Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 409 (Week Ending 10/08/2020)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
58750 Cross Refrigeration Engineering Limited Cork
101645 Jabot Trading Limited County Dublin
107300 Tierney Motor Company Limited Dublin 11
135317 Clonbur Investments Limited Co Wexford
160684 Abbott Investments Limited Co Meath
181203 Whitdale Limited Dublin 8
255901 Oldchurch Properties Limited Co. Westmeath
286793 Braybounce Limited Co. Clare
290411 Dunlar Plant Limited Co.Monaghan
310228 Zonal Engineering Limited Co Dublin
324224 Milton Tm Limited Dublin 2
324805 Evolution Ecommerce Solutions Limited Dublin 12
344249 Goldfish Films Limited Dublin 8
361244 Solidoc Holdings Limited Co. Dublin
367330 Port Credit Harbour Public Limited Company Dublin 2
372985 Duncannon Harbour View Management Limited Co Wexford
390005 McShane Project Management Limited Co Monaghan
396871 Mardar Engineering Limited Co Cork
399465 Geary Developments Limited Co Monaghan
400620 Susan Brady Limited Dublin 13
418533 Doyle Stone & Associates Limited Co. Wicklow
421973 One Stop Properties Limited Waterford
429706 Murex Innovations Limited Dublin 2
430749 Cronin Signs Limited Co. Kerry
442671 Grant Estates Limited Co. Dublin
445243 Ferris Concepts Limited Co. Dublin
446248 Tom Crean Limited Co Wexford
448573 Beckman Coulter Biomedical Unlimited Company Co. Clare
450028 Tmcg Estates (Galway) Limited Co Tipperary
452449 Sav Construction & Property Maintenance Limited Co. Laois
455716 John Devine Engineering Services Limited Co Dublin
459513 West Kebabs Limited Co Mayo
460521 Concept Control Limited Co. Leitrim
463750 Coolair Green Energy Limited Dublin 24
463978 Global Business Excellence Granahan Limited Co. Clare
465967 Coolair Investments Limited Co. Cork
474229 Astonjet-Investments Limited Co. Clare
477516 Rapid Data Recovery Limited Co. Mayo
485448 Cka Business Advisory Limited Dublin 15
485901 Michael Chong Limited Dublin 11
489413 Ndlovu Medical Services Limited Co. Kildare
490161 Carbonblack Limited Co. Dublin
494487 Lissvar Limited Co Cork
496731 Goodness Import & Export Ireland Limited Co. Dublin
497359 Ballycotton Island Tours Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Cork
514698 Sedap Solutions Limited Co. Roscommon
515072 Nepenthe Engineering Limited Co. Dublin
516154 Bhearna a Haon Teoranta Co. Galway
523591 Amareco Limited Co. Kildare
524473 North Orchard Consultants Limited Dublin 13
530438 Parliament Street Medical Practice Limited Dublin 2
531145 Jin Shan Chinese Restaurant Limited Co. Kildare
531905 Logos Ventures Limited Dublin 15
537319 Wyer Lighting & Electrical Products Limited Co. Kildare
538574 Simply Osteopathy Limited Co. Mayo
541459 Fdc International Adventures Limited Limerick
545976 Rota Transportation Services Limited Dublin 11
546612 Quantum Seduction Limited Cork
549454 Castlebridge Financial Limited Co. Wexford
549458 Elite Marketing & Design Limited Dublin 16
549713 Get Up! Stand Up! Company Limited By Guarantee Galway City
550344 Wright Management Co. Limited Dublin 16
553526 Ganesh and Vikas Limited Co. Dublin
553902 Rubicon Fabrications Unlimited Company Co. Galway
561649 Corcoran & Martin Construction Limited Co. Offaly
562220 Dugvin Limited Co Dublin
562355 A & P Fryday Agricultural Contractors Limited Co. Tipperary
564234 Stellium Operations Limited Co. Louth
564282 Data Guard Limited Dublin 15
565354 Powerup Work Limited Dublin 14
569380 Shire Pharmaceuticals Finance Ireland Unlimited Company Dublin 2
570677 Silver Branch Productions Designated Activity Company Co. Clare
570678 Deep Ocean Productions Designated Activity Company Co. Clare
572221 Stepitout Mobile Applications Limited Co. Leitrim
572614 Passive Sustainable Solutions Limited Dublin 7
573428 Tripmonk Limited Co. Dublin
578914 Comet Halley Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
579337 Ko's Restaurant (Dundalk) Limited Co Louth
585301 George Stanley Developments Limited Dublin 6w
586976 Kriu Limited Dublin 2
590498 Sportego Nominees Limited Carlow
591475 Fbtech. Services Ireland Limited Co Tipperary
592548 Glenwood Ventures Limited Co. Wicklow
596189 Businessbrew Marketing Limited Wicklow
598044 Bridget and Eamon Series 3 Designated Activity Company Dublin 12
598455 Secret Garden Flowers Limited Co. Limerick
599107 Kas Safety Products Limited Dublin 1
605417 Kite Studios Limited Co. Wicklow
606273 Flavatar Ireland and UK Limited Co. Galway
607290 Vaisb Limited Cork
607621 Chemistry Water Treatment Limited Dublin 18
608019 Ddw2 Films Designated Activity Company Galway
608259 Can'T Cope 2 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
608726 Epg Consulting Limited Cork
610683 Stellium Holdings Limited Co. Louth
610684 Stellium Investments Limited Co. Louth
611605 Home Safe Home Telecare Limited Dublin 22
611622 Da Palma Consulting Limited Co Dublin
612374 The Adventure Academy Limited Cork
615222 Metalman Bars Limited Waterford
617637 Bikbergen Dublin Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
618893 Cat's Shakes Limited Dublin 24
620548 Panonio Limited Dublin 6
623446 Samowa Limited Cork
625495 Anonest Limited Dublin 2
625572 Lewis International Search Limited Clontarf Dublin 3 D03 P590
629975 Broadcast Datavision Limited Dublin 2
632027 Pchitou Pchitou Limited  Limerick
633824 Quinta Investment Holdings Limited Dublin 7
634043 Cork Craft Brewing Limited Co. Cork
636631 Hre Developments Limited Dublin 2
640422 Ceim Community Development Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Mayo
640714 Notions Agency Limited Dublin 9
640964 Wellwex Limited Co. Wexford
641059 Brosnanfilm Limited Dublin 16
641185 Dotf2 Limited Dublin 9
642728 Tommy Cullen Limited Co Wexford
643082 Liquid Armour Ireland Limited Dublin 4
643741 Rsr Medical Limited Dublin 6
644347 Pzl Consult Limited Co. Dublin
647541 Dr Alex Limited Clontarf Dublin 3 D03 P590
650649 Coo Boo Productions Limited Co. Kilkenny
652455 Slp Accommodation Limited Dublin 7
653121 Ecomadic Limited Co. Dublin
654132 Newford Developments Limited Co. Kildare
655584 Vanilla & Fudge Limited Lucan
667941 Noble Team Limited Co. Dublin
There are 127 companies in the above list.

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