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Issue 490 (Week Ending 20/01/2022)
IndustryCompany Count
Agriculture, hunting and forestry38 Companies »
Computers75 Companies »
Construction196 Companies »
Education22 Companies »
Electricity, gas and water supply8 Companies »
Financial intermediation59 Companies »
Fishing7 Companies »
Health and social work40 Companies »
Hotels and restaurants70 Companies »
Leasing5 Companies »
Legal, Accounting & Business374 Companies »
Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products22 Companies »
Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres3 Companies »
Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment17 Companies »
Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco22 Companies »
Manufacture of leather and leather products2 Companies »
Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.13 Companies »
Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products7 Companies »
Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing17 Companies »
Manufacture of rubber and plastic products6 Companies »
Manufacture of textiles and textile products6 Companies »
Manufacture of transport equipment1 Company »
Manufacture of wood and wood products2 Companies »
Manufacturing n.e.c.11 Companies »
Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials4 Companies »
Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials8 Companies »
Motor42 Companies »
Other community, social and personal service activities119 Companies »
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security6 Companies »
Real estate158 Companies »
Transport, storage and communication61 Companies »
Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods202 Companies »

Below is a list of Companies, whose Financial Accounts became available in the week ending 19/01/2022.

Agriculture, hunting and forestry

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
155879Coshla Mushrooms Limited18/01/2022
527830Ballyclough Farm Limited19/01/2022
538643Michael G Healy Limited19/01/2022
511490John Seery Farm Limited15/01/2022
537506Curraghdermot Farms Limited14/01/2022
553264James Maloney Farm Limited14/01/2022
434267Johnswell Pigs Limited13/01/2022
366116Ml. Gannon & Sons Limited15/01/2022
419324Lenehan's Lairage Limited15/01/2022
537422McCormack's Hillfarm Limited19/01/2022
524813Curraster Farm Limited19/01/2022
511048Cluainag Limited18/01/2022
518139Belvidere Farm Limited18/01/2022
511226Bridgefield Farm Limited18/01/2022
536950Starinagh Farms Limited18/01/2022
481405Arthur Shorten Limited15/01/2022
398474Grangebarry Agricultural Services Limited19/01/2022
527998Mulhern Bros Agri-Contractors Limited19/01/2022
558713Gurrane View Limited19/01/2022
562451Coora Contract Farm Services Limited18/01/2022
509954Ds Dairy Supplies Limited18/01/2022
435599Strong Garden Design Limited18/01/2022
401069Khs Landscaping Limited18/01/2022
490605Winters Farriery Limited15/01/2022
562384Balagri Limited15/01/2022
344313S G Curry (Ireland) Limited15/01/2022
499242Carrigeen Agri - Services Limited15/01/2022
318938J.M.S. Agri & Timber Services Limited14/01/2022
341414Aspen Landscaping Limited13/01/2022
336952Coveney Wildlife Consulting Limited15/01/2022
499994Newtown Farming Limited14/01/2022
73059Hogan's Turkeys Limited19/01/2022
124558Windage Limited18/01/2022
249215Ashleigh Farms (Waterford) Limited15/01/2022
318113P & B Bloodstock Limited14/01/2022
193239Roland Forestry Limited19/01/2022
402840Killarney Tree Felling Limited18/01/2022
513904Chit Irish Forest Limited14/01/2022
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
486920Oltech Office Logics Limited18/01/2022
416563Data Strategies Consulting Limited14/01/2022
328454Ethos Multimedia Limited14/01/2022
499988Southside Computers Limited13/01/2022
348438Adviserplus Limited13/01/2022
560337Taoglas Iot Solutions Limited19/01/2022
527918Bcp Business Solutions Limited19/01/2022
467173Aes Global Software Limited19/01/2022
431668Fenergo Ip Limited19/01/2022
522680Sidero Limited19/01/2022
337525Actov 8 Limited19/01/2022
337525Actov 8 Limited19/01/2022
558023Schedule Intelligence Limited18/01/2022
442079Lean Erp Services Limited18/01/2022
449919Curua Technologies Limited18/01/2022
402757Telcopro (Ireland) Limited18/01/2022
327551H.Q. Software Limited15/01/2022
432709Etac Limited15/01/2022
411254Osl Distribution Limited14/01/2022
420730Owenriff Management Services Limited14/01/2022
514817Mh Digital Consultants Limited14/01/2022
382246I.T. Edge Limited13/01/2022
498846Osgo Solutions Limited13/01/2022
544368Dc Pty Limited13/01/2022
346096The Brand Mix Limited13/01/2022
500112Digital Iiyii Limited13/01/2022
528514E Therapy Health Systems Limited13/01/2022
542693Fanalytics Limited13/01/2022
549072Wildcat Business Computing Limited14/01/2022
547280Monkeyrate Limited19/01/2022
519914S.M.T. Safety Systems & Software Limited19/01/2022
519914S.M.T. Safety Systems & Software Limited19/01/2022
519914S.M.T. Safety Systems & Software Limited19/01/2022
519914S.M.T. Safety Systems & Software Limited19/01/2022
418037Suzanne Walsh Consulting Limited19/01/2022
510723Deeque Limited19/01/2022
511550Mexal It Consultancy Limited19/01/2022
328448Merlin Networks Limited19/01/2022
461382Fenergo Limited19/01/2022
340271B. & E. Computing Limited19/01/2022
545437Ibop Limited19/01/2022
443711Mgmkp Enterprises Limited19/01/2022
413775Vodafone Group Services Ireland Limited19/01/2022
545134Timeslip Softworks Limited19/01/2022
459117Itcomsec Limited19/01/2022
468585Ovh Hosting Limited19/01/2022
371954N.Hodnett Cad Solutions Limited18/01/2022
428967Seecorp Limited18/01/2022
544956Compan Software Limited18/01/2022
440786Nova Vita Limited17/01/2022
408364Eachtra Álainn Teoranta15/01/2022
459027Cjq Limited15/01/2022
484773Moodocity Limited15/01/2022
562254Amarna Energy Solutions Limited14/01/2022
387537Blue Who Limited14/01/2022
486600Howelltech Limited14/01/2022
433356Virtustream Ireland Limited14/01/2022
327755Commnet Limited14/01/2022
341605Cbak Computing (Ireland) Limited14/01/2022
448757Citco Technology Management Ireland Limited13/01/2022
363429Entograph Limited13/01/2022
316324Dmas Limited19/01/2022
114356Adval Systems Limited19/01/2022
285151Business Bytes Limited19/01/2022
275005Aubrey Computer Consultancy Limited19/01/2022
302719N-Tier Securities Development Studio Limited18/01/2022
280414First Component Supplies Limited18/01/2022
308247Exodus Software Limited18/01/2022
304895West Cork Business & Computer Training Limited14/01/2022
301521Ability Software Limited14/01/2022
158117Coolavin Systems Limited14/01/2022
395766Iping Limited14/01/2022
213308Csc Computer Sciences Ireland Limited14/01/2022
276836Webzone Limited13/01/2022
306553Newt Limited13/01/2022
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
405726Ground Investigations Ireland Limited15/01/2022
128148Ruetama Limited19/01/2022
433137Ka Drylining Limited19/01/2022
405234Little Connell Wpc Nominees Limited19/01/2022
354048Jim Flanagan & Sons Sligo Limited19/01/2022
119977Felix Daly & Company Limited19/01/2022
436051Kaelaim Construction Limited19/01/2022
380686Corkanisk Construction Limited19/01/2022
403828Merlon Construction Limited19/01/2022
437727Gohan Construction Limited19/01/2022
361381Khb Construction Limited19/01/2022
397409Anona Limited19/01/2022
485037Kevin Doyle Building Contractors Limited19/01/2022
434800Quinn Bricklaying Limited19/01/2022
471194Admoneo Limited18/01/2022
562240Jpr Contracting Limited18/01/2022
403059Parkfort Developments Limited18/01/2022
398121Edenabbey Developments Limited18/01/2022
440227Charles McCauley Properties Limited18/01/2022
415873Curtis Roofing & Construction Limited18/01/2022
509694Shane Stack Builders Limited18/01/2022
383881Marmon Construction Limited18/01/2022
545852Durabella Ireland Limited18/01/2022
341471Emmet O' Rourke Limited18/01/2022
528693O'Connell Site Engineering Services Limited18/01/2022
470049Moh Engineering Services Limited18/01/2022
368655Sean Kilgannon Construction Limited18/01/2022
503605Cedarwalk Construction Limited18/01/2022
134085Blackhall Building Limited18/01/2022
470588Rocon Construction & Concrete Works Limited18/01/2022
293749Pn Innealtoireacht Teoranta18/01/2022
339626Derryeary Construction Limited15/01/2022
544070Letterkenny Rosemount Homes Limited15/01/2022
343698Rakeeragh Construction Limited15/01/2022
435290Jwdc Limited15/01/2022
141683Commins Builders Limited15/01/2022
448330Charwood Developments Limited15/01/2022
366427Gerard Reidy Construction Limited15/01/2022
144843Wyckham Builders Limited15/01/2022
144843Wyckham Builders Limited15/01/2022
342164Goldcroft Developments Limited15/01/2022
386661Redwood Homes Limited15/01/2022
129319Owen and Noel Cafferkey Limited15/01/2022
320763Riverquay Limited14/01/2022
89783Simenga Limited14/01/2022
346821Gort Na Greine Management Company Limited14/01/2022
526636Jaj Construction Limited14/01/2022
457887Edgewood Construction Limited14/01/2022
341492Hackett Properties Limited14/01/2022
386773Blackline Homes Limited14/01/2022
543576Mddk Construction Limited14/01/2022
361229Gatecastle Construction Limited14/01/2022
352918Brendan Nolan Consultant Engineering Limited14/01/2022
471831Aldan Property Maintenance Limited14/01/2022
451737Anthony Neville Homes Limited14/01/2022
371541Cloonmore Developments Limited14/01/2022
498944Culclan Construction Limited14/01/2022
448273Dooniskey Construction Limited14/01/2022
406573Bod Construction Limited14/01/2022
562241Fast Cut Engineering Limited13/01/2022
446603Pj Carey (Contractors) Limited13/01/2022
353738Martin Walsh Construction Limited13/01/2022
402406Hallquar Construction Limited13/01/2022
423405Swift Southern Developments Limited13/01/2022
416628Kecca Limited13/01/2022
401384Weinmann Construction Limited13/01/2022
407038G. Reilly Construction Limited13/01/2022
439584Ballyshannon Construction Limited13/01/2022
330962Delar Properties Limited13/01/2022
120767Flaherty Foremost Fabrication Limited13/01/2022
533897Nad Engineering Limited13/01/2022
513802Mm Construction & Development Services Limited13/01/2022
357460James Lavin Construction Limited13/01/2022
101869Gainville Limited13/01/2022
431296Cara Liffey Limited13/01/2022
415604W & J O'Shea Roofing & Construction Limited13/01/2022
247329Century Fasteners Limited19/01/2022
272000Pierce McGann & Co. Limited19/01/2022
418465Pa Sheehan Builders Limited19/01/2022
307606Hand Engineering Limited19/01/2022
125473Peter Murphy Lighting & Electrical Limited19/01/2022
128011Falconer Brothers Limited18/01/2022
159080Energy Engineering Limited18/01/2022
302421J & S Tarmac Limited18/01/2022
443927Munster Sealant Services Limited18/01/2022
133429Voss Engineering Limited18/01/2022
293802Scafftex Manufacturing Limited15/01/2022
322069G D S Engineering Limited15/01/2022
249545Scafftex Systems Limited15/01/2022
142242Eddie Wade Engineering Limited15/01/2022
544119White Design Build Limited15/01/2022
439968Gb Plant & Utilities Limited15/01/2022
211046Flynn Consulting Limited15/01/2022
234299Spectrum Tooling Limited15/01/2022
422274Hr Scaffolding Limited15/01/2022
141284A.A.T. Limited15/01/2022
263357Lennon Quarries Limited14/01/2022
262678Raymond Nugent Limited14/01/2022
292200Wexford Diesel Services Limited14/01/2022
141924Johnson Scaffolding Services Limited14/01/2022
248168Q.E.D. Engineering Limited13/01/2022
482561Scollard Doyle Limited13/01/2022
525706Eco Building Technologies Limited13/01/2022
235066Hendrick Ryan + Associates Limited13/01/2022
538582Donal O'Riordan Construction Limited13/01/2022
319746Jack Hegarty Electrical Contractors Limited19/01/2022
296760Hibertech Limited19/01/2022
484794Lynwood Networking Limited19/01/2022
560810Intelec Limited18/01/2022
451052Edward Keenan Electrical Limited15/01/2022
435309West Coast Electrical Limited15/01/2022
130097B.W. Design Workshop Limited15/01/2022
443006Proturn Engineering Limited15/01/2022
477914Paul Heavin Electrical Limited15/01/2022
466438Spire Electrical Limited15/01/2022
301824James Rhatigan Engineering Limited14/01/2022
522453A.B.G. Electrical Limited14/01/2022
263012Culkin Electric Limited14/01/2022
457928Remco Shopfitting Limited14/01/2022
908728Corning Limited14/01/2022
329060Automation & Electrical Maintenance Limited13/01/2022
271951Annalee Oil Burner & Boiler Services Limited19/01/2022
115532Joseph Murphy Bms Limited19/01/2022
266212Rafferty Fuels Limited14/01/2022
496041Iglotech Limited19/01/2022
557711Beades Mechanical Services Limited18/01/2022
527820Frontier Filtration Limited18/01/2022
258431Pat Hynes Plumbing & Heating Limited18/01/2022
121417Munster Drain & Tube Cleaning Limited18/01/2022
298881A Team Plumbing & Heating Limited18/01/2022
339536Able Plumbing and Heating Limited18/01/2022
529613Cp Gas Limited18/01/2022
339154Kavanagh Refrigeration Limited17/01/2022
153158East Coast Plumbing & Heating Limited17/01/2022
153158East Coast Plumbing & Heating Limited14/01/2022
539514D Stoves & Accessories Limited14/01/2022
562641Caldor Energy Solutions Limited14/01/2022
513469Kpm Ventilation Limited18/01/2022
400263Walsh & O' Mahony Tarmacadam Limited18/01/2022
229640Ideal Cooling Equipment Limited18/01/2022
538965Geocell Ireland Limited15/01/2022
531482Br Mechanical Pipework Limited15/01/2022
511298A Grade Installations Limited14/01/2022
528751Glorney Chimney Surveys Limited13/01/2022
327526William O Regan P.V.C. Windows & Doors Limited13/01/2022
539128Munster Plastering Services Limited18/01/2022
539128Munster Plastering Services Limited18/01/2022
485393Westland Plastering Limited13/01/2022
332272Conway and McCormack's Carpentry Limited19/01/2022
396544Foxfield Carpentry Limited19/01/2022
440562Middlepark Construction Limited18/01/2022
550429Higgins Woodcraft Limited15/01/2022
208845Blakeswood Limited15/01/2022
403580Ark Joinery Limited14/01/2022
435456P & P Window Systems Limited14/01/2022
528322R & R Tiles & Tools Mitchelstown Limited18/01/2022
118260Cloghroe Joinery Limited17/01/2022
555695Ofg Liquid Screed Limited15/01/2022
136064Peter Doherty Tiling Company Limited15/01/2022
545048Alliance Contract Carpets and Flooring Limited15/01/2022
495771A & D Carpets Limited13/01/2022
402828Floortech International Trading Limited13/01/2022
353299Anzco Limited19/01/2022
562523Kyri Construction Limited13/01/2022
46868Quickaway Plant Hire & Sales Limited14/01/2022
555920Pslm Plant Hire Limited14/01/2022
319067Glascairn Construction Limited19/01/2022
223504Milngavie Limited19/01/2022
287391R.C. Design Services Limited19/01/2022
318420Euroman Construction Limited19/01/2022
283004Westabbey Developments Limited19/01/2022
278798Pj & E McGarrell Limited19/01/2022
303239Cro-Bar Construction Limited18/01/2022
278383Clonarney Construction Limited18/01/2022
321385Flaherty & Goaley Contracts Limited18/01/2022
226832Spellman Construction Claregalway Limited18/01/2022
306513Reenascreena Sand & Gravel Limited18/01/2022
314534Matt Molloy Drywall Limited18/01/2022
281985James Kiely Construction Limited18/01/2022
304443O'Reilly O'Byrne Construction Limited15/01/2022
223514Kilbride Plant Limited15/01/2022
310189Merville Homes Limited15/01/2022
254097Kilbride Developments Limited15/01/2022
205260Jms Construction Limited15/01/2022
266926K.O. Whelan Property & Construction Limited14/01/2022
303100Baldoyle Builders (1999) Limited14/01/2022
284519Malachy Buckley & Company Limited14/01/2022
227138Lartate Limited14/01/2022
300468Orchardvine Contractors Limited14/01/2022
285434Balinacor Construction Limited14/01/2022
319399Delta Sealants Ireland Limited13/01/2022
261602Shancor Homes Limited13/01/2022
302546Killuran Construction Limited13/01/2022
213138Lydon Developments Limited13/01/2022
242891College Land Construction Limited13/01/2022
325549Gaulstown Properties Limited13/01/2022
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
562594Naíonra Bhaile Mhistéala Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta19/01/2022
469911Pied Piper Community Preschool Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
444245Daisy Daycare Creche and Montessori Limited14/01/2022
444245Daisy Daycare Creche and Montessori Limited14/01/2022
524547Deirdre Mac Sweeney Limited15/01/2022
353615Dundalk Media Centre Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
529536Virtual Personal Training Limited18/01/2022
495560Premier Performance Partners Limited18/01/2022
558582Coote Training Limited18/01/2022
355415Coaching and Development Partners Limited18/01/2022
478130Aletheia Limited18/01/2022
385665Modmosh Limited18/01/2022
433116Kent Playgroup Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
420723Kilgallen Beauty Limited18/01/2022
526726Ionair Acropolis Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
513785Spraoí Chill Mhantáin Limited13/01/2022
545044Dublin Language School Limited13/01/2022
413804Full Saol Limited13/01/2022
234012Colaiste Chiarain Teoranta18/01/2022
301534Oc Training Limited15/01/2022
287593Farm. Ie Limited14/01/2022
312330North West City Esl Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
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Electricity, gas and water supply

