Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 384 (Week Ending 13/12/2019)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
622237 New York Donuts Limited Dublin 3
125938 The First Step Trust Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 8
230995 Lough Gill Property Limited Lough Gill Sligo
356385 Clarke Chapman Engineering Services Limited Dublin 18
475613 Gallice Developments Limited Co. Dublin A94 K8r9
529690 Poseidon Investco Gp Ireland Limited Dublin 4
532150 U and Us Films Limited Dublin 14
553201 Paysign Limited Dublin 4
555758 Labtech Scientific Limited Dublin 4, D04 Py94
571591 Rypt Limited Galway
601466 Rubberfloor Limited Dublin 6w
610253 Henosi Limited Co. Cork
365251 Peg Consulting Services Limited Co. Galway
387746 Fable Clothing Limited Dublin 6
402108 World of Ice Cream Limited Cork
442118 Dct Care Limited Co. Cork
473547 Masterline Interiors Limited Dublin 6
506706 Ballyrowan Residential Unlimited Company Co. Dublin
524183 The Irish Whiskey Event Limited Co. Kerry
575370 Bps Distributors Limited Waterford
604747 Turions Retail Limited Co Donegal
626814 Moonwood Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
629576 Lmb Advisory Limited Dublin 15
630172 Dr Aoife Doyle Limited Dublin, A96 N6f2
639956 En Goldberg Holdings Limited Dublin 12
639957 En Goldberg Media Limited Dublin 12
640896 Dl Lux Online Limited Limerick
653795 Jimmy B's Cbd Limited Co. Galway
47680 Marketplace (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
84886 Foundation Protection Limited County Roscommon
236483 D T P Workshop Limited County Meath
388674 R Zen Network Limited Dublin 1
425584 Commercial Research Consultancy Services Limited Co. Dublin
455154 Venrate Limited Dublin 4
458505 I.T.W.R.A. Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Limerick
481512 Inspirealways Limited Monaghan
482242 Light of the World Ministry Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
542694 Primary Healthcare Tv Limited Dublin 5
544733 Kintai Limited Co. Kildare
553140 Progim Limited Galway
553141 Erem Invest Limited Galway
553145 Srjlcbm Limited Galway
561131 Deshnar Financial Limited Dublin 24
573304 Neo Continental Company Limited Co. Cavan
575795 Skellig Consulting Limited Galway
587145 Clothesrack Limited Dublin 13
600184 Pindack Developments Limited Dublin 9
609306 Bamblek Limited Cork
612633 Ceres Agro Chemicals Ireland Limited Co Roscommon
614003 Information Security and Data Protection Limited Co. Dublin
619123 Royal Pvision Limited Dublin 20
622504 Savoy Investments Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
624192 Realt Acquisitions Limited Co.Dublin
626164 Tuensi Limited Co. Wicklow
628123 Watson Pearce Properties (Dublin) Limited Dublin 7
628151 Mindmo Limited Co. Kerry
628868 Bp Training Solutions Limited Dublin 13
629193 Pires Consulting Limited Dublin 9
631283 White Town Invest Company Limited Co. Dublin
640875 Nuno Balseiro Limited Dublin 8
641443 Multilateral Trading Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
641887 Aurora Centralis Limited Co. Dublin
643958 Providence Porcupine Designated Activity Company Dublin 18
646013 Celtic Powerhouse Limited Limerick
649577 Hmc-Training Limited Cork
12068 Michael O'Connell (Chemist) Limited Kilkenny
58364 Zambar Limited  Glanmire Co Cork
