Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 449 (Week Ending 11/04/2021)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
115706 Radstock Limited Dublin
296936 Adramone Trading Limited Dublin
307978 Line Construction (Donegal) Limited Donegal
339939 Skopek Unlimited Company Dublin
360309 Skonac Unlimited Company Dublin
408534 Michael Mulleady Contractors Limited Longford
413053 Millerview Limited Cork
414838 Wpc Aiken's Nominees No. One Limited Dublin
414839 Wpc Aiken's Nominees No. Two Limited Dublin
415259 Wpc Aiken's Nominees No. Three Limited Dublin
457974 Kevin Callinan Painting Solutions Limited Clare
458428 Hospice Jinja Uganda Project Company Limited By Guarantee Clare
464403 Cushing House Community Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
490738 Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Association Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
496489 Diageo Europe Holdings Limited Dublin
500968 Bite a Bargain Limited Dublin
546708 Psq Developments Limited Dublin
547097 Clarkson Port Services Ireland Limited Dublin
553514 Radiant Logic Ne Limited Dublin
582797 Iveagh Physical Therapy Services Limited Dublin
584236 Nos Workshop Limited Dublin
594894 The Well Bred Butcher Limited Kerry
600711 Wellfleet Investments Limited Dublin
614185 Magnifique Designated Activity Company Dublin
644170 Rddb Developments Limited Donegal
647008 Aviationzorro Limited Dublin
647394 Red Fox Publishing Limited Dublin
654805 Lifestyle Pension Property Limited Mayo
679533 H3 Beauty & Health Products Limited Cork
22991 Maryland Trust Company Limited Dublin
209759 Action Inishowen Company Limited By Guarantee Donegal
307631 Bevington Limited Dublin
381790 Lourdes Connect Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
445528 Rdk Property Holdings Limited Galway
450812 Pioneer Brothers Limited Dublin
456249 Star Plaza Management Limited Dublin
470676 Mid West External Insulation Limited Limerick
471154 Chapter Productions Limited Dublin
478866 Bowpark Explorations (Ireland) Limited Kilkenny
497153 Cleannets Limited Donegal
498329 Verslun Limited Cork
500440 Ozinga Limited Roscommon
521141 Mirad Futures Trading Limited Dublin
523315 Rural Irish Holidays Limited Clare
546138 Tetrarch Hospitality Limited Dublin
546391 Tp3 Packaging Logistics Ireland Limited Dublin
571623 Beewent Limited Tipperary
585861 The Elphin Diocesan Family Services Company Limited By Guarantee Sligo
600542 Sts Devices Ireland Limited Dublin
613326 Veleta Consulting Limited Longford
615852 Oliveira Feller Enterprises Limited Dublin
622063 Rieger Management Limited Dublin
632160 Rigged Gig Limited Cork
639101 Bamboogum Limited Dublin
643828 Flysilk Ast Limited Limerick
649041 Bsr Shellfish Limited Donegal
653859 Swingezy Limited Wexford
659861 Paremus Europe Limited Dublin
665220 Paper Convertec Europe Limited Dublin
671546 Higgins & Flynn Limited Dublin
678294 Ranara Medicals Limited Louth
65779 Monaghan and Carroll Limited Offaly
72948 John Hanley, Newsagent, (Castlebar) Limited Dublin 5
312222 Astrix Catering Limited Dublin
370668 Creamy Sonic Studios Limited Dublin
440303 Adm Mersey Investments Limited Dublin 5
456379 Ferbane Retail Developments Limited Dublin
480868 Fhps Limited Kilkenny
513126 Control Point Limited Dublin
558349 Falif Holding Limited Dublin
567618 Ballyfore Pig Farm Unlimited Company Cavan
575722 Cashel Tourism Ce Company Limited By Guarantee Tipperary
579505 Tamana Limited Louth
601210 Icon Professional Services Group Limited Dublin
602996 Adrian McEntee Limited Dublin
622918 Pranayama Holdings Limited Dublin
629106 Little Fox Cafe Limited Clare
630249 Casdev Limited Galway
637499 Harp Stainless & Engineering Limited Meath
647657 Teachers Treasure Limited Dublin
655313 Steelridge Resources Limited Dublin
658801 Glenbeigh Securities 2020-1 Designated Activity Company Dublin
666326 Vortex Autotrade Limited Dublin
97161 Pirouette Limited Dublin
110280 D. & R. Catering Limited Dublin
170777 Whelan Services Limited Dublin
319947 Bearnard O'Coirbin Teoranta Galway
366034 Lucidity Technologies Limited Dublin 4
382772 Abbott Products Unlimited Company Dublin
419232 Night Blue Fruit Technology Limited Leitrim
420080 Mayo School of Music Limited Mayo
454763 Comb Visual Communications Limited Kildare
529788 Knock Marriage Introductions Company Limited By Guarantee Mayo
542492 Viajes Chill Dara Limited Kildare
564477 Primatabs Limited Tipperary
580972 S & S Quality Foods Limited Dublin
581532 Builderengine Limited Galway
599051 Smarkup Limited Dublin
601365 Watts Projects (Ireland) Limited Westmeath
603205 Every Step Limited Dublin
604740 Sumting Sumting Software Limited Dublin
608011 Silbury Foods Limited Cork
626847 Zoogle Education Limited Galway
628252 Mind Blowers Limited Dublin
628382 Beech Hill Consulting Limited Dublin
654219 Milkexx Limited Louth
668437 Liferay Cloud Limited Dublin
668520 Mysocial Management Limited Dublin
670210 Hands on Hygiene Limited Offaly
681447 Woloris Business Consulting & Services Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
683932 Café Bolty Limited Cork
685243 European Property Partner Limited Dublin
There are 112 companies in the above list.

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