Notices were published in the national newspapers by the companies below.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 422 (Week Ending 26/10/2020)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
201749 Kerry Candles Limited Dublin 12
252193 Charvil Trading Limited Co. Kildare
408499 Gem Island Management Company Limited Co. Kerry
428642 Dm Shipping Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
482735 Ems Engineering and Dgsa Services Limited Co.Galway
488764 Barrow Validation Limited Co.Cork
493746 Publicity Viral Limited Co. Wexford
498759 Barclay-Swann Ireland Limited Cork
512965 Supreme Distribution Limited Dublin 15
517856 Myifli Limited Co. Wicklow
543755 Allayerpath Limited Co. Wicklow
558336 3xe Digital Limited Wicklow
567763 Lighthouse Aviation Partners Limited Dublin 18 D18 R9c7 Ireland
569461 Home and Build Magazine Limited Dublin 2
569462 S.P. Ringwood Agency Limited Dublin 13
571425 Curve Acquiring Designated Activity Company Dublin 18
573189 Calc 25 - Aircraft Limited Dublin 2
573190 Calc 26 - Aircraft Limited Dublin 2
577977 Nmd Safe Vision Limited Co. Dublin
579875 Silverfox Food Company Limited Co Wexford
596153 Nualach Limited Dublin 2
599554 Keenan Civil Excavations Limited Co. Monaghan
601129 Wholesale Hessen Limited Dublin 2
604809 Bartra Propco No.3 Limited Dublin 2
615012 Seniarrol Holdings Unlimited Company Co. Mayo
622239 Onedot Developers Limited Dublin 18
623935 Bizcom Three Sixty Degrees Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kerry
624405 Scan and Save Limited Dublin 14
625193 Blackhall Mediation Limited Dublin 7
625244 Jet in the Box Creations Limited Co. Wexford
633327 Amanda Collins International Limited Wexford Ireland
634795 Gilmal Restaurants Limited Dublin 6
635693 Homeland Spn Limited Dublin 6
636269 Limeville Limited Co. Dublin
638526 Intelledox Limited Limerick
640256 Buoyd Global Resource Limited Co. Donegal
640414 Mulcahy Servicing Limited Co. Cork
647121 Connected Growth Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
650073 Redblackberries Limited Dublin 1
654336 D&J Medicals Limited Co. Mayo
655899 The Lifestyle Organisers Limited Cork
655934 Saleem Punjab Services Limited Limerick
140380 Carta Design Limited Co.Kildare
240898 Charlemont Properties Limited Dublin 6
257484 Leim an Bhradain Housing Association Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
265462 P.C. Roto Moulding Limited Co.Cavan
323028 Sliogeisc Phort Duirlinge Teoranta Co. Mhuigheo
327078 Lunehaven Limited Dublin 18
346771 Hb Dennis Airside Limited Co. Dublin
353240 Envirocare Pollution Control Unlimited Company Co Cavan
386352 Rangar Properties Limited Dublin 2
404429 Iveragh Consulting Services Limited Cork
420840 Bradfield Business Solutions Limited Co Cork
440027 Time4us Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
445072 Ideo Unlimited Company Dublin 4
448644 The Station Art & Design Limited Bray Wicklow Ireland
472882 Newman Greene Recruitment Limited Cork
520497 Aiken Fitness Club Limited Co. Louth
523175 A Town Called Talent Limited Cork
535949 Wafjul Limited Co. Cork
541038 McKillen Builders Limited Co. Kilkenny
548928 Dlh Investments Limited Co. Cork
557358 Tip Tap Tap Designated Activity Company Cork
570788 Lovett & Harrington Plastering Services Holdings Limited Co. Kerry
576520 Brickowen Limited Cork
576521 Redclip Consulting Limited Cork
602454 L&L Ubon Limited Dublin 7
609182 Cody & Shanley Limited Co. Kildare