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
479694Cregg Wind Farm Limited19/01/2022
540071North Meath Wind Farm Limited19/01/2022
493885Statkraft Ireland Project Company Limited19/01/2022
472615European Institute of Biorefining and Bioenergy Limited18/01/2022
494885Jh Wind Turbines Limited15/01/2022
402580Vp Power Limited14/01/2022
536955Greenwire Transmission Pentir Limited14/01/2022
423333Prosolar Limited13/01/2022
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Financial intermediation

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
371556Provincial Home Providers Limited16/01/2022
511153Mardal Aviation Limited19/01/2022
529309Cara Renewables Limited13/01/2022
406613Mpstor Limited19/01/2022
437921Montagh Investments Limited19/01/2022
408465Bleachers Finance I Limited18/01/2022
407588Anglesea Funding Public Limited Company18/01/2022
264316Norca Limited18/01/2022
409836Apos Investments Limited18/01/2022
529931Nbc Global Finance Limited18/01/2022
407588Anglesea Funding Public Limited Company18/01/2022
544127Ips Financial Advice Limited15/01/2022
469981Pequod Asset Management Limited15/01/2022
517417Jetty Finance Designated Activity Company15/01/2022
544914Boardwalk Finance Designated Activity Company15/01/2022
366014Lofoten Limited15/01/2022
513373Michael E. Farrell (Sligo) Limited14/01/2022
310795Frank Lenny Financial Services Limited14/01/2022
492065Clarinova Limited13/01/2022
516918Niro Investments Limited13/01/2022
554153Lonely Planet Global Limited13/01/2022
314972Eca Arts & Entertainment Limited19/01/2022
306487Appleshaw Investments Limited18/01/2022
125354Bimeda Holdings Limited15/01/2022
118271Laffrey Limited15/01/2022
186546Lugano Holdings Limited14/01/2022
186035Carston Investments Limited13/01/2022
299196Corplaw Management Limited13/01/2022
550189Wood Park Financial Consulting Limited15/01/2022
244232Oliver Murphy Insurance Brokers Limited18/01/2022
430296Pembroke Insurances Limited14/01/2022
430291Quote Devil Limited14/01/2022
216247McCann Financial Consultants Limited14/01/2022
218792Acadia International Insurance Designated Activity Company15/01/2022
306656Claims and Risk Management Limited13/01/2022
341117P.B. Financial Services Limited17/01/2022
343907Powerfx Limited19/01/2022
336469The Sharing Foundation Designated Activity Company19/01/2022
480045Pimco Select Funds Public Limited Company19/01/2022
513826Icg Total Credit Fund Designated Activity Company18/01/2022
299162Tudorville Limited18/01/2022
251902Seapoint Golf Club Nominees Limited18/01/2022
202212Tudorcrest Holdings Limited17/01/2022
552402Zim Shipping Finance Limited14/01/2022
304167New Line Investments Limited14/01/2022
302642Pm Estates Limited13/01/2022
266761Vanguard Group (Ireland) Limited13/01/2022
407677Drumlin Financial Services Limited18/01/2022
442904Aria Capital Limited15/01/2022
416935Churchfield Mortgages and Financial Services Limited15/01/2022
528301Twilight Consultants Limited14/01/2022
550723Elmcastle Actuarial Services Limited19/01/2022
471334Insurance Claims Repair Limited19/01/2022
459128O'Leary Insurances (Waterford) Limited18/01/2022
343872M. Simpson & Co. Limited15/01/2022
474910Clive Slattery Limited15/01/2022
360905Durcan Insurances Limited14/01/2022
356730F C M B Limited14/01/2022
367796Integrity Risk and Claims Management Services Limited14/01/2022
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
421494Mattanja Limited18/01/2022
394025Tully Shellfish Limited15/01/2022
538314Oisiri Min an Chairn Teoranta14/01/2022
510588Cromane Point Oysters Limited13/01/2022
343779Murphy's Irish Seafood Limited19/01/2022
155810Cladai Dhun Na Ngall Teoranta18/01/2022
122515Kush Seafarms Limited14/01/2022
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Health and social work

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
142625Nightingale Enterprises Limited19/01/2022
167544Dublin School of Tropical Medicine Limited17/01/2022
121415Executive Medical Care Limited17/01/2022
440802Assistive Technology Group Limited15/01/2022
472529Puce Limited13/01/2022
494700Glaucomacare Limited18/01/2022
499003Shankill Care Limited18/01/2022
486117Javed Medical Services Limited18/01/2022
193784Grafton Street Medical Centre Limited17/01/2022
497849Avalon Medical Services Limited17/01/2022
541325Premier Chiropractic (Swords) Limited15/01/2022
544125AlbarAA Medicals Limited14/01/2022
491906Harcourt Dental Clinic Limited18/01/2022
385118Friends of Bantry General Hospital Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
557426Dtr Counselling Limited19/01/2022
409560North West Stroke Group Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
203483Irish School of Ethical and Analytical Hypnotherapy Limited18/01/2022
562536Np Fitzwilliam Health Limited18/01/2022
361240Gort Resource Centre Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
276842Irish Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
276842Irish Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
497264Restore Health Centre Limited15/01/2022
470444Ci Psychology Solutions Limited13/01/2022
513300Shm Medical Services Limited13/01/2022
462270Herd Concepts Limited19/01/2022
452781Valid Nutrition13/01/2022
358457Garryglass Children's Holiday Home Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
453931Little Learners Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
449598Cork County G.A.A. Board S.E.S. Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
377777Headford Community Association Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
517514Ceili O'Callaghan Consultancy Limited18/01/2022
484137Parkview Creche Limited18/01/2022
553002Swilly Cep Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
460271Shooting Stars Preschool Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
459566Curracloe Community Playgroup Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
529068Fhionns After School Limited15/01/2022
529068Fhionns After School Limited15/01/2022
336996Clontarf Creche Limited14/01/2022
463872Churchill Community Child Care Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
471150Pre School Scoil Na Nóg Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
40 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Health and social work" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Hotels and restaurants

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
119312Castle Oaks Catering Limited18/01/2022
371975Glashedy Investments Limited18/01/2022
287834Willow Tree Leisure Limited18/01/2022
209370Jalcanto Limited18/01/2022
525012Clifden Bay Lodge Limited15/01/2022
494261Shannon Street Hospitality Limited15/01/2022
390916Pi Hotels & Restaurants Ireland Limited14/01/2022
372638Phjom Limited14/01/2022
102300The Drinking-Well Limited13/01/2022
355558Lancaster Lodge Limited19/01/2022
264561Meadow Springs Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
264561Meadow Springs Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
496455Lin Kee Limited19/01/2022
547548Douro Bar Limited19/01/2022
466086Cafe Orangeade Limited19/01/2022
548669Han Yang Court Limited19/01/2022
486085Ballybricken Take Away Limited19/01/2022
167353P & C Finnerty Limited19/01/2022
480855Coffee Cup Café Limited18/01/2022
562336Seri Maku Limited17/01/2022
527888Kaph Retail Limited15/01/2022
484678Hundu Kush Limited15/01/2022
552902Casa Nostra Ristopub Limited15/01/2022
417308Krusty Kitchen Limited15/01/2022
303588Yorkstein Limited14/01/2022
206518Glasson (Nominees) Limited14/01/2022
558739Pizza Cuisine Limited14/01/2022
393369Em Spoonful Restaurant Limited14/01/2022
245213Deli Boutique Limited14/01/2022
444303Fuel Cafe and Restaurant Limited14/01/2022
546861Cheapstar Catering Limited14/01/2022
483305A Taste of Ireland Airports Limited14/01/2022
548220The Greenery Lennox Limited14/01/2022
439828Win Soon Limited13/01/2022
486061Perdau Limited13/01/2022
224689Premier Fast Foods Limited13/01/2022
224690Premier Take-Away Limited13/01/2022
407011Barcelo' S Foods Limited13/01/2022
500046Jack Forde Limited19/01/2022
500046Jack Forde Limited19/01/2022
524470Quealy - Whelan Limited19/01/2022
454058Pd Quality Publicans Limited19/01/2022
402680Silverdawn Limited19/01/2022
489955K.F. Taverns (Enniscorthy) Limited18/01/2022
107759The Westport Brewing Company Limited18/01/2022
401282Padraic Pearse Limited18/01/2022
510478M & B Heraty Limited15/01/2022
258351McCabes General Merchants Limited15/01/2022
141090Cranford Inns Limited15/01/2022
545798Ranelagh Brewing Company Limited14/01/2022
556885Cavevale Limited14/01/2022
454058Pd Quality Publicans Limited14/01/2022
357847S & N Doherty Limited14/01/2022
262513Bill McCormack (Naas) Limited14/01/2022
428770Gallery Entertainment Limited14/01/2022
372942T & F Andrews Limited14/01/2022
481755Derick Healy Limited14/01/2022
544947Lough Lace Taverns Limited14/01/2022
544948One Inn All Inns Limited14/01/2022
500491Kilcullen Carry Out Limited14/01/2022
528068Heffsa Limited13/01/2022
496643Terry's Bar Limited13/01/2022
138351Bankers Inns Limited13/01/2022
539948Leanris Holdings Limited13/01/2022
523233Da Lidia Limited13/01/2022
548244Castle Campus Catering Limited19/01/2022
544276Stone House Catering Limited18/01/2022
513048Anfer Catering Limited15/01/2022
509017Zucchini Outdoor Catering Limited15/01/2022
265699The Gourmet Parlour Limited14/01/2022
70 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Hotels and restaurants" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top


Co NumCompany NameAR Now
516314M&T Aviation Finance (Ireland) Limited15/01/2022
230343Kenmare Plant Hire Limited18/01/2022
376867Plant-Comm. Limited18/01/2022
304463Cullivan Plant Hire Limited13/01/2022
448981066 Fast Ferry Leasing Limited19/01/2022
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Legal, Accounting & Business

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
440552Eirim Developments Limited17/01/2022
471675Akashi Research Technologies Limited15/01/2022
118685Chaville Limited15/01/2022
334772Aniar Cumhacht Teoranta15/01/2022
363964Creative Arts Rights Development Limited15/01/2022
453516Sharon Bailey & Co. Limited19/01/2022
459254Solas Financial Services Limited19/01/2022
344035Accounting Partners Limited18/01/2022
559665Zenith Business Consulting Limited18/01/2022
486271Tms Taxation & Management Services Limited17/01/2022
537332Lee View Accountancy Services Limited15/01/2022
552733T&K Management Services Limited15/01/2022
508476Online Payroll Management Limited15/01/2022
336404Payeroll Resource Management Limited15/01/2022
461184Davwal Bookkeeping Services Limited15/01/2022
436431Des Quigley Limited14/01/2022
490317S.P Hickey & Co. Limited14/01/2022
523406Etrigan Licensing Limited14/01/2022
545990Abacus Accounting and Taxation Limited14/01/2022
540482Abacus Auditing and Consultancy Limited14/01/2022
534225E. O' Brien Accountants Limited14/01/2022
422153Ellis Junction Limited14/01/2022
340165Seatown Financial Services Limited14/01/2022
143307Jazwood Limited13/01/2022
544148Lanstephan Financial Limited13/01/2022
465321Westcastle Research Limited18/01/2022
558174Palinger Limited19/01/2022
499170Kish Capital Advisory Limited19/01/2022
446096Foresthill Consultancy Services Limited19/01/2022
524877Kelleher Holdings (Mb) Limited19/01/2022
383620Shanbogh Engineering Limited19/01/2022
510390The Designer of Things Limited19/01/2022
545230Frazer Ireland Gp (2014) Limited19/01/2022
300955Billamore Woodcrafts Limited19/01/2022
387804Patrick Boylan Business & Taxation Consultants Limited19/01/2022
478968Harris Coyle Breen Limited19/01/2022
546510Dream Advantage Limited19/01/2022
494301Greg Cleary Limited19/01/2022
420459Momentum Strategy Partners Limited18/01/2022
544285Silverlough Limited18/01/2022
380124Sys-Pro Limited18/01/2022
524227Core Claims Services Limited18/01/2022
511822Watbro Management Services Limited18/01/2022
427472Galwyn Management Services Limited18/01/2022
527583Cluain Tarbh Consultancy Services Limited18/01/2022
150442O'Mahony Boylan Golden (Munster) Limited18/01/2022
359407Seamus P. Carroll & Associates Limited18/01/2022
143935Independent Financial Services Limited18/01/2022
517632Celeris Aviation Limited18/01/2022
517631Celeris Hotels Limited18/01/2022
544412Yellow Point Limited18/01/2022
467685Phoenix Alchemy Limited18/01/2022
150433Brosnan Boylan and Golden Limited18/01/2022
472621Progressive Business Excellence Limited18/01/2022
549641Disrupt Eq Limited17/01/2022
341020Kearney Curran Secretarial Limited15/01/2022
383622Enertec Mechanical Services Limited15/01/2022
526327Lee View Secretarial Trust Limited15/01/2022
423406Manada Management Services Limited15/01/2022
471008Kroog Consultancy Limited15/01/2022
472306Consulteco Limited15/01/2022
513448Talent Stove Limited15/01/2022
480113Cmj Consulting and Management Services Limited15/01/2022
371494Gift Grub Limited15/01/2022
457828Tameric Management Consultants Limited15/01/2022
277682Dowling & Dowling Design Consultants Limited15/01/2022
421247Rhean Consultants Limited15/01/2022
404158Rossbran Consulting Limited15/01/2022
421248Silleni Consulting Limited15/01/2022
421250Talitha Management Services Limited15/01/2022
421257Lacerto Management Services Limited15/01/2022
421251Persean Consulting Limited15/01/2022
514189Paso Management Consultancy Limited15/01/2022
421258Minakar Consulting Limited15/01/2022
422126Kumori Consultants Limited15/01/2022
422131Polltarran Consultants Limited15/01/2022
404163Finaha Consulting Limited15/01/2022
421255Galaten Management Services Limited15/01/2022
422125Gilean Consulting Limited15/01/2022
421256Grafias Consultants Limited15/01/2022
514188Heyson Management Consultancy Limited15/01/2022
421253Antarenos Consulting Limited15/01/2022
422123Aztar Consultants Limited15/01/2022
404162Endsfall Consultants Limited15/01/2022
422124Enerotech Management Services Limited15/01/2022
242785Charles Lyons Consultancy Services Limited15/01/2022
498460Quatre Murs Limited14/01/2022
415948Intelligent Property Limited14/01/2022
511130Helmag Limited14/01/2022
311546P.K.T. Consulting Engineers Limited14/01/2022
399426Clarity Interactive Limited14/01/2022
375015Canalridge Limited14/01/2022
558546Camelot Vision Limited14/01/2022
542435Silver Horizon Limited14/01/2022
319857Leargas Consulting Limited14/01/2022
374604Strategycrowd Ireland Limited14/01/2022
413868Tio Consulting Limited14/01/2022
539312We Can Save You Money Limited14/01/2022
188718Resource Management Limited14/01/2022
500798Asa Marketing Limited14/01/2022
469795Coffey Consulting Engineering Limited13/01/2022
213265Wolverton Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
297414Great Lakes International Limited13/01/2022
407772Ireland India Import Export Company Limited13/01/2022
138208Swan Training Institute Limited13/01/2022
483730Obséy International Limited13/01/2022
443174Neantha Limited13/01/2022
423155Marellen Holdings Limited13/01/2022
554685Firmitas Energy Consulting Limited13/01/2022
509909Dkf Core Limited13/01/2022
424737Spirit Enterprises Limited13/01/2022
481340Siferg Limited13/01/2022
436815Discessio Consulting Limited13/01/2022
544309Mgm Marine Holdings Limited19/01/2022
215378Wilroy Holdings Limited19/01/2022
355147Ballybunion Health and Leisure Limited19/01/2022
546553Sodda Investments Limited19/01/2022
548241Courtyard Catering Holdings Limited19/01/2022
506594Maristar Property Limited19/01/2022
524698Castlefountain Limited19/01/2022
389024Rapid Laser Services Limited19/01/2022
503760Terval Property Limited19/01/2022
398665Reilly and Rispen Holdings Limited19/01/2022
537400Fenergo Nominees Limited19/01/2022
513643Fenergo Group Limited19/01/2022
336478Woodford Capital Designated Activity Company19/01/2022
554250Carpetville Limited18/01/2022
438876UK Sl Nominee Three Limited18/01/2022
438875UK Sl Nominee Two Limited18/01/2022
438874UK Sl Nominee One Limited18/01/2022
443556UK Sl Trust Limited18/01/2022
544943Egis Lagan Holdings Limited18/01/2022
470679Mfk Moran and Partners Limited18/01/2022
562504Fpsl Holding Company Limited18/01/2022
506906Davistan Property Holdings Limited18/01/2022
512228Galteemore Investments Limited18/01/2022
562503Oakspruce Holding Limited18/01/2022
520470Chalybs One Limited18/01/2022
396109Icds Group Limited18/01/2022
396109Icds Group Limited18/01/2022
526313Tmb Health Limited18/01/2022
516318Pak Tobin Limited18/01/2022
509602Coltview Limited18/01/2022
471395Greenvesting Limited18/01/2022
378795Rebus Holdings Limited18/01/2022
88269Peak Investments Limited18/01/2022
378471Ustero Limited18/01/2022
550450Efficio Lucrum Limited18/01/2022
54858DCC Public Limited Company18/01/2022
373121Rockville Pharmacy Holding Limited17/01/2022
559240Castleb Holdings Limited17/01/2022
544592Vip E-Cig Holdings Limited17/01/2022
433716Sideglen Holdings Limited15/01/2022
544297Brightsky Investments Limited15/01/2022
491188Cluide Investments Limited15/01/2022
491188Cluide Investments Limited15/01/2022
333938Helm Global Group Limited15/01/2022
532763Sterimol Unlimited Company15/01/2022
372965Vetpharm International Holdings Limited15/01/2022
562477Exdel Business Services Limited15/01/2022
510022Belindale Limited15/01/2022
371930Shonkill Enterprises Limited15/01/2022
500006Bouleo Ventures Limited15/01/2022
522198Waystone Holdings (Ie) Limited14/01/2022
404223Cornerstone Titan Holdings Designated Activity Company14/01/2022
330647Tamadra Limited14/01/2022
430735H.C.J.V. Limited14/01/2022
433527Smurfit Kappa Group Public Limited Company14/01/2022
469783Lindfield Investments Limited14/01/2022
513479Imagine Communications Nominees Limited14/01/2022
430949Caulfield McCarthy Group Retail Limited14/01/2022
430734Kenmichael Limited14/01/2022
409798Chabell Limited14/01/2022
352698Tramore Pharmacy Holding Limited14/01/2022
562037Glenrock Capital Nominees Limited14/01/2022
506387Central Bourke Billing Limited14/01/2022
550523Kilpaddoge Green Energy Limited14/01/2022
471303Globe Agencies, Limited14/01/2022
458474Euro Car Parks (Ireland) Holdings Limited13/01/2022
545557Htlas Holdings Limited13/01/2022
541963Chapville Limited13/01/2022
545388Turnstone Investments Limited13/01/2022
501265Moncada Holdings Limited13/01/2022
254159Josar Holdings Limited13/01/2022
268100Scotmar Limited13/01/2022
492046Qtp Holdings Limited13/01/2022
558352Jonstoy Limited13/01/2022
441782United Cinemas International (Ireland) Limited13/01/2022
391464Fl Finance (Europe) Limited13/01/2022
368190Texolve Limited19/01/2022
201883Michael Collins Associates Limited19/01/2022
303077Process Solutions and Technologies Limited19/01/2022
481826Obe Validation Resource Limited19/01/2022
413779Kelk Consulting Limited19/01/2022
483131Davey & Smith Architects Limited18/01/2022
455948Dermot Foley Landscape Architects Limited18/01/2022
381165Jpk Design Limited18/01/2022
421183Cooney Architects Limited18/01/2022
284657Prodomo Limited18/01/2022
358263T. Power Consultants Limited18/01/2022
398658Jon Lehane & Associates Limited18/01/2022
368459Gingertec Limited15/01/2022
386420Wedgetail Control Solutions Limited15/01/2022
557641Centrepoint Rotating Services Limited15/01/2022
386271Social & Affordable Solutions Limited15/01/2022
466258Fahey O' Riordan Consulting Engineering Limited14/01/2022
44538Brendan F.Merry & Partners Limited14/01/2022
544545M&Jtt Limited14/01/2022
494153David Jenkins Consulting Engineers Limited14/01/2022
381794Dmds Limited14/01/2022
395011Midland Industrial Maintenance Limited14/01/2022
336997B. McGrane & Partners Limited14/01/2022
561995Teicniuil - Priory Consulting Engineers Limited14/01/2022
343215Kilmainham Art Foundry Limited13/01/2022
316782Ljm Quantity Surveying & Project Management Limited13/01/2022
550356Woods Architecture & Project Management Limited13/01/2022
349548Sinclair Knight Merz (Ireland) Limited13/01/2022
529438Doyle & O'Troithigh Landscape Architecture Limited13/01/2022
539861Quality & Food Services Management Limited13/01/2022
121072Carlow Advertiser Limited19/01/2022
545834Ivanov Communication Solutions Limited19/01/2022
558061Yomojo Limited18/01/2022
457704Zoo Digital Limited18/01/2022
472484Eq Events Limited15/01/2022
558673Hughes Dynamic Energy Limited14/01/2022
405119Industrial Temps (Ireland) Limited19/01/2022
513791Phantom Aviation Limited18/01/2022
558213Allen Recruitment UK Limited18/01/2022
313338Eolas Recruitment Limited18/01/2022
464872Pro H.R. Limited18/01/2022
159300Icds Recruitment Consultants Limited18/01/2022
150523Fitzwilliam Executive Search Limited18/01/2022
499048Yvonne McNulty Hr Limited18/01/2022
484465Jeb Aviation Services Limited18/01/2022
513791Phantom Aviation Limited18/01/2022
532008Meshdoc Medical Services Limited17/01/2022
333947Working World Wide Limited15/01/2022
562299Need a Nurse Limited14/01/2022
397001Xora Limited18/01/2022
99678Comsec Protection Systems Limited15/01/2022
525685Nibot Security Limited14/01/2022
520701Rocklands Cleaning Limited19/01/2022
381302Clean the Lot Limited18/01/2022
280118Recold Engineering Limited14/01/2022
544989Green Graph Adore Limited19/01/2022
506443Andrewjonesfoto Limited14/01/2022
276298Pearse Trust Americas Limited18/01/2022
32532Topic Newspapers Limited13/01/2022
261268Farrangrove Limited19/01/2022
151578Greeninvest Development Unlimited Company19/01/2022
307473Quinn Richardson Limited19/01/2022
244228P.J. Mulhearne Agricultural Contractor Limited19/01/2022
546556Sodda Design Company Limited19/01/2022
213773Ashfield House Limited19/01/2022
449814Star Lit Services Limited19/01/2022
120439P. Nugent & Son Limited19/01/2022
521465Boulsa Limited19/01/2022
