Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 602 (Week Ending 23/09/2023)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
366380 Colman Doyle Estates Limited Wexford
513698 Valinor Investments Limited 6 Bushy Park House
517176 Shellac Nails Limited Waterford
530980 Hedge Funds Care Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
559118 Ecosafety Management Limited Kildare
569862 Food-Bridge Wright Limited Cork
569867 Food-Bridge Harris Limited Cork
569884 Food-Bridge Mitchell Limited Cork
569885 Food-Bridge Moore Limited Cork
570021 Pol Meat Exports 002 Limited Cork
570036 Food-Bridge Young Limited Cork
573310 Food-Bridge Gorumna Limited Cork
573752 Food-Bridge Rossmore Limited Cork
574340 Food-Bridge Helium Limited Cork
591923 Food-Bridge Naseby Limited Cork
591969 Food-Bridge Molesey Limited Cork
632589 Mdcl Limited Dublin
635082 Euro-Bridge Redmires Limited Cork
635083 Euro-Bridge Rhodeswood Limited Cork
635124 Pol Meat Exports 001 Limited Cork
635136 Food-Bridge Ryburn Limited Cork
635137 Food-Bridge Rydal Limited Cork
635138 Food-Bridge Saddington Limited Cork
642721 Fiercecqv Limited Dublin
657826 Arraco Ireland Limited Dublin 1
684145 Mac Cladding Ireland Limited Donegal
703795 Pra Clinical Limited Dublin 18
725734 Bcombinator Limited Dublin
737942 Low Flying Duck Food Services Limited Dublin
270582 Rye Developments Limited Kerry
376955 A1 Safety & Training Limited Cork
503145 Food-Bridge Fennel Limited Cork
503146 Food-Bridge Garlic Limited Cork
520061 Capital Quantity Surveying Limited Dublin
569858 Food-Bridge Walker Limited Cork
569859 Food-Bridge Ward Limited Cork
569860 Food-Bridge Williams Limited Cork
569861 Food-Bridge Wilson Limited Cork
569866 Food-Bridge Hall Limited Cork
569872 Food-Bridge Miller Limited Cork
569878 Food-Bridge Martin Limited Cork
569887 Food-Bridge Robinson Limited Cork
572791 Ten West Model Research Limited Galway
573507 Food-Bridge Rathlin Limited Cork
573649 Food-Bridge Dinish Limited Cork
574275 Euro-Bridge Potassium Limited Cork
574323 Food-Bridge Potassium Limited Cork
574342 Food-Bridge Fluorine Limited Cork
591967 Food-Bridge Meldon Limited Cork
591968 Food-Bridge Midhope Limited Cork
591970 Food-Bridge Pitsford Limited Cork
616709 Carbery Investments (Ireland) Limited Cork
625737 Casey Kennedy Solutions Limited Kerry
635073 Pol Meat Exports 017 Limited Cork
635133 Pol Meat Exports 018 Limited Cork
635134 Pol Meat Exports 019 Limited Cork
635135 Pol Meat Exports 020 Limited Cork
635146 Euro-Bridge Rakebrook Limited Cork
635147 Euro-Bridge Ranworth Limited Cork
635148 Euro-Bridge Ravensthorpe Limited Cork
635149 Euro-Bridge Readycon Limited Cork
635150 Euro-Bridge Redbrook Limited Cork
661353 O’Rourke Kitchens Limited Kildare
687144 Goldenowl Limited Dublin
687640 Mte Stellar Homes Limited Kildare
690139 Prokidney Gp Limited Dublin
693013 Buchanan Quantity Surveyors Limited Meath
710354 The Bb Brands Capital Holdings Limited Dublin 3
727574 Ross Hegarty Hairdressing Limited Dublin
282330 Bjm Pig Farms Limited Tipperary
380686 Corkanisk Construction Limited Monaghan
472404 Mulveys Kidz Kingdom and Bowling Limited Leitrim
472405 Mulveys Toymaster Limited Leitrim
503154 Food-Bridge Pepper Limited Cork
548003 Dalton Veterinary Limited Tipperary
569856 Food-Bridge Taylor Limited Cork
569857 Food-Bridge Thomas Limited Cork
569865 Food-Bridge Davis Limited Cork
569877 Food-Bridge Lewis Limited Cork
