Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 475 (Week Ending 25/09/2021)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
289260 Level 2000 Trading Limited Dublin
354487 William Murray Transport Limited Dublin
390023 Kanway Line Company Limited Dublin
447545 Principle Engineering Limited Cork
464595 Euro-Bridge Energy Limited Cork
478526 Mga Restaurants Limited Dublin
483664 Food-Bridge Green Limited Cork
488535 Food-Bridge Opal Limited Cork
490289 Euro-Bridge Pasta Limited Cork
494861 Euro-Bridge Elm Limited Cork
494863 Euro-Bridge Maple Limited Cork
494933 Euro-Bridge Palm Limited Cork
494934 Food-Bridge Palm Limited Cork
496168 Euro-Bridge Strawberry Limited Cork
496171 Food-Bridge Banana Limited Cork
500660 Euro-Bridge Mango Limited Cork
510863 Food-Bridge Blackwater Limited Cork
519794 Food-Bridge Hen Limited Cork
519797 Food-Bridge Owl Limited Cork
519803 Euro-Bridge Finch Limited Cork
519804 Euro-Bridge Eagle Limited Cork
525050 Inchcape Finance (Ireland) Unlimited Company Dublin
531606 Euro-Bridge Thames Limited Cork
563271 Food-Bridge Daisy Limited Cork
563298 Food-Bridge Daffodil Limited Cork
563299 Food-Bridge Dahlia Limited Cork
582205 Food-Bridge Bakethin Limited Cork
582206 Food-Bridge Balderhead Limited Cork
582207 Food-Bridge Banbury Limited Cork
582277 Food-Bridge Bewl Limited Cork
590562 Monaveen Hospitality Services Limited Clare
591848 Euro-Bridge Hollingworth Limited Cork
591850 Euro-Bridge Horsey Limited Cork
591915 Euro-Bridge Lumley Limited Cork
592247 Euro-Bridge Luxhay Limited Cork
604895 Keane Merchants International Limited Dublin
635114 Euro-Bridge Rumworth Limited Cork
635115 Euro-Bridge Rutland Limited Cork
635116 Euro-Bridge Ryburn Limited Cork
635117 Euro-Bridge Rydal Limited Cork
640219 Moonchat Ventures Limited Dublin
642163 Pitch Nation Limited Waterford
645518 Csinh Films Designated Activity Company Dublin
654388 Systems Integration & Implementation Solutions Limited Dublin
662909 Bluestamp Limited Dublin
666753 Hmw Consulting Limited Dublin
679939 Daveeil Limited Dublin
682571 Justvegan Limited Dublin
38917 International Songwriters Association Limited Limerick
315445 The Cross Gallery Limited Dublin
320630 Gomez Ii Limited Dublin
375693 Western Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
464356 Michael Beale Enterprises Ireland Limited Dublin
488523 Euro-Bridge Bronze Limited Cork
503160 Euro-Bridge Basil Limited Cork
522873 Kelleher System Support Limited Dublin
524274 Take Two Design Limited Dublin
544925 Firevault Limited Limerick
575684 Dolmen Pharma Limited Clare
190280 Irish Computer Forms Limited Dublin
201029 Oyster Services Limited Louth
290268 Aurora Telecom Designated Activity Company Cork
296856 Dublin McR Services Limited Dublin
329242 Jmp Construction Limited Meath
441506 Scoilcuntas Teoranta Cork
489653 Carmelite Fathers Ce Scheme Limited Dublin
495094 Sauce Software Limited Clare
508565 Tony O'Dowd Medic Limited Kerry
575714 Bluebird Lease 1 Limited Dublin
587625 Applestack Limited Carlow
587988 Dk V.D.C. Limited Louth
595443 Ultra Office Supplies Limited Dublin
606134 Freffans Holdings Limited Meath
624632 Fourth Dimension Marketing Limited Wexford
625169 Tour Destinations Ireland Limited Dublin
652477 Little Lida Limited Dublin
661449 Instinctive Business Intelligence Europe Limited Dublin
661967 Dalmore Capital 1 Gp (Ireland) Limited Dublin
664185 E. O'Connor Consultancy Limited Kerry
665580 Araniko Tech Limited Dublin
671726 Realign Coaching Limited Dublin
679463 Capz Partners& International (Ireland) Limited Cavan
325449 Chidsworth Limited Dublin
335844 Kgm Engineering Limited Westmeath
338058 Mc Donnell Advertising Limited Cork
346322 Brownsbarn Developments Limited Limerick
361438 Clean Fill Limited Wexford
362658 Magic Mundo Limited Dublin
432108 Riverview Care Limited Clare
439202 Twin Oaks Consultancy Limited Meath
480655 Isolate Technologies Limited Meath
504711 On the Corner Limited Dublin
550602 Hogan Forrest Limited Galway
598374 Collar of Gold Limited Louth
601477 Psg Therapeutics Limited Cork
602257 Draper Administration Limited Dublin
612113 Odaise Ventures Limited Dublin
614025 Peregrine Falcon Invest Limited Wicklow
617722 Tigerbuz Limited Dublin
618767 Alacritas Limited Cork
620976 Smiley Nink Limited Limerick
631066 Luminary Hub Limited Kildare
633972 Roscia Bars Limited Louth
642397 Corgall Limited Dublin
645342 Conformea Compliance Services Limited Dublin
663535 Focuslight Ireland Limited Dublin
667921 Transexdeliver Limited Dublin
668272 Fymca Global Limited Dublin
673079 Tmc Procar International Limited Dublin
673362 Mira Aero Limited Kildare
682587 Hidden Road Partners Civ Ireland Limited Dublin
683883 Azimuth Nautical Limited Lucan
687839 Mhchpa Limited Dublin
62987 Atlantic Films Limited Dublin
138312 L & F Pallets Limited Limerick
148593 Franchise Connections Limited Dublin
243873 Corporate Finance International Limited Dublin
244818 Hello France Limited Cork
298417 Sharksville Limited Waterford
366217 Envogen (Irl) Limited Dublin
372651 Empeira Limited Cork
466795 Axis Energy Limited 47 Mount Street Upper
509057 Use Ireland Marketing Limited Cork
514868 Gilbane Ireland Limited Dublin
521441 Cookstown Print Finishing Limited Dublin
536593 Mindful Life Weight Clinic Limited Dublin
548920 Black Box Investments Limited Dublin
553408 Travel Ireland First Class Limited Dublin
565885 Ballymastone Properties Limited Dublin
566985 Healyville Limited Limerick
568216 Libra Quality Assurance Limited Cork
575657 Muirmer Productions Limited Waterford
586624 The Kerry Physio Limited Cork
609803 Step By Step Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
626100 Swilly Tours & Charters Limited Donegal
644478 Stock and News Pictures Limited Dublin
645553 Boytonrath Farm Enterprises Limited Tipperary
646229 Ungerer Ireland Limited Westmeath
646500 Oriel Leasing Capital Designated Activity Company Dublin
653871 Shareo Limited Dublin
654932 Energize Consulting Limited Laois
662234 Optool Limited Dublin
669771 Tasker Brokers (Ireland) Limited Dublin
680327 Sana Digital Solutions Limited Lucan
689308 Srafe Limited Dublin
690841 Maxxipaws Ireland Limited Dublin
There are 146 companies in the above list.

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