Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 572 (Week Ending 24/03/2023)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
737354 Team Taca Limited Dublin 6
737355 Jormadheary Holdco 19 Limited Dublin
737356 Jormadheary Holdco 18 Limited Dublin
737366 Jormadheary Holdco 20 Limited Dublin
737219 Alex Repin Consulting Limited Dublin 7
737220 Éire Forbairti Lar Na Tire Teoranta Westmeath
737221 Castlewater Capital Limited Dublin 6w
737222 Vass It Services Ireland Limited Dublin
737223 Blackstar United Limited Wexford
737224 Integra Biosciences Ireland Limited Dublin
737225 Cb Commercial Services Limited Dublin 2
737226 Binaural Limited Cork
737227 Alw Roofing Limited Louth
737228 Loughnane Haulage Limited Offaly
737229 Pocacr Limited Cork
737230 Torti Properties Limited Dublin 14
737231 Endocare Unlimited Company Dublin 15
737232 Ilende Advisors Limited Dublin
737233 Richmond Fs Properties Limited Wexford
737234 Aberston Wholesale Limited Dublin 6
737235 Knife Marketing Limited Limerick
737236 Swft and Cie Limited Dublin
737237 Roe Consulting Limited Louth
737238 Walfrid Capital Limited Dublin 12
737239 Mindmap Holdings Limited Dublin
737240 Vara Construction Services Limited Galway
737241 Pro-Tect Fire Limited Kildare
737242 Drewsol Limited Wexford
737243 Yellow Falcon Limited Wexford
737244 Quantum Willow Limited Wexford
737245 Cloughvalley Ventures Limited Mayo
737246 Pure Plastics Limited Dublin
737247 Global Telecom Span Limited Louth
737248 O'Mahony Houlihan Limited Cork
737249 T & N Restaurant & Take Away Limited Laois
737250 Foxmia Public Limited Company Dublin 2
737251 Fh Food Safety Consultancy Limited Cork
737252 Mc Cunningham Plant & Civils Limited Roscommon
737253 Krs Food Products Limited Kilkenny
737254 Finex Civil Contractors Limited Westmeath
737255 Carrabeg Management and Lettings Limited Galway
737256 Boree Log Limited Dublin
737257 Action Tour Entertainment Limited Kildare
737258 Revhub Limited Cork
737259 Hurley E & I Services Limited Cork
737260 Woodbine Cottage Industries Limited Kerry
737261 James Ward Software Limited Dublin 8
737262 Billtree Limited Waterford
737263 Apexcare Healing Professionals Limited Dublin 2
737264 Incask Limited Cork
737265 Carlton Casino Club Limited Dublin 18
737266 Big Box Engineering Limited Dublin 5
737267 Forten Car Irl Limited Dublin
737268 Zone Face Lift Ireland Limited Galway
737269 Lough Mountain Farm Limited Galway
737270 Bappron Brothers Two Limited Dublin
737271 Chandos Lane Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
737272 Zool Infinity Management Limited Dublin
737273 Jormadheary Holdco 16 Limited Dublin
737274 Atb Building & Civil Limited Dublin
737275 Crow's Nest Advisory Limited Dublin
737276 Unchained Design Furniture Limited Dublin
737277 Brassica Finance Limited Clare
737278 J & S Capital Holding Limited Kerry
737279 Roper Construction Limited Cork
737280 Simpli Nutritious Food Limited Waterford
737281 Control Panel Manufacturing Limited Cork
737282 Spring Swallows Limited Roscommon
737283 Al Roofing & Building Engineering Limited Dublin 15
737284 Mackson Farm Limited Cavan
737285 Crocus Finance Limited Clare
737286 Phoenix Healthcare Communications Limited Dublin
737287 Kinetics Strategy Solutions Limited Dublin 7
737288 Dunphy Management Holdings Limited Dublin 2
737289 Europa Highpoint Trading Limited Dublin
737290 Robert Ellis Consulting Limited Dublin
737291 Grid Enhancing Technologies Limited Dublin
737292 Papaver Finance Designated Activity Company Clare
737293 Orchid Dale Limited Dublin
737294 Gallagher Property and Auctioneering Services Limited Wexford
737295 G & J Professional Catering Services Limited Kerry
737296 Sourced Foods Limited Cork
737297 Est21 Engineering Limited Dublin 2
737298 Sylph Aviation Limited Cork
737299 Scott Group Renewables Limited Louth
737300 Behagh Farm Limited Cork
737301 M&B United Songwriter Limited Dublin
737302 Rala Tech Limited Louth
737303 Jwe Electrical Limited Waterford
737304 Oh La La Limited Dublin 9
737305 Rayley 77 Limited Wicklow
737306 M.E. Media Entertainment Limited Cork
737307 Los Hermanos Limited Limerick
