geal Research Limited Co. Offaly
661902 Pilostop International - Fire Protection Solutions Limited Dublin 2
661903 Greyabbey Forecourt Limited Dublin 2
661904 Seamount Shellfish Limited Co. Wexford
661905 Waikiki Catering Limited Co. Dublin, A96 Kd86
661906 Bellerive Quay Limited Co. Dublin
661907 Organon Advice Limited Dublin 1
661908 Jmag Technology Limited Limerick
661909 Apostlex Limited Co. Dublin
661910 Bvp 2019 Finance Company Limited Dublin 18
661911 James Holohan Paintless Dent Removal Limited Dublin 24
661912 Cobalto Pentagon Manco Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
661913 Terebellum Limited Dublin 2, D02 X576
661914 Gernas Construction Limited Cork
661915 Cylynt Group Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
661916 Ch Advisors Limited Co. Dublin
661917 William Guinan Construction Limited Co. Offaly
661918 Samcae Heating Limited Co. Cork
661919 As Air Lease 164 (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
661920 Prs Inc Holding Ireland Limited Dublin 6
661921 Columbus Management Sustainability Partners Limited Dublin 3
661922 Kilmorna Dairy Farm Limited Co. Kildare
661923 Seafront Farm Limited Galway
661924 The Holding Pond Limited Co. Wexford
661925 House of Dromkeen Limited Co. Dublin
661926 Littlepeak Limited Dublin 4
661927 Swanfrost Limited Dublin 4
661928 Khsl Supplies Limited Dublin 12
661929 Laguyra Ventures Limited Dublin 18
661930 Aventura Liberty Holdings Limited Sandyford Dublin 18
661931 Swift Skips Limited Co. Dublin
661932 Ballylong Investments Limited Co Meath
661933 Treelight Capital Limited Co. Dublin
661934 As Air Lease 167 (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
661935 Whitehaven Asset Holdings Limited Dublin 18
661936 Mitchell & Rooney Construction Limited Co. Sligo
661937 Apollo Electrical Holdings Limited Dublin 7
661938 Paardevlei Offshore Limited Co. Dublin
661939 The Quiet Man Greenway Limited Co. Galway
661940 Ceab Limited Dublin 14
661941 Royal Si United Limited Co. Kildare
661942 A-Prompt Recruitment Limited Co. Kildare
661943 Connect Mechanical & Plumbing Services Limited Dublin 24
661944 Daedalus It Consulting Limited Co Westmeath
661945 Ranelagh Road Property Limited Dublin 1
661946 Lansdowne Alpine Capital Limited Dublin 2
661947 Grinchwood Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
661948 Icehall Limited Dublin 4
661949 Brown & Clap It Services Limited Dublin 12
661950 Real Pattern Limited Cork
661951 Pak Sunshine Limited Tuam. Co Galway
661952 Llennoco Limited Co. Dublin
661953 Swans Chinese Restaurant Limited Kilkenny
661954 The Golden Cherry Club Limited Co. Kildare
661955 Emmbarr Consultancy Services Limited Co. Westmeath
661956 Noptotch Designated Activity Company Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
661957 David Farrell Farm Limited Co Meath
661958 Fly Box Limited Dublin 14
661959 Critical Points Limited Co. Kildare
661960 Grass Check Limited Co. Limerick
661961 Dasherdale Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
661962 Nutmeglane Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
661963 Ancient East Organics Limited Co Meath
661964 Bayview Act Nominees Limited D04 Hif3
661965 Morrow Golf & Leisure Limited Co. Dublin
661966 Assistance Business Concept Development Engineering Limited Co. Dublin
661967 Froghall Project Investments Limited Dublin 2
661968 Jdh M&E Services Limited Co.Mayo
661969 Pristine Driveways Limited Co. Cork
661970 Adapta Therapeutics Limited Co. Limerick
661971 Tavance Transport Limited Co. Mayo
661972 Carbury Oaks Limited Co. Dublin
661973 Kw Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
661974 Kfy Labs Limited Dublin 8
661975 Hollytree Cottage B&B Limited Co. Kildare, W91 V6dr
661976 Hs Dental Ireland Limited Carlow
661977 Sweep Official Limited Co. Dublin
661978 Logistics Wwl Limited Cork
661979 Ranen Consulting Limited Dublin 15
661980 Ncr Property Limited Dublin 1
661981 Fresh & Yummy Limited Co. Kildare
661982 Elgin Road Operations Ireland Limited Dublin 1
661983 Silvestris Investments Limited Co Cork
