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Issue 376 (Week Ending 20/08/2019)
IndustryCompany Count
Agriculture, hunting and forestry44 Companies »
Computers86 Companies »
Construction187 Companies »
Education26 Companies »
Electricity, gas and water supply9 Companies »
Financial intermediation85 Companies »
Fishing8 Companies »
Health and social work54 Companies »
Hotels and restaurants75 Companies »
Leasing48 Companies »
Legal, Accounting & Business360 Companies »
Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products14 Companies »
Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres7 Companies »
Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel1 Company »
Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment26 Companies »
Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco14 Companies »
Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.11 Companies »
Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products1 Company »
Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing21 Companies »
Manufacture of rubber and plastic products3 Companies »
Manufacture of textiles and textile products5 Companies »
Manufacture of transport equipment3 Companies »
Manufacture of wood and wood products2 Companies »
Manufacturing n.e.c.20 Companies »
Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials2 Companies »
Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials4 Companies »
Motor39 Companies »
Other community, social and personal service activities150 Companies »
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security4 Companies »
Real estate151 Companies »
Transport, storage and communication52 Companies »
Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods136 Companies »

Below is a list of Companies, whose Financial Accounts became available in the week ending 20/08/2019.

Agriculture, hunting and forestry

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
443505Pabst International Limited16/08/2019
178985Fallmore Mushrooms Limited17/08/2019
456962Semaphore Consulting (Cork) Limited17/08/2019
521443Jilali Farms Limited17/08/2019
479279Mount Zephyr Farm Limited17/08/2019
523218Thomas J. Flynn Limited15/08/2019
445843Munster Cattle Breeding Group Limited15/08/2019
537426Annaghcastle Herd Limited15/08/2019
556579Velvetstown Farm Limited15/08/2019
517091Tullybryan Farms Limited15/08/2019
554447J.E. Dairy Farm Limited15/08/2019
537745Ballindonna Farms Limited15/08/2019
521444Ltla Farm Limited15/08/2019
532772Rm Farming Limited14/08/2019
538006Kilgrant Farms Limited13/08/2019
529234C.R.B. Bloodstock Limited17/08/2019
353267Boyne Hoofcare Products Limited15/08/2019
537180Ashleigh Farms (Environmental) Limited17/08/2019
537210Munster Pig Exports Limited17/08/2019
452687Kilrodane Freerange Farm Limited14/08/2019
499886Graigue Dairy Farm Limited17/08/2019
554835Buinea Agri Limited17/08/2019
521530Moulane Farm Limited17/08/2019
555715Mogue O'Rourke Limited17/08/2019
555833Coolroe Farm Limited17/08/2019
500095Jk Heffernan Limited17/08/2019
535766Gw Farms Limited16/08/2019
557417Gt Farms Limited16/08/2019
557592John Caffrey Limited15/08/2019
537125Smcc Farm Limited15/08/2019
521522Clonagh Farms Limited15/08/2019
521627Garryvacum Farms Limited15/08/2019
545131Ballyking Farm Limited15/08/2019
536712Clive Buttimer Limited15/08/2019
492574Seamus Gleeson Limited13/08/2019
421554Thomas Archer (Castlebar) Limited15/08/2019
554579Garry Walsh Agri Contractors Limited15/08/2019
514956Dunmore Agri Services Limited13/08/2019
545042Silverpines Equestrian Limited16/08/2019
200668Caheredmond Farm Limited16/08/2019
115954Porscul Contractors Limited16/08/2019
488619Agri - Forest Harvesting Limited17/08/2019
367660O'Grady Logging Company Limited16/08/2019
466541C & C Skyline Services Limited16/08/2019
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
351842Arigadeen Limited16/08/2019
508498Rafter It Consultancy Limited15/08/2019
362928Systematics Software Limited17/08/2019
554099Cloyfin Consulting Limited17/08/2019
545828Askflywheel Limited17/08/2019
412820Myoasys Ireland Limited17/08/2019
531969Neolithic Limited17/08/2019
500317Animated Language Learning Limited17/08/2019
529463Gaviality Technology Limited17/08/2019
365960Leaseplan Information Services Limited16/08/2019
559311Web & Social Media Limited16/08/2019
509186Beauchica Consulting Limited16/08/2019
509347Neuron Spring Limited16/08/2019
434647Impellicos Limited16/08/2019
435685Jorys Contractor Services Limited16/08/2019
466827Newgrange Capital Partners Limited16/08/2019
511046E-Up Unified Perspective Limited16/08/2019
498051Navitas Software Limited15/08/2019
465419Singlepage Limited15/08/2019
433686Tenoware R&D Limited15/08/2019
537000Integrated Pricing Limited15/08/2019
419554Modena Solutions Limited15/08/2019
489944Talend Limited15/08/2019
560752Birdleaf Limited15/08/2019
379468Myoasys Holdings International Limited15/08/2019
560018Vubridge Limited15/08/2019
559601Carrowkeel Software Limited14/08/2019
536322Avonbrook It Systems Limited14/08/2019
554713Agpm Consulting Limited14/08/2019
554646Proflex It Limited14/08/2019
378046Jpoint Software Limited14/08/2019
530038Cardinal Integrated Solutions Limited14/08/2019
444161Simon Cassidy Limited14/08/2019
542293Etq EMEA Limited13/08/2019
529134Citilabs Technologies Limited13/08/2019
509263Deering Software Consulting Limited13/08/2019
554520Globoconnect International Limited13/08/2019
545562Xsolla Global Limited13/08/2019
514430Ies Lean Systems Limited13/08/2019
559470Tenem Limited13/08/2019
525170Guestcam Limited16/08/2019
370969Vertiv Ireland Limited14/08/2019
418164K.Bell Dkts Limited17/08/2019
549337Archangel Media Limited17/08/2019
507866Lowdec Consulting Limited17/08/2019
361933Hewlett-Packard Galway Limited17/08/2019
374889Hewlett-Packard Cds Ireland Limited17/08/2019
530384Jobovi International Limited17/08/2019
530903Allcongress Limited17/08/2019
507580Newit Ally Limited17/08/2019
333117Itomic Limited16/08/2019
408181Dks It and Engineering Consultants Limited16/08/2019
412754I.T. Xpress Limited16/08/2019
518156Nextpath Limited15/08/2019
328895Medmedianet Limited15/08/2019
423704All Ireland Publications Limited15/08/2019
492383Rialto Automation Limited15/08/2019
560567Sfdo Ireland Limited15/08/2019
511991Pyxis Black Limited15/08/2019
405949System Watch Limited14/08/2019
431917Yendo Limited14/08/2019
432179Cardsoft Systems Limited14/08/2019
534484Adcolony Ireland Limited14/08/2019
514674Streetrugby Limited14/08/2019
431254Tli Technologies Limited14/08/2019
557612Healthbridge Technology Limited14/08/2019
538561Build4less Limited13/08/2019
554684Opentable Ireland Limited13/08/2019
442318Energy Quarter Limited13/08/2019
358289Myhost Internet Services Limited13/08/2019
475665Click Ahead Limited13/08/2019
555157Clyne Technology Limited13/08/2019
422103R & M Validations Limited13/08/2019
536540Bpm Marketing Limited13/08/2019
337477Dermot Greene Limited13/08/2019
380523Oakview Technical Services Limited13/08/2019
521710Equability Limited13/08/2019
284789Sun Life Information Services Ireland Limited17/08/2019
254663Webcom Ireland Limited17/08/2019
303603Elon Design Limited17/08/2019
225470Dedicated Cad Systems Limited16/08/2019
255471Compuplan I.T. Limited14/08/2019
301018Adastra Software Limited14/08/2019
268001Post Consult International Limited14/08/2019
285369Systems Policy Limited13/08/2019
217769Beyond 2000 Limited13/08/2019
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
508489Erne Groundworks Limited15/08/2019
332364Jjp Developments Limited17/08/2019
332364Jjp Developments Limited17/08/2019
332364Jjp Developments Limited17/08/2019
332364Jjp Developments Limited17/08/2019
332364Jjp Developments Limited17/08/2019
332364Jjp Developments Limited17/08/2019
332364Jjp Developments Limited17/08/2019
514622John Mulcahy Qs Limited17/08/2019
367986Callan Tool & Plant Hire Limited17/08/2019
156605Bride View Developments Limited17/08/2019
501490Bride View Contractors Limited17/08/2019
390727Arjay Construction Limited17/08/2019
545521Orana Estates Limited17/08/2019
501491Bride View Housebuilders Limited17/08/2019
521636Lee Hills Engineering Supplies Limited17/08/2019
518158Dragonet Limited17/08/2019
412493Coill Chruinn Limited17/08/2019
471339Liam Ryan Developments Limited17/08/2019
496038Teremok Construction and Developments Limited17/08/2019
555035Snowflake Design Limited17/08/2019
412844Woodcliff Construction Limited17/08/2019
556192Idm Bespoke Limited17/08/2019
409817Varna Homes Limited17/08/2019
389579Wymanway Limited17/08/2019
556253Florin Painting Limited17/08/2019
336309Michael Flynn Construction Limited17/08/2019
151070David Lowe Construction Limited17/08/2019
509757Martin Reddin Limited17/08/2019
515000William Powell Construction Limited16/08/2019
169784Cunningham Tiling Limited16/08/2019
197041Marcourt Property Company Limited16/08/2019
424176Tanark Limited16/08/2019
368657G. Kelly Site Developments Limited16/08/2019
413316Wp Construction Limited16/08/2019
397181M&P Premier Developments Limited16/08/2019
423287Traycon Limited16/08/2019
412548Alo Delaney Construction Limited16/08/2019
543064Hollybrook New Homes Limited16/08/2019
148164Kevin McKeon Construction Limited16/08/2019
412652Mendell Construction Limited15/08/2019
441502S. Crawford Construction Limited15/08/2019
446332Markaye Contracts Limited15/08/2019
559061Stobra Limited15/08/2019
373635A.M.J. Builders Limited15/08/2019
412729Gmt Developments Limited15/08/2019
452169Dasi Sky International Limited15/08/2019
533591Haigney Restoration Limited15/08/2019
333703E.M.S. Developments Limited15/08/2019
131221C. McB Builders Castleblayney Limited15/08/2019
349329Extend Construction Limited15/08/2019
360068Kenaidan Contractors Limited15/08/2019
337937Jodsmbr Limited15/08/2019
349449S. B. Civil Engineers Limited15/08/2019
334841B.G. Malone Limited15/08/2019
328067G & H Homes Limited15/08/2019
332130Driver Delahunt Construction Limited15/08/2019
395525Brensean Developments Company Limited14/08/2019
399096O'Connor Sutton Cronin & Associates (Galway) Limited14/08/2019
399093O'Connor Sutton Cronin & Associates (Cork) Limited14/08/2019
399094O'Connor Sutton Cronin & Associates (Belfast) Limited14/08/2019
399095O'Connor Sutton Cronin & Associates (London) Limited14/08/2019
521367Croom Development Projects Limited14/08/2019
388371Menlough Developments Limited14/08/2019
378166Questview Construction Limited14/08/2019
555165Gridlink Engineering Limited14/08/2019
546121Roebuck Rpm Limited13/08/2019
333012Draper-Erin Limited13/08/2019
539348Ja Mac Construction Limited13/08/2019
481658Parkway Construction Limited13/08/2019
397683Edl Engineering Services Limited13/08/2019
444673Daigon Limited13/08/2019
510680P&G Redmond Limited13/08/2019
438582Ml Lynch Civil Engineering Limited13/08/2019
417592Lismed Limited13/08/2019
535649Kjr Civil Engineering Limited13/08/2019
479187S&L Walsh Construction Limited13/08/2019
351186James Ward Carpentry Limited13/08/2019
542726Marcus Moore Building Services Limited13/08/2019
435548MacPlan Limited13/08/2019
376667James O'Byrne Developments Limited13/08/2019
395927Alan & Ivan Sheridan Limited13/08/2019
379187Gerry Walsh Building Contractors Limited13/08/2019
546864Max Roofing Systems Limited15/08/2019
459460Gracian Roofing and Cladding Limited15/08/2019
384354A.K.A. Roofing Contractors Limited13/08/2019
494748Crowley Road Surfacing Crews Limited17/08/2019
344779Pitch Dimensions Limited15/08/2019
188195Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Centre Limited17/08/2019
431723Cashel Chimney Repairs Limited17/08/2019
170313Associated Pumps Limited17/08/2019
251624Building Technical Services Limited17/08/2019
293172Martin O'Connell Engineering Limited17/08/2019
355656Bott (Dublin) Limited17/08/2019
189577Celtic Technical (Munster) Services Limited17/08/2019
141093Design Interiors Limited16/08/2019
160283Tom Beresford & Sons Limited16/08/2019
241758Gabbett Industries Limited15/08/2019
122871Quinlan Engineering Limited14/08/2019
138329O'Connor, Sutton, Cronin & Associates Limited14/08/2019
144805T. Butler Engineering Limited14/08/2019
413661G.J. Ginty & Sons Limited13/08/2019
135057N.J.B. Engineering Limited13/08/2019
536134Fjfl Limited13/08/2019
536518Auscos Limited13/08/2019
242139Cts Group (M&E) Limited17/08/2019
431858Naea Limited17/08/2019
556606Gerard Horgan Limited17/08/2019
493282System Electric Limited17/08/2019
373289Kevin Blake Electrical Limited17/08/2019
532246Gladstone Engineering Limited17/08/2019
290465Galeforce Energy Limited17/08/2019
453077Edenvale Electrical Contractors Limited17/08/2019
311595R & G Electrical Limited17/08/2019
429035G.L.M. Electrical Limited16/08/2019
389202Rst Electrical Limited16/08/2019
517992Breffni Consultants Limited16/08/2019
356197Bmcc Energy Limited16/08/2019
395739Cmr Electrical Contractors Limited16/08/2019
456446Raniden Limited16/08/2019
455467Kedelec Exhibition Services Limited15/08/2019
466304C Flynn Electrical Limited15/08/2019
442052Barry Mason Electrical Limited15/08/2019
512466Munster Automation & Electrical Limited14/08/2019
379330Derek Forbes Electrical Limited14/08/2019
542876Valentin Electronics Limited14/08/2019
318301Tli Group Limited14/08/2019
463436Tli Utility Solutions Limited14/08/2019
536738Brendan Murphy Electrical Limited13/08/2019
136294P.J. Lonergan Electrical Limited13/08/2019
514969Alc Fire & Electrical Services Limited13/08/2019
273037Cronins Precision Engineering Limited13/08/2019
529390O'Driscoll Gas Limited17/08/2019
443461Hollyhaven Limited17/08/2019
412843Cjs Heating & Plumbing Limited17/08/2019
423769Fitzpatrick Plumbing & Heating Contractors Limited17/08/2019
448942Stephen Murphy Plumbing and Heating Limited17/08/2019
432437Paul Fitzgerald Heating & Plumbing Limited17/08/2019
363037Diarmuid Lynch Plumbing & Heating Limited16/08/2019
342566Fenton Fires Limited16/08/2019
413918Airflow Air Refrigeration (Galway) Limited16/08/2019
334299Allan O'Connor Shower Services Limited15/08/2019
370292Kevin O'Regan Heating & Plumbing Limited14/08/2019
544576Declan Smith Gas & Oil Limited14/08/2019
521741Rpg Facilities Limited13/08/2019
376175Reade Construction Limited13/08/2019
554699John G McSweeney Limited13/08/2019
554500Daniel Byrne Developments Limited17/08/2019
537329Miax Limited17/08/2019
540624Greenrose Developments Limited16/08/2019
545121D & V Flooring Installations Limited16/08/2019
555022Synergy Rend Limited15/08/2019
478910Mnl Carpentry Limited17/08/2019
464727Matt O' Leary Carpentry Services Limited16/08/2019
350556Bluelite Windows Limited16/08/2019
393870P & L Carpentry Limited16/08/2019
447602Bespoke Carpentry Limited16/08/2019
351610Goldston Construction Limited15/08/2019
405799Raymar Shopfitting Limited15/08/2019
554881Bjs Carpentry Limited13/08/2019
345209Reid Flooring (Nationwide) Limited17/08/2019
272272Irish Painters Limited16/08/2019
431837Rainbow Colour Limited16/08/2019
293748Bryde Construction Services Limited15/08/2019
479436Balleek Painters Limited13/08/2019
537169Griffin Design Solutions Limited16/08/2019
548161John O' Gorman Plant Hire Limited17/08/2019
556130Digaway Limited17/08/2019
550439Tullyskerry Plant Limited17/08/2019
246464Excel Construction Ireland Limited17/08/2019
274367McWeeney Sand and Gravel Limited17/08/2019
274619Watala Limited17/08/2019
484595Ganstrum Limited17/08/2019
273056Martin Harty Construction Limited16/08/2019
262175Jovdel Limited16/08/2019
244256Patrick Mc Cluskey & Company Limited15/08/2019
279144Knockrand Limited15/08/2019
320430Nalif Mechanical Services Limited15/08/2019
272615Goldenbridge Management Limited14/08/2019
313109K & a Plant Hire Limited14/08/2019
253690Croftbrook Developments Limited14/08/2019
261602Shancor Homes Limited14/08/2019
314766Blackwater Heights Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
307395Postmount Building Limited13/08/2019
294728Pencross Construction Limited13/08/2019
253105Mkn Properties Limited13/08/2019
294728Pencross Construction Limited13/08/2019
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
419076Douglas Abc Childcare Limited17/08/2019
514843Jm&T Education Limited17/08/2019
465870Pixie's Pre-School Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
540958Emeles Limited17/08/2019
463465Egoli Childcare Solutions Limited17/08/2019
413097Lynch Training & Development Limited16/08/2019
379543Exam Centre of Ireland Limited16/08/2019
493743Irish Association of Physicists in Medicine Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
431495Kadenza Consultancies Limited15/08/2019
486008Munster Driving Campus Limited15/08/2019
523001Rmm Performance Insights Limited17/08/2019
508840Irish Association For the Social Integration of Offenders16/08/2019
541185Star Outdoors Limited16/08/2019
485992Nightmaker Limited16/08/2019
302435Blakestown and Mountview Youth Initiative Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
481022Griffin College Limited15/08/2019
396263The Kildare Language Institute Limited15/08/2019
520428Renewables Academy Limited15/08/2019
450996Sheq Training Limited14/08/2019
507808Gerry Duffy Training International Limited14/08/2019
536876Mummycooks Limited13/08/2019
507246Celtica Educational Ireland Limited13/08/2019
554952McX Training and Development Limited13/08/2019
322162National Lgbt Federation Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
250188Gael Forbairt Na Gaillimhe Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta14/08/2019
101283Rialto Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
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Electricity, gas and water supply