553075Energy Efficiency Deliveries Limited19/01/2022
126615Irish Incorporations Limited19/01/2022
544631Futureside Limited19/01/2022
140675Naas Gearbox Centre Limited19/01/2022
290072Gracefair Limited19/01/2022
545062Ng Finance Limited19/01/2022
262391Leinster Plant and Peat Limited19/01/2022
449814Star Lit Services Limited19/01/2022
7681Martin Mc Guire, Limited19/01/2022
128089Bramwood Limited19/01/2022
318772Dreamport Designated Activity Company19/01/2022
303078Food-Bridge Limited19/01/2022
323673Kearney Contract Management Limited19/01/2022
156239K.C.R. Heating Supplies Limited19/01/2022
524519Lantern Events Limited19/01/2022
440468Qrs Renewable Systems Limited19/01/2022
540741John F. Humphreys & Co. Limited18/01/2022
391329Vermillion Design Consultants Limited18/01/2022
325160Hastrans Limited18/01/2022
132648Rickard Properties Limited18/01/2022
249996Equinor Energy Ireland Limited18/01/2022
299781Fantech Ventilation Limited18/01/2022
198248Proby Park Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
211321D.C. Sports Limited18/01/2022
119113Castlekeel Limited18/01/2022
301528Upstairs Downstairs (Home Furnishings) Limited18/01/2022
118792R. Mc D. Home Improvements Limited18/01/2022
201841Grafton Street Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
220546Tralee Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
375834Bb Bureau Services Limited18/01/2022
248009The National Guild of Master Craftsmen Limited18/01/2022
57155Airtight Limited18/01/2022
321402Gracehaven Limited18/01/2022
270450Deerhaven Limited18/01/2022
393459Modern Green Limited18/01/2022
420939Ek Interiors Limited18/01/2022
515999Secret Fashion Fixes Limited18/01/2022
320261Shopmore Limited18/01/2022
127447Baycrest Limited18/01/2022
434605Signfit Services Limited18/01/2022
170961Elm Court Developments Limited18/01/2022
355870Power & Smullen Wine Merchants Limited18/01/2022
284349Winfern Limited16/01/2022
302194Acrobat Design Consultants Limited16/01/2022
174436Melamp Limited15/01/2022
230678Geisler Limited15/01/2022
112153Kilbride Windows Limited15/01/2022
319815Peter Byrne Developments Limited15/01/2022
321591Finnegan Investments Limited15/01/2022
207997Dublin Industrial Cleaning and Supplies Limited15/01/2022
213202Gerry Nolan Plant Hire Limited15/01/2022
309477Creden Overseas Limited15/01/2022
143954Meadowlands Limited15/01/2022
525866Ciarán Carr Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
297487Jahrett Limited15/01/2022
481703Immigration & Visa Services Ireland Limited15/01/2022
255372Dng Management Limited15/01/2022
271860Mayo Crystal Limited15/01/2022
213019Naas P.V.C.U. Window Systems Limited15/01/2022
544096Brazil Ireland Connections Limited15/01/2022
288982Forde Hydrosafe Ireland Limited15/01/2022
263732Clahane Supplies Limited15/01/2022
290275Copperbrook Limited15/01/2022
529722AAA West Loss Assessors Designated Activity Company15/01/2022
317783G - MacK Racking Limited15/01/2022
112800O'Brien Diaries Limited15/01/2022
239800W. J. Murphy & Sons Monumental Works Limited15/01/2022
239807W. J. Murphy & Sons (Bantry) Limited15/01/2022
126166Express Check-Out (Kells) Unlimited Company15/01/2022
303349Crock of Gold Studio Limited15/01/2022
129299Hanevy Vending Limited14/01/2022
141554Delator Investments Limited14/01/2022
311854Fletchers of Ballinasloe Limited14/01/2022
266618Ranelagh Hardware Limited14/01/2022
336473Regus Franchise International Limited14/01/2022
276467Remington Merchants Unlimited Company14/01/2022
261894Nelson Lake Limited14/01/2022
423656Nordzucker (Ireland) Limited14/01/2022
327854McCauls Chartered Quantity Surveyors Limited14/01/2022
457758Tay Mets Limited14/01/2022
244471Whitebon Developments Limited14/01/2022
233290Cregar Investments Limited14/01/2022
264051Gilcon Limited14/01/2022
430230Firceall Safety Limited14/01/2022
300320Man U Needit Limited14/01/2022
290349Ruzen Associates Limited14/01/2022
516035Mk Etty Limited14/01/2022
295041Lismore Park Pharmacy Limited14/01/2022
263803Mainshore Limited14/01/2022
542592Radix Technosol Limited14/01/2022
133633Kenworth Wholesale Limited14/01/2022
300236MacMon (Donegal) Limited14/01/2022
210040St. Patrick's Archdiocesan Trust Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
420236Bertec Handling Solutions Limited13/01/2022
528082Esteranda Limited13/01/2022
117646Optoelectrics Limited13/01/2022
124371Ladfield Limited13/01/2022
149545Sumitomo Mitsui Finance Dublin Limited13/01/2022
315876Ashquest Limited13/01/2022
279149Beechrock Enterprises Limited13/01/2022
317125Moncada Limited13/01/2022
319379Banner Steel Limited13/01/2022
121170Mullingar Electrical Wholesale Limited13/01/2022
267480Find-A-Part Limited13/01/2022
546700Stephen Reid Consulting Traffic and Transportation Limited13/01/2022
168561Markport Limited13/01/2022
154591Everest Computers Limited13/01/2022
234258Corplaw Limited13/01/2022
313461Farm Supply Stores Limited13/01/2022
170188James Somers & Sons Limited13/01/2022
171577M B Industrial Supplies Limited13/01/2022
419201Unison Engineering Services Limited13/01/2022
328408Poppintree Environmental Project Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
536173Health Ddbw Limited13/01/2022
906647Metropolitan Global Management LLC19/01/2022
906523Metlife Global Holdings Corporation S.A. De C.V.19/01/2022
423112Fdm Arc Manufacturing Limited18/01/2022
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Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
338309B.K.R Stainless Steel Limited14/01/2022
287041Emly Ironworks Limited19/01/2022
217435Tooltec Services Limited19/01/2022
179087Peterson Manufacturing Limited18/01/2022
420860Shuttercraft Limited15/01/2022
510018Celtic Commemorations Limited18/01/2022
185853Building Energy Conservation Systems Limited18/01/2022
539469Tom Collins Marine Engineering Limited19/01/2022
377438Tricon Automation Ireland Limited19/01/2022
457995Paul O'Connor Mechanical Engineering Limited19/01/2022
509762Colin Dunne Engineering Limited19/01/2022
471871Condron Pharma Limited19/01/2022
562059Brendan O'Shea Engineering Services Limited15/01/2022
500274Patrick Keogh Engineering Services Limited15/01/2022
383464Emkay Design Limited14/01/2022
537514Jem Mechanical Limited14/01/2022
457516Plasma Precision Limited14/01/2022
460640Electromech Industrial Services (Ireland) Limited13/01/2022
470636A & D Fabricators Limited13/01/2022
246539Launch Diagnostics Ireland Limited19/01/2022
205705Skinner's of Baltimore Limited19/01/2022
903317Petal Postforming Limited19/01/2022
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Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
544597Fourth & Fifth Limited18/01/2022
431179Temmler Ireland Limited13/01/2022
116999Tairgi Tread-Lia Baile Na Sceilge Teoranta14/01/2022
3 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
513906Motan Supplies and Services Limited16/01/2022
260864MacDara Software Limited15/01/2022
280851Abu Internet Limited14/01/2022
460754Cloghan Wind Farm Limited19/01/2022
387222Electricity Distribution Construction Limited18/01/2022
457677Irlca Limited15/01/2022
132210Geoghegan Electrical Maintenance Services Limited19/01/2022
216157Rvr Limited13/01/2022
904152Kostal Ireland GmbH19/01/2022
318742Ace Domestic Appliances Limited18/01/2022
264768Ambrex Products Limited14/01/2022
359845Screen Spe Ireland Limited19/01/2022
323563Alan Nolan & Son Sound & Lighting Limited15/01/2022
352490Atlantic Prosthetic Orthotic Services Limited18/01/2022
535908Biotech Europe Meditech Inc. Limited14/01/2022
423650Young Microbrush Ireland Limited13/01/2022
372537Switchgear and Control Systems Limited14/01/2022
17 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
348046Kells Cold Stores Limited19/01/2022
153869Good Herdsmen Limited19/01/2022
320403Ferbane Pork and Bacon Limited19/01/2022
332197Clonmore Quality Foods Limited18/01/2022
93977Charley Meats Limited13/01/2022
400521Boulabane Cheese Company Limited18/01/2022
237602Bride and Blackwater Valley Dairy Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
10032W.& R. Barnett (Ireland) Limited15/01/2022
115079Barryroe Grain Company Limited19/01/2022
471390Ashleigh Farms (Milling) Limited15/01/2022
148102O'Neills Bakery Limited15/01/2022
367889J & K Bakery Limited13/01/2022
506385Mpb Foods Limited19/01/2022
377851Bia Kid Limited18/01/2022
330151Brittas Country Estates Limited18/01/2022
487217My Frozen Yogurt Limited18/01/2022
544255Kamaceuticals Limited15/01/2022
384309Dave Molloy Foods Limited13/01/2022
337567Bourke Fine Wines Limited13/01/2022
545360Dalkey Distilling Company Limited15/01/2022
72202Dundalk Bay Sea Foods Limited18/01/2022
306118Pat Doyle Distribution Limited13/01/2022
22 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of leather and leather products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
116058Padmore & Barnes Limited18/01/2022
127167Kilkenny Shoes Limited18/01/2022
2 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of leather and leather products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
458015Pjd Refrigeration Limited14/01/2022
341153Air Conditioning & Maintenance Limited14/01/2022
544306Wheatstone Fabrications Limited18/01/2022
352508Peachseed Limited19/01/2022
293273Jim Power Engineering (Cork) Limited15/01/2022
344513Foodequip (Cork) Limited14/01/2022
383996Allen Dairy Services Limited13/01/2022
168801Euro Refrigeration Limited15/01/2022
115779Temp Technology Limited14/01/2022
339572Mc Gowan Vision Systems Limited13/01/2022
124140Des Hunt (Ballydaly) Limited18/01/2022
259869Castlelyons Enterprises Limited14/01/2022
273586Tom Lynes Plant Hire Limited13/01/2022
13 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c." industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
283974Hugh Twomey Sales and Service Limited19/01/2022
129118Galecrest Limited18/01/2022
303884Precision Fixing Limited18/01/2022
209437Greaney Glass Products Limited18/01/2022
304816Edhino Limited14/01/2022
236248Fibre Glass Ireland Limited14/01/2022
440869Wallis Memorials Limited13/01/2022
7 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
476914The Invite Inn Limited18/01/2022
459684Dedalus Press Designated Activity Company18/01/2022
457837Valentine Rock Limited18/01/2022
224607Alun Systems Print Limited19/01/2022
186067New Island Books Designated Activity Company19/01/2022
129725Allure Printing Limited18/01/2022
129725Allure Printing Limited18/01/2022
229161Casimir Printing Limited15/01/2022
381679Splash Designs Limited18/01/2022
386580Sigma Print & Media Management Limited16/01/2022
337032Kaelleon Design Limited13/01/2022
99050Typeform Limited13/01/2022
232319Poolville Limited13/01/2022
453989Poppintree Print Limited13/01/2022
391496McGinn Printing Limited13/01/2022
415599The Irish Collective Media Group Limited15/01/2022
544930Cographix Premedia Limited13/01/2022
17 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
81221Lynplast Manufacturing Limited18/01/2022
355042Bdp Mouldings Limited15/01/2022
441967Windowmate (Ireland) Limited14/01/2022
908511Nampak Plastics Europe Limited14/01/2022
190784Technix Rubber & Plastics Limited18/01/2022
137548Cow Comforts Limited13/01/2022
6 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of textiles and textile products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
490820Connemara Carpets Limited15/01/2022
509161Chieftain Fabrics Limited18/01/2022
242227E. Doherty (Ardara) Limited14/01/2022
503346Dreamland Studios Limited15/01/2022
247067S.J. White Safety Limited13/01/2022
359020Dunmurray Foods Limited13/01/2022
6 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of textiles and textile products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of transport equipment