737308 Redmond Kilmartin Limited Westmeath
737309 Lively Software Limited Dublin 7
737310 Commissumfx Limited Dublin 4
737311 Pullakeel Engineering Limited Cavan
737312 Organic Garden Greenhouse Limited Galway
737313 Scorp Agency Limited Dublin
737314 Cadhain Capital Limited Mayo
737315 Leinster Guns and Ammo Limited Dublin 3
737316 Pmec Contractors Limited Cork
737317 Petspot Limited Galway
737318 Soul Boutique Fashion Limited Longford
737319 Obp Consultants Limited Dublin
737320 Fergus Cooper Limited Kildare
737321 T.W.S.P. Limited Cork
737322 Rah Assets Limited Meath
737323 Jormadheary Holdco 17 Limited Dublin
737324 Oakfield Advisors Limited Dublin
737325 Wynnstay Developments Limited Louth
737326 Sd Bueno Limited Galway
737327 Slievebloom Bouncing Castles Limited Laois
737328 Okra Restaurant & Catering Limited Dublin 15
737329 Dj Grab Hire Limited Meath
737330 Dten Nails Limited Dublin 10
737331 Roki Facades Limited Westmeath
737332 Brenchem Limited Cork
737333 Solas Desserts Limited Cavan
737334 Re Supermarket Investments Limited Tipperary
737137 Squarefox Limited Cork
737138 Ischool Holdings Limited Dublin 2
737139 National Hunt Steeplechasing, Point-To-Pointing and Fieldsports Programme Company Limited By Guarantee Clare
737140 Begc Commodities Limited Cork
737141 Goldbrick Investment Limited Dublin
737142 Clonagowan Farm Limited Laois
737143 Gillmac Construction Limited Clare
737144 Vincur Limited Dublin
737145 Vincent McCarthy Plant Hire Limited Cork
737146 Briar Café Limited Galway
737147 Rjk Financial Consulting Limited Dublin 7
737148 Eglinton Place Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
737149 Gd Coaching Limited Kildare
737150 Jmc Safety Training Limited Tipperary
737151 Leoneon Limited Dublin 14
737152 Tir Na Si Farm Preschool and Daycare Limited Cork
737153 Prm Engineering Limited Cork
737154 Level 5 Interiors Limited Cork
737155 Gary Meehan Limited Roscommon
737156 Drewbell Limited Dublin
737157 Erris Family & Community Support Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Mayo
737158 Doonstown Unlimited Company Tipperary
737159 Liltonway Limited Dublin
737160 Biztron Limited Dublin
737161 Silver Oscar Limited Dublin
737162 Mms Assets Limited Cork
737163 Higher Human Limited Dublin
737164 Silvermurra Unlimited Company Tipperary
737165 Dfl Instrumentation Limited Cork
737166 Amk Beauty Limited Kildare
737167 Fitzpump Limited Meath
737168 Stack Family Farm Limited Kerry
737169 Pizzamenia Noori Limited Cork
737170 Open Rainbow Europe Limited Dublin 7
737171 O'Connell Specialists Recruitment Limited Cork
737172 Myrtleville Limited Dublin
737173 Cilduff Aj Limited Tipperary
737174 Leds Express Limited Louth
737175 Beenest Consultants Limited Dublin 15
737176 Magkat Limited Dublin 2
737177 Principio Advisory and Corporate Services Europe Limited Dublin 2
737178 Briola Advisory & Consulting Limited Wexford
737179 Eithoflux Systems Limited Mayo
737180 Ovil Lanespark Limited Limerick
737181 Anne Lilyth Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
737182 Yubix Limited Dublin
737183 New Life Interior Limited Mayo
737184 Simmons Supplies Limited Dublin 18
737185 Resin Cladding Vinyl Limited Dublin
737186 Orcases Consultancy Services Limited Dublin
737187 Synergy Tree of Life Limited Dublin
737188 Sundsvall Limited Laois
737189 Glendowercourt Management Services Limited Cork
737190 Vdcentral Limited Dublin
737191 Commodity Edge Limited Kildare
737192 Sara Flynn Limited Cork
737193 Knocksquire Farms Limited Carlow
737194 Kerry Osteo Services Limited Kerry
737195 Patou Consulting Limited Mayo
737196 Carbury Community Fitness Company Limited By Guarantee Kildare
737197 Eir Solus Capital Limited Dublin 14
737198 Oscar Maqueda Limited Laois
737199 Auto Salvage Car Sales Limited Clare
737200 Car Zoom Limited Dublin 22
737201 Arkzol Limited Wexford
737202 Tolbury Limited Wexford
737203 Darluk Limited Westmeath
737204 Lisroe Farm Limited Cork
737205 Tech & Digital Golf Association Limited Dublin
737206 Whatsappening Limited Dublin 7
737207 T.D Haulage Limited Monaghan
737208 Five Direct Smith Way Limited Dublin
737209 Saints and Sinners Coffee Limited Dublin 2