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
488798B.S.B. Community Energy Limited16/08/2019
412733Toh Tawnaghmore Windfarm Limited16/08/2019
431487R & M Solar Energy Ireland Limited16/08/2019
521588North Clare Renewable Energy Limited15/08/2019
554630Dunman Energy Supply Limited15/08/2019
554629Plum Energy Supply Limited15/08/2019
528991Dwl Energy Supply Limited13/08/2019
350448Cully Automation Limited16/08/2019
491226Capcon Engineering Limited15/08/2019
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Financial intermediation

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
549539Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland17/08/2019
528286Williams & Roche Limited17/08/2019
350034Atriam Capital Designated Activity Company17/08/2019
492628Honcove Limited17/08/2019
541521Puffin Real Estate Limited17/08/2019
400642Vintage Car Investments Limited17/08/2019
501333M&M Artea Limited17/08/2019
475990MacHold Holdings Limited17/08/2019
428633Wire One Financial Services Limited17/08/2019
537996Janus Energy Trading Limited17/08/2019
399922North Wall General Partner Limited17/08/2019
358357Felix Kinco1 Limited17/08/2019
358358Felix Kinco2 Limited17/08/2019
358359Felix Kinco3 Limited17/08/2019
492728S.O.K. Consulting Limited17/08/2019
499918Maple Leaf Financing Limited17/08/2019
436853Transalp 2 Securities Public Limited Company17/08/2019
533709Arrow Property Strategies Limited17/08/2019
519992Artos Investments Limited17/08/2019
223344Castleside Accounting Services Limited17/08/2019
475616Willis Towers Watson Public Limited Company16/08/2019
212792Undervale Limited16/08/2019
465727Secured Multi Asset Repackaging Trust Public Limited Company16/08/2019
371838Glentawn Investments Unlimited Company15/08/2019
488064Cnp Santander Insurance Services Ireland Limited15/08/2019
559459Vermillion Aviation (Two) Limited15/08/2019
437200Tacani Investments Limited15/08/2019
508071Safe Life & Pensions Limited15/08/2019
415258Maples Fund Services (Ireland) Limited15/08/2019
223184Bny Mellon Trust Company (Ireland) Limited15/08/2019
159032Govanhill Limited14/08/2019
546216Extollo Limited14/08/2019
474787Reklaw Limited14/08/2019
566112Tcf Loan Warehouse 1 Designated Activity Company13/08/2019
440982Finance in Motion Limited13/08/2019
515048First Degree Investments Limited13/08/2019
462007Natwest Markets Secured Funding Designated Activity Company13/08/2019
452067Element Investments Limited13/08/2019
290802McCoy Holdings Limited17/08/2019
316897Prc Equipment Finance Limited17/08/2019
305917Roadrig Limited17/08/2019
245923Malvale Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
297502Yetholm Limited16/08/2019
296670Lordswalk Investments Limited16/08/2019
496077Rathebe Limited15/08/2019
119761Tannacho Investments Limited15/08/2019
324897Minkford Investments Limited14/08/2019
318787Goldrush Holdings Limited14/08/2019
167718Head View Limited13/08/2019
297727Canada Life Irish Holding Company Limited13/08/2019
195117Hanley Technology Limited13/08/2019
167176Ulster Bank Pension Trustees (R.I.) Limited14/08/2019
243873Corporate Finance International Limited17/08/2019
214174Printpost Limited14/08/2019
234651Professional Insurance Brokers Association Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
297731Canada Life Assurance Europe Public Limited Company14/08/2019
553780Ballsbridge Repackaging Designated Activity Company17/08/2019
340171Garland Developments Limited17/08/2019
542933Loancore Capital Markets (Europe) Designated Activity Company17/08/2019
374631Lusitano Mortgages No. 2 Public Limited Company17/08/2019
535011Custom Markets Securities 2 Public Limited Company17/08/2019
98288Grassvale Limited17/08/2019
553708Cl Vita, Designated Activity Company17/08/2019
143699Pll Hotels (Ireland) Limited17/08/2019
274783T & E Farrellys Limited17/08/2019
249791Dervent Investments Limited16/08/2019
226392Hp Production Company Limited16/08/2019
218098Act Development Capital Limited16/08/2019
479922Regulatory Capital Limited16/08/2019
468258Aries Capital Designated Activity Company15/08/2019
548183Virtues Mortgages Designated Activity Company15/08/2019
360903Axa Investment Managers Ireland Limited15/08/2019
245175Musbury Holdings Limited15/08/2019
441400Vityaz Designated Activity Company14/08/2019
529604Utmost Holdings Ireland Limited14/08/2019
271476Coronation Global Fund Managers (Ireland) Limited13/08/2019
228250Seilern Investment Management (Ireland) Limited13/08/2019
264776Mknf Holdings Limited13/08/2019
523473Bpc Financial Planning Limited17/08/2019
433876Guggenheim Partners Europe Limited16/08/2019
369768Affinion International Travel Limited15/08/2019
530050Calvo Invest Designated Activity Company15/08/2019
342823Club Direct Ireland Limited16/08/2019
488028Assist Insurances Limited15/08/2019
474399Coversure Limited13/08/2019
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
69850Star Seafoods Limited16/08/2019
545797Odhl Limited16/08/2019
518586Atlantic Rose Fishing Company Limited15/08/2019
392592Silva Nova Limited14/08/2019
320934D & O Seafoods Limited13/08/2019
174800Lurgan Green Shellfish Limited17/08/2019
133554Star Seafoods (Fish Sales) Limited16/08/2019
477583Epic Aqua Limited14/08/2019
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Health and social work

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
448326Zehnacker Healthcare Ireland Limited15/08/2019
112925St. James's Hospital Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
238115Norwood Nursing Home Limited13/08/2019
507045Nur Medics Limited16/08/2019
542929Kabir Medical Limited16/08/2019
492928Jafri Limited16/08/2019
485611Tsw Medical Limited15/08/2019
502740Devi Wellness Limited14/08/2019
485856William Joyce Limited13/08/2019
126109Cahill (Chiropodists) Limited13/08/2019
562850Catered Limited13/08/2019
510012Elzbieta Timmons Limited14/08/2019
507346The New You Clinic Limited17/08/2019
302199St. Dominic's Community Response Project Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
457659Infectious Diseases Society of Ireland (Idsi) Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
131734Family Groups Information Centre16/08/2019
477457Foley Child Protection Services Limited16/08/2019
508112Coyne Chiropractic Limited16/08/2019
537827Dungarvan Chiropractic Clinic Limited15/08/2019
240461Saol Project Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
538572Shuda Dunmore Limited15/08/2019
308537Ballyfermot Star Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
450867Fitness & First Aid Training Limited14/08/2019
493469Kfcap Limited14/08/2019
515202Jamyn Limited14/08/2019
507253Griffeen Valley Nursing Home Limited14/08/2019
274473The Littlejohn Centre Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
457058The Avoca Clinic Limited13/08/2019
451742I Need Help Limited13/08/2019
135422Hibernian Animal Health Services Limited15/08/2019
433754Munster Ai Farm Services Group Limited15/08/2019
433496Munster Ai Group Limited15/08/2019
488146Irish Veterinary Nursing Association14/08/2019
490922Helen Greene Limited17/08/2019
64668Assisi Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
522556Cv Fostering Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
375438Hearth and Mind13/08/2019
546167Clonmany Mental Health Association Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
507934Christ the King Day Centre Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
478626The Tony Ryan Trust17/08/2019
480781Tintern Community Sports Complex Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
457639Croghan Fairy Bush Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
534729Ballymahon Community Employment Project Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
282734Kenmare Social Services (Housing) Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
396919Dogs Trust Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
433791New Communities Partnership (Ncp) Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
466238Bunratty Community Childcare Centre Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
404723Louisburgh Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
517591Teach Na Nog Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
427912Curam Chiarrai Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta14/08/2019
461766Probation and Linkage in Limerick Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
367910Treasure Island Playschool Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
329864Ballymun Welfare Rights Centre Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
462954Buttevant Area Community Project13/08/2019
54 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Health and social work" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Hotels and restaurants

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
507141Reet Foods Limited17/08/2019
375096Castleknock Hotel (Management) Limited17/08/2019
434099Castleknock Resort Limited17/08/2019
434519Faithlegg Hotel Limited17/08/2019
434779H M & I (Tower) Limited17/08/2019
556143Pomegranate House Limited16/08/2019
258508Brondsway Limited16/08/2019
27412Sligo Park Hotel Limited16/08/2019
545524Natanna Limited13/08/2019
521691Sultcove Limited13/08/2019
554920Castlewood House Limited14/08/2019
537948Tipperary House Limited14/08/2019
340683Ireton Mobiles Limited17/08/2019
533720Cunnigaroe Limited17/08/2019
433457Lynfield Guest House Limited17/08/2019
177695Birch Hill Properties (Killarney) Limited16/08/2019
481486Buglers Cottage Limited15/08/2019
224689Premier Fast Foods Limited17/08/2019
539667D & R Ruben Limited17/08/2019
479953Chandpura Trading Limited17/08/2019
473324Rdh Cuisine Limited17/08/2019
346373Mabra Solutions Limited17/08/2019
501159Miss Goodi Limited17/08/2019
429640Zeromack Limited17/08/2019
499258Crocnaraw Foods Limited17/08/2019
521772Raglan Support Plus Limited17/08/2019
500288Dwarka Foods Limited17/08/2019
471174Sheckles Limited17/08/2019
382974Indian Summer Limited17/08/2019
383300Pagar Gardens Limited17/08/2019
298094Paggort Limited17/08/2019
507738Aask Asian Cuisine Limited16/08/2019
519708Safco Fine Foods Limited16/08/2019
484188Jononi Catering Limited16/08/2019
555146Orchid House Limited16/08/2019
514692The Old Post Office Food Store Limited16/08/2019
539907Losos Limited16/08/2019
487973Pom Foods Limited16/08/2019
511855Scotch Bonnet Limited15/08/2019
474996Greysal Restaurants Limited15/08/2019
532186Leagrey Limited15/08/2019
521729House of Golden Harvest Limited15/08/2019
472185Partridges Bistro Limited15/08/2019
485897Roast Restaurant Limited15/08/2019
518760The Phoenix Bistro Limited15/08/2019
492012Embassy Takeaway Limited15/08/2019
536917Oriel Coffee Limited14/08/2019
522859Best Coffee Limited13/08/2019
479392Fesfall Limited13/08/2019
537231Smc Cafes Limited13/08/2019
276135Multilane Limited13/08/2019
392236Dagner Limited13/08/2019
554780The Park Deli Limited13/08/2019
481119Take a Break Guineys Limited13/08/2019
529673Woc Galway Bay Brewery Limited17/08/2019
181753Farrells (Glasson) Limited17/08/2019
353247The Laune King Limited17/08/2019
102969Culmur Inns Limited17/08/2019
508952Slievenamon Lounge Limited17/08/2019
558337N Richardson Inns (Athboy) Limited17/08/2019
300317Glenbush Taverns Limited16/08/2019
480550Pinewood Bars Limited16/08/2019
540295Herbert Inns Limited16/08/2019
406087Wisdom Lane Holdings Limited16/08/2019
556499Mullary Valley Inn Limited16/08/2019
164598Southborough Taverns Limited16/08/2019
557533Camvi Limited15/08/2019
486681Fenway Park Taverns Limited15/08/2019
466560Tom Morrissey Bars Limited15/08/2019
555840Grange Crescent Enterprise Limited13/08/2019
521121Callanan Taverns Limited13/08/2019
547915Teaspoon Catering Limited15/08/2019
475322Catering Equipment Maintenance Limited15/08/2019
367710Cruises Coffee Kiosks (Dublin) Limited14/08/2019
179758Kaneco Limited13/08/2019
75 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Hotels and restaurants" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top


