Notices were published in the national newspapers by the companies below.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 490 (Week Ending 20/01/2022)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
7951 Adam F. Torrie, Unlimited Company Cork
59915 J.E. Telford Limited Dublin
60021 Frank Barrett & Sons Limited Dublin
95964 Sam Hire Limited Dublin
136109 Adam F. Torrie (Superstores) Unlimited Company Cork
146891 Laurleen Limited Donegal
146900 Viduh Limited Donegal
159354 Heiton McFerran Limited Dublin
171908 Heatovent Ireland Limited Dublin
306311 Perchura Limited Dublin
350713 Treanor Logistics Limited Monaghan
359957 Z-We-Ton Limited Limerick
383946 Waldron & Associates Engineers & Architects Limited Mayo
405294 Knocklyon Srh Limited Cork
405296 Sundrive Srh Limited Cork
405297 Sutton Cross Srh Limited Cork
405309 Select Distribution Blanchardstown Properties Limited Cork
422657 Rathborne Srh Limited Cork
436942 Kv Properties Limited Cork
527011 Dr. Neasa NĂ­ Mhuircheartaigh Cuideachta Neamhtheoranta Dublin
559106 Broagh Enterprises Limited Tipperary
594178 Baucis Ventures Limited Limerick
600421 New Lemder Limited Dublin
626638 Cost Rental Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Wicklow
628617 Molo Hotels (Ireland) Limited Dublin
643098 Crotach Limited Cork
651212 Formidion Aviation Trading Ireland Limited Dublin
677933 Brk.Structeng Limited Dublin
691565 Benmar Limited Dublin
694052 Mjr Motors Limited Galway
9396 "Polyfoto" Limited Dublin
177154 Insite Limited Cork
327244 White Clarke Ireland Limited Dublin
341468 D C Elemental Design Limited Kildare
389203 Oricast Holdings Unlimited Company Meath
417024 Legends Golf Limited Tipperary
428491 Re-Heat Solutions Limited Galway
521454 MD Bloodstock Limited Kildare
568322 Ep1 Film Productions Unlimited Company Dublin
580625 Zerogradient Data Analysis Limited Dublin
592391 Last Eden Film Designated Activity Company Mayo
612883 Susquehanna Europe Trading Limited Dublin
621250 Coco Catering Company Limited Dublin
622379 Cwh Film Productions Designated Activity Company Galway
623588 Ssl Medical Limited Dublin
636065 Jeanie Wellbeing Limited Dublin
637497 Allenstown Project Services Limited Meath
639671 Owned Film Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
648666 Ormond Films Designated Activity Company Dublin
654191 Heather Productions Designated Activity Company Mayo
677931 Field Kings Sports Limited Meath
696882 Fastbridge Limited Dublin
121043 L. & M. Keating Limited Dublin 2
321784 Queslett Services Limited Kildare
391185 Inter-Tel Lake Limited Dublin
394897 Blackbeam Limited Kildare
422016 Kilmihil Rental Store Limited Dublin 2
459125 My Vision Limited Meath
498530 Energy Trading & Quantitative Risk Analysis Associates Limited 40 Saint Michael Street
507150 Farmridge Limited Kilkenny
507251 Baconridge Unlimited Company Kilkenny
507252 Pigridge Unlimited Company Kilkenny
556093 Jackson West Limited Galway
574352 Thoughtkube Limited Kildare
599855 Peter Yan & Tony Bo Limited Dublin
672218 Silvertip Pay Limited Cork
675050 Darnoc Construction Limited Cork
681916 Cybergame Management Limited Dublin
710070 Innovarium Software Limited Cork
603093 Brg Luminux Limited Meath
606621 Mythical Heroes 2 Production Designated Activity Company Dublin
650810 Blasts From the Past Designated Activity Company Dublin
665959 Amip Share Nominees Limited Dublin
59890 Lake Communications Limited Dublin
190427 Balcombe Investments Limited Dublin
241820 Rafferty Financial Services Limited Dublin
320599 Sureford Limited Dublin
336320 Totally You Health & Beauty Clinic Limited Westmeath
397635 Bawncross Developments Limited Cork
422005 Fