Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 385 (Week Ending 18/01/2020)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
402339 Aplicat Solutions Limited Dublin 16
540696 Crowd & Crowd Limited Cork City
575166 Vape Alliance Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
592667 Heiwa Limited Co. Cork
598211 Homeland Ventures Limited Co. Louth
606318 Mq Bricks & Mortar Limited Dublin 8
606514 Crank Information Technology Limited Dublin 5
612790 Pandasia Catering Limited  Dublin 15
631452 Hsc Brands Limited  Dublin 2
661472 Osasun Green Limited Co. Meath
10325 The Tipperary Sawmills, Limited Limerick
18074 James McMahon (Dublin) Limited Limerick
39891 James Johnston & Sons Limited Limerick
52623 Stationery and Office Supplies Limited Dublin 18
82513 V.F.N. & Company (Pension Fund) Limited Cork
216583 Shanbally Hibernians A.F.C. Company Limited By Guarantee Co Cork
312560 Uisceadoir Teoranta Kilkenny
399541 Security Manufacturers & Distributors Association Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 11
478181 Ballinacarrig Property Limited Carlow
501262 S.P. Medical Services Limited Co. Galway
536411 Tramore Aviation Limited Dublin 1
553258 Nuevo Bio Solutions Limited Co. Meath
553388 Pl Brasserie Limited Co. Monaghan
573338 Ch Engineering Enterprise Research Limited Cork
577342 Bryceit Limited Co. Limerick
578589 Gallery Rifle & Pistol Association of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
580300 Lci Helicopters Seven Limited Dublin 1
585510 Motorhomebrokers Limited Meath
609717 Privacypro Limited Co Dublin
654473 Desync Limited Cork
103120 In Sales Limited Dublin 5
289028 Chamot Limited Co. Dublin
427140 Mmk Electrical & Contracting Services Limited Co. Dublin
453825 Pharma-Bio Serv Validation & Compliance Limited Co. Cork
481574 Novaco Building and Cladding Limited Cork
523181 Rockfjoll Designated Activity Company Co. Dublin
581585 Visible Inc Limited Co. Cork
590181 Ballaghaderreen Chamber Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Roscommon
594193 Bartra Wealth Advisors (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
596657 Social and Local Community Fundraising Limited Co Kildare
600908 Redlanz Holdings Limited Co. Dublin
600920 Redlanz Property Limited Co. Dublin
605340 Blue Ocean Monitoring (Ireland) Limited Co Clare
607543 Moynagh Investment Limited Dublin 6
608312 Sisifo Resiste Limited Cork
608380 Tribe Tracker Limited Co. Louth
608722 A Game Changer Tour Limited Dublin 3
612687 Karma Oncology (Europe) Limited Dublin 6
645136 Obstetrics and Surgical Services Limited Co. Louth
650915 Draak Hydraulic Solutions Limited Co. Kildare
49110 Slaney Meats International Unlimited Company Co. Wexford
453409 T. Fay Transport Limited Co Dublin
470181 Recruitment-Works Limited Co. Dublin
522437 Winter Msn 5489 Limited Dublin 2
599986 Droea Consultancy Services Limited Co. Waterford
635706 Wabtec Transportation Ireland Limited Dublin 1
275644 Ex Prisoners Assistance Committee Company Limited By Guarantee Co Monaghan
304727 Euclid Contractors Limited Co. Limerick
431254 Tli Technologies Limited Co Kerry
453793 McNally Engineering Services Limited Dublin 16
453950 Epi 4 Promoter Limited Co. Kerry
463436 Tli Utility Solutions Limited Co. Kerry
509073 Rivella Holdings Unlimited Company Limerick
525435 Tw Dental Services Limited Dublin 24
559641 Irish Food Tours Limited Co. Donegal
560807 Maxxloader Limited Dublin 4
568664 Initial Goods Trading Limited Dublin 2
575937 Soccer Scholar USA Limited Co. Louth
580938 Charles Endirect (Ireland) Limited Co. Mayo