737210 Lochlannoch Teoranta Galway
737211 Icon Edge Limited Wexford
737212 Seo Optime Limited Dublin
737213 The Lab Method Limited Limerick
737214 Blackrock Dlf X-L Designated Activity Company Dublin
737215 Blackrock Dlf X-U Designated Activity Company Dublin
737216 Orbis Connect Limited Dublin
737217 Jarson Ventures Limited Dublin
737218 Klass Home Energy Limited Dublin
737045 Hafeez Private Limited Mayo
737046 Bite of Great China Limited Dublin
737047 Churchill Mmsl V Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
737048 My Facefit Yoga Limited Wexford
737049 Lsi Commercial Vehicles Limited Kildare
737050 Coffee Pot Cafe Limited Kerry
737051 Laidir Construct Limited Dublin
737052 Jmg Solar Solutions Limited Waterford
737053 Gary O'Rourke Advisory Limited Kildare
737054 Kkr Us Direct Lending Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
737055 Kkr European Direct Lending Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
737056 Aerdragon Msn44306 Leasing Limited Clare
737057 William Sutherland Limited Wexford
737058 Loncom True Vision Limited Dublin
737059 Unitmode Limited Dublin 4
737060 Mero Entertainments Limited Limerick
737061 Iq Energy Consulting Limited Cork
737062 Kieran Buckley Electrical Services Limited Cork
737063 Pffv & Co Service Company Limited Dublin 1
737064 Original Tiles Limited Mayo
737065 Sh Mechanical Limited Galway
737066 Pb Carpentry & Kitchens Limited Offaly
737067 Qmedco Limited Dublin
737068 Yuway International Limited Dublin
737069 Vogue Skin Care Limited Dublin
737070 Sophie's Billionaire Limited Cork
737071 Hexpaddle Limited Dublin
737072 Cognitive Support Limited Cork
737073 Galway Ukrainian Community Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
737074 Monument Private Credit Rn Issuer Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
737075 Monument Infrastructure Debt Rn Issuer Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
737076 Artecrea Designated Activity Company Dublin
737077 Smyth Event Medical Limited Dublin 24
737078 Virtual Sprawl Services Limited Cork
737079 The Cheeky Pup Limited Kilkenny
737080 McBride Property Ireland Limited Dublin 2
737081 Digital Asset Services Limited Dublin 18
737082 Scruffs Limited Cork
737083 Zc Consulting Limited Clare
737084 Anthive Technologies Limited Louth
737085 Keane Transport Amp Limited Kilkenny
737086 Bloc Education and Consultancy Limited Dublin
737087 Scienceworks Technologies Limited Cork
737088 Arber Fast Food Limited Wexford
737089 Gms Cars & Commercials Limited Donegal
737090 Small Business Origination Loan Trust 2023-1 Designated Activity Company Dublin
737091 Omega Interiors Property Management Limited Galway
737092 Kayana Ireland Limited Cork
737093 Silex Wines Limited Dublin 2
737094 Hudson Rpo (Ireland) Limited Dublin
737095 Rebate My Tax Limited Dublin
737096 Everhive Ireland Limited Cork
737097 Ally Healthcare Limited Dublin 2
737098 Mgdl Developments Limited Longford
737099 Wogansfield Properties Limited Kildare
737100 Ken Hickey Advisory Limited Dublin 14
737101 Shutcon Limited Dublin
737102 Hij Homes Limited Wexford
737103 L'Ombre Swan Limited Dublin 6
737104 Zoe Retail Limited Cork
737105 Ballygambon Lower Farm Limited Waterford
737106 Oxford Park Holdings Limited Dublin
737107 Natural Light Holding Company Limited Dublin
737108 Kieran Horgan Limited Cork
737109 Gardenrath Holdings Limited Westmeath
737110 Mindrelation Limited Wexford
737111 Pa Cost Consultants Limited Wexford
737112 Kulovesi Property Limited Dublin
737113 Ylad Construction Limited Cork
737114 S Maguire Building Contractor Limited Donegal
737115 Solstice Renewables Solutions Limited Meath
737116 Sharkey Fish Company Limited Louth
737117 Renry Carbon Limited Dublin 3
737118 Jfr Property Limited Cork
737119 Rickanne Holdings Limited Dublin 3
737120 Premier Parlour Supplies Limited Tipperary
737121 Farney Farms Limited Tipperary
737122 Sorina's Cafe Limited Dublin 12
737123 Wilton Way Hub Limited Laois
737124 Electrolysis Redking Limited Mayo
737125 Domex Restaurant Limited Cork
737126 Desire Construction Limited Limerick
737127 The Costshub Limited Dublin
