Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 459 (Week Ending 15/06/2021)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
388471 Peter McVerry Trust Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
473177 Mytaxes Now Limited Wicklow
510265 Drogheda Civic Trust Company Limited By Guarantee Louth
513966 Golden Paddocks Limited Tipperary
522423 K. Fyfe Contracting Limited Dublin
527847 Personal Insolvency Consultancy Services Limited Westmeath
542890 Pig Dog Analog Limited Wicklow
596021 Htsaw (Fame) Designated Activity Company Dublin
600784 Db Structured Finance 1 Designated Activity Company Dublin
600785 Db Structured Finance 2 Designated Activity Company Dublin
604352 Tifm Consultancy Services Limited Cork
609929 Owk Consulting Limited Mayo
630431 Techstream Global Recruitment Limited Dublin
637805 Superstyle Entertainment Limited Dublin
657902 Starcrossedskies Limited Dublin
660291 Agile Ducks Limited Dublin
661155 Sonix Software Limited Dublin
666525 Renee Joyce Limited Dublin
118217 Rockholm Resources Limited Meath
254680 Lismard Industrial Park Management Company Limited By Guarantee Carlow
254783 Mick Mike Incorporation Limited Westmeath
364519 Balyna Group Water Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee Kildare
401044 Footmaster Limited Dublin
417553 A & S Precast Systems Limited Wexford
422793 Lawe Engineering Limited Roscommon
468349 Tpe Consulting Engineers Limited Dublin
552079 Susan Ciminelli (Europe) Limited Donegal
556773 Ashbal Medical Limited Galway
571797 Platinum Property Investments Limited Dublin
589011 Scs Gallagher Consulting Limited Dublin
598490 Quality Solutions By Kay Limited Cork
604236 Sona Managed Services Limited Cork
612946 John Swan Consultancy Limited Dublin
613722 Cad Innovation Solutions Limited Dublin
625905 Tlk Recruitment Limited Dublin
634599 Lotto Factory Solutions Limited Dublin
634600 Lotto Factory Limited Dublin
639730 Htm Foundry Materials Limited Dublin
641735 Revamps Design and Construction Limited Cork
645614 Phos Prep Technical Solutions Ireland Limited Dublin
670436 Quality Assurance Support Limited Galway
675837 Pm Power Generators Limited Louth
680669 Valor Global Customer Solutions Europe Limited Limerick
113443 Ryan Energy International Limited Waterford
138593 Solana Investments Limited Wicklow
361657 Glennoggin Community Employment Scheme Limited Dublin
369360 T O'G Motors Limited Wicklow
380223 Snodgrass Quantity Surveyors Limited Wicklow
392583 T.R.A.I.L. (Transition Residential Accomodation For Independent Living) Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
404609 Shannonside Access Automation Limited Limerick
422611 Frank Wright Limited Westmeath
490147 Peter Mitchell Logistics Consultancy Limited Cork
515357 Hummingbird Boutique Limited Meath
528681 Hotelpoints Promotions Ireland Limited Dublin
530210 Zhuang & Wang Limited Mayo
542692 Hospital Contact Limited Limerick
545744 The Plot Device Limited Dublin
558066 Coragh Construction Limited Cavan
574927 Jamaim Holdings Limited Dublin
581054 Barvic Capital Limited Cork
589002 Ends Meet Films Designated Activity Company Wicklow
607643 Huality Limited Dublin
614281 Richtech Consulting Limited Dublin
629629 Michael Hartney Enterprises Limited Wicklow
643793 Taxi Watch Company Limited By Guarantee Kilkenny
665946 Loc Accounting Services Limited Cork
678790 Luxury Garments Store Limited Cork
679078 Morion Limited Cavan
115838 Nordica Limited Dublin
328504 Ot O'Toole Auctioneering Limited Mayo
391598 Urban Networks Limited Dublin
392340 Four Seasons Discount Stores Limited Kildare
478456 Cemlogic Limited Meath
494822 Tolan Gaming & Sporting Services Limited Galway
500350 Mamba Bay Limited Dublin
500444 Cnc Total Limited Dublin
503669 Kitsoon Limited Meath
505060 Andy Byrne Limited Kildare
526790 Grasp Wearable Technologies Limited Cork
572902 Syncrasy Limited Dublin
594209 Thronebrook Limited Co. Na Gaillimhe
623264 M.A. Stephens Holdings Limited Westmeath
630462 David-Sarah-Mikaƫl Enterprise Limited Longford
631900 Flavourtec Ireland Limited Dublin
632715 Montano Consultancy Limited Meath
634829 Elite Moving Systems Limited Dublin
641630 Corcoran Cloud Consulting Limited Dublin
653181 Driway International Technologies Limited Dublin
653319 Costello Cpo Limited Galway
660471 Psrl Limited Dublin
661373 Uncle Al's Foods Limited Dublin
669005 Nolex Mining Limited Dublin
684864 Simru Global Holdings Limited Dublin
321157 Farrell Supplies Limited Carlow
370003 Creagh Engineering Limited Dublin
387775 Duckling Development Limited Cork
477806 8th Avenue and Fort Limited Dublin
487578 Hollybrook Power Supplies (Ireland) Limited Cork
488714 Realthink Consulting Limited Meath
492874 Henable Limited Meath
510606 Premier Drilling & Blasting International Limited Tipperary
563239 Byrne Brake Solutions Limited Cork
572305 Clairmont Films Designated Activity Company Dublin
581278 Joyce Films Designated Activity Company Dublin
582128 Cg Promotions Limited Westmeath
583183 Hark Helping Children Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
593905 Rarity Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
603172 Greenback Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
604319 Kompit Limited Kildare
620334 Onsite Treat Services Limited Dublin
632534 Pensbury Limited Limerick
648457 Vis Novus Limited Cork
There are 112 companies in the above list.

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