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
304710Laverty's Garage Limited13/01/2022
1 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of transport equipment" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of wood and wood products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
440696Cahalane & Crowley Joinery Limited18/01/2022
411367Husswood Limited14/01/2022
2 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of wood and wood products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacturing n.e.c.

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
396021Moran's Homezone Limited14/01/2022
506335Retail Concepts/Id Accessories Limited18/01/2022
333125Murtagh's Jewellers & Co. Limited18/01/2022
557118Jade Custom Made Jewellery Limited18/01/2022
299298Walter Bourke & Son Limited14/01/2022
397420Aoife O'Mahony Design Limited15/01/2022
203720Thomond Office Centre Limited15/01/2022
505305Blancomet Recycling Ie Limited14/01/2022
508284Fleming Metal Recycling (Roi) Limited13/01/2022
516367Cork Oil Collectors Limited18/01/2022
521592Circular Resources Limited18/01/2022
11 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacturing n.e.c." industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
282002Sweeney Oil (Portumna) Limited18/01/2022
283459Lawler Oil Distributors Limited15/01/2022
250828Carbery Oils Limited13/01/2022
347034Lynch Well Drilling Limited14/01/2022
4 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
289113Caffrey Natural Stone Limited19/01/2022
506841Cairéil Mhic Giolla Teoranta15/01/2022
234000S.C.P. Limited14/01/2022
176259Finnegans Sand Limited14/01/2022
446758Scotshouse Quarries Limited14/01/2022
506413Gc Products Leinster Limited13/01/2022
418310Luogh & Liscannor Stone Limited19/01/2022
546240Plum Design Limited15/01/2022
8 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top


Co NumCompany NameAR Now
513734Autozahid Limited19/01/2022
455384Willowwood Cars Limited19/01/2022
403425Mike Fleming Motors Limited18/01/2022
469893Windsor Lease Sales Limited18/01/2022
137850Christy Mullen Motors Limited18/01/2022
462115Avalon Car Company Limited18/01/2022
158483Navan Commercials Limited15/01/2022
188212William Foster Limited14/01/2022
523779O'Toole Brothers Motor Repairs Limited14/01/2022
483631Olu Limited14/01/2022
441855Liam O'Neill Motors Limited13/01/2022
338510Greencare Mechanical Services Limited19/01/2022
328416Cork Auto Repairs Limited19/01/2022
371897Total Recovery Limited18/01/2022
340860P.A.S. Auto Services Limited18/01/2022
339148Teddy Gillanders Limited15/01/2022
494886Auto Start Auto Electrical Rathcoole Limited15/01/2022
108247Deerpark Motors Limited13/01/2022
403896As New Car Valeting Limited13/01/2022
468670Halgib Motors Limited13/01/2022
529174T. Brady Motor Parts Limited19/01/2022
513510Asai Motors Limited18/01/2022
513509Auto Passion Limited18/01/2022
327000Simon Kavanagh Motors Limited18/01/2022
431476K. Anderson Tyres Limited14/01/2022
562288Technik Motor Parts Limited13/01/2022
328983Zenroyal Limited19/01/2022
547540Longford Auto Recyclers Limited19/01/2022
416736Motobike Gp Limited15/01/2022
467986Sweeney Oil Limited18/01/2022
523911McDermotts Garage & Petrol Station Limited15/01/2022
545010Sylhet Green Limited14/01/2022
464623M & M Mulligan Limited14/01/2022
401225Conncrest Limited14/01/2022
524259Mucdubh Holding Limited13/01/2022
187819Newbrook Commercials Limited18/01/2022
178960Gerry Caffrey Motors Limited15/01/2022
298571Sweeney Oil Service Stations Limited15/01/2022
303990Kilmartin N6 Service Station Limited14/01/2022
215647Laffeys Garage Limited14/01/2022
121384Donegal Commercial Vehicles Limited14/01/2022
117463Mallow Accident Repair Centre Limited13/01/2022
42 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Motor" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Other community, social and personal service activities

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
322817Recycle 2000 Enterprises Limited19/01/2022
138373Botam Water Treatment Limited19/01/2022
155641Able Hire Mini-Skips Limited18/01/2022
274730Butlers Tavern Limited19/01/2022
437011Ray Meehan Validation Services Limited18/01/2022
323385Limerick G.A.A. Jobs Creation Centre Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
224896Bloomfield Taverns Limited15/01/2022
525458Socent Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
237851Cybernotarial Ireland Limited15/01/2022
446218Net Ministries of Ireland15/01/2022
333199Rivervalley Combined Clubs Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
381817Avoca Community Hall Co. Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
173925Roscommon and District Soccer League Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
295537Cullenlawn Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
544175Slane Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
376594Borris-St. Mullins Community Employment Project Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
357210Inagh Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
130090Newtown Rangers Association Football Club Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
333574Southill After Schools Club Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
338184Maynooth Community Employment Project16/01/2022
335663Templemore Killea Combined Community Employment Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
348044Ardfert Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
327874Castleconnell Project Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
363354Bessborough Centre Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
379863Toxicology Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
469164Phlebotomists Association of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
444613Taugheen Playgroup Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
466282Cavan Society For the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
466282Cavan Society For the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
466282Cavan Society For the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
249853Grantstown Voluntary Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
318972Glencar Community Resource Trust Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
404577Misty Productions Limited19/01/2022
361502Roving Stage Productions Limited18/01/2022
243199Aairex Environmental Limited15/01/2022
549753Kavaleer Creative Limited15/01/2022
553246Abandoned Films Limited15/01/2022
543898Caragh Lake Films Limited14/01/2022
502085Woodside Pictures Limited14/01/2022
436401Akimbo Films Limited14/01/2022
415209Glengarriff Films Limited14/01/2022
337463Miss June Limited14/01/2022
310245Merlin Media Limited13/01/2022
427993Still Films Limited18/01/2022
111809Skerrett Limited19/01/2022
130242Ferndale Films Limited18/01/2022
482017Ray Foley Media Limited18/01/2022
423683Fis Beo Teoranta14/01/2022
499365Solar Theatre Productions Limited19/01/2022
467479Music Alive Limited18/01/2022
404254Charleville (Chapel Street) Community Hall Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
278906Corn Mill Arts Centre Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
483191Bouncing Ben Limited19/01/2022
518338Rollerpark Limited19/01/2022
484892Unique Dublin Venues Limited19/01/2022
525456Bad Apple Limited19/01/2022
544281Ladytown Entertainment Services Limited18/01/2022
558188Liffgar Productions Limited15/01/2022
195627Sligo Concert Band Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
459881Irish Athletic Boxing Association15/01/2022
156473The Irish National Sailing School Limited14/01/2022
34379Leopardstown Tennis Club Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
513501Celbridge Kayak Club Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
375939Daly Upvc Limited19/01/2022
499730Clonown Community Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
531416Tbb Fitness Limited14/01/2022
263923Longmeadows Ballyfermot Pitch & Putt Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
353405Sutton Dinghy Club Community Employment Project Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
521619Mullaghmore Equestrian Centre Limited13/01/2022
521619Mullaghmore Equestrian Centre Limited13/01/2022
501406West Coast Grappling Limited13/01/2022
465038Elite Sports Academy Limited13/01/2022
484800Premier Amusements Limited19/01/2022
506494Dunmore Adventure Limited19/01/2022
214180Northwest Ventures Limited18/01/2022
321633Kish Sub-Aqua Club Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
116155St. Brendan's Community Centre (Ballymacelligott) Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
416501Sports Across Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
222424Rombos Limited13/01/2022
402845Abacus Management Services Limited13/01/2022
555871Rossano's Limited19/01/2022
471592Urban Styles Limited19/01/2022
471592Urban Styles Limited19/01/2022
390864Stylistic Two Limited18/01/2022
541683C Flannery Sales Consultancy Limited18/01/2022
430305Astrella Beauty Salon Limited15/01/2022
544503Kasim Barber Limited15/01/2022
544179Southside Barber Limited15/01/2022
544178Cornelscourt Barber Limited15/01/2022
544180Madi & White Limited15/01/2022
562226Barberellos Limited15/01/2022
557609Wiseguys Barbers Carrigaline Limited13/01/2022
413981The Workshop Hair & Beauty Limited13/01/2022
535652Belvelly Cosmetology Limited13/01/2022
451748Grennan Funeral Directors Limited18/01/2022
485677Internet Funeral Services Limited14/01/2022
514256Profi Fitness School Limited18/01/2022
486766Slender K Limited18/01/2022
545174Baltony Hill Limited19/01/2022
540210Tenniscart Construction Limited19/01/2022
544816Condensation Solutions Limited19/01/2022
467092Rowan Tree Hospitality Limited19/01/2022
549985G.A. Electrical Contractor & Maintenance Limited18/01/2022
540745Big Red Barn Limited18/01/2022
558796Reltec Mechanical Engineering Limited18/01/2022
558798Emer Water Limited18/01/2022
513610Celtic Shutters Limited18/01/2022
474002Holographic Displays Limited18/01/2022
506796Dka Retail Limited18/01/2022
112252Styletex Limited18/01/2022
541020Predictive Control Systems Designated Activity Company18/01/2022
527722Busy Rascals Limited15/01/2022
527738Energy Concepts Research Limited15/01/2022
471126K's Sustainable Energy Limited15/01/2022
528626Cr Fire & Safety Limited15/01/2022
547048Reka Security & Electrical Solutions Limited15/01/2022
473443Chillair Limited14/01/2022
544235Derek N. Johnson Limited14/01/2022
558148Gastrolife Limited13/01/2022
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Public administration and defence; compulsory social security

