Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 394 (Week Ending 01/04/2020)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
182618 Passage Shipping Limited Co. Cork
328591 Andona Services Limited Co Cork
331624 Kilbroney Investments Unlimited Company Co Louth
460223 E & T Productions Limited Dublin 13
511910 Nntsk Limited Co. Laois
518957 Sacci Pm Limited Co. Meath
534507 Greenglens Farms Unlimited Company Co. Tipperary
551790 Nimula Services Limited Co. Limerick
575064 Abner Brown Promotions Limited Dublin 6
577556 Windyemerly Gp Limited Dublin 2
587041 Airmilo Travel Solutions Limited Dublin 2
589425 Gerard O'Connell Plumbing Limited Co. Cork
594129 Nzebra Limited Co. Wicklow
606488 Yellow Bowl Bakes Limited Co. Meath
612626 Harmonytree Limited Dublin 2
626733 One16 Pevc Limited Co. Kilkenny
654431 Greenstar Capital Limited Dublin 2
206013 Respond (Support) Company Limited By Guarantee Waterford
360875 O'Mahony Business Consultants Limited Limerick
429703 Conor MacMahon Electrical Limited Co Meath
471848 Teotel Limited Dublin 4
474643 Leonard Coaches Limited Monaghan
483773 Tara Beverages Limited Cork
496821 Dita Eyewear Europe Holdings Unlimited Company Dublin 2
582294 Robs House Limited Co. Kerry
591905 Bweu Limited Cork
595510 Rengen Solar Development Limited Co. Clare
595511 Rengen Solar Installations Limited Co. Clare
596899 Deg Fashions Limited Dublin 24
597917 Advance Cities Limited Dublin 4
614770 Horgan Quality Consulting Limited Cork
625223 Domogat Limited Co. Clare
626777 Seka Medical Limited Co. Cavan
627915 Riva-Classics Limited Dublin 2
640154 Starfuture Administration Limited Dublin 2
641212 Starfuture Real Estate Limited Dublin 2
645885 Book My Medic Limited Dublin 2
647570 Skin Herbalist Limited Co. Mayo
656009 Dtae Intel Ventures Limited Co.Clare
657659 Wethepeople Consulting Limited Dublin 7
90472 Western Avionics Limited Co. Clare
97756 O.B. Marine Limited Co. Dublin
120097 C.C.R. Roofing Limited Dublin 24
153976 Veolia Water Db Ireland Limited Dublin 15
270377 Octagon Design Limited Co. Dublin
287639 Bardon Molumby Services Limited Co Laois
292635 Dingle Travel-Lodge Limited Co Kerry
325192 Island Maritime Limited Wicklow
339372 Agronomy Services International Limited Co. Wicklow
362890 Mob Recruitment Limited Dublin 14
507359 Ryesoft Engineering Limited Dublin 2
507926 Orancastle Limited Galway
518996 Turfgrass Consultancy International Limited Co. Wicklow
579318 Woods Commercial & Residential Limited Co. Limerick
583570 Fyc Sandyford Limited Co. Wicklow
587239 The Ad Eden Clinic Limited Dublin 2
590360 Towe a Line Limited Dublin 9
602857 Shyland Limited Cork
603370 Dee Hutchinson Talent Development Limited Waterford
605236 Fintech First Limited Dublin 4
609530 Oaklands Food Safety Consultancy Limited Co Meath C15 X2d6
609963 Figo Healthcare Limited Co. Kildare
612493 Easter Film Productions Limited Co. Wicklow
619755 Stetawash Limited Co. Mayo
624236 Hiddengent Limited Co. Dublin
624779 Luko Media Limited West Cork
633574 Fizzamore Limited Wexford
635650 Talmer Designated Activity Company Dublin 18
636970 L.Y Wang Limited Limerick
644104 Keash Transport Services Limited Co. Sligo
There are 70 companies in the above list.

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