Co NumCompany NameAR Now
207290Travelling the Fairways Limited15/08/2019
526642Carnmore Heavy Equipment, Plant & Haulage Limited17/08/2019
423310Dornier Leasing Company Limited17/08/2019
545987As Air Lease V (Ireland) Limited17/08/2019
537551Bluesky 8 Leasing Company Limited16/08/2019
537548Bluesky 36 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537550Bluesky 7 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537547Bluesky 35 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537552Bluesky 9 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537575Bluesky 23 Leasing Company Designated Activity Company15/08/2019
537574Bluesky 22 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537571Bluesky 19 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537570Bluesky 18 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537569Bluesky 17 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
532901Bluesky 2 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537572Bluesky 20 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
535704Bluesky 3 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537542Bluesky 30 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537543Bluesky 31 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537544Bluesky 32 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537545Bluesky 33 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
537546Bluesky 34 Leasing Company Limited15/08/2019
547792Lci Helicopters One Limited15/08/2019
554371Thg Aviation Ireland Limited14/08/2019
529159Awas 39431 Ireland Limited14/08/2019
513652Awas Ireland Leasing Nine Limited14/08/2019
513654Awas Ireland Leasing Twelve Limited14/08/2019
502609Awas 4817 Limited14/08/2019
534411Awas 4 Ireland Limited14/08/2019
512102Awas 39423 Ireland Limited14/08/2019
534410Awas 3 Ireland Limited14/08/2019
534409Awas 2 Ireland Limited14/08/2019
561750Montrose International Leasing Limited13/08/2019
363260Mg Valencia Leasing Limited13/08/2019
523015Waqavuka Financing Limited13/08/2019
487766Countrywide Forklift Hire & Sales Limited15/08/2019
348809T McGreal Plant Services Limited17/08/2019
376317Patrick Devoy Plant Hire Limited17/08/2019
315289John Burke Plant Maintenance Limited15/08/2019
305747North South Legal Alliance Limited14/08/2019
554795D. K. Civil Limited14/08/2019
379390Paraic O'Brien Plant and Agricultural Contractor Limited14/08/2019
521269Dun Brí Plant Limited13/08/2019
316737Jordan Forklifts Limited13/08/2019
336622Sean Kinsella Site Developments Limited13/08/2019
284205King Mechanical Services (Tuam) Limited13/08/2019
452704Mgc 7088 Leasing Limited13/08/2019
425007Boyne Valley Marquees Limited13/08/2019
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Legal, Accounting & Business

