Below is a list of Dissolved companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 572 (Week Ending 30/03/2023)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
27079 Allied Entertainments Limited Dublin
91946 Dublin Drug (Investments) Limited Dublin
121670 Blackwater Process Automation Limited Cork
153033 Dublin Drug Limited Dublin
163383 Leixlip Salmon Festival Company Limited By Guarantee Kildare
164805 Byrne, Rynne Holdings Limited Dublin
205339 Cal International Limited Dublin
217926 European Capital Corporation Limited Dublin
226999 Tinvier Limited Roscommon
229033 Tinvier Holdings Limited Roscommon
250608 Musgrave (Property Holdings) Unlimited Company Cork
255424 City Villa (Galway) Limited Galway
307988 D & M (Abbeyleix) Supermarket Limited Tipperary
318870 Glenmore Construction Limited Kildare
323788 Tafin Properties Limited Cork
343518 Dhb Construction Limited Galway
344945 Musgrave Group Properties Unlimited Company Cork
379262 Shelfwatch Unlimited Company Dublin
419353 Premier Validation Limited Cork
420994 Conroy Steelfixing Limited Galway
431916 A1 Hearing Aid Centre Limited Dublin
439656 Rebus Consulting Limited Dublin
452291 Biglook Limited Galway
455548 Eamon Moore It Solutions Limited Dublin
459240 Esprit Ireland Distribution Limited Dublin
469768 Chimney Draught Stop Limited Tipperary
471122 Udg Healthcare Nordic Limited Dublin
482216 Zehra Company Limited Kildare
494796 Oliver Ryan Electrical Limited Kilkenny
498328 Transline Shipping & Logistics Limited Dublin
498771 Ewa Athlone Retail Limited Westmeath
499048 Yvonne McNulty Hr Limited Wicklow
499635 Garcol Leisure Limited Dublin
502338 Sre Snacks Limited Westmeath
506637 Donaghy Plastering Limited Donegal
510024 Ark Hospitality (Ireland) Limited Dublin
513602 The Loc People Limited Dublin
515583 Equetech Pro-Surfaces Limited Wexford
516083 Cxf. Fortune Limited Cork
525792 Aquilant Limited Dublin
528071 Nataly & Co. Grocery Limited Dublin
528966 Rayyan Stores Limited Meath
532618 Zewin Limited Offaly
537003 Dreamline Media Production Limited Cork
537522 Rbco Developments Limited Dublin
539987 Izzat Medicare Limited Kildare
543251 Magic Moments Playschool Limited Donegal
543443 Nedkov Consulting Limited Dublin
545834 Ivanov Communication Solutions Limited Cavan
549719 Greenhill Parke Engineering Limited Donegal
549828 Drsamuel Limited Dublin
560430 Destined Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta Cavan
564597 Tullyard Fashion Agency Limited Meath
571798 Stars Powerkids Limited Dublin
571978 Stars Speedboards Limited Dublin
573233 Stars Online Sports Training Limited Dublin
578010 Jaco Consulting Limited Cork
579336 Stars Sports Investments Limited Dublin
580203 Promo Pads Limited Kildare
582892 Kasaba Limited Dublin
582952 Zentec It Limited Dublin
582996 Sadleir Tech Limited Meath
586450 Krystal Shopfitting Limited Dublin
588257 Classic Garage Limited Clare
591127 Amtc Corporate Secretarial Services Limited Dublin
591153 Lean Supply Chain Limited Dublin
594289 J & P Cullen Construction Limited Wexford
596001 Niall Sloane Commercials Limited Westmeath
596384 Boc Upstream Consultants Limited Dublin
600189 Big Bad Studios Limited Wexford
602268 Tym Films Designated Activity Company Dublin
604210 Teipa Limited Roscommon
605549 Stone Hill Complex Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Kilkenny
610015 McGrath Daly & Company Limited Cavan
610612 Redrock Capital Management Limited Dublin
611401 Evlateam Limited Cork
611932 Draff Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
613574 Burren Dreaming Designated Activity Company Dublin
615398 Veda Software Solutions Limited Dublin
617481 Bramer Doon Limited Roscommon
620902 Skyblue Pm-R&D Solutions Limited Dublin
635593 Deaf Judge Apparel Limited Dublin
635865 Hmy Pvt Limited Dublin
640185 Sbc Compliance Limited Kerry
641868 Rtd Tooling Europe Limited Dublin
645845 Asalt CS Limited Laois
649368 Our Secret Lab Limited Dublin
651184 Crystal's Pie Hole Limited Louth
651394 Mayflower Technologies Limited Dublin
653108 Trusted Identity Limited Dublin
654474 Golden Eagle Land Limited Dublin
654819 Kerry Bun Distribution Limited Cork
654998 Proton People Limited Donegal
655422 Karevy Limited Dublin
657866 Pn Celtic Holdings Limited Dublin
658407 Clearlead Consulting (Europe) Limited Dublin
659230 Clee Engineering Limited Dublin
660892 Alans Fire Safety Limited Dublin
661689 Ire Intersport Limited Mayo
662352 Zone 414 Films Designated Activity Company Dublin
662467 Yi Rui Limited Dublin
663093 Fortune and Frame Limited Wicklow
664152 Derek Connell Construction Limited Meath
667180 Gem Sales Development Limited Offaly
667818 Rokos Logistics Limited Dublin
670283 Skills Council Ireland Limited Dublin
671456 Haonoodle Limited Dublin
671593 Mutual Innovations Projects Limited Dublin
673464 Vintage Bar & Steakhouse Limited Leitrim
674378 Mac & Mo Beauty Bar Limited Laois
674843 Citcon Europe Limited Dublin 1
675143 Solo Vision Limited Dublin
675824 H & N Medics Limited Dublin
676869 Beacon Contracting Limited Dublin
677141 Water Technology Detergents Limited Cork
677862 Yaniv Siegel Limited Dublin
678680 Dynamic Water Services Limited Westmeath
679966 Electus Bio Limited Galway
680296 Lough Talt Glen Limited Galway
682040 Auroral Products Limited Kildare
682464 Case Furniture (Eu) Limited Cork
688811 Hazelgate Consulting Limited Dublin
689764 Purebrand Dynamics Limited Cork
690914 Tech Trendy Limited Kildare
692097 Clean Green Veg (Rhode) Limited Dublin
692491 Netlynk Delivery Limited Dublin 8
693744 Netlynk Couriers Limited Dublin 8
697721 Wayne Murphy Electrical Limited Wexford
697857 Cy Honkaku Limited Meath
697879 Siegntopay Limited Dublin
698095 Heyflorist Social Technologies Limited Dublin
699200 Marttila Limited Dublin
699332 Str8 Red Records Limited Dublin
700254 Myers Property Ventures Limited Cork
701546 Quality World Limited Kildare
701887 Irish Pakistani Medical Association Company Limited By Guarantee Kerry
702968 Energie Konzepte Limited Dublin
703598 Todexpo Limited Dublin
705640 Clearwonder Limited Dublin
706692 Northern Ring Limited Clare
707302 Bright Motors Navan Limited Dublin
707634 Casey's Cloud Consulting Limited Dublin
708287 Tdj1 Gp Co Limited Dublin 2
708300 Nftlicense Limited Dublin
711866 Branded Assets Limited Cork
719233 Dogpatch Labs Sustainability Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 1
719234 Dogpatch Labs Foundation Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
720912 Erosien E-Commerce Limited Laois
721766 Arvonis Technology Limited Dublin
281346 Aquarius Business Partners Limited Cork
638768 Durklil Limited Dublin 4
There are 151 companies in the above list.

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