737128 Aplc 110 Limited Laois
737129 Nubian Medical Limited Westmeath
737130 Iveragh Distillers Association Company Limited By Guarantee Kerry
737131 Fortress Lending Fund Iv (U) Subsidiary Designated Activity Company Dublin
737132 Fortress Lending Fund Iv (U) Company Designated Activity Company Dublin
737133 Lwalsh Agri Youghal Limited Mayo
737134 Fst Holding Healthcare Services Limited Dublin 12
737135 The Redeemed Christian Church of God (Faith Tabernacle Abbeyleix) Company Limited By Guarantee Laois
737136 HanAA Rose Painting & Decorating Limited Louth
909950 Mgn Limited 38 Upper Mount Street
909951 Erm Mechanical Services Limited Donegal
736965 Monogram Privee Limited Wicklow
736966 Rathbranagh Investments Limited Limerick
736967 Unic Construction Limited Dublin 9
736968 5k Eco Motors Limited Dublin
736969 Philippians Aide Ministries Company Limited By Guarantee Louth
736970 Estuary Information Services (Ireland) Limited Dublin
736971 Delta Search Recruitment Partners Limited Kerry
736972 Softball Ireland (Fastpitch) Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
736973 Finbuild Limited Clare
736974 Hannans Batrec (Europe) Limited Cork
736975 Jessfar Limited Meath
736976 Danu Agency Limited Louth
736977 Concept Architecture and Design Limited Wicklow
736978 Seacour Investments Limited Cork
736979 Kytun Holdings Limited Donegal
736980 Berries Linden Limited Cork
736981 Aidan Doyle It Consulting Limited Kildare
736982 Featherstone Sourcing Limited Dublin
736983 Bajkonur Holding Limited Limerick
736984 Freightquant Limited Dublin
736985 Grava Cabinetry Limited Tipperary
736986 Cabins Direct Limited Longford
736987 Emerald Carpentry and Building Services Limited Louth
736988 Citadel Primary Care Limited Dublin
736989 Gingin Limited Meath
736990 U&P Catering Limited Dublin 12
736991 Sharan Shaju Limited Cork
736992 Mz Ingenierie Conseil Limited Dublin
736993 Cooperium Limited Dublin 18
736994 Zle Limited Meath
736995 Amasan International Media Limited Dublin
736996 Climate Summit Limited Dublin 18
736997 Pace Rights Management Limited Dublin 2
736998 Tsta 4 Ventures Limited Kerry
736999 Sahara Aircraft Four Limited Dublin 1
737000 Wilton Park Clo Designated Activity Company Dublin
737001 McT Developments Limited Dublin
737002 Duo A&A Limited Wicklow
737003 Partsmondial Limited Wexford
737004 Everest Technical Services (Holdings) Limited Meath
737005 Bp Premium Vehicle Sales Limited Donegal
737006 Tsl Amazon Limited Dublin
737007 Dunmore Carrownaseer Holdings Limited Carlow
737008 Bellingham Custom Vehicles Limited Louth
737009 Brian Lynch Construction Limited Dublin
737010 Steven Addesa Limited Dublin
737011 Pluto Labs Limited Dublin 2
737012 Kmanor Gp3 Limited Dublin
737013 Be Buddies Not Bullies Company Limited By Guarantee Cavan
737014 Maison Magjor Limited Wicklow
737015 Lisnakelly Consulting Limited Donegal
737016 Dds Brady Beef Limited Longford
737017 Shane Glackin Hr Limited Donegal
737018 Xric Limited Dublin
737019 Blue Smurf Digital Limited Kerry
737020 Tobernabrone Farms Limited Kilkenny
737021 Kmanor Gp2 Limited Dublin
737022 Kmanor Gp1 Limited Dublin
737023 Divinus Foods Limited Tipperary
737024 Ace Eco Homes Limited Sligo
737025 Eom Veterinary Limited Mayo
737026 Wolf Fox Leopard Designated Activity Company Dublin 6
737027 Medilease Spc a Limited Clare
737028 Medilease Aviation Limited Clare
737029 Caju App Limited Dublin 6
737030 Cork Pro Drylining Limited Cork
737031 L & C Lemon Tree Limited Cork
737032 Engage Coders Limited Waterford
737033 Simon Carroll Consulting Limited Dublin
737034 Gbips Limited Kildare
737035 Impulsetime Limited Kildare
737036 Butt Brothers Catering Limited Kildare
737037 Cnx Therapeutics Ireland Limited Dublin
737038 N.M.E Building and Construction Limited Meath
737039 Mabcore Engineering Limited Wexford
737040 Hh Active & Work Wear Limited Dublin 7
737041 The Riverside Diner Limited Cork
737042 Halcyon Design Shift Limited Roscommon
737043 Wb Asset Mgm Limited Dublin 4
737044 Vasquar Holdings Limited Dublin
There are 376 Company set ups in the above list.

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