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
433286Eirtec Research and Development Limited17/08/2019
354997Mmi Clinical Research Development Ireland15/08/2019
516578Arklu (Ireland) Limited17/08/2019
415255Mfd Secretaries Limited15/08/2019
379556Pearts Town Agents Limited13/08/2019
458901Herbert Nominee Services Limited13/08/2019
479534Cornamona Business Solutions Limited17/08/2019
521863Barchelle Limited17/08/2019
410934Portorium Tax and Trade Limited17/08/2019
503753T.J. Hyland & Co Limited16/08/2019
307924Accountantsonline Limited16/08/2019
508476Online Payroll Management Limited16/08/2019
509944Coleman Corporate & Tax Consultants Limited16/08/2019
446745Celbridge Taxation Services Limited16/08/2019
538797Gj Fewer & Company Limited16/08/2019
492823Cuddy & O' Leary Limited16/08/2019
407146Duggan Asset Management Limited15/08/2019
360071Sadeba Enterprises Limited15/08/2019
492652Brett Accountancy Services Limited15/08/2019
423360New Era Equity Release Company 2 Limited14/08/2019
336489Ardscolaiocht Teoranta14/08/2019
331054Soc Consultants Limited14/08/2019
330527Soc Accounting Services Limited14/08/2019
556318Kestrel Capital Limited14/08/2019
48326Business and Accounting Services Limited13/08/2019
546064J Canty Accountants Limited13/08/2019
473433Intellectual Property Tax Partners Limited13/08/2019
552072O'Dwyer Delaney Limited13/08/2019
119671Pamako Limited16/08/2019
521779Orchestrate Marketing and Pr Limited15/08/2019
516910Bplh Ireland Unlimited Company14/08/2019
339094Cbre Corporate Outsourcing Limited17/08/2019
476604Cross Border Capital Development Limited17/08/2019
477196The R-H Trust Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
398646The Fastnet Brands Company Limited17/08/2019
546626Ability Link Limited17/08/2019
488436Interface Management Services Limited17/08/2019
507793Selenia Consulting Limited17/08/2019
507792Cortis Consulting Limited17/08/2019
507794Royco Consulting Limited17/08/2019
467829Orange Grove Technologies Limited17/08/2019
555139Acpm Consultants Limited17/08/2019
555066Janus Innovations Limited17/08/2019
460070Prestige Purchasing (Ireland) Limited17/08/2019
536193Dc Believers Limited17/08/2019
515194Mt Global Transfers Limited17/08/2019
536687Dalira Limited17/08/2019
403860Linehan & Associates Limited17/08/2019
554642Ivy Vision Limited17/08/2019
462395Avion Leasing Limited17/08/2019
451292Mulroy Consulting Limited16/08/2019
531248Mod Safety Limited16/08/2019
541895Omniplex Services Limited16/08/2019
37503Panoramic Cinemas (Ireland) Limited16/08/2019
359614Red Button Limited16/08/2019
352180Act Nominees 2001 Limited16/08/2019
554468Martin Reinhardt Limited16/08/2019
501599O' Brien Associates (India) Educational Consultants Limited16/08/2019
501599O' Brien Associates (India) Educational Consultants Limited16/08/2019
523767Storymice Limited16/08/2019
346260Linn Feasa Teoranta16/08/2019
517558Nuance Communications Services Ireland Limited16/08/2019
521626The Business Troubleshooter Limited16/08/2019
79413Kerry Treasury Services Limited16/08/2019
507827Cool Sweet Productions Limited16/08/2019
554845Barry Hickey Farm Advisory Limited16/08/2019
507779Cliste Management Limited15/08/2019
393390Ac Administration Services Limited15/08/2019
507889Turelda Trading Limited15/08/2019
345527Creative Change (Ireland) Limited15/08/2019
500857Infoplus Technologies Ie Limited15/08/2019
529226S2 Construction Project Management Limited15/08/2019
414303Ocon Design Services Limited15/08/2019
295079Kelscan Limited15/08/2019
478681Gildus Limited15/08/2019
362254Deep Keel Limited15/08/2019
524322Kim Knowles Consultancy Limited14/08/2019
165541The Square Management Limited14/08/2019
554430Purple Stone Limited14/08/2019
446602Consult2profit Communications Limited14/08/2019
522251Grove Grc Consultancy Limited13/08/2019
521283Comway Limited13/08/2019
321763Bromgrove Limited13/08/2019
465624Jas Management & Promotions Limited13/08/2019
533793Tck Consulting Services Limited13/08/2019
366918Process Management Services (Martin Hallissey) Limited13/08/2019
537053Murmur Productions Limited13/08/2019
454683P&D Commerce and Services Limited13/08/2019
494098Sarit Consulting Limited13/08/2019
432672Du Pont De Nemours (Ireland) Limited13/08/2019
282013Citco Fund Services (Ireland) Limited13/08/2019
549641Disrupt Eq Limited13/08/2019
128075Brolyn Consultants Limited13/08/2019
466636Bni Region South & West Limited13/08/2019
426492Bridge Independent Risk Solutions Limited13/08/2019
379857Raid Awareness Consultants Limited13/08/2019
492777Keogh Accountancy Group Limited13/08/2019
533370Ssa Consulting Limited13/08/2019
367589Freshgrass Properties Limited13/08/2019
519516Cummins Hr Limited13/08/2019
455475Parkfly Limited17/08/2019
562202Arranagh Investments Limited17/08/2019
379666Borris Whelan Holdings Limited17/08/2019
508723Swanzi Holdings Limited17/08/2019
515054Maladiva Limited17/08/2019
501818Rushbourne Limited17/08/2019
486979Md7 International Investment Holdings Limited17/08/2019
260615Duggan Steel Group Limited17/08/2019
388057Palmor Holdings Unlimited Company17/08/2019
374941Embassy Office Park Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
358360Felix Kinco4 Limited17/08/2019
517736Jeask Limited17/08/2019
258766Thetford Holdings Limited17/08/2019
530612Cadizmont Limited17/08/2019
473525De Investments Limited17/08/2019
548966Baninvest Beauty Limited17/08/2019
341103Jrt Holdings Limited17/08/2019
538273Jackbo Limited17/08/2019
406692Abbeyfield Financial Holdings Unlimited Company16/08/2019
93906Canfeen Investments Limited16/08/2019
361932Hewlett-Packard Ireland 1 Limited16/08/2019
545483Jjca Holdings Limited16/08/2019
527715Anuta Networks Holdings Limited16/08/2019
546957Gurtenard Limited16/08/2019
500329Take N'Bake Investments Limited16/08/2019
493033Rocamar Limited16/08/2019
327021Millbrook Duplex Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
561900Johnson Hana International Limited16/08/2019
419923Becdan Holdings Limited16/08/2019
460840Lloyd's Ireland Representative Limited16/08/2019
371040Amekab Unlimited Company16/08/2019
402462Boatport Holdings Limited16/08/2019
300250Princemark Holdings Designated Activity Company16/08/2019
453221Maypark Investments Limited16/08/2019
547634John Kent Investment Co Limited16/08/2019
501045Eco Burner Limited15/08/2019
433055Gridstore Limited15/08/2019
552569Middlehaven Limited15/08/2019
355901Carraig Insurance Designated Activity Company15/08/2019
451284Birchtree Investments Limited15/08/2019
513794F.L.W.G. Holdings Unlimited Company15/08/2019
534947Maples Fiduciary Services (Ireland) Limited15/08/2019
515586Japan Ireland Investment Partners - S Unlimited Company15/08/2019
536852Donworth Nominees Limited15/08/2019
557224Harbourglade Limited15/08/2019
557205Bleatvale Limited15/08/2019
554427Mkh Ps Holdings Limited15/08/2019
522020Fineos Esp Limited15/08/2019
443269Riverton Properties Limited15/08/2019
515674Baily Capital Limited15/08/2019
515252Memjet Holdings Limited14/08/2019
538134Hozier Limited14/08/2019
545225Dairy Concepts Irl Limited14/08/2019
517036Bpl Pharmaceuticals Holding Unlimited Company14/08/2019
520177Rocatil Limited14/08/2019
556786Porrimill Limited14/08/2019
494007Joe Duffy Property Company Limited14/08/2019
535971Jbdl Limited14/08/2019
429188Jdm Automotive Limited14/08/2019
529458Care Visions Health & Social Care Ireland Limited14/08/2019
539191Qamco Group Limited14/08/2019
463323Irfin Limited14/08/2019
509251Granada Insider Holdings Limited14/08/2019
432650Brady Mc Grath Holdings Limited14/08/2019
554538Asof Holdings Limited13/08/2019
518440Estate Management Concepts Limited13/08/2019
513241Handar Investments Limited13/08/2019
532075City National Rochdale Fixed Income Opportunities (Ireland) Limited13/08/2019
8879Energizer Ireland Limited13/08/2019
529198Lutego (Tmc) Limited13/08/2019
554865Rivilla Holdings Limited13/08/2019
492420Beckingdale Limited13/08/2019
486979Md7 International Investment Holdings Limited13/08/2019
536594Lissboro Investments Limited13/08/2019
543654Johnson Controls International Public Limited Company13/08/2019
492750Lgi Dth Ireland Unlimited Company13/08/2019
214399East End (Nominees) Limited13/08/2019
556103Sunrise Innovations Holdings Limited13/08/2019
547109Shinebrook Limited13/08/2019
353579Freshgrass Investments Unlimited Company13/08/2019
397750Green Pastures (Fertilizer) Limited13/08/2019
482904Sprucewood Limited13/08/2019
465514Dermot Bannon Architects Limited17/08/2019
432342Hanniffy Engineering Services Limited17/08/2019
453251Wright Environmental Services Limited17/08/2019
491065Wild Geese Experts Limited17/08/2019
465939B Flynn Instrument & Electrical Services Limited17/08/2019
382303Niall Hyde & Associates Limited16/08/2019
477233Infinite Workspace Solutions Limited16/08/2019
507364Gordon Mitchell Consulting Engineer Limited16/08/2019
365216Carra Control Technologies Limited16/08/2019
494347Dawkins Engineering Consulting Limited16/08/2019
494188H & J Energy Innovations Limited15/08/2019
485780Evolved Energy Solutions Limited15/08/2019
448500Mc. L. Assessors Limited15/08/2019
502399O'Byrne Jenkins Limited15/08/2019
413658Topfield Project Management Limited15/08/2019
507267Kelleher Chartered Surveyors Limited15/08/2019
337828Cromur Engineering Limited14/08/2019
516609Santo Gaudi Limited14/08/2019
278650Con O'Regan Associates Limited14/08/2019
258535Kavanagh Tuite Limited14/08/2019
538448Fkr Engineering Limited14/08/2019
545780Apk Architects & Engineers Limited13/08/2019
515596Island Grid Consulting Limited13/08/2019
452201J. F. Phillips & Associates Limited13/08/2019
473011Anoved Limited13/08/2019
503060Conexcel Limited13/08/2019
501522Eireng Consulting Engineers Limited13/08/2019
424256Val Burns Consultant Engineer Limited13/08/2019
428824Ck Surveying Services Limited13/08/2019
460523Koteve Limited17/08/2019
516980Right Now Media Limited17/08/2019
545324Rene Gade Media Limited17/08/2019
500228Oliver Marketing (Ireland) Limited15/08/2019
478284Voice Telecom Exchange Limited14/08/2019
545528Empathy Research Limited13/08/2019
495655McF Promotions Limited13/08/2019
495327Jobovi Limited17/08/2019
539368Turas Nua Limited16/08/2019
521589Rameses Consulting Limited15/08/2019
319864Yeaton & Associates Limited15/08/2019
518362Oradeo Recruitment Limited13/08/2019
412494Galcom Security Electronics Limited17/08/2019
507873Horan Eco Services Limited16/08/2019
396757K & M Janitors Limited16/08/2019
465182Clean Streets Limited13/08/2019
217656Rathfarnham Photo Centre Limited17/08/2019
515893Matteo Tuniz Photography Limited16/08/2019
375161Lafayette Graduation Services Limited13/08/2019
521880Virtualelingua Limited17/08/2019
254018Lordcourt Holdings Limited17/08/2019
492573Abc Euro Translations Limited13/08/2019
524019Murty Communications Limited13/08/2019
261910Hines Pokrovsky 1, Limited17/08/2019
373358Dockstop Limited17/08/2019
367603Active Safety Systems Limited17/08/2019
239935Industrial Pumps and Process Limited17/08/2019
321449Bannagle Investments Limited17/08/2019
282138Clanaview Limited17/08/2019
