Below is a list of Commercial Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 572 (Week Ending 25/03/2023)
Company Name Amount Date Industry
1. Kee'S Hotel Limited €211,758 13/03/2023 Hospitality
2. Titin Limited T/As Mdlr Engineering €186,544 10/03/2023 Other
3. Dundalk Furniture Direct Limited €63,795 15/03/2023 Trade and Retail
4. L C I Engineering Limited €41,788 08/03/2023 Manufacturing
5. Gossm Investments Limited €36,404 15/03/2023 Hospitality
6. Universal Food Store Limited €34,602 21/03/2023 Other
7. Haugh Family Butchers Limited €28,486 16/03/2023 Trade and Retail
8. Bloom Force Limited €26,224 15/03/2023 Other
9. Goldstar Meats Limited €1,276 08/03/2023 Other
For the total value of €0.63M

Company statistics:

Other = 44% Hospitality = 22% Trade and Retail = 22% Manufacturing = 11%

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