661984 Lyons Dairies Limited Co. Wexford
661985 Snowflakewood Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
661986 Visiongreen Logistics Solutions Limited Dublin 12
661987 Triumph (Consolidated Capital) Limited Co. Donegal
661988 Il Fontanta Limited Dublin 15
661989 Kv Investments Limited Dublin 2
661990 Kvres Holdings Limited Dublin 2
661991 Hpref Dublin Office Devco 1 Limited Dublin 1, D01 H104
661992 Net Zero Passive House Limited Dublin 9
661993 Graft Productions Limited Co Louth, A92 Yx2t
661994 Dan McDaid Builders Limited Limerick
661995 Toorard Limited Dublin 8
661996 Jingleberry Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
661997 Qlfn Limited Co. Dublin
661998 Greensail Management Limited Co. Mayo
661999 Ukrasurm Limited Dublin
662000 As Air Lease 169 (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
662001 Gaman Innovation Limited Dublin
662002 Hpref Dublin Office Devco 2 Limited Dublin 1, D01 H104
662003 Waterland Private Equity Ireland Limited Dublin 4
662004 Retreat Nursing Home Limited Co. Westmeath
662005 Host in Ireland Limited Co. Wicklow
662006 Arn Clothing Limited Co. Louth
661831 Kerb Parking Limited Cork
661832 Byrne Mechanical Services Limited Co. Waterford
661833 Drumhoe Farms Limited Co. Cavan
661834 McNfurn Limited Do6 E8w5
661835 Ashaki Investments Limited Carlow
661836 Thomclarke Real Estates Limited Dublin 2
661837 Maurice Moriarty Electrical Limited Co Kerry
661838 Mansfield Estates Limited Co. Dublin
661839 Maryland Estates Limited Co. Dublin
661840 Kdf Strength & Conditioning Limited Dublin 11
661841 Calm Organic Goods Limited Cork
661842 Cargo Bike Limited Stillorgan Road, D04x6h0
661843 Marshall Shore Limited Dublin 4
661844 Salthill Residential Limited Limerick
661845 Xtemporary Employment Limited Dublin 1
661846 Whitebox Property Development Limited Limerick, V94wc6a
661847 Spice Hq Limited Co. Meath
661848 Donal Sweeney Furniture & Design Limited Co. Offaly
661849 S&L Veterinary Supplies Limited Co Kerry
661850 Efficient Fast Construction Limited Dublin 11
661851 Cartronmore Limited Co. Dublin
661852 Seamus Kenny Transport Limited Co Kildare
661853 Lorraine & Rae Limited Co. Mayo, F23 W018
661854 Palmerstown Veterinary Hospital Limited Dublin 20
661855 M G Bloodstock Limited Kilkenny
661856 L G Bloodstock Limited Kilkenny
661857 Wexford Bohemians Football Club Company Limited By Guarantee Wexford, Y35 D6n4
661858 Lanos Properties Limited Cork, T12acw6
661859 D. Fenlon Groundworks Limited Co West Meath
661860 Drumshallon Construction Limited Co Louth
661861 Navigator Aviation Ireland 4 Limited Dublin 2
661862 Clonberne Windfarm Limited Galway
661863 Derryoul Limited Co Mayo
661864 Tmf (Ireland) Professional Trustee Services Limited Dublin 1
661865 M and N Staff Agency Limited Co. Donegal
661866 Jmctog Investments Limited Co Meath
661867 Fayba Limited Dublin 1
661868 As Air Lease 165 (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
661869 Kowloon Investments Limited Co. Dublin
661870 Property Partners Phelan Herterich Limited Waterford
661871 I.I.A.A. Ireland Limited Co. Dublin
661872 Hera Asset Holdings Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
661873 Grianan Agri Limited Co. Westmeath
661874 Spcm Limited Cork
661875 Tevez Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
661876 J Forde Agencies Limited Co. Cork
661877 Cornahilt Design Studio Limited Co. Cavan
661878 Bdop Holdco Limited Co. Meath
661879 Leef Innovations Limited Co. Louth
661880 Hhsm Medical Services Limited Sligo
661881 Veridian Vault Limited Dublin 2
661882 Isovia Limited Dublin 1
661883 Cloud Traffic Limited Dublin 1
661884 Wallpin Limited Limerick
661885 Whatsoninireland Limited Co. Roscommon
661886 As Air Lease 166 (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
661887 Large Scale Integration Company (Lsic) Limited Co. Dublin
661747 Fay Nincevic Associates Limited Dublin 16
661748 Conquest Capital Management Limited Co. Dublin
661749 Yellowtree Holdings Limited Dublin 17
661750 Yellowtree Investments Limited Dublin 17