570025 Euro-Bridge Ward Limited Cork
570026 Euro-Bridge Williams Limited Cork
573344 Food-Bridge Blasket Limited Cork
573506 Food-Bridge Lettermullen Limited Cork
573528 Food-Bridge Valentia Limited Cork
574281 Food-Bridge Sulphur Limited Cork
574285 Euro-Bridge Phosphorus Limited Cork
574322 Food-Bridge Phosphorus Limited Cork
574325 Food-Bridge Lithium Limited Cork
574343 Food-Bridge Magnesium Limited Cork
591947 Euro-Bridge Pebley Limited Cork
591948 Euro-Bridge Pennington Limited Cork
591949 Euro-Bridge Pitsford Limited Cork
591956 Food-Bridge Pebley Limited Cork
591957 Food-Bridge Pennington Limited Cork
622118 Epic Media Productions Limited Cork
635059 Pol Meat Exports 014 Limited Cork
635060 Pol Meat Exports 015 Limited Cork
635061 Pol Meat Exports 016 Limited Cork
635154 Pol Meat Exports 013 Limited Cork
645266 H2 Yacht Design (Ireland) Limited Dublin
646577 Minoli Automotive Ireland Limited Dublin
652484 Wyneng Limited Carlow
654162 The 9th Lough Takeaway Limited Dublin
674872 Grand Royal River Limited Kilkenny
679882 Windfall Farm Limited Roscommon
706975 My Cuppa Bubble Tea Limited Dublin
716194 Sound Point Harlech Venture Lending Master Fund Designated Activity Company Dublin
721847 Compagnie Africaine De Fourniture De Materiels Techniques (Cafomt) Limited Dublin
201081 Peter Pan Fun Centre Limerick Unlimited Company Dublin
457844 The Holy Family Kids Club Limited Clare
483653 Euro-Bridge Blue Limited Cork
503147 Food-Bridge Juniper Limited Cork
504257 Plattreid Limited Dublin
528809 Euro-Bridge Almond Limited Cork
534369 Euro-Bridge Allen Limited Cork
569871 Food-Bridge Jones Limited Cork
569876 Food-Bridge King Limited Cork
569888 Food-Bridge Scott Limited Cork
569889 Food-Bridge Smith Limited Cork
570022 Euro-Bridge Taylor Limited Cork
570023 Euro-Bridge Thomas Limited Cork
570024 Euro-Bridge Walker Limited Cork
573313 Food-Bridge Lambay Limited Cork
573314 Food-Bridge Lettermore Limited Cork
573526 Food-Bridge Scariff Limited Cork
573527 Food-Bridge Sherkin Limited Cork
574273 Euro-Bridge Sodium Limited Cork
574279 Food-Bridge Sodium Limited Cork
574280 Food-Bridge Silicon Limited Cork
574294 Euro-Bridge Oxygen Limited Cork
574346 Euro-Bridge Sulphur Limited Cork
581221 Adexo Limited Dublin
582258 Euro-Bridge Angram Limited Cork
582259 Euro-Bridge Blackton Limited Cork
582260 Euro-Bridge Blithfield Limited Cork
582300 Euro-Bridge Ardingly Limited Cork
591910 Food-Bridge Ogden Limited Cork
591911 Food-Bridge Oldbury Limited Cork
591913 Food-Bridge Ormesby Limited Cork
591943 Euro-Bridge Olton Limited Cork
591944 Euro-Bridge Ormesby Limited Cork
591945 Euro-Bridge Oulston Limited Cork
591946 Euro-Bridge Packington Limited Cork
591954 Food-Bridge Oulston Limited Cork
591955 Food-Bridge Packington Limited Cork
592057 Rybelo Limited Dublin
593056 K L Energy Limited Dublin 11
597406 Newcastlewest Business Park Owner Management Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
618433 Optimum Energy Consultants Limited Louth
635123 Pol Meat Exports 005 Limited Cork
635125 Pol Meat Exports 003 Limited Cork
635126 Pol Meat Exports 004 Limited Cork
635127 Pol Meat Exports 006 Limited Cork
635128 Pol Meat Exports 007 Limited Cork
635129 Pol Meat Exports 008 Limited Cork
635130 Pol Meat Exports 009 Limited Cork
635131 Pol Meat Exports 010 Limited Cork
635132 Pol Meat Exports 011 Limited Cork
635140 Food-Bridge Scammonden Limited Cork
635141 Food-Bridge Scarhouse Limited Cork