522216Addressing the Unaddressed Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
321601Thimblemill Investments Limited17/08/2019
137634Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
261335Capital Fund Securities Limited17/08/2019
212850Killala Fine Art Limited17/08/2019
478917Algae Extracts Limited17/08/2019
550090Frontvale Limited17/08/2019
320892Delaney's Agricultural Machinery (Ballaghmore) Limited17/08/2019
253309Bronnmaine Limited17/08/2019
266344Portroe Trading Limited17/08/2019
122788Ambledene Limited17/08/2019
276384Dowlow Limited17/08/2019
276378Sidebase Limited17/08/2019
445014Retail Park Carrickmines Q2 Nominees (No 2) Limited17/08/2019
246782Gala Hackneys Limited17/08/2019
556484Hazelgrove Windows & Glass Limited17/08/2019
314510South West Clare Community Radio Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
537322Starka Designs Limited17/08/2019
376418Agnes H Design Limited17/08/2019
194177Equip Engineering Supplies Limited17/08/2019
263892Calmount Holding Limited17/08/2019
324030Brooklake Limited17/08/2019
230688Headway Enterprises Limited17/08/2019
526001Aquattro Limited17/08/2019
469651North Tipperary Green Enterprise Park Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
154626M.M. Trading Company Limited17/08/2019
275652Donnelly Providers Limited17/08/2019
270003Kiltira Limited17/08/2019
271592Pacificgrove Trading Limited17/08/2019
468450Fearghal Doyle Supplies Limited17/08/2019
269571J.P. Morgan Global Investment Trust Limited17/08/2019
142261Hamble Limited17/08/2019
200985Cavalry Limited17/08/2019
254625Amadour Limited17/08/2019
243438Bresmay Limited17/08/2019
168561Markport Limited16/08/2019
238598Hewlett-Packard Ireland (Holdings) Limited16/08/2019
530189Kalrok Defence Limited16/08/2019
226561Donaghmede Inns Limited16/08/2019
327971The Buggyman Limited16/08/2019
549396Pump Storage Energy Limited16/08/2019
288960Walsh Engineering Supplies Limited16/08/2019
261414Bridepark Limited16/08/2019
261799Sepam Limited16/08/2019
400703Allnone Limited16/08/2019
536581P & S Finnegan & Associates Consultancy Limited16/08/2019
432483Drummullin Office Services Limited16/08/2019
473784Intelagri Limited16/08/2019
250121P.C.H. International Unlimited Company16/08/2019
515318Corrib View Taverns Limited16/08/2019
130735F & E Lyons Limited16/08/2019
295667Vassin Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
112192Douglas Marketing Limited15/08/2019
119892Sprayquip Limited15/08/2019
239316Cadtec Europe Limited15/08/2019
199557Stanmoy Limited15/08/2019
521505Footprint Underwriting Designated Activity Company15/08/2019
273937Harrowdene Limited15/08/2019
465525Ifea Europe Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
405780Pieta House15/08/2019
247497Xufox Limited15/08/2019
488062Cnp Santander Insurance Europe Designated Activity Company15/08/2019
488063Cnp Santander Insurance Life Designated Activity Company15/08/2019
529229Aruana Consulting Limited15/08/2019
554852Ps Enterprises (Retail Services) Limited15/08/2019
214082Athletic Sports Donaghmede Limited15/08/2019
265989Kog Logistics Limited15/08/2019
199252Lindley Limited15/08/2019
433717Colpey Rock Limited15/08/2019
320076Ghala Designated Activity Company15/08/2019
527422Gaisce Alumni Network - Ireland's Award Holder's Association Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
243066Straboe Limited15/08/2019
256039Becker & Associates Limited15/08/2019
302266Maresa Mc Carthy Limited15/08/2019
552675Fallon Innovations Limited14/08/2019
216741Omnix Property Limited14/08/2019
300157Buitelaar Production Limited14/08/2019
258152Treasury Mutual Limited14/08/2019
323090Grascoe Holdings Limited14/08/2019
111556Clearview Signs Limited14/08/2019
457901Lab Document & Data Management Limited14/08/2019
219439Kora Corporation Limited14/08/2019
538649Protect Care Limited14/08/2019
262201Flora Bay Finance Limited14/08/2019
536891Validant Consulting Limited14/08/2019
187692Ventimco Limited14/08/2019
184966Lychem International Limited14/08/2019
145311Crosscool Limited14/08/2019
72859Nuvotem Teoranta14/08/2019
225456Transpost Limited14/08/2019
123349Pennysun Limited14/08/2019
557055Concept Source Manufacture Limited14/08/2019
336075Harcourt Life Corporation Designated Activity Company14/08/2019
253517Better Buys (Tullamore) Limited14/08/2019
258318Universal Funding Limited14/08/2019
127311Oldside Enterprises Limited14/08/2019
454822All-Star Shredding Limited14/08/2019
265794Logbrook Services Limited14/08/2019
495836Reco Renewables Limited13/08/2019
160961Cogenta Ip Exploitation Limited13/08/2019
181121Imoart Investments Limited13/08/2019
304577Oak Road Owners Association Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
527705Casimir Marketing Limited13/08/2019
301829Sapphire Security Limited13/08/2019
326345John Dunleavy Sand Limited13/08/2019
545561Xsolla Ip Holdings Limited13/08/2019
215690Taybrook Investments Limited13/08/2019
131257Castleblayney Community Enterprise Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
290613Princeville Enterprises Limited13/08/2019
247699Engaging Dementia13/08/2019
447293Longford Edit Limited13/08/2019
246740Zymill Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
521543Maria Quigley Limited13/08/2019
478512Wrm Investments Limited13/08/2019
196320Lambestone Holding Limited13/08/2019
325216Tropical Paradise Limited13/08/2019
287925Irish Legal & Academic Limited13/08/2019
509652Saoirse Addiction Treatment Center Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
321723Thunders Bakery Limited15/08/2019
50505Taconic International Limited14/08/2019
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Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
485792Redband Limited14/08/2019
232770Bott Limited17/08/2019
351959Rainsafe Limited13/08/2019
271190Crew Metalwork Limited16/08/2019
451194Kildangan Engineering Limited17/08/2019
413823Derryolam Fabrications Limited17/08/2019
430438Conor Grogan Engineering Limited17/08/2019
414926John Buckley Engineering Limited15/08/2019
410228Enb Engineering Limited15/08/2019
431778G. Poole Limited15/08/2019
465043O'Connor Sutton Cronin & Associates (M+E) Limited14/08/2019
98699Walsh Engineering Supplies Holdings Limited13/08/2019
451467McCarthy Specialised Welding Services Limited13/08/2019
48908Conductix-Wampfler Limited13/08/2019
14 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
399192Jazz Pharmaceuticals Public Limited Company17/08/2019
442340Statim Diagnostics Limited13/08/2019
543394Organic Vaccines Public Limited Company17/08/2019
85762Medco Limited17/08/2019
343016Immdal Limited14/08/2019
401903Ambermed Limited17/08/2019
254081Alpha Chemicals Limited17/08/2019
7 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
208884The Irish Association For Economic Geology Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
1 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
556434Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ireland Limited17/08/2019
257680Capture Productions Limited17/08/2019
34508Hp Technology Ireland Limited16/08/2019
503353Nuance Communications International Holdings Unlimited Company16/08/2019
503352Nuance Communications Ireland Limited16/08/2019
168110Galmac Computers Limited14/08/2019
554369Icsa Innovations Limited16/08/2019
552505Celtic Green Energy Limited13/08/2019
543955Hub Controls Limited14/08/2019
241954Post.Trust Limited14/08/2019
383963Paul James Furniture Limited16/08/2019
460015Adaptive Lighting Limited13/08/2019
216598International Cash Drawer Limited17/08/2019
405856Walker Technology Products Limited15/08/2019
509098Alba Innovations Limited14/08/2019
195578Applied Materials Ireland Limited17/08/2019
200665Michael Cawe Suspended Ceilings Limited16/08/2019
139557William Compton Electrical Limited14/08/2019
380515Eero Ireland Limited17/08/2019
533438Smartlamp Ireland Limited16/08/2019
554653Centaur Security Limited13/08/2019
336875Krypton Communications Limited13/08/2019
127472Mouthguards Limited17/08/2019
44602Welch Allyn Limited14/08/2019
501190Calbes Limited14/08/2019
366599Noel Linehan Services Limited13/08/2019
26 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
125577Sean Loughnane (Galway) Limited16/08/2019
476080Valentia Island Farmhouse Dairy Limited17/08/2019
484096Irish Dairy Processing Limited16/08/2019
484097Elite Milk Processing Limited16/08/2019
484088Milk Processing Ireland Limited16/08/2019
484089Munster Milk Limited16/08/2019
185274Deel Vet Limited13/08/2019
492723Bacus Bearna Boleybeg Teoranta17/08/2019
307923Torco Bakery Limited17/08/2019
111577Trio Foods Limited16/08/2019
494733Filligans Limited13/08/2019
530158Sarah Roarty Limited15/08/2019
521474Fia Bán Teoranta15/08/2019
316133Fagan Foods Limited13/08/2019
14 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
389165Eco-Burner Products Limited16/08/2019
465630Gills Hosetec Limited17/08/2019
204496Cross Agricultural Engineering Limited16/08/2019
228575G. Flynn Plant Limited16/08/2019
237267Dublin Wholesale Tool Company Limited15/08/2019
245042Caslin Construction Limited14/08/2019
536986Manufacturing Support Services Limited13/08/2019
509394Amit Power Limited17/08/2019
435459Milano Coffee Systems Limited17/08/2019
56247Packo - Blackwater Limited16/08/2019
56247Packo - Blackwater Limited15/08/2019
11 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c." industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
382555Stoneworld Limited17/08/2019
1 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
423948Wmb Publishing Limited14/08/2019
514512Bandearg Publishing Limited13/08/2019
412644International Business and Commerce Newspaper Limited16/08/2019
447314Bigo Creative Limited14/08/2019
497158Motoring Life Magazine Limited15/08/2019
438007Bootsy Limited17/08/2019
529855Oisin Creative Limited13/08/2019
310727Ross Print Services Limited16/08/2019
388865Deckej Limited17/08/2019
516721Bernard Moran Limited17/08/2019
102000Lester Promotions Limited14/08/2019
36399Grehan Printers Limited14/08/2019
337551J. & N. O'Reilly Limited13/08/2019
521342Finer Details Limited13/08/2019
463596Professional Print Management Consultants Limited17/08/2019
353568Ijp Print Services Limited16/08/2019
547219Epress Limited16/08/2019
337894Medmedia Publications Limited15/08/2019
389231Keystrokes Digital Limited14/08/2019
358979Spaceboy Records Limited15/08/2019
170751Medmedia Limited15/08/2019
21 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
190983Pat Coyne Tyres Limited17/08/2019
332626Inishowen Guttering Limited15/08/2019
345851Pelias Limited13/08/2019
3 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of textiles and textile products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
451150Jola Window Furnishings Limited17/08/2019
287463Cloth of Gold Limited13/08/2019
293699Contra Clothing Limited15/08/2019
138451Faxion Fashion Operations Limited13/08/2019
93696Dubarry Shoes Unlimited Company15/08/2019
5 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of textiles and textile products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of transport equipment