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
311030Knockraha Area Community Association Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
327152Nas Na Riogh Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
199619A1 Documentation Limited16/01/2022
172327Second Sight Development & Training Limited13/01/2022
218440Quality Services International Limited13/01/2022
415880Fire Application Consultancy Team Limited13/01/2022
6 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Public administration and defence; compulsory social security" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Real estate

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
403457Cdc Estate Agents Limited19/01/2022
518122Tides Property Holdings Limited19/01/2022
132418Rogenberg Centres Limited19/01/2022
335824Staney Developments Limited19/01/2022
501292Property Solutions & Resolutions Limited19/01/2022
338026Merlon Developments Limited19/01/2022
541505Ds Robswall Ireland (Residential) Limited19/01/2022
532630Percy Place Ds (Ireland) Limited19/01/2022
519130Qh Asset Holdings Limited19/01/2022
527622Gorog Villas & Properties Limited19/01/2022
187785Abbeycourt Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
418913Reksut Limited18/01/2022
544332Yellow Lane Business Park Limited18/01/2022
142680Gateway Holdings Limited18/01/2022
441818Weseven Limited18/01/2022
552330Brittas Estate Limited18/01/2022
382216Ballylongford Developments Limited18/01/2022
43714The Swallow Property Company Limited18/01/2022
386357Ferada Associates Limited18/01/2022
537691Signfit Properties Limited18/01/2022
560848Pak Property Services Limited18/01/2022
440276Seoladh Developments Limited17/01/2022
526135B & R Coleman Properties Limited16/01/2022
60985Carrowbrowne Industrial Estates Limited15/01/2022
294145Hanley Wood Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
430959Bollinstraw Limited15/01/2022
562493Loman Dempsey Property Consultants Limited15/01/2022
302746M.W. the Meadows Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
150265Grosvenor Developments Limited15/01/2022
386354Rasma Property Enterprises Limited15/01/2022
169469Nutley House Management Company Limited15/01/2022
457571Maxwell Investments Gp Limited14/01/2022
280528Pepperhill Limited14/01/2022
357508Miro Property Holdings Limited14/01/2022
401158Cutchee Limited14/01/2022
905372Sacyr Somague S.A.14/01/2022
382376Luffertaun Developments Limited13/01/2022
452540Lillyburn Commercial Limited13/01/2022
386341Taywell Consultants Limited13/01/2022
388832Nebor Limited13/01/2022
387940Wayleave Company Limited13/01/2022
153219Ballycourt Properties Limited13/01/2022
551966Sallymount House Stud Limited18/01/2022
526561Barons Equity Limited13/01/2022
540662Fortbrook Properties Limited18/01/2022
510210Moddens Limited18/01/2022
527142Minderben Limited14/01/2022
403616Rvr Energy Technology Limited13/01/2022
405028Poor Clares (Ennis) Trust13/01/2022
235331Glenvale Properties Limited19/01/2022
555057Dng John Ryan Limited19/01/2022
472293Helen Gallery Limited19/01/2022
261404Winsgate Properties Limited19/01/2022
294662Coach Yard Property Management (Tipperary) Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
76235P. & J. Murtagh and Company Limited19/01/2022
485141China Property Advisers Limited18/01/2022
243687Mallory Properties Limited18/01/2022
264813Cloverbridge Properties Limited18/01/2022
262977Celsand Properties Limited18/01/2022
278305Fingerpost Limited15/01/2022
266641Clare Road Management Co. Limited15/01/2022
239070Palmbay Investments Limited14/01/2022
225891Bridgepool Properties Limited14/01/2022
548048Anria Services Limited14/01/2022
318703Flm Co. Limited13/01/2022
267491Hexagon Properties Limited13/01/2022
336218Kilkenny Road Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
341200Kilgraston Court Management Company Limited19/01/2022
363003Cluainmeala Developments Unlimited Company19/01/2022
411090B.T.C. Crescent Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
411091B.T.C. Town Centre Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
432875Fána Óir Management Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta19/01/2022
328917Tubber Hill Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
458271Glenavoo Limited19/01/2022
392185Botanic Villas No.2 Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
357707Phane Enterprises Limited19/01/2022
431158Fairways Residential Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
223233Eyrecourt Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
342048Abbeyside Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
539158Pairc an Teampaill Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
400793Camstreet Property Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
388602Ballyowen Hall Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
351887Sjs Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
439438Slowhyper Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
367803Summerseat Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
350657Salgrove Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/01/2022
304484Baldoyle Strand Management Limited18/01/2022
371570Gort Na Coiribe (Phase 2) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
453385Conneyhill Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
393384Ballynabooly Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
276545The Stables Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
421665Cul Na Toinne Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
528368Adare Village Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
361301Foyleview Riverside Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/01/2022
332677Hialfa Limited18/01/2022
244157Jamane (Georges Quay) Limited18/01/2022
456984The Orchards (Killiney) Management Company Limited18/01/2022
315657Carman's Hall Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
224341The Printworks Management Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
347084The Bridge Street Stables Management Limited15/01/2022
314718Crossfox Holdings Limited15/01/2022
364071Coolagh Well Apartments Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
245994Woodbury Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
513770Maintenance Manager Limited15/01/2022
439177Rockbrook Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
457280Achadh Mara Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
457546The Fermoyle Manor Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
485900Woho Management Co. Limited15/01/2022
358460Rommind Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
230855Cuala Property Management and Maintenance Limited15/01/2022
420397Kells Shopping Complex Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
406003Bridewood Estate Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
471365Moore Elm Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/01/2022
395612Sandy Lane (Longford) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
411373Thulla Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
405561Rathdowney Shopping Centre Management Company Limited14/01/2022
498617Dublin Corporate Apartments Limited14/01/2022
362071Cromwell's Fort Grove Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
376566Hypercentre Property Management Limited14/01/2022
358057Riverview Shopping Centre Management Limited14/01/2022
376565Loughboy Shopping Centre Management Limited14/01/2022
330646Novascot Limited14/01/2022
378884Balfort Limited14/01/2022
301879Diletto Limited14/01/2022
301879Diletto Limited14/01/2022
332677Hialfa Limited14/01/2022
359111Brickhill Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
533103Kspm Limited14/01/2022
460726Station Hill Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
369385Penrose House Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
456359Balbec Court Management Company Limited14/01/2022
170347Augustine House Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
419368Cnoc Cluain Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
361136Inish House Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
421027Knockanes Glen Management Company Limited13/01/2022
243068Aprell Limited13/01/2022
552638Smith Butler Property Maintenance Limited13/01/2022
363962Sandyford Park Developments Six Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
244937Broomfield Mews Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
287471Sienna Property Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
354034Annagh Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
372406Roxboro Shopping Centre Management Limited13/01/2022
43456547 Northumberland Avenue Management Company Limited13/01/2022
459267Avenue Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
402852Raithin Property Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
400555Harbour Quay Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
360814North Quay Town Houses Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
347334River Glen Estate Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
396165Finnal Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
429924Athlumney Wood Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
347099Barley Court Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
346384McGee Realty Limited13/01/2022
528112Deanery Strata Company Limited13/01/2022
330993Bray South Business Park Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
401841Loughrea Cluaín Rí Management Limited13/01/2022
354948Pw Longford Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
424616Huntsfield Apartments Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
438471Town View Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
158 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Real estate" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Transport, storage and communication