67768 Apw Galway Limited  Corrig Road Sandyford Business Park
133466 Erne Carpets & Furniture Limited Co. Donegal
134012 Sheckla Trading Limited  Cork
155308 Grove Oil (Roscrea) Limited  Co Tipperary
205593 Charming Investments Limited Dublin 14
227010 Kinsale Financial Services Unlimited Company Cork
244127 K. Connolly Transport Limited Co. Kilkenny
261723 Wf Castings Limited Dublin 2
275599 Munster Precast Concrete Products Limited Co Cork
303177 J.P. Bookmakers Limited Co Donegal
304066 Larchdale Developments Limited Co Galway
308092 Longford Photo Services Limited  Longford
310451 J. & J. Byrne the Country Kitchen Limited Co Wexford
315719 Tutchez Limited Co.Clare
330199 Ormonde Removals & Storage Limited Kilkenny
337407 Altmark Limited Dublin 1
342217 Cumann Dramaiochta Ghleann Cholm Cille Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta Co. Dhun Na Ngall
343239 Fiontar Cill Chartha Company Limited By Guarantee Co Dun Na Ngall
344433 Rainbow Design Limited Limerick
359815 M.K. Collections & Deliveries Limited Dublin 9
361345 Dkb Work Services Limited  Dublin 16
367943 Geoxfere Limited Co. Laois
368797 Gastrans Limited  Co. Louth
380976 Lunah Productions Limited Co. Donegal
384647 Oran Dx Limited Co Galway
396767 Orpheus Engineering Design Limited Co. Kerry
400187 Penpro Limited Dublin 8
400391 Kearney Advertising and Marketing Solutions Limited Co Cork
401135 Seafox Energy Limited Dublin 13
406191 Sligo Employment Opportunities Limited Sligo
407896 Comfort Interior Contracts Limited  Dublin 24
409102 Gratadon Developments Limited  Co. Clare
411461 Abri Productions Limited Co Wicklow
417523 Obw Construction Limited Co. Cork
422493 Cacumba Limited Dublin 4
423458 Murphy Mini Digger Hire Limited Co. Cork
426169 Pillarprojects Limited  Dublin 8
427240 Noinin Bio Limited Dublin 2
436165 Maxdrive Limited  Co. Roscommon
436303 Gallagher & Hayes Limited Co. Donegal
445955 Hillsborough Farm Partners Limited  Co Donegal
445979 Irish Ballet Theatre Limited  Dublin 6
452999 Albert Kyles Limited Co. Donegal
455141 Harlequin Centre Management Co Limited  Co. Mayo
458971 Buddycom Limited Co Kildare
462030 J & E Hughes Fuel Oil Limited  Co. Mayo
466528 Global Diagnostics Nominees Limited Dublin 16
468600 Lucey Technology Limited  Co. Dublin
480131 Phivega Limited Co. Louth
480568 Denizen Limited Dublin 2
480942 Cactifilms Limited Dublin 8
481741 Cnk Developments Limited Dublin 2
488842 The Trinket Box Limited  Co. Dublin
488904 Goldensoles Limited  Dublin 8
496233 June & He Limited  Kilkenny
498459 Maulbrack Consulting Limited Co Cork
503004 Percipio Services Limited Cork
503502 Independent Plumbing & Drainage Limited  Dublin 12
504143 Berkeley Hearing Centre Limited Dublin 7
504491 Keating Hr Consulting Limited Dublin 14
507303 Putbuy Limited Co. Kildare
507550 Só Sligo Food Festival Company Limited By Guarantee Sligo
508290 Safelink Ehs Limited  Co. Cork
508924 Irish Stock Exchange Services Limited Dublin 2
510209 B Whitehead Consultancy & Entertainment Services Limited Co. Kildare
510423 Patellos Limited Co. Westmeath
513816 Friarylaw Capital Markets Limited Dublin 7
516346 Infinity Horses Limited Dublin 4
517233 Glow Kraft Limited Dublin 1
517547 Arty Crafty Limited  Co. Meath
523086 Ecm Sirius Limited Co. Carlow
523401 Benthic Geoscience International Limited Dublin 2