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
69519Oysterhaven Marine Limited15/08/2019
125344Ground Support Services Limited16/08/2019
373732Fitzgerald Commercials Limited17/08/2019
3 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of transport equipment" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of wood and wood products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
482640Hunter Plastics (Europe) Limited13/08/2019
352335Louth Timber Products Limited13/08/2019
2 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of wood and wood products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacturing n.e.c.

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
441128Brady Kitchens Limited15/08/2019
133077Wynnes of Woodpark Limited14/08/2019
360255Garvan De Bruir Design Limited15/08/2019
366267G & a Fitted Furniture Limited13/08/2019
365692Feel Good Furniture Limited13/08/2019
59625A. Hartmann & Son Limited16/08/2019
146851Immcell Limited14/08/2019
150824Lynx Security Systems Limited17/08/2019
444723Probe Diagnostic Systems Limited17/08/2019
529676Bergtech Limited17/08/2019
487100Killaloe Food Products Limited16/08/2019
556648Radub Productions Limited15/08/2019
158056Ktn Consultancy Limited14/08/2019
533044Damien Doherty Wallbox Limited14/08/2019
301727Apex Controls Limited13/08/2019
154536Archway Products Limited13/08/2019
153216John Daly Furniture Sales Limited17/08/2019
507297Ward Brothers Metal Recycling Limited15/08/2019
472850Evolve Regeneration Limited13/08/2019
489558Ulster Environmental Management Services Limited13/08/2019
20 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacturing n.e.c." industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
159349Bulrush Peat (Ireland) Limited15/08/2019
259498V. Keating's Oil Limited15/08/2019
2 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
403708Castlecomer Stone Suppliers Limited17/08/2019
432541Sean Kelly Quarry Limited16/08/2019
130649Clover Peat Products Limited15/08/2019
451931Kibo Energy Public Limited Company13/08/2019
4 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top


Co NumCompany NameAR Now
416966McCarthy Plant & Agri-Sales Limited15/08/2019
553978Solid Motors Limited15/08/2019
553679Donal Murtagh Mobility Limited15/08/2019
188212William Foster Limited15/08/2019
68734T. Nolan & Sons Limited14/08/2019
513587Jdm Premium Cars Limited14/08/2019
505369Karmann Auto Limited14/08/2019
150974Pat Horan Motors Limited13/08/2019
465244Darker & Darker Limited13/08/2019
413388Donal Byrne Motors Limited13/08/2019
165535Lycon Auto Spares Limited13/08/2019
501105Express Auto Repairs Limited17/08/2019
494101Moran Truck & Trailer Limited17/08/2019
554508O'Shea's Garage Tramore Limited17/08/2019
448189Gills Tyres Limited17/08/2019
437748Mancino Services Limited16/08/2019
522107T & a Byrne Autos Limited15/08/2019
37763Joe Duffy (Motors) Limited14/08/2019
550383Mainway Limerick Limited14/08/2019
554443Heavey Plant & Forklift Limited13/08/2019
84670McCoy Motors Limited17/08/2019
446512Proparts Limited16/08/2019
74395Rathgar Motor Factors Limited16/08/2019
555683Monavalley Tyre Shop Limited15/08/2019
335319Loughrea Tyre Centre Limited14/08/2019
561343Cjack Limited14/08/2019
429211Jdm Specialist Cars Limited14/08/2019
462788Joe Duffy Dun Laoghaire Limited14/08/2019
294957Bogue Transport Services Limited13/08/2019
545522Maxi Tyre Limited13/08/2019
530184Willboy Trading Limited13/08/2019
347696Carrickbrick Limited17/08/2019
391537Ardara Filling Station Limited16/08/2019
472010Mainway North Road Limited14/08/2019
127733Beaufort Autos Limited17/08/2019
302253Foyle View Filling Station Limited17/08/2019
158026Commons Road Cars Limited14/08/2019
145522Eblana Motors Limited14/08/2019
119581Niall Nolan Investments Limited14/08/2019
39 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Motor" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Other community, social and personal service activities