586417 Featureford Limited Dublin 3
590446 Green and Butler Consulting Limited Dublin 1
598307 Lighthouse Films Designated Activity Company Co. Galway
608267 Hugge Limited Co. Louth
615706 Compliance Ireland Recruitment Services Limited Dublin 2
618998 Saky Enterprise Limited Dublin 2
626162 Hml Motorpark Designated Activity Company Galway
646489 Alchemy Media Opco Limited Dublin 2
647286 Afri-Inspect Limited Cork
25291 The Slaney Meat Packing Company Unlimited Company Co. Wexford
33352 McLoughlin Engineering Limited Co. Kildare. Ireland
50650 Peter Galvin Limited Co. Dublin
64520 Slaney Cooked Meats Unlimited Company Co. Wexford Y21 F291
85133 Copper Alley Holdings Limited Co. Wexford Y21 F291
129080 Regroup W Limited Wexford
177840 International Apparel Limited  Dublin 6w
218086 Granelt Properties Limited  Galway
232291 Lana Auctioneers Limited Cork
252620 Ernwell Trading Unlimited Company  Cork
252626 Oakmount International Limited Co. Louth
255123 Downshall Limited Dublin 2
263427 Mendergrove Limited  Limerick
294637 Baltinglass Cabs Limited  Co Wicklow
310418 Regroup a Kilkenny Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kilkenny
342377 Cadman Clothing Limited  Dublin 2
350348 Devey Technology Limited Cork
355237 Inn Control Stock and Management Services Limited Co. Dublin
389112 Regroup C Waterford Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Tipperary
401900 Chanterhill Properties (Ireland) Limited  Co Monaghan
407741 Bánbaile Limited  Cavan
408418 Wle World Licensing Enterprise Limited  Dublin 18
412177 Varleigh Limited  Dublin 4
418298 Irish Judgments Limited Dublin 1
422671 Chillax Limited Limerick
433830 Patatine Limited Co. Dublin
440061 Ambrosius Trading Limited Co. Tipperary
446469 Catherine Treanor Safety Health & Environmental Services Limited Dublin 5
447119 Cregnago Limited Sandyford Business Park Dublin 18
447120 Gregnago Limited Sandyford Business Park Dublin 18
447121 Dregnago Limited Sandyford Business Park Dublin 18
447951 O' Sullivan & Sullivan Forestry Professionals Limited Co. Kerry
455695 Cool Cat Plant Services Limited  Co. Dublin
456199 Sandyford Rational Design Centre Limited  Waterford Ireland
463188 A.T.I. Architectural Technology Ireland - the Irish Institute of Architectural Technologists Company Limited By Guarantee  Co Limerick
469685 Karmarco Limited  Dublin 12
469757 Bawnogue Traders Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee  Dublin 22
471145 Family Fire Safety Limited Co. Wicklow
480823 Bright Navigation Limited Dublin 18
480983 Vehicle Wholesalers Limited  Co Galway
485862 Algoma Steel (Ireland) Limited Co Dublin
489015 Power and Energy Monitoring Solutions Limited Co.Cork
490050 Ballina Energyaware Limited  Co. Mayo
490198 Direct Drain & Plumbing Limited  Co. Dublin
496280 Lg Software Concepts Limited Co. Cork
504875 Idir Lámha Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta  Dublin 3
507765 Zetaero Limited Co. Donegal
511973 Trans Frac Limited  Co. Cork
518656 Gamucci Ireland Limited  Cork
518835 Duncal Limited  Co. Wicklow
518838 Galway Bay Electrical Limited  Co. Galway
518883 Kilimanjaro Achievers Company Limited By Guarantee  Dublin 1
519180 Cuddles Créche Limited Meath
530357 Apb Payroll Limited Dublin 18
534100 Air House Products Limited  Co. Cork
534115 Platinum Recruitment Limited  Co Carlow
537903 The Mary Raftery Journalism Fund Dublin 8
540629 Blarney Chocolate Factory Limited Co. Cork
543585 Jutotti Limited Co. Mayo
544442 Dcb Ventures Limited Dublin 22
