Below is a list of Companies that have changed their name, in the last 4 weeks (ending 11/04/2021).

Company Number Company Name Previous Name Date Changed
690738 Aksiom Managers I Limited
Exoline Limited 18/03/2021
690847 Ap-Asg Gp1 Limited
Limetide Limited 22/03/2021
691549 Dc Dialogues Limited
Dismetrics Limited 30/03/2021
690581 Ei-H2 Limited
Redguard Limited 16/03/2021
690901 Goal Longford Limited
Goal Delhi Limited 23/03/2021
690643 Greenfields Digital Sports Technologies Limited
Icemeadow Limited 16/03/2021
690451 Happythreads Limited
Happy Threads Limited 15/03/2021
690607 Linnaeus Veterinary Ireland Limited
Arrowbridge Limited 16/03/2021
692000 Literary Voices Designated Activity Company
Literary Voices Limited 07/04/2021
691191 Max Property Investments Limited
Troy Property Investments Limited 25/03/2021
690681 Meela Limited
Meela Construction Limited 18/03/2021
691174 Opi Facility Management Solutions Limited
Opi Facility Managment Solutions Limited 25/03/2021
691810 Shannon Green Distribution Limited
Shannon Distribution Limited 01/04/2021
251841 Ssr Financial Services Limited
Santam Structured Reinsurance 29/03/2021
251841 Ssr Financial Services Limited
Santam Structured Reinsurance Limited 29/03/2021
690694 Vmo Aircraft Leasing 27 (Ireland) Limited
Vmo Aircraft Leasing Serviceco (Ireland) Limited 18/03/2021

There are 16 companies in the above list.

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