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
333005Higgins Waste and Recycling Services Limited17/08/2019
375852Bantry Skip Hire Limited17/08/2019
453209Bantry Waste Disposal Limited17/08/2019
347825Kenmare Waste Disposal & Glass Recycling Limited16/08/2019
473825Ses Smart Energy Systems Limited15/08/2019
556296Mimergy Limited14/08/2019
282243Naonrai Tamhlacht Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta14/08/2019
309205The Employment Development and Information Centre (Longford) Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
414344New Life Pentecostal Church Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
458428Hospice Jinja Uganda Project Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
351361Gowran Parish Enterprise Group Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
282984Kilcock and Districts Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
407631Rathnew Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
492597Irish Forum For Global Health Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
294458Killinarden Parish Jobs Initiative Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
377692Sightsavers Ireland17/08/2019
343318Edenderry Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
507561Athleague Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
492862Eyeries Community Development Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
398458National Digital Research Centre16/08/2019
226990The I.F.S.C. Dublin Inner City Trust16/08/2019
456093N.C.C.A. Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
344662Mount Oliver and District C.E. Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
510236The Declan O'Shea Trust Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
128199Glenisland Development Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
491111Edenderry Playground Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
116550Kerry Group Services Limited16/08/2019
152191Cuan Bhride Voluntary Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
340834Monaghan Youth Federation Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
484882Dra Community Development Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
350040Glanmire Area Project Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
357945White Oaks Acorn Project Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
125107Community Awareness of Drugs15/08/2019
433654Tallaght West Childhood Development Initiative Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
239939The Irish Coastal Rowing Federation Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
307103Inchicore Community Drug Team Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
516786The Irish Association of Health Stores Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
366232Monkstown Community Employment Scheme Limited14/08/2019
379737Knockmitten Youth and Community Association Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
535991Halla Na Bhforbacha Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta14/08/2019
520870Knockananna Youth Projects Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
179465Charlestown Community Enterprise Centre Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
239294Community Connections Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
412597Oakmount Creche Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
330823Ballinagare Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
374189Kilbehenny Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
373251Loughanleagh & Muff Heritage Trust Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
551808The Association For the Study of Obesity on the Island of Ireland13/08/2019
388129Burncourt Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
344240West Clare Family Resource Centre Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
330939Hospital Voluntary Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
83283Comhlámh - Development Workers and Volunteers in Global Solidarity Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
412706Epos Films Limited17/08/2019
302257Beltrona Limited17/08/2019
294391Blue Elf Inc. Limited16/08/2019
477291M3 Tv Productions Limited16/08/2019
554290Art of Film Limited15/08/2019
554624Neantóg Cuideachta Ghníomhaíochta Ainmnithe14/08/2019
279686Camel Productions Limited13/08/2019
392960Brothers Gonna Work It Out Limited13/08/2019
546832Mammoth Films International Limited13/08/2019
549754C Squared Productions Limited13/08/2019
493150James Foley Media Limited13/08/2019
384148Omniplex (Cork) Limited16/08/2019
245481Limerick Omniplex Limited16/08/2019
527525Pambridge Limited16/08/2019
313911Sawbridge Limited16/08/2019
133513Bart J Arnold Communications Limited17/08/2019
235052Community Radio Castlebar F.M. Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
318121Mid Waterford Community Television Limited14/08/2019
441519Learn and Sing Productions Limited13/08/2019
505375Askillaun Enterprises Limited17/08/2019
118663Crucible Arts Services & Technology Cast Limited17/08/2019
472779Camden Quay Community Arts Centre Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
125095The Suffolk Fine Art Gallery Limited15/08/2019
306528Science Friction Limited15/08/2019
547010Creative Ceramics & Crafts Limited14/08/2019
527414L.G.A.I. Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
493195Gmo Sports Limited16/08/2019
522943Legend Events Services Limited16/08/2019
359688Event Innovations Limited14/08/2019
521823Life Events Limited13/08/2019
465530Ticket House Limited13/08/2019
355549Dublin Youth Dance Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
466465Dublin Battlefield Tours Limited17/08/2019
260667The Ireland Institute For Historical and Cultural Studies(Institiuid Na Heireann Um Staideir Staire Agus Chult13/08/2019
520643Killaloe/Ballina Civic Trust Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
122068Fencing Ireland17/08/2019
162131Faithlegg Development Company Limited17/08/2019
434098Faithlegg Golf Resort Limited17/08/2019
224912Alliance Leisure Limited17/08/2019
539949Goldstone Fitness Studios Limited16/08/2019
336509Prime: Skates Limited15/08/2019
529418National Sports and Adventure Centre Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
480675Abr Sports Limited17/08/2019
483948Dublin City Sports & Leisure Services Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
545717Real Transilvania Footbal Club Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
330724World Martial Arts Academy Limited16/08/2019
531900Alto Fitness Limited15/08/2019
489059Kinetix Dance Limited14/08/2019
426184Bundoran Indoor Play Centre Limited14/08/2019
537686Pursue Ambition Limited13/08/2019
508159Ireland Golf Tour Operator Association Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
409233Glenbower Stables Limited13/08/2019
474140The Heath (Portlaoise) Golf Club Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
527932Ld Golf Limited13/08/2019
323416Prestige Boating Holidays Limited16/08/2019
329100The Star Marina Limited16/08/2019
551780Nika Tours Limited15/08/2019
284259Faithlegg House Hotel Limited17/08/2019
450837Crest Dry Cleaners Limited14/08/2019
33659Whitewash Limited13/08/2019
4738233 Degrees Hair Design Limited16/08/2019
407880Top Notch Hair Studio Limited14/08/2019
554617Romina & Daniel Hair & Beauty Limited14/08/2019
381261Form and Beauty Clinic Limited13/08/2019
412357Keane Edge Design Limited13/08/2019
375592Audrey's Hair & Beauty Limited13/08/2019
239513Eclipse Hair Limited13/08/2019
530842Amber Glow Beauty Limited13/08/2019
501225Hair Headquarters Limited13/08/2019
213072Irish Menopause Society13/08/2019
465488Fodex Construction Limited16/08/2019
431566Castaheany Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
250167Urmet Ireland Limited16/08/2019
531490Equine Facilitated Education and Therapy Association Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
551875Artisan Frames Limited16/08/2019
426508Global Wash Enterprises Limited16/08/2019
554348Blackstone Technology Services Limited16/08/2019
554512Independent Speech-Language Therapists of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
448699Rccg - the Seat of Mercy Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
558282Ireland 1916 Commemorations Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
367060Dublin High Schools International Limited15/08/2019
536990The North Inner City Drugs and Alcohol Task Force Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
497693Nationwide Fibreglass Limited15/08/2019
536977Nusa Link Limited15/08/2019
504553Power-Plex Technologies International Limited15/08/2019
465782Ber Necessities Consulting Limited15/08/2019
547353Greenland Landscaping Limited15/08/2019
554622Brett Maintenance Services Limited15/08/2019
518854Flameproof Limited15/08/2019
521615Jnv Limited14/08/2019
525435Tw Dental Services Limited14/08/2019
529950Child and Family Consultancy Limited14/08/2019
447664Walsh V.M.I. Limited14/08/2019
485869Lumiere Productions Limited13/08/2019
555847Cold Transport Log Limited13/08/2019
169636M.R.D. (Marketing) Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
555919Js Remediation Limited13/08/2019
492981Tentbay Limited13/08/2019
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Public administration and defence; compulsory social security

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
236009Bailieborough Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
379319Connolly First Aid Services and Training Limited17/08/2019
479078Happy Tots Limited16/08/2019
219739McGuill Travel Limited15/08/2019
4 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Public administration and defence; compulsory social security" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Real estate

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
523692Wood Waste Limited17/08/2019
414405Marilden Limited17/08/2019
150516Diamond Developments Limited17/08/2019
533377Limra Limited17/08/2019
507389Rhic Limited17/08/2019
441545Vindex Limited17/08/2019
376276Sddc (No.9) Limited17/08/2019
372775Castleknock Hotel Limited17/08/2019
152819Pll Property & Leisure Limited17/08/2019
134397Greenmish Holdings Limited17/08/2019
366716Martannellie Property Limited16/08/2019
530806Torcbridge Limited16/08/2019
311514Noai Properties Limited16/08/2019
509243Berlin M.U.T. 108 Limited16/08/2019
555327Carnvalley Holdings Limited16/08/2019
541504Hollybrook New Homes Robswall Limited16/08/2019
529061South Coast Development Solutions Co. Limited16/08/2019
422786Hhn Drimnagh Limited15/08/2019
151720Cratos Ireland Limited15/08/2019
442471Scratnagh Developments Limited15/08/2019
422080Graceland Properties Limited15/08/2019
187785Abbeycourt Management Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
403757New Era Equity Release Company Limited14/08/2019
286991Larchfield Court Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
562157High Rise Developments Limited14/08/2019
153259Whitevan Properties Limited13/08/2019
395313Hanley Measurement & Control Limited13/08/2019
521232Marmat Holdings Limited13/08/2019
470964Freshgrass Holdings Unlimited Company13/08/2019
530468Quadrangle Management Limited14/08/2019
522439Kenden Properties Limited17/08/2019
282225Infirmary Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
439857Moynihan Curran Chartered Surveyors Limited17/08/2019
270671Harvey's Dock Management Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
243686Ballyconneely Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
340538Loughmorne House Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
274409D V Enterprises Limited17/08/2019
372404Castle Estate Agents Limited16/08/2019
459472Polish Real Estate Consultancy Limited16/08/2019
463324Kosis Property Limited16/08/2019
304117Osg Outsource Services Group Holdings Limited16/08/2019
548580Dooley Estate Agents Limited16/08/2019
307771The Garden Holiday Homes Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
330000Fitzgerald Chambers Auctioneers Limited15/08/2019
556580C & E Property Search Limited15/08/2019
284356Contree Properties Limited15/08/2019
223732Moreef Developments Limited14/08/2019
366118McKay Property Consultants Limited14/08/2019
438029Sofka Limited13/08/2019
281025Novara Property Management (Bray) Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
251271Quin Road Business Park Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
426333Mastersons Close Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
362431Neidin View Kenmare Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
432717Hometown Centre Management Limited17/08/2019
297480Tournville Management Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
438738Rosslare Road Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
430911Coillte Mhuirlinne Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
408921Portersland Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
121412Usric Limited17/08/2019
330993Bray South Business Park Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
381381The Gas Works Management Co. Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
446800Peare Campus Management Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
3607404m Investments Management Company Limited17/08/2019
227266Phibsboro House Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
379509Lanesborough Mews Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
144714St. Paul Developments Management Limited17/08/2019
359191S & L Management Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
396996Belfry Hall Management Co. Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
508753Kaman Property Management Limited17/08/2019
450797Oakwood Retirement Village Ballaghaderreen Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
388315Marsh Road Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
450796Oakwood Retirement Village Roscommon Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
381964John's Gate (Kilkenny) Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
373942Fitzwilliam Lane Property Management Limited17/08/2019
411369Kct Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/08/2019
448910Washington Grove Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
328466Burgess Ballywilliam Community Group Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
326760Rasenbridge Limited16/08/2019
373241Lounaghan Cottages Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
485902Msm Property Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
329045Cill Mhuire Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
354061Beechwood (Carrickhill) Management Company Limited16/08/2019
520261Staisiun Na Cuairt Management Company Limited16/08/2019
290097Archley Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
145912Seaview Management Company (Clontarf) Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
445370Willison Property Management and Letting Limited16/08/2019
390957Castletown Cemetery Commitee Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
267381Mariners Court Property Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
359560Clongour Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
351118Clareview Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
431035Blanchardstown Hotel Management Limited16/08/2019
337823The Pastures (Management) Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
334379Mags Boreen Residents Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
389966Ballinskelligs Common Areas Limited16/08/2019
379241Berrys Close Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/08/2019
442671Grant Estates Limited16/08/2019
388471Peter McVerry Trust Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
459274Century Business Park Management Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
408721Pearsons Bridge Management Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
476120Nadia Properties Limited15/08/2019
390353Orchard Plaza Management Limited15/08/2019
413977Swan Point Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
373307Gruagorm Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
504136Fencha Property Services Company Unlimited Company15/08/2019
362288Harbour Court Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
329981Clonliffe Square Management Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
387285Mill Tree Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
409504Aghacarra Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
536674Parish Kush Management Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
412811Ballycasey Business Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
479443Drogheda Enterprise Centre Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
496185Urban Property Advisers Limited15/08/2019
385910Quay Admin. Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
385018Castlelake Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
244235Bearlough Properties Limited15/08/2019
450450Kilderry Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/08/2019
343588Blasket Square Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
420260Lansdowne Manor Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
453038Oldwood Ardsallagh Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
318010Crann Mor Management Company Limited14/08/2019
441455Jp Marand Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
543840Olocmc Owners Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
529116Rambutan Limited14/08/2019
350917Kilcorral Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
533104Galway Valuation Services Limited14/08/2019
405226J. Houlihan Property Limited14/08/2019
403769Shesheraghmore Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
385056Carrig Rua Apartments (63a To 64d) Management Company Limited14/08/2019
365385Coille Bheithe Management Company Limited14/08/2019
410654Desart House Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/08/2019
403764Greenvalley Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
389195Haggard Street Management Company Limited13/08/2019
354342Strathmore Property Management Limited13/08/2019
334728Knockmaree Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
422460Smafield Management Company Limited13/08/2019
509364Myles O'Donoghue Properties Limited13/08/2019
462687Church Court Complex Limited13/08/2019
516854Deepvolt Limited13/08/2019
403716Woodlands Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
336481Garryduff Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
339970Novara Property Management (Bray) No.2 Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
431297Achill View Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
432017Deck Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
358003Stephen Street Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
465480Radharc Na Noilean Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta13/08/2019
404780Lawntop Properties Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
478751Evin Property Management Limited13/08/2019
365028Lady's Cross Management Co. Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
539423Real Estate Data Limited13/08/2019
449696Cooley Complex Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
431995Ard Na Locha Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/08/2019
151 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Real estate" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Transport, storage and communication

