Below is a list of Struck Off companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 634 (Week Ending 23/06/2024)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
8635 Hardwicke Limited Dublin
102234 Tipperary Pure Irish Water Unlimited Company Tipperary
118932 Starwell Limited Dublin
126265 Inveresk Limited Dublin
160394 I.T.M. (Cork) Limited Cork
184656 Dayfield Printing Limited Dublin
192523 Larry O'Mahony Financial Services Limited Cork
213350 Country Cook Foods Limited Offaly
241262 Hind Industrial Services Limited Dublin
249621 Gleeson Wines & Spirits Limited Dublin
257171 Driftview Enterprises Unlimited Company Galway
269206 V & B Meats Limited Cork
294664 Sendilwood Limited Dublin
304976 Whitestar Construction Limited Kildare
305099 Community Machinery Hire Centre Limited Longford
309713 R. & J. Walsh Developments Limited Wicklow
312945 Chart Label Limited Dublin
385606 Quinn Precision Eng Limited Cork
387672 Bsf Distributors Ireland Limited Wicklow
390881 McEniff Ardmore Hotel Limited Donegal
393242 Shoo Limited Dublin
394497 Airfield Villas Limited Dublin
398093 Pemtech Limited Monaghan
405231 Torcello Investments Limited Westmeath
414211 Kilmellon Construction Limited Kildare
420734 Ip Connect Limited Dublin
422970 Driftview Concepts Unlimited Company Galway
447900 Ballyshonog Wind Farm Limited Wicklow
463975 Montland Limited Dublin
501346 Healthevents Limited Dublin
503344 Lynch Technical & Innovation Services Limited Dublin
503696 Dynacart Solutions Limited Dublin 18
514340 Acmr Technical Limited Galway
515526 Etouch Education Limited Dublin
516956 Trasken Retail Limited Cork
519152 Polar Events Limited Cork
519755 Dauntless Africa Holdings Limited Dublin
520593 Agilezone Limited Kildare
522171 Comet Aviation Limited Dublin
522360 King of Hearts Limited Dublin
525333 Flow Technology (Sales) Limited Cork
526993 Tipperary Natural Mineral Water Company Holdings Limited Dublin
528824 C.J. Lynch Engineering Limited Waterford
528832 Purpletag Limited Dublin
543604 Mg Papua Leasing Limited Dublin
546986 Shannon Estuary Mud Search & Rescue Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
550088 Coalvale Limited Galway
558013 Aventurine Aviation Limited Dublin
558016 Angelite Aviation Limited Dublin
564758 Parkwest Resources Limited Dublin
577104 Valour Aviation Limited Dublin
577540 Qrea Fin Cap Designated Activity Company Dublin
580523 Mfk Financial Services Limited Donegal
581815 Carraig Candles Ireland Limited Wexford
583008 Office & Conference Solutions Limited Dublin
598099 Monaska Limited Dublin
607413 Ballisodare Spv2 Limited Wicklow
613862 Atalian Servest Ireland Limited Dublin
614314 P Watters Consulting Limited Louth
616479 Migloo Limited Dublin
624816 Uprooted Food Co. Limited Dublin
625374 Paul Small Automation Limited Galway
631739 Le Lievre Catering Services Limited Kildare
632514 Feargal Judge Management Services Limited Wicklow
632600 Matrix Dapp Limited Kerry
637995 Pricemill Limited Dublin 2
643969 Olympic Blinds Limited Dublin
645646 Thomar Environmental Roi Limited Dublin
653494 The Job Team Limited Dublin
654863 Up Abroad Limited Mayo
660031 Terminus Series 1 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
663799 Root Digital Limited Galway
664119 Eric John D'Errico Limited Dublin
668209 Xtremax Limited Dublin
671887 The Johnny Magory Company Limited Kildare
686956 Fimex Socks Limited Dublin
687971 Jg Films Designated Activity Company Galway
691143 Prometim Ireland Limited Louth
692862 Whitestone Property Management Limited Dublin
692970 Backpack Films Designated Activity Company Galway
697774 Dr. Trudy Meehan Limited Wexford
700470 Académie I.C.L. Impact, Cash Et Liberté Limited Louth
702171 Garaiste Films Designated Activity Company Galway
702863 Reddy A+U Holdings Limited Dublin 6
705330 Sri Avinash Do Limited Dublin 2
706179 Duarte Chef 21 Limited Dublin
707704 Spooky Town Films Designated Activity Company Galway
709663 Alp-Tech Automation Engineering Consultancy Limited Cork
710550 Press Measures Production Designated Activity Company Wicklow
710575 The Winter Child Designated Activity Company Wicklow
711793 Eduraco Limited Dublin
712655 Canterville Ghost Films Designated Activity Company Galway
714183 McLaughlin Medical Limited Donegal
715509 Redmond Economics Limited Dublin 6w
715969 Agrebio Renewables Limited Dublin
716556 Cat & Keet Films Designated Activity Company Galway
719197 Black Swan Ehs Limited Carlow
722276 McCg Investment Holdings Limited Clare
723509 Hydrachem (Ie) Limited Cork
732981 Onward Finance Limited Dublin
733437 Vizzu Limited Cork
There are 101 companies in the above list.

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