548697 Dinero Fine Art & Antique Exchange Limited Co Wexford
549276 A Time of Our Lives Limited Co Meath
549277 Help Bethlehem Limited Co Meath
549917 Taplock Limited Co. Westmeath
550955 Keedan Limited  Co. Laois
551105 Mw Homeware Limited  Cork
551109 Yorom Limited  Co. Dublin
551121 Lucky Leprechaun Village Ireland Limited  Co. Tipperary
551149 Smarter About Limited  Co. Louth
553294 James Mulloy Limited Limerick
554997 Money Transfer Financial Services Limited Dublin 14
556481 Universal Galaxy Limited Dublin 15
557593 Atlantic Equipment Project Limited Co. Sligo
559822 Bces Limited Co. Galway
560323 Meica Management & Engineering Limited Co. Kildare
562161 Murlog Manderley Limited T12 Naxo
564041 Luluboo Designs Limited Dublin 2
564605 The Fast Bureau Limited Dublin 7
565114 Cregg Project Management and Consultancy Limited  Co. Clare
565302 Gwcw Limited Dublin 2
566564 Mycellia Limited Co. Offaly
568897 Gba Integrity Business Solutions Limited  Galway
569774 Fish Face Limited  Co. Waterford
569909 Whiterock Farm Limited  Dublin 7
569949 Nouvelle Baba Limited  Co. Kildare
569964 Zenab Limited  Co. Cork
570007 Mendya Limited  Dublin 6w
570038 Firefly Fuel Limited  Co Dublin
570082 Expertech Technical Solutions Limited  Co. Cork
570128 McCabe Masters Golf Limited  Dublin 15
570132 Holiday Asia Massage Limited  Dublin 1
570138 Beach Beech Limited  Co. Dublin
570183 Amber Panezai Limited  Limerick
570226 Fone Palace Limited  Co. Monaghan
570236 Taste of Clonakilty Limited  Co Cork
570243 Dallington Film Productions Limited  Dublin 2
573913 The Dining Room Marketing Limited Dublin 12
573914 Luxury Breaks Limited Dublin 12
579143 Infinite Training and Placements Limited Dublin 16
580432 High Structure Studios Limited  Dublin 1
580641 Amberley Point Limited Dublin 4
581616 West Cork Families Supporting Autism Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Cork
582416 Bespoke Bond Events Designated Activity Company  Dublin D07 P4ax
583520 Digby Investments Limited  Co. Dublin
583600 Hook or By Crook Limited Co Waterford
584548 Three Sisters Capital of Culture 2020 Company Limited By Guarantee Waterford
588189 I'M a Fish Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
589074 Oasis Technologies Limited  Dublin 3
590901 Drogheda Street Management Company Limited By Guarantee  Co. Dublin
590966 Rinse Dry Cleaners Limited  Dublin 7
590979 Kelly Donegan & Young Financing Limited  Co. Roscommon
590988 Capi-Lux Ireland Unlimited Company  Limerick
591015 Sandwell Travel Limited  Co. Kildare
591047 Drp Water Pumping Solutions Limited  Co. Carlow
591064 Tastehub Limited  Co. Cork
591074 Roma Duro Limited  Dublin 24
591166 Gfc Construction Limited  Dublin 7
591204 Missy Kayla's Kitchen Limited  Co. Wicklow
591218 Irish Whiskey Media Limited  Co Dublin
591791 Dermatology Clinic Blackrock Limited Co. Dublin
592273 Superuser Limited Dublin 8
592574 Denber Portals Limited Cork
594528 Jsce Investment Holdings Designated Activity Company Co. Meath
597659 Casa Peru ( Ireland) Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 9
599000 Redroot Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 7
602304 Braf Advertising Limited  Co. Louth
602321 Yobibit Limited  Co. Dublin
602474 Brian Ward Autos Limited  Co. Meath
602582 Prostruct Construction Limited Co Dublin
603033 Dkar Health Economics Limited Galway
603490 Pua Training Limited Cork
603558 Eamonn Kelly Qs & Pm Services Limited Co. Meath
604010 Bestia Consulting Limited Dublin 1
606123 Ssg Ambulance Service Ireland Limited Dublin 1
606973 Innsight Advisory Limited Dublin 14