523441 Restnetwork Limited Dublin 15
524853 Pmgurus Limited  Co. Wicklow Ireland
527618 Fitzgar Limited Co. Cork
527712 Cryan Psychiatric Services Limited Co. Dublin
529598 Helpful Technologies Limited Co. Dublin
530185 Abbeyfeale Horse & Pony Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Limerick
532494 Twin Star Simulators Limited  Co. Dublin
532641 Zam Hair & Beauty Limited  Co. Cork
532669 Flystar Network Limited  Dublin 7
532674 Rocca Digital Limited  Co. Dublin
532677 Carbon Conversion Technology Limited  Co. Dublin
532702 Mullacor Construction Limited  Co. Wicklow
532709 Sky Chief Pizza Company Limited  Co. Dublin
532759 Nlr Holdings Limited Co Westmeath
532937 Msih Limited Co. Meath
534046 Coco Ridge Ireland Limited Co. Wicklow
534490 Software Rich Limited Galway
535375 Lepton Consult Limited Co. Dublin
540801 Skillford Limited Limerick
541484 Nanotera Bio Solutions Limited  Dublin 18
544437 Ifast-12 Healthcare Limited Dublin 16
545629 Squarehead Productions Limited Co. Cork
547849 Pathways To Potential Limited Co. Sligo
549188 Platinum Air Conditioning Limited  Dublin 6
549406 Total Vision and Security Limited  Co. Clare
549428 Ebcdic Limited  Cork
549463 Albarkat Ul Naqeeb Limited  Dublin 24
549495 Milltown Health & Fitness Centre Limited  Co. Donegal
549507 Bubbulz Limited  Galway
555188 Cocada Limited Co. Cork
556239 Colin Meegan Consultants Limited Limerick
558639 Rafflespace Limited Dublin
559756 Aspiron Limited Co. Dublin
561193 Canaan Foods Limited  Co. Dublin
561300 Ashbourne Trading Restaurants 1 Limited  Dublin 20
564923 Roaring Bear Limited Co. Wicklow
567428 Lacabro Limited Dublin 6w
567637 Ieat Ireland Limited  Dublin 22
567720 Crowdahouse Limited  Dublin 2
567750 Moira's Hair Salon Limited  Co. Louth
567871 Aircrewser Limited  Dublin 2
567874 Derravaragh Kitchen Designs Limited  Co. Westmeath
567880 Lighthouse Events Limited  Co. Clare
567929 Computer King Limited  Dublin 15
567971 Prezzo Restaurants Ireland Limited  Dublin 2
567986 Kilmoon Consulting Limited  Co. Meath
568325 Envision Film & Tv Limited Dublin 6
576669 Maro Investments Limited Limerick
578224 Keelbeg Projects Limited Co. Cork
578825 Almac Mushrooms Limited  Co. Waterford
580532 Clicks To Causes Limited Dublin 2
581019 The Virtual Reality Agency Limited Dublin 6
581691 Bersih Restaurants Limited  Co. Galway
585875 Mark Donovan Agri Services Limited Co Kildare
587436 Quick Cups Limited Co Dublin
588855 Irepairs Mobile Limited  Co. Cork
588861 Green Isle Pet Care Limited  Co Monaghan
588888 Apex Fitness Limited  Co. Louth
588899 Infoware Cloud Limited  Co. Leitrim
588929 Nextdimensionweb Limited  Dublin 2
588934 Idibic Limited  Co. Laois
588970 Silen Developments Limited  Dublin 2
589043 Big City Ecommerce Limited  Dublin 8
589064 3d Dynamics and Bim Limited  Co. Cork
589107 Cadac Limited  Co. Meath
589134 Ireina Property Development Limited  Dublin 8
589168 Gasóga Na Heorpa, Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta  Baile Átha Cliath 1
589177 Kearneys of Fenagh Carlow Limited  Co Carlow
589200 G&T Academic Academy Limited  Co. Sligo
589227 Animus Sports (Ireland) Limited  Co. Wexford
589257 Athy Co. Kildare Plant Hire & Sales Limited  Co. Kildare
590441 Sports Fusion Limited Co. Cork
593391 Beauty Mate Limited Dublin 1