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
372341Citi Bus Limited17/08/2019
554332Selnec Limited17/08/2019
164294Flood's Taxi Services Limited17/08/2019
555446Mullen Coaches Limited16/08/2019
431677Sambe Central Cabs Limited15/08/2019
505260Egan Coaches Limited15/08/2019
487583Scr & Coombe Cabs Limited13/08/2019
537528Massey Transport Limited17/08/2019
536807Callaghan Haulage Limited17/08/2019
450804Dunkerrin Transport Limited17/08/2019
343817Petra Distribution Limited16/08/2019
521836John Looney Transport Limited15/08/2019
428453Castlekeeran Transport Limited14/08/2019
477207Doherty Haulage Limited13/08/2019
426144Expert Logistics Limited13/08/2019
117654Maritime Chartering Limited15/08/2019
395647Seatruck Ferries (Ireland) Limited14/08/2019
145275Derg Line Limited17/08/2019
29035Emerald Star Limited16/08/2019
275832Ocean & General Maritime Agencies (Cork) Limited16/08/2019
556433Sentinel Aviation Services Limited13/08/2019
307978Line Construction (Donegal) Limited17/08/2019
525703Dublin Trailer Storage Limited15/08/2019
171760Limerick Transport and Warehousing Limited15/08/2019
448185Easy Equine Solutions Co. Limited13/08/2019
123585Euromode Limited13/08/2019
359237Team Prosail Limited16/08/2019
477514Jetco Air Limited17/08/2019
270775Smbc Aviation Capital Limited16/08/2019
503901Aerogael Limited13/08/2019
493147Aviation Software Consulting Services Limited13/08/2019
554896J1 Ireland Travel Direct Limited17/08/2019
395317Marble City Travel Limited17/08/2019
384551B. Gallagher Developments Limited17/08/2019
45287Specialist Holiday Group Ireland Limited16/08/2019
424799Paula Ward's Ireland Limited16/08/2019
490668Inishowen Tours Limited15/08/2019
312028Padraic Keogh Travel Limited13/08/2019
549542Bediamond Europe Limited13/08/2019
228746Mullock & Sons (Stevedores) Limited19/08/2019
427301Last Bus Limited17/08/2019
294603Kelcro Transport (Cork) Limited17/08/2019
207187Cosgrave Transport (Limerick) Limited15/08/2019
537118Rathcoole Logistics Limited14/08/2019
315238Thomas Byrne Haulage Limited14/08/2019
148460Vantrans (Dublin) Limited14/08/2019
326946Working Wonders Limited14/08/2019
545999Go Parcel Limited17/08/2019
113016United Parcel Service of Ireland Limited16/08/2019
106091Dhl Express (Ireland) Limited14/08/2019
453966Charlie Dunne Communications Limited15/08/2019
546551Netcelero Limited14/08/2019
52 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Transport, storage and communication" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
554678Glencairn Farm Limited17/08/2019
376400Harvest Fresh Limited13/08/2019
220452O'Rourke's Fuels Limited13/08/2019
53853Duggan Steel (Irl) Limited17/08/2019
232529Cuddy & Kennedy Timber Harvesters Limited14/08/2019
220395Softwood Limited14/08/2019
160466J. Dunne Joinery Limited13/08/2019
473183Inver Designs Designated Activity Company13/08/2019
364798Mullock & Sons (Shipbrokers) Limited19/08/2019
347774Ballinaboley Plant Hire Limited17/08/2019
379968Able Machinery Trading Limited16/08/2019
465713Brylin Limited15/08/2019
363814Cronin Machinery Sales Limited13/08/2019
379771North East Atv Limited13/08/2019
336595Ballinrobe Furniture & Carpet Centre Limited17/08/2019
438801K.N.B. Agencies Limited17/08/2019
512437Kidz Kubz Limited16/08/2019
554467Golden Steps Limited14/08/2019
548951Pretty Feathers Limited14/08/2019
546660Fashionflo Trading Limited13/08/2019
467006Kin Kids Limited13/08/2019
467003Kin Kids Cork Limited13/08/2019
452139Procedo Limited16/08/2019
545516Kandahar Grocery Limited13/08/2019
548240Mint Tek Ciorcaid Teoranta17/08/2019
478939Tile & Stone Adhesives Limited17/08/2019
327869Vit Hit Limited17/08/2019
547778Amark Technologies Limited17/08/2019
248272Tir Na Nog Foods Limited16/08/2019
493153Better As One Limited16/08/2019
436448James McLoughlin Limited15/08/2019
386230Irish Washroom Hygiene Supplies Limited15/08/2019
393022Motorsport Crazy Limited15/08/2019
521428The Goose Team (Ire) Limited15/08/2019
517391Bp Pharmaceuticals Laboratories Unlimited Company14/08/2019
476980Catering Innovation Agency Limited13/08/2019
485751Ruptela Ireland Limited13/08/2019
487497Elite Tags Limited16/08/2019
529365Farrell Consumer Trading Limited13/08/2019
348863Lee Valley Landscaping Limited13/08/2019
387327Time Marketing Limited15/08/2019
473415Bacchus Vinos Limited15/08/2019
409065Classique & Gourmet Wines Limited13/08/2019
459621Claondara Marine Products Limited14/08/2019
368871Gvd Limited15/08/2019
557871Elavitte Limited13/08/2019
510911Yourtonic Limited14/08/2019
228665Phloor Limited15/08/2019
534924Express Steelworks Limited14/08/2019
495108Mc Governs Eco Limited13/08/2019
562498Ger Hartnett Steel Limited16/08/2019
353648Cabin Supplies Limited13/08/2019
349244Estech Limited16/08/2019
461376Lydav Holdings Limited14/08/2019
551287Irish Fluid Controls (Chemfeed) Limited14/08/2019
476205Unimart Limited17/08/2019
378243Toffoli Limited17/08/2019
74107Michael J. Hanley Limited17/08/2019
451034Lofthouse Holdings Limited15/08/2019
376677Mircan Trading Limited14/08/2019
411514K.Bell Limited17/08/2019
543175James Dalton Farm Limited15/08/2019
509803V.N.A Mechanical Handling Limited14/08/2019
511555Lds Leasing Limited13/08/2019
410070Flynn Flowers Limited17/08/2019
521408True Natural Goodness Limited17/08/2019
465421Des Murphy Meats Limited15/08/2019
216659Kileline Trading Co. Limited14/08/2019
252489Martin Jennings Wholesale Limited14/08/2019
336867R & a Meats Limited13/08/2019
299968Y.F.T. Marketing Limited16/08/2019
555098Star Seafood Markets Limited16/08/2019
507770Soul and Sunshine Bakery Limited17/08/2019
510473Sweet Experience Limited16/08/2019
512078Malones Whiskey Company Limited13/08/2019
551518Eagers Shop (Killarney) Limited17/08/2019
538344Sweetpea Barn Limited15/08/2019
350442Five and Five Ireland Trade Market and Service Limited14/08/2019
554798Hefferniatt Foods Limited13/08/2019
389701Clinical Care Limited16/08/2019
441821Network Pharmacy Limited16/08/2019
409613Medipharm Retail Limited16/08/2019
417555Monread Pharmacy Limited16/08/2019
537018Hayes and Hayes Community Pharmacy Limited16/08/2019
431878Claden Pharmacies Limited15/08/2019
372700Chemash Limited13/08/2019
364700Pharm Ash Limited13/08/2019
515449Buzzz Pharmaceuticals Limited16/08/2019
553638Xtheta Management & Merchandising Limited17/08/2019
361762Uomini Limited17/08/2019
486048Junk Kouture Limited17/08/2019
507566Kildare GAA Shop Limited15/08/2019
524575One Two Three Esta Designs Limited15/08/2019
428067Aneva Limited14/08/2019
462918Bellina Creations Limited13/08/2019
156097Serena Boutique Limited13/08/2019
259445Kingrail Limited13/08/2019
218470Armstrong & Oxford Limited13/08/2019
435758I. & C. Clothing Limited13/08/2019
479304Foot Health Shoes Limited17/08/2019
415589Shoe Click Limited15/08/2019
271943Drinagh Pottery Limited17/08/2019
406066Infusion Home Limited17/08/2019
400866Domus Projects Limited17/08/2019
256997Furniture Wholesale Limited14/08/2019
121484Ashdell Enterprises Limited14/08/2019
447798Betterdeck Limited17/08/2019
454188Sandyford Ceramics Limited14/08/2019
381896Barker & Jones Limited16/08/2019
178730Academy Stores Limited19/08/2019
545518Michael Murphy Sports & Leisure Limited17/08/2019
555770Aqua Flow Products Limited17/08/2019
61623Derg Developments Limited17/08/2019
389880Celtic Mist Water Distribution Limited17/08/2019
556404Chefs House Limited17/08/2019
347517Ratoath Garden Centre Limited16/08/2019
427744Haboo Limited16/08/2019
361791Sun Sound Limited16/08/2019
559297Mf Nurseries Limited16/08/2019
494227Dsm Pro Limited15/08/2019
494227Dsm Pro Limited15/08/2019
494227Dsm Pro Limited15/08/2019
546774Glorious Flowers Limited15/08/2019
419356Ink Cartridge Ireland Limited14/08/2019
361092Documail Limited14/08/2019
493944Mad About Trading Co Limited13/08/2019
375365Jalloo Limited13/08/2019
537415Wickham Adhesives Limited13/08/2019
437857Coppola Cabins Limited13/08/2019
496102King Moving Services Limited13/08/2019
554769McShea Golf Limited13/08/2019
442477Sqi Limited13/08/2019
538112Poly Passive Mouldings Limited17/08/2019
471862Archimedes Print Management Solutions Limited16/08/2019
493296Pop Culture Memorabilia Limited15/08/2019
135242Tom Meehan & Sons Limited16/08/2019
136 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

There are 1,648 companies listed above.

*Please note that there may be some companies not on this list, as they have not provided industry details.

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