607070 Elevate Clare Limited  Co Clare
607347 Owen Magnier Physical Therapy Limited Kilkenny
607361 Shoppable Media Solutions Limited Dublin 14
607570 United Events Global Limited Dublin 2
607730 Mr. Jenks Limited Dublin 2
613059 Foley's Cosy Corner Limited  Co. Meath
613079 Mmd Car Sales Limited  Co. Mayo
613080 Alfa Invest Pro Limited  Dublin 2
613087 Sapphire Construction Limited  Co. Meath
613098 Smith French Dublin Consultancy Limited  Dublin 2
613105 Speedo Pizza and Kebab Limited  Limerick
613127 Bjb Spice Limited  Dublin 2
613166 Quantivum Capital Holding Limited  Co. Donegal
613169 Paul Maher Maintenance Limited  Dublin 10
613202 Templemount Investments Limited  Dublin 6
613234 Ajax Ip Limited  Dublin 7
613242 Catherine Films Limited  Co Roscommon
613267 Ciara Gallagher Distribution Limited  Co. Donegal
613274 Mining Investor Resources Media Limited  Dublin D07 P4ax
613278 My Good Planet Limited  Co. Galway
613279 Abbey Glen Apartments Management Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
613293 Skyper Logistics Limited  Dublin D07 P4ax
613294 Rachel Finn Consultancy Limited  Waterford
613317 Results Delivered Limited  Co Dublin
613331 Breen Capital Limited  Kilkenny
613335 Ambr Eyewear Limited  Co. Dublin
613355 The Luggage Room Limited  Dublin 1
614541 Institute of Investing and Financial Trading Limited Dublin 2
618571 Tamme Cuisine Limited Co. Cork Co. Cork Ireland
619377 Strabko Construction Limited Co. Wicklow
623103 Kore Properties (Investment) Limited Dublin 2
625542 The Green Bean Café Limited Dublin 15
626520 Cryo Wellness Limited Co Dublin
628248 The Paper Straw Company Limited Co. Dublin
629254 Western Innovations Xseed Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
629939 Villalux Services Limited Co. Wexford
630062 Ding Sheng Food Limited Co Dublin
632434 Access To Justice Ireland Limited Dublin 2
633073 Batondale Limited Dublin 4
634290 Shay Murray Limited Dublin 24
635195 J&S Food Exports Limited  Dublin 24
635325 Eoin Mulhern Limited  Kilkenny
635514 Europhil Med Pro Limited  Dublin
635515 Kab Logistics Limited  Co. Dublin
635553 The Emerald Dairy Property Company Limited  Dublin 6
635568 Amazing Payment Limited  Limerick
635573 Garden Media Services Limited  Dublin 7
635575 Monasterevin Construction and Hire Limited  Co Kildare
635595 Sg Hotel & Tourismus Consulting Limited  Dublin 2
635619 Gallco Hide & Skin Limited  Co Galway
635624 S&L Ergonomics Intl Limited  Co. Kildare
635632 Gci Logistics Limited  Co Monaghan
635635 Slm Buildings Limited  Co. Meath
635653 Pharaoh Developments Limited  Co Tipperary
635667 Connacht Granite & Quarts Fabrications Limited  Galway
635725 Steel Direct Limited  Co. Offaly
635734 Awt Aircrew Training Limited  Dublin 13
635760 Falafel Up Limited  Galway
635766 Pineapple Labs Limited  Dublin 14
635768 Pulong International Investment Limited  Dublin 4
635841 Leto Sports Limited  Cork
635872 Fat Choy Limited  Dublin 17
635898 Circuit Smart Home Limited  Dublin 15
635925 Soil Cult Limited  Dublin 12
635936 Crystal Taila Limited  Co Kildare
636535 Andrew O'Neill Contracting Limited Co. Kildare
636621 Vn Nails and Beauty Limited Dublin 2
638607 Marlay Park Courtyard Limited D16 Up44
640072 Lorinacrest Limited Dublin 1
640806 Inspire Publishing House Limited Louth
650618 Naughton Lactation Limited Co. Kildare
651205 Prettifit Activewear Limited Co. Kildare
652748 Flinn Global Marketing Limited Co. Dublin
There are 286 companies in the above list.

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