Below is a list of Companies that have changed their name, in the last 4 weeks (ending 17/06/2021).

Company Number Company Name Previous Name Date Changed
696632 Aig Investment Management Europe Designated Activity Company
Aig Asset Management Europe Designated Activity Company 27/05/2021
696603 Comhlacht Leighis Chnoc Sionnaigh Teoranta
Comhlact Leighis Chnoc Sionnaigh Teoranta 27/05/2021
695857 Incline Ii B Barrow Aircraft Finance Designated Activity Company
Incline Ii B Barrow Aircraft Finance Limited 28/05/2021
696403 S.M.S. Rathu Consulting Limited
S.M.S. Rathu Consulting Limited 25/05/2021
697529 Troia Aviation Limited
Daero Aviation 5 Limited 08/06/2021
696876 Utmost International Ireland Limited
Utmost International (Ireland) Limited 28/05/2021

There are 6 companies in the above list.

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