635153 Pol Meat Exports 012 Limited Cork
658699 Trift Experiences Limited Dublin
670038 Cableline Cabling Solutions Limited Kerry
682107 Sheridan Hughes Limited Dublin
682108 Hughes Sheridan Limited Dublin
691736 Jl Global Workflow Limited Dublin
709462 Myr Developments Limited Donegal
10447 Sparkit Ventures Limited Dublin
14081 The Crystal Glass Company Limited  Dublin
41709 Dick Morgan (Bloodstock) Limited  Waterford
51776 Hanley Drapers Limited  Mayo
53598 J.D. McMurray (Connemara) Limited  Galway
64313 Seanachie, an Rinn Teoranta  Waterford
77874 W.S.D. (Limerick) Limited  Limerick
86411 Proctor and Fitzgerald Limited  Dublin
91756 John J. Foley Pharmacy Limited  Dublin
92298 Atlantic Home & Garden Centre Limited Dublin
113108 Ember-Steely Limited  Dublin
119654 Animedia Teoranta  Galway
122284 Simcroft Services Limited  Dublin
124682 Leonard Car Sales (Ballina) Limited  Dublin
125021 Lynch's Pharmacy (Kells) Limited  Dublin
137659 Norgrove Sales Limited  Dublin
151531 Fivesix Catering Limited  Dublin
151984 Ultraplan Interiors Limited  Dublin
153878 Rockford House Limited  Donegal
155613 Brontech Engineering Limited  Dublin
155995 Dairyco Limited  Tipperary
163273 Jetting Techniques Limited  Kildare
175331 Kentz Data Systems Limited  Cork
175769 Clandown Limited  Dublin
189699 International Business Services Holdings Limited  Dublin
190737 O'Dwyer & Sons (Contracts) Limited  Tipperary
201228 House of Woods Unlimited Company Dublin
215695 Camberside Limited  Dublin
217802 Rivermount Limited  Dublin
220911 Irlandia Trading Limited  Dublin
248025 Linkvard Limited  Dublin
303887 Arealogic Limited  Dublin
335680 Willenberry Limited  Cork
345852 Rodney Marsh Electrical Limited  Mayo
381107 Fitzgerald Commercial Sales Limited  Cork
387194 Orgapod Limited Wicklow
419038 Anf Scaffolding Services Limited  Cork
466980 Rushglade Limited  Dublin
503155 Food-Bridge Saffron Limited Cork
547703 Beeactiv Limited Limerick
568499 Pal Real Estate Consultancy Limited Dublin
569868 Food-Bridge Hill Limited Cork
569869 Food-Bridge Jackson Limited Cork
569870 Food-Bridge Johnson Limited Cork
569886 Food-Bridge Nelson Limited Cork
570020 Euro-Bridge Scott Limited Cork
573311 Food-Bridge Inch Limited Cork
574293 Euro-Bridge Nitrogen Limited Cork
574307 Food-Bridge Nitrogen Limited Cork
574308 Food-Bridge Neon Limited Cork
574321 Food-Bridge Hydrogen Limited Cork
586699 Seonaya Limited Cavan
591908 Food-Bridge Netherton Limited Cork
591909 Food-Bridge Nutscale Limited Cork
591934 Euro-Bridge Netherton Limited Cork
591935 Euro-Bridge Nutscale Limited Cork
591936 Euro-Bridge Ogden Limited Cork
591937 Euro-Bridge Oldbury Limited Cork
601456 Eastern Supreme Foods Company Limited Dublin
603043 Dynamics Monster Limited Dublin
604126 Marnwels Limited Dublin
605697 Metasurfers Limited Dublin
635084 Euro-Bridge Ridgegate Limited Cork
635139 Food-Bridge Salhouse Limited Cork
635155 Euro-Bridge Scammonden Limited Cork
635156 Euro-Bridge Scarhouse Limited Cork
635159 Euro-Bridge Salhouse Limited Cork
676021 Ithania Investments Limited Sligo
680299 Livpoly Consultant Limited Kildare
691964 Lfm Software Limited Dublin
694585 Kentack Limited Dublin
698915 Seasonal Offers Limited Louth
712332 Aspectfs Europe Limited Dublin 4
716997 P Roddy Limited Dublin
737116 Sharkey Fish Company Limited Louth
There are 242 companies in the above list.

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