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
177352Treaty Hackney Cabs Limited19/01/2022
420091Arra Travel Limited17/01/2022
481226Tralee 24/7 Cabs Limited15/01/2022
247062Burren Taxis Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
275880Corporate Chauffeur Services Limited19/01/2022
500587Student Transport Scheme Limited13/01/2022
494585Piggotts Express Limited19/01/2022
373089Arandale Transport Limited19/01/2022
416633Ashvale Haulage Limited19/01/2022
514802Palletbus Limited19/01/2022
512664Aran Transport Limited18/01/2022
512939Complete Container Logistics Limited18/01/2022
328359Patrick Larke Haulage Limited15/01/2022
352714J & F Commercials Limited15/01/2022
542472J.P. Murphy Transport Limited15/01/2022
388927Scaffold Innovation Limited15/01/2022
433999Gpm Distributors Limited14/01/2022
510803Air Creative Ireland Limited14/01/2022
460272Move Plus (Cork) Limited14/01/2022
447603McSwiney Heavy Haulage Limited13/01/2022
357043Declan Mullen Transport Limited13/01/2022
348388M & T Logistics Limited13/01/2022
456432Inniskeen Fuels Limited13/01/2022
541923Reilan Aviation Services Limited14/01/2022
234152Central Airfreight Limited13/01/2022
155197Castlefarm Haulage Limited19/01/2022
119093Iggy Madden Transport Limited18/01/2022
430420F.M. Marine Services Limited18/01/2022
511346Hawthorn Aviation Limited19/01/2022
496672El Paso Aviation Limited19/01/2022
496671Chrystal Aviation Limited19/01/2022
496670Chic Aviation Limited19/01/2022
440103Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Services Limited15/01/2022
561939Blackstar Aviation Limited14/01/2022
443992Galway Bay Executive Travel Limited18/01/2022
339650Day Tours Unplugged Limited18/01/2022
493899Al Ansar Travel Limited15/01/2022
562365Ballinamore Tourism Company Limited By Guarantee14/01/2022
396304Great Island Projects Company Limited By Guarantee13/01/2022
322173Niaron Limited19/01/2022
440718Pine Valley Transport Limited19/01/2022
293147Gmcg Transport Limited19/01/2022
214209McCarthy Warehousing Limited18/01/2022
214231Frank McCarthy Haulage Limited18/01/2022
301242John Flood Transport Limited18/01/2022
77078Carna Transport Limited15/01/2022
382260Go Direct Enterprises Limited15/01/2022
76151Louth Transport Limited15/01/2022
229376McGuinness Enterprises Limited15/01/2022
202053D. P. F. Consultants Limited14/01/2022
324836City Shuttle Limited13/01/2022
266010Sheridan Transport & Freight Limited13/01/2022
317864Ray Moran International Transport Limited13/01/2022
434741Hugo and Cora Limited19/01/2022
189891Speedlink Express Limited19/01/2022
155060K. & L. Deliveries Limited15/01/2022
492701Impartx Limited19/01/2022
342279Avaya International Sales Limited19/01/2022
481644Connect Access Network Solutions Limited19/01/2022
488939Solar Broadband Limited15/01/2022
386086John Prudhoe Consultancy Limited13/01/2022
61 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Transport, storage and communication" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
439916Prospect Stables Limited19/01/2022
393728Red Kite Limited19/01/2022
524713Glidawn Stud Bloodstock Limited19/01/2022
510742Mh Livestock Sales Limited15/01/2022
405880The Egyptian Cotton Company Limited14/01/2022
560998B Lucky Bloodstock Limited14/01/2022
353061Leamore Logistics Group Limited14/01/2022
471314Langan Fuels Limited14/01/2022
281543Imokilly Oil Co. Limited13/01/2022
168250Icds Constructors (Ireland) Limited18/01/2022
344539Cloghroe Joinery Sales Limited17/01/2022
158985Abbey Owney Limited15/01/2022
535657Proair Hrv Limited18/01/2022
210684Quality Packaging Machinery Limited18/01/2022
545639Pat Moore Dairy Services Limited15/01/2022
352716Shannon Transmission Services Limited15/01/2022
441171Ananova Limited14/01/2022
516922Runway Fashion Limited14/01/2022
296900Babco Europe Limited19/01/2022
42677West - Bake Glenamaddy Limited18/01/2022
466248E-Cig Ireland Limited19/01/2022
122363Premium Design Limited19/01/2022
481118Samson Fair Trade Limited19/01/2022
469089Green Energy Facilities Limited19/01/2022
906838Abbvie Ireland Nl B.V.19/01/2022
265097Station Antiques Limited18/01/2022
540468Soil Renew Ireland Limited18/01/2022
449121Ark Safety Equipment Limited18/01/2022
484733Ink Well Images Limited16/01/2022
548449Simply Saucy Limited15/01/2022
444009Fireguard Fire and Rescue Limited14/01/2022
907658Roche Diabetes Care Limited14/01/2022
546545Agriva Limited13/01/2022
471885Battery World Limited13/01/2022
529324Tablestyle Limited13/01/2022
529324Tablestyle Limited13/01/2022
382507B.M.J. Supermarkets Limited18/01/2022
367278Cpd Machinery Sales Limited17/01/2022
552908Artisan Marble & Porcelain Wholesale Limited13/01/2022
526331Dsdk Sales Limited19/01/2022
402469Sillis Green Veg Limited18/01/2022
474470Moloney's & Co Distributors Limited19/01/2022
505454Connaught Brewing Limited14/01/2022
384419The Island Beverage Company Limited14/01/2022
337865Europa Foods Limited13/01/2022
550699Twelve Months Fashions Limited18/01/2022
540438Capel Street Pharmacy Limited18/01/2022
400279Rafferty Chemists Limited14/01/2022
399739Eurotech Instruments Limited13/01/2022
449499Pharmexx Ireland (Sales Solutions) Limited13/01/2022
141993Bates Oil Limited18/01/2022
127137Sweeney Oil Retail Limited15/01/2022
404698P & J Metal Fabrications Limited19/01/2022
520474Chalybs Limited18/01/2022
241578O'Connor Fabrication Limited14/01/2022
385411Oristown Auto Recyclers Limited19/01/2022
417273Bnr Limited14/01/2022
528525Donohue Plant Sales & Rentals Limited18/01/2022
440091Acette Company Limited14/01/2022
559629Totally Innovative Foods Limited19/01/2022
541947Tlg Distribution Limited18/01/2022
432397Expert Leisure Supplies Limited15/01/2022
186048K.T.R. Enterprises Limited14/01/2022
479119Keating Healthcare Limited13/01/2022
528000P. Hennessy Building Contractor Limited19/01/2022
552747Baltica Shop Limited19/01/2022
421940Lcml Limited18/01/2022
372301Bergin's Spar Limited18/01/2022
562341O Brasileiro Limited15/01/2022
561858The Water Guys Limited14/01/2022
417753Vernmall Limited14/01/2022
529018Cullies Service Station Limited14/01/2022
73203Caulfield Supermarket Unlimited Company14/01/2022
400028Cmc Patrick Street Unlimited Company14/01/2022
515008Akd Petron Enterprise Limited14/01/2022
445218Myers Supermarket (Santry) Limited13/01/2022
401738Myers Supermarket (Dun Laoire) Limited13/01/2022
309778Uimhuiris Dearthaireacha (Miondiol) Teoranta13/01/2022
484482Broadshore Limited13/01/2022
366000Ture Supermarket Limited13/01/2022
528718Trade Price Furniture Limited19/01/2022
458284Hamleys Toys (Ireland) Limited15/01/2022
437262Freshpoint Limited19/01/2022
139963Smyths Supermarket (Trim) Limited19/01/2022
143856Moyne Cross Stores Limited15/01/2022
511922Francis Frawley Butchers Limited13/01/2022
321691Good Herdsmen (Processing) Limited19/01/2022
227445Fishantics Limited18/01/2022
407780Gnome Stores Limited19/01/2022
537032J & S Mc Gloin Limited18/01/2022
464527Darren Martin Supplies Limited15/01/2022
386547Daval Wine Merchants Limited15/01/2022
507813Sarsfield Street Taverns Limited14/01/2022
341130Redrwhite Limited13/01/2022
344531Apple Tree Enterprises Limited13/01/2022
417540Oporto Vending Services Limited18/01/2022
562361Izmoo Limited16/01/2022
514815Brian Mac Devitt Pharmacy Limited19/01/2022
205350Carn Pharmacy Limited19/01/2022
364212McNeill Pharmacys Limited19/01/2022
396701Pkj Pharmacies Limited19/01/2022
420377Dungloe Pharmacy Limited19/01/2022
261878Guerin's Pharmacy Limited19/01/2022
304480Yvonne Martyns Pharmacy Limited19/01/2022
383778Oranmore Pharmacy Limited19/01/2022
516623Herboristerie Limited18/01/2022
363320Glencar Pharmacy Limited18/01/2022
366121Foyleview Pharmacy Limited18/01/2022
169056Galway Visionplus Limited18/01/2022
389701Clinical Care Limited18/01/2022
375432Hanlys Pharmacy Limited18/01/2022
425647Lally's Pharmacy Limited17/01/2022
467538M.F.D Pharmacist Limited17/01/2022
378826Rockville Pharmacy Limited17/01/2022
499935Old Quarter Pharmacy Limited16/01/2022
347013Donegal Pharmacies Limited15/01/2022
201515Cois Na Mara Pharmacy Limited15/01/2022
412337Rivergrove Retail Limited15/01/2022
371825Mehta Wilson Limited15/01/2022
220272Conefreys Pharmacy Limited13/01/2022
379274Avam Limited13/01/2022
243786Gilberts Pharmacy Limited13/01/2022
217461Geaneys (Manorhamilton) Limited13/01/2022
905349Roche Diagnostics Limited14/01/2022
509869Castletroy Park Pharmacy Retail Limited13/01/2022
514318L'Occitane Ireland Limited19/01/2022
435216Wandering Albatross Limited15/01/2022
558920Funky Fitz Limited19/01/2022
396533Conor Falvey Limited19/01/2022
143950Paul Magahran Fashions Limited18/01/2022
906101A.S.H.S. Limited14/01/2022
129099John Flood Menswear Limited14/01/2022
434532K.B. Retail (Cork) Limited14/01/2022
544772Runzone Limited13/01/2022
508932Hugo Home Limited19/01/2022
440148Little Dreamers Limited19/01/2022
454950All Star Furniture & Party Hire Limited19/01/2022
78133Alo Gowran (House Furnishers) Limited19/01/2022
389257Madden Furniture Limited19/01/2022
408097James O'Connor Fitted Kitchens & Bedrooms Limited18/01/2022
258873Monkstown Fitted Furniture Limited18/01/2022
392169Delco Designs Limited14/01/2022
467718Chris Keating House of Design Limited14/01/2022
523675Jk Robes Limited14/01/2022
906851Dfs Trading Limited14/01/2022
478711Carter Short Trading Limited13/01/2022
502965Taps and Sinks Online Limited18/01/2022
548897Veludo Limited18/01/2022
514229Premier Pumping and Treatment Limited18/01/2022
514693Sm Tech Service Supply Designated Activity Company15/01/2022
402466Merricks Hardware Limited14/01/2022
119031Malahide Stationery Limited19/01/2022
506905J.R. Porter (Patrick Street) Limited18/01/2022
523257J.R. Porter (High Street) Limited18/01/2022
499039Chapter and Verse Books Limited14/01/2022
522430Callistoy Limited13/01/2022
116439J. J. Devereux Limited13/01/2022
352568Rugrats Limited19/01/2022
190923McNamee's Supermarket Limited19/01/2022
562651Ingenia Touch Limited19/01/2022
236931Express Company Seals Limited19/01/2022
525007John Piggott Limited19/01/2022
556771Midland Stoves and Stone Limited19/01/2022
213901River Forest Newsagency Limited18/01/2022
490743S + C Sports Limited18/01/2022
541851Ardcroney Stone & Paving Limited18/01/2022
405464Killarney Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
405464Killarney Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
369681Dundrum Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
404145Mullingar Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
410627Nenagh Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
362413Santry Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
362412Newbridge Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
391403Sligo Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
518206Blanchardstown Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
393500Castlebar Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
209097Dun Laoghaire Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
386666Dundalk Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
547522Liffey Valley Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
533806Navan Specsavers Limited18/01/2022
372061Navan Visionplus Limited18/01/2022
437121Tobins Service Station Limited18/01/2022
421218Gps Optical Limited15/01/2022
462476E.P. Skelton Limited15/01/2022
462476E.P. Skelton Limited15/01/2022
544085Peak Windows and Doors Limited15/01/2022
369353Agriband Limited15/01/2022
498218Cork Stoves & Fires Limited15/01/2022
398472Frankie Sports Limited14/01/2022
544268Ah Toys & Gifts Limited14/01/2022
371886Djinn Limited14/01/2022
544269Ah School & Office Supplies Limited14/01/2022
163991Ossian Limited14/01/2022
483791Spindizzy Limited13/01/2022
561882Rndskateboards Limited13/01/2022
545232Tipperary Medical Eye Care Limited13/01/2022
281027Lynpharm Limited13/01/2022
450097Jeffrey Gear Jewellers Limited13/01/2022
332531Ann Gillespie Beauty Solutions Limited19/01/2022
547758Tierneys Gifts Limited18/01/2022
501106Colours Online Media Limited17/01/2022
330176Q Instrument Services Limited19/01/2022
202 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

There are 1,623 companies listed above.

*Please note that there may be some companies not on this list, as they have not provided industry details.

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