Below is a list of Struck Off companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 490 (Week Ending 20/01/2022)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
56300 Frank Moran Installations Limited Meath
117410 St. Patrick's / St. Brigid's Association Limited Limerick
127320 A.S.P. Car Sales Limited Dublin
134484 Applerose Properties Limited Limerick
142180 Stonemore Limited Meath
170898 John Foley (Kilrush Service Station) Limited Waterford
221940 Dawn Meats Europe Unlimited Company Co. Waterford
254018 Lordcourt Holdings Limited Kildare
261161 Howard Shaw Training Associates Limited Wexford
312435 Omega Engineering Services Limited Wicklow
349445 Clonbalt Woods (Management) Company Limited By Guarantee Longford
353589 J Ryan Excavations Limited Kerry
375875 Mpf Construction Limited Westmeath
383523 Ballysheedy Stores Limited Limerick
388956 Ballycrystal Consulting Limited Wicklow
395295 Caracas Coffee Co. Limited Dublin
395391 Diamondial Ireland Limited Dublin
396639 Madac Wood Products Limited Wexford
412872 Savleigh Limited Dublin
419910 Nassir Charity Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
430229 Jarro Wealth Management Limited Dublin
465007 Aegis Collections and Legal Limited Limerick
466309 Ouicando Mortgages & Investments Limited Dublin
473802 Sf Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
480943 Teaching Assistant Limited Galway
485194 MacDui Business Solutions Limited Dublin
485199 Yougetitback (Nominees) Limited Cork
491582 Ardragh Wind Farm Limited Cork
497118 The Weigh Inn Limited Limerick
508105 Zimige Limited Westmeath
520298 Geodrill Limited Galway
531750 Anvilire Two Unlimited Company Dublin
532184 Equipco Automotive Limited Kildare
534482 Meighan Project Management Limited Dublin
536946 Ted McLaughlin Limited Louth
538182 Yapping Hq Limited Carlow
538906 Rockant Limited Galway
540604 K.P.C Transport Limited Dublin
544905 Katoomba It Limited Leitrim
545076 Andhakaara Limited Galway
547119 Knockeyon Limited Dublin
547904 Cornahove Investments Limited Monaghan
549081 Evalex Limited Dublin
556063 Lawson Millar Holdings Limited Dublin
556337 Camlek Limited Galway
556910 Kcmg Racing Europe Limited Dublin 6w
557937 Danhall Limited Monaghan
565137 Sona Real Estate Limited Dublin
570346 Purple Advantage Limited Dublin
574770 Rm Tar & Stone Limited Monaghan
586468 Nightsearcher International Limited Cork
587441 Donvelim Limited Dublin
589970 M. Ginty Mechanical Limited Dublin
593714 Advanced Amg Limited Dublin
600088 The Two Under Club Limited Dublin
601442 Efg 3d Solutions Limited Cork
602441 Beccm Limited Limerick
603533 Iq7-Beratungsgesellschaft Limited Dublin
604052 Wild Atlantic Way Golf Limited Sligo
607695 Ignite Practice Management Limited Wexford
609001 Rock Rudge Limited Dublin
612026 Digital Pirireis Limited Dublin
612421 Orthocinch Limited Galway
614540 Chatbots Life Limited Dublin
614741 Talk It Over Carlow Company Limited By Guarantee Carlow
618795 Gtrom Limited Dublin
620204 Lumina Open Software Networks Limited Dublin
621602 Lotus Homes Limited Dublin
622005 Firmament Properties Limited Limerick
622182 Derrinturn Properties Limited Galway
623129 Lea Education & Training Limited Donegal
623163 Datatunnel Limited Wicklow
629400 Htya Medical Limited Dublin
631334 Admin4if Limited Dublin
632416 4d Sight Immersive Technologies Limited Dublin
634192 Die Laughing Limited Dublin
634197 Siobhan English Limited Dublin
639005 Horthensia Limited Dublin
643414 Paul Finan Electric Limited Galway
643419 Rcp Consultancy Limited Donegal
643431 Red Rock Creative Limited Dublin
643503 Trulli Technologies Limited Dublin
644450 Smoke Dampers Ireland Limited Wexford
645699 Fox Brothers Fine Cloth Limited Dublin
647479 Ncl Emerald Corporation, Limited Dublin
648748 Asian Outsourcing Services Limited Sligo
649103 Faux Floral Limited Cork
650949 Hawkes Machine Tools Limited Donegal
653271 Road Chauffeur Limited Dublin
653932 Stonehouse Engineering Limited Waterford
654130 Viera Clinic Limited Kildare
656102 M Malone Production Services Limited Dublin
660142 Geobear Limited Cork
663764 Gtm Ventures Limited Mayo
663765 Gct Ventures Limited Mayo
667706 Project Giant Bidco Limited Galway
668837 Bws Ventures Limited Dublin
669668 Mdx E-Commerce Limited Dublin
670455 Bruce Hill Retail Limited Westmeath
671610 Srp Assistance Limited Tipperary
673454 Budget Asian Grocery Store Limited Meath
674959 Kilbrittain Community Pre-School Project Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
675376 Gorey Building Supplies Limited Wicklow
679870 Dublin Five Online Fitness Programs Limited Dublin
681050 Eia Print Limited Kildare
681771 Clinch Consulting Limited Dublin
682060 Jd Cnc Limited Dublin
689191 Pure Snacks Limited Kildare
690537 Lynco Scents Limited Kilkenny
690815 Dfinitive Capital Holdings Limited Dublin
691462 Nort Strong Industries Limited Dublin
691584 Tbm Continuation Finance Designated Activity Company Dublin
692637 Trust Token Limited Dublin
694329 Kenure Interiors Limited Dublin
700840 Uriona Limited Wexford
There are 115 companies in the above list.

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