Below is a list of Dissolved companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 467 (Week Ending 02/08/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
416185 Outdoor Garden Products Limited Galway
607948 Armada Financing I Designated Activity Company Merchants Road Galway
620724 Armada Financing Ii Designated Activity Company Merchants Road Galway
208318 Mayo Workwear Research & Development Limited Galway
233155 Carmel Needham Limited Dublin
580057 Waypoint Asset Euro 1g Limited Harcourt Centre Harcourt Street Dublin 2
588128 Waypoint Asset Co 1d Limited Harcourt Centre Harcourt Street Dublin 2
592313 Waypoint Asset Co 1g Limited Limerick
592314 Waypoint Asset Co 1f Limited Harcourt Centre Harcourt Street Dublin 2
598148 Waypoint Asset Co 14 Limited Harcourt Centre Harcourt Street Dublin 2
600519 Waypoint Asset Co 1j Limited Harcourt Centre Harcourt Street Dublin 2
613253 Waypoint Asset Co 1k Limited Harcourt Centre Harcourt Street Dublin 2
623470 Waypoint Asset Co 1n Limited Harcourt Centre Harcourt Street Dublin 2
627614 Waypoint Asset Co 5b Limited Harcourt Centre Harcourt Street Dublin 2
59967 Toomey Construction Limited Bank Place Limerick
126180 C.B.S. (Kilkenny) Social Club Company Limited By Guarantee Kilkenny
132988 Cfc Seeds Limited Westmeath
136164 Killone Estates Limited Waterford
172481 Corrigan Transport Limited Monaghan
189488 H.J. Heinz Manufacturing Ireland Limited Dublin
224632 M & a Engineering Enterprises Limited Monaghan
257769 Potential Limited Dublin
290837 Mc Grath Bearing Supplies (M.B.S.) Limited Leitrim
295135 Nk Management Services Limited Louth
297623 Investment Strategies Fund Public Limited Company Mercer Street Lower Dublin 2
300494 Movie Go Limited Dublin
301628 Ramelton Investments Limited Dublin
324842 Wildways Limited Limerick
333861 Lurganboy Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee Leitrim
338974 International Cosmetics and Fragrances Limited Wicklow
351797 Amwell Developments Limited Dublin
374740 Cash Counting Equipment Limited Leitrim
383875 Newgrange Gymnastics Club Limited Dublin
385382 Cavendish Abs Portfolio Limited Dublin
385385 Cavendish Funding Company Unlimited Company Dublin
387299 Energy Awareness Limited Cork
415526 Clonmoney Transport Limited Clare
418416 Red Rock Agencies Limited Dublin
431066 Jk Hotel Consulting Limited Dublin
439054 Artizan Creative Limited Dublin
441114 Enko Design Limited Cork
443430 Waverider Consulting Limited Louth
457082 Netwise Limited Meath
462392 Meesha Limited Mayo
475078 Propertyber Limited Dublin
476995 Perforoc Limited Clare
484272 Sl Ortho Limited Dublin
485712 Aldon Treasury Unlimited Company Dublin
488093 Forsafire Limited Louth
488138 Casperdaisy Limited Dublin
495575 Db Digital Broadcasting Limited Dublin
500633 A.J. Ebbs Consulting Limited Dublin
501076 Sarox Unlimited Company Dublin
505729 Wize Commerce International Limited Dublin
512689 Core Laboratories (Ireland) Limited Dublin
524648 Buffalo Filter International Limited Dublin
526064 Gateway Family Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee Westmeath
527478 Gkpm Supply Chain Solutions Limited Cork
530423 Feng Yun Limited Meath
531174 Bitpips Limited Dublin
532226 Pgr Distributors Limited Dublin
536732 Barr Financial Services Limited Dublin
537526 Cesconicks Consulting Limited Dublin
544682 Cac Engineering Consulting Limited Cork
556580 C & E Property Search Limited Dublin
556781 Proofs Design & Management Limited Carlow
559992 Blackrock Louth General Partner Limited Kildare
560060 Tp3 Packaging Logistics Med Limited Dublin
564710 Dl Radiological Services Limited Galway
566045 McShera Consulting Limited Dublin
567233 Lci Freighters (Ireland) Limited Dublin
568217 Profaviation Limited Clare
568906 Amnet Ireland Limited Dublin 4
579911 Ann Barrett Consulting and Coaching Limited Dublin
579966 Aravali Consulting Limited Dublin
580098 Emmdan Properties Limited Laois
581877 Slco Limited Dublin
583345 Restoration Tv Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
585908 Sinepia Designated Activity Company Corrig Road Sandyford Business Park Dublin 18
587532 Yew Abbey Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
587903 Safety Horizon E.C.I Limited Dublin
588007 Lci Helicopters Nine Limited Dublin
589270 Tectus Developments Limited Dublin
589435 Vertice Financial Services Limited Dublin
591520 Walmeric Limited Dublin
598320 Murphy Ia Limited Dublin
602219 Collins Cycle Center Limited Tipperary
602312 Faxfinder Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
608055 Jay & Tony Catering Limited Dublin
610807 Harrington Health Limited Dublin
613867 Codefarmlabs Limited Dublin
614545 The Hops Apts Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
614903 Tribeca Property Investment Limited Galway
615278 Mh Aircraft Leasing Limited Dublin
622499 Moonlighting Consultant Limited Kerry
623026 Bv Pharma Limited Dublin
623767 Lci Helicopters Pdp Four Limited Dublin
625370 Athlete Education Ireland Limited Wexford
625541 Capsis Soft Limited Laois
626256 Dpo-Mo Limited Wicklow
626944 Carna Education Ireland Limited Dublin
630302 Shoesar Medics Limited Dublin
631705 Shine Recruitment Limited Wicklow
631713 Darcy Actuarial Limited Clare
632015 Leclub Golf Ireland Limited Dublin
636104 Dolphin Accounting Limited Kildare
639566 Lempire Limited Dublin
642500 European Financial Institutions Note Securitization 2020-1 Designated Activity Company Dublin
642938 Don Quon Trading Limited Louth
646721 Amplify Finance Ireland Limited Dublin
648174 Coolgurt Limited Tipperary
649349 Marql Limited Wicklow
653052 Geotech Optima Limited Louth
656558 Whites Oats Ireland Limited Monaghan
658061 Pandora's Box Supplies Limited Wexford
658527 Clean By Design Limited Cork
658534 Fresh Delight Eu Limited Dublin
660473 Laf Car Parts Limited Cork
662488 Rmt Management Limited Westmeath
666032 Pmt Asset Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
666181 Quality Excellence Consulting Limited Sligo
666743 Sixmedical Cw Gp Surgery Limited Wicklow
668183 Manustin Holdings Ii Limited Dublin
668631 Genexus UK & Ireland Limited Dublin
669439 Setubal Investments Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin
670713 Statuspheric Limited Cork
673838 Manustin Holdings Iii Limited Dublin
674794 La Gaia Integrative Solutions Limited Dublin
33805 Anvil Trading Limited Dublin
158243 Medaltech Motors Limited Dublin
492467 Xavier Consulting Limited Dublin
555226 Phastar Limited Dublin
570934 Magnolia Finance Xvii Designated Activity Company Dublin
587163 Perfstack Limited Kildare
632671 Affiliated Managers Group (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
111155 Dsr Ruby Ardee Limited Dunshaughlin Business Park Dunshaughlin Co. Meath
294538 Finnegan Properties Teoranta Dublin 4
311710 Sean O'Donovan Transport Limited Dublin
There are 138 companies in the above list.

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