661751 Ablerain Limited Dublin 7, D07 P4ax
661752 Deal Evolution Limited Co. Offaly
661753 Wjc Investments Limited Co. Clare
661754 Red Cube Ventures Limited Co. Meath
661755 Awol Tattoos and Piercing Limited Co. Galway
661756 Cjls Inns Limited Limerick
661757 Cplcms Property Limited Co. Dublin
661758 Alan Luddy Electrical and Instrumentation Limited Co. Cork
661759 Castle Psychotherapy Limited Kilkenny
661760 Barefield 1 Ces Clare Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Clare
661761 Lv Catering Limited Dublin 24
661762 Pencil Hill Farm Limited Co. Tipperary
661763 Rw Pharma Limited Co Dublin, A94 T8p8
661764 Rw Business Park Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Roscommon
661765 Assembly Craft Limited Dublin 17
661766 Avorim Investments Limited Carlow
661767 Dunwayan Investments Limited Carlow
661768 Jackie Greene Farm Limited Co Kildare
661769 West End Castletownbere Apartments Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Cork, P75 Xv66
661770 Aif - Allied Industrial Fitters Limited Cork
661771 Hygienic Wall Concepts Limited Co. Cork
661772 C & D Cunningham Heating & Plumbing Limited Co. Kildare
661773 T D Building and Safety Equipment Supplies Limited Co. Carlow
661774 Q&F Creative Limited Co. Sligo
661775 Wagner Energy Limited Dublin 14, D14xt10
661776 Discount Blinds Direct Limited Dublin 11
661777 S.H. Sales Consultancy Limited Co. Wicklow
661778 Aluminium a Rated Windows & Doors Limited Co. Galway
661779 Unlocked Accounting Limited Co. Wicklow
661780 Quinn Meter Services Limited Co. Cork
661781 Pangea Effect Teoranta Co. Donegal
661782 Cps Profile Systems Limited Co. Galway
661783 A & a Knocklyon Dry Cleaners Limited Dublin 16
661784 Pneuquip Limited Cork
661785 Dacokaem Investech Limited Dublin 9
661786 Anthony Dunne Limited Dublin 4
661787 Christopher Daniels Performing Arts Management Limited Co. Dublin
661788 M & F Dairy Farm Limited Co. Limerick
661789 Carj Plumbing and Heating Limited Co. Meath
661790 Maxol Property Limited Dublin 1
661791 Crumlin Windows and Doors Limited Dublin 12
661792 Mnn Heating & Plumbing Limited Dublin 24
661793 Cuíc Teoranta Co. Galway
661794 Castle Hyde Academy Limited Dublin 1
661795 Karoo Farmshop Limited Co. Wexford
661796 Horizon Eco Build Limited Co. Kildare
661797 Design 22 Building Engineering Limited Co. Louth
661798 Michael Hand Carpentry Limited Carlow
661799 White Oak Aviation Management Services (Irish), Limited Dublin 2
661800 Zain Marjan Limited Roscommon
661801 Sem Electrical Contractors Limited Co. Laois
661802 Sow You Limited Dublin 6w
661803 Wagecorp Limited Co. Dublin
661804 Sidebrook Properties Limited Dublin 6w
661805 Irish Romanian Cultural & Business Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Limerick
661806 Black Book Consulting Limited Cork
661807 Inan (Europe) Limited Dublin 1
661808 Toju Interior Limited Dublin D02 Xe80
661809 McKenzies Metals (Ireland) Limited Co. Kilkenny, X91w424
661810 Onionsack Limited Dublin 2, D02er26
661811 Sock Mouse Consulting Limited Dublin 3, D03cd43
661812 Maam Cross West Mobile Catering Limited Dublin 6
661813 Broadmeadow Cuisine Limited Co. Meath
661814 Eleanor Pre School and After School Limited Wexford
661815 O'Brien Telecom Services Limited Dublin 8, D08 Tnh3
661816 Wolfhound and Elk Limited Dublin 18
661817 Asi Premium Limited Dublin 3
661818 Slimspin Limited Co. Dublin
661819 Jewel Tide Limited Co. Dublin
661820 Silver Primerose Limited Co. Dublin
661821 Green Roof Installation & Maintenance Limited Co. Tipperary
661822 Tara Edesign Limited Co. Kildare
661823 Staq Performance Limited Dublin 1
661824 Evolution Plumbing Solutions Limited Co. Cork
661825 Garvandun Limited Co. Wicklow
661826 The Recovery Lad Limited Co. Cork
661827 Orby Landscaping Limited Co. Dublin
661828 Clifford Barron Auto Solutions Limited Co. Meath
661829 Lccl Limited Co. Dublin
661830 A1 Asian Food Takeaway Limited Co. Clare
There are 341 Company set ups in the above list.

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