617994 Millbrook Lawns Limited Dublin 24
619990 Aylesbury Homes Limited Dublin 24
623228 Bio Cup Limited Cork
623647 Harbinger Technologies Limited Co. Kerry
623787 Fourfront Games Limited Co. Wicklow
633069 Ficuna Limited Co. Wicklow
635974 Charles Schwab Europe Limited Dublin 2
637355 Maldika Limited Ireland
647063 Shabby Chic World Cork Limited Cork
650269 Expandmedia Limited Co Limerick
652921 Servicceplan Lichtloesungen + Montagen Limited Dublin 1
663814 Optical Zenith Europe Limited Cork
666825 McAA Limited Cork
677774 Mia Technologies Limited Co.Cork
217189 Clondalkin Truck & Trailer Limited Dublin 22
319948 Cill Dara Heating Services Limited Co. Kildare
327063 Empathy Nominees Limited Dublin 12
420264 Urlee Excavations Limited Co Kerry
423787 Rels Limited Co.Galway
447973 Ruby Fashions Limited Co. Dublin
499562 Ausgan Construction Limited Co. Westmeath
530730 Kelly Trucks Strokestown Designated Activity Company Co Roscommon
532461 Entrepreneur First Limited Co. Dublin
534096 Improvet Limited Co. Dublin
534405 Euroghilor Limited Co. Dublin
538287 Tracknstop Limited Co. Wicklow
544298 Scioderm Limited Dublin 2
548667 Jac Licensed Vintners Limited Co. Waterford
555373 Sirtay Limited Dublin
559496 Crann-Tec Resins Limited Co. Meath
617309 Doco Electrical Contractors Limited Dublin 5
621743 Camerafair Limited Dublin A94 Hr67
625823 Samrc Cotter Consultancy Limited Dublin 16
638205 Rammer Technologies Limited Cork
644105 Lm Luxury Limited Co. Kildare
648374 Trgi Limited Dublin 4
649937 Nu Shine (Ireland) Limited Co. Cork
658128 Puregreen Botanical Limited Dublin 2
70933 Molloy Booksellers Limited Co. Leitrim
114778 Hunters Moon Limited Co. Kerry
195808 Kelly Services Limited Dublin 9
234324 Nutrisolv Ireland Limited Sligo
263409 Accor Ireland Hotels Limited Dublin 2
338336 Label Art Digital Limited Dublin 15
361843 Avenue Cleaners Limited Co. Louth
387284 Jd & Sh Enterprises Limited Co. Wexford
413183 Sxoop Technologies Limited Co Cork
433456 Jf Cannon Developments Limited Co. Wexford
437200 Tacani Investments Limited Dublin 4
455486 AA Company Formation Limited Dublin 6
491037 Fix It Friday Limited Dublin 9
493011 Mark Whitty Unlimited Company Dublin 7
495886 Ilfc Aircraft 73b-29368 Limited Co. Clare
498946 Universal Energies Limited Co. Monaghan
499670 Tullycorbett Limited Dublin 18
504842 Orbis Labsystems Limited Dublin 14
531208 Kelly Quinn Capital Management Holdings Limited Dublin 6
531214 Kelly Quinn Capital Management Dublin Limited Dublin 6
534002 Kbt Capital Management Limited Dublin 6
542948 Zeinab Medical Limited Waterford
543725 Skyline Accessories Limited Co. Dublin
549151 Habitat Hq Properties Limited Dublin 2
554552 Kenneth Jones Software Consultancy Limited Co Wexford
573482 Alpha Payments Cloud (Ireland) Limited Dublin 3
574267 Shamroc Peer Limited Dublin 6
604583 Alex (Ws) Retail Limited Co. Galway
607990 Samghu Limited Co. Westmeath
626854 Benevolent Entrepreneurs Limited Co. Galway
630541 Kozmos Limited Co.Mayo
638256 Golden Fungi Limited Dublin 2
641604 Jonathan McGuire Limited Co Donegal
642872 Envirosax Europe Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
645031 Zamabo Limited Dublin 6
645465 Dexstone Limited Co. Meath
652134 Ark Reid Davies Site Works Limited N36 Kb88
652385 Healthy Kitchen Limited Wexford
658352 Paladin Property Services Limited Co. Galway
665988 Boboman Limited Dublin 1
There are 146 companies in the above list.

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