594463 Happy Times Takeaway Limited Co. Dublin
595244 Marcoran Limited Co. Offaly
597424 B2b Critical Solutions Limited Dublin 9
600170 MacMiddle Limited  Co. Mayo
604856 Paul Long and Sons Construction Limited  Co. Dublin
606069 Evocati Advisors Limited Dublin 6w
608617 Like a Fox Limited Galway
611092 Digifico Labs Limited  Dublin 4
611131 G2m Ireland Estates Limited  Limerick
611139 New Era Construction Limited  Dublin 1
611152 Beat the Banks Limited  Dublin D07 P4ax
611178 Ardan Royal Express Limited  Co Meath
611189 I-Lectures.Com Limited  Dublin 18
611202 Garryduff Farming Limited  Co Mayo
611226 Wright Good Foods Limited  Co. Dublin
611236 Ifs Capital Limited  Dublin 1
611257 Ship Your Golf Clubs Limited  Co. Kerry
611258 Methos Limited  Co. Cork
611269 Bb Furniture Limited  Cork
611282 City Digital Limited  Cork
611294 Datadragonx Limited  Co. Cork
611304 Hlk Developments Limited  Co. Dublin
611323 Lisger Limited  Co. Louth
611347 Dublin Tech Support Limited  Dublin 3
611367 Adva Management Limited  Co Dublin
611398 Delyare Limited  Co. Dublin
611406 Fox I & E Limited  Co. Mayo
611407 John Zack Painter & Decorator Limited  Co. Louth
611416 Slimline Wine Limited  Cork
612080 Newvalley Farm Limited Co. Wexford
612562 Shamrock Spirits Limited Co. Tipperary
613552 Pccl Limited Galway
615139 C&I International Travel Limited Dublin 15
617593 Begoal Limited Dublin 2
621538 Metarl Postcard (Mittageisen) Film Productions Limited Dublin 14
623391 Perlicom Engineering Limited Dublin 13
624788 Mariposa Capital Investment Limited Co. Dublin
626714 Sirius Aviation Capital Limited Dublin 2
630890 Odorata Limited Dublin 2
631435 Optimiz Network Limited Dublin
632528 Valiant Consultancy Services Limited Cork
633013 Campionwoodsenterprises Limited Dublin 6
633455 Ocre Foods Limited  Dublin 4
633485 Ap Developments Limited  Co. Donegal
633497 Cazacfood Limited  Dun Laoghaire
633507 Perigean Limited  Co. Dublin
633518 Bantry Print and Stationery Limited  Co. Cork
633571 Saori Matcha Tea Limited  Limerick
633603 Bengal Food Co Limited  Dublin 14
633621 Rustle-Tech Limited  Dublin 9
633647 Viagio Holding Limited  Dublin 2
633669 Clones Kebab House Limited  Co. Monaghan
633670 Lanai Outdoor Limited  Cork
633671 Ryno Fitness Limited  Donegal Ireland
633721 Bark & Bumble Limited  Cork
633731 Seatec Computing Services Limited  Co. Dublin
633756 Haskob Holding Limited  Dublin 2
633761 Wada Teriyaki Restaurant Limited  Limerick
633762 Agt Construction Limited  Dublin 15
633770 Fragusan Limited  Dublin 2
633792 Adrieleca Consulting Limited  Dublin 2
633817 O'Sullivan Trout Limited  Dublin 15
633822 Elza De La Cruz Homecare Limited  Co. Dublin
633848 South East Taverns Limited  Co Carlow
636549 Scarlett Distance Limited Co. Dublin
636647 Lacm Global Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
637762 T.W.E.P. Properties Limited Co. Wexford
638028 Wylde Hay Hemp Limited Kilkenny, R95r1y0
642503 Pure Info Limited Cork
645095 Connect Staff Services Limited Dublin
647856 Kouchin Reynolds Pipe Co Limited Co. Dublin
649791 Silveroak Gg Limited Dublin 2, D02 C678
650816 Nemar Restaurants Limited Limerick
656291 Pufferbee Limited Dublin A96a4a3
There are 286 companies in the above list.

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