Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 490 (Week Ending 20/01/2022)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
387644 Lourdes Community and Recreation Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Louth
64574 Walsh Mushrooms Services Limited Kildare
231363 Technical Guidance Limited Dublin
241820 Rafferty Financial Services Limited Dublin
320599 Sureford Limited Dublin
321784 Queslett Services Limited Kildare
481409 Philip O' Dwyer Unlimited Company Dublin
521059 Tournon Properties Limited Dublin
532380 Rcb Lennon Limited Louth
549755 Connacht Apps Limited Galway
556093 Jackson West Limited Galway
559715 Alpha Longevity Management (Ireland) Limited Dublin
576411 Mgtech Consulting Limited Dublin
577127 Kildare Street Management Limited Dublin
585838 Clinical Measurement Services Limited Kildare
590291 Hzn Finco Irl Holdings Limited Dublin 4
595500 David Johnston Carpentry Limited Louth
618793 Ampere Design Consultants Limited Cork
626780 Gasmeoas Consulting Limited Dublin
636065 Jeanie Wellbeing Limited Dublin
645159 Red Engineering Design (Ireland) Limited Dublin
666713 Cobotark Limited Meath
672938 Jpehs Limited Limerick
675050 Darnoc Construction Limited Cork
675906 West Cork Paddlesport Club Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
680945 Lennyville Limited Dublin
681916 Cybergame Management Limited Dublin
685096 Derryherk Management Services Limited Dublin
690947 Shupado Marketplace Limited Kildare
701896 As Commerce Limited Dublin
710070 Innovarium Software Limited Cork
340394 Kells Technologies Limited Dublin
346704 Minipack-Torre Limited Dublin
389357 Plato Dublin Business Support Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
444792 Scannell Bookmakers Limited Kerry
455214 Palmur Limited Dublin
470735 Temple Grange Limited Dublin
492501 Food Heaven Limited Clare
525981 Cola Finance Unlimited Company Wexford
529963 Cloothes Shopping Network Limited Dublin
538153 Fonserve Limited Mayo
538267 Frank O' Neill Ventures Limited Mayo
548906 Sackville Hotel Properties Limited Dublin
552911 Contract & Procurement Consulting Limited Dublin
561504 Richard O'Leary Consulting Limited Dublin 18
578630 Onlinehub Limited Dublin
582387 Moltenmist Limited Limerick
599855 Peter Yan & Tony Bo Limited Dublin
603116 Holcomb Global Energy Limited Dublin
605442 Holcomb Energy Controls Limited Dublin
606071 Romed Medical Limited Cork
619591 Tlgs At Home Limited Dublin
640370 Grainne Toher Limited Dublin
649052 Spinford Project Management Limited Cork
651026 Fairfield Ref Ecs Ii No. 2 Designated Activity Company Dublin
667656 Af Whiskey Services Limited Wicklow
668607 Sectorblack Consulting Limited Dublin
672515 Aluvetro Limited Dublin
672830 Nocode Labs Limited Dublin
672879 Brightside Products Limited Dublin
686129 Europa It Search Limited Cork
686676 Countach Research Limited Dublin
691447 Switzerland Wine Marketing Limited Dublin
112312 Castlepollard Enterprises Limited Westmeath
158963 Truck and Tank Repairs Limited Dublin
253991 Family & Life Movement Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
254595 Cahereens Electrical Services Limited Kerry
261078 Champion Publications Unlimited Company Dublin
337005 Oscar Restaurant Limited Cork
352456 Hellenic Celtic Trading Limited Dublin
353901 Woc Asset Management Limited Cork
374745 Edpac Enclosures Limited Cork
412275 Morleigh Limited Dublin
424860 Clanbrassil Estates Limited Louth
436957 Multi Project Management Services Limited Waterford
463836 Th Financial Services Limited Galway
471597 Naíonra Dhúiche Sheoigheach Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta Galway
504056 Gsam Management Limited Dublin
507220 Car Price Guide Cpg Limited Dublin
511738 Sheena Murphy Career Coaching Limited Kilkenny
519007 Silicaine Limited Dublin
581252 Achievo Consultants Limited Cork
583823 Bahwalngar Limited Cavan
609253 Glocoll Limited Donegal
618624 Chirisa Finance Limited Dublin
619042 Steam & Bean Café Limited Meath
620199 Bartra Property (Citywest) Limited Dublin
634520 Eco Statics Ireland Limited Cork
641231 White Teeth Direct Limited Dublin
647105 Chase the Scent Limited Dublin
657893 Alta Cbd Online Limited Dublin
662020 Edv Team Deverson Limited Dublin
667554 Chirisa Europe Acquisition Company Bidco Limited Dublin
675762 Materna Medical Limited Galway
677160 Deontas Limited Meath
702586 Weathertop Investments Limited Carlow
306234 Fettercairn Drug Rehabilitation Programme Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
456162 Brian Archer Limited Cork
484506 Corderry Peyton Limited Dublin
504693 Corrib Boiler Heating & Plumbing Limited Galway
524097 Residential Landlord Association of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
558317 Charlie's Bouncing Castles Limited Westmeath
567052 Amarenco Solar Dunderrow Limited Cork
579897 Athy Community Solar Limited Cork
598309 Gerry Fallon Consultancy Limited Dublin
619235 Global Risk Appraisal and Management Services Limited Dublin
633552 Boghill Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Clare
644686 G & a Food Lovers Limited Meath
647245 Asc Automation Services Consulting For Electric Limited Dublin
647429 Calvados (Holdings) Limited Wexford
652227 It Dude Limited Blackrock A94 Hd51
652980 Oherl Consulting Limited Dublin
656655 Wicklow Logistics Limited Dublin
658583 Db Data Solutions Limited Dublin
673845 Oversea Risk Consulting Limited Dublin
675263 Joyplanes Limited Dublin
693336 Anam Baking Limited Dublin
705628 Kinetic Finance Limited Dublin
There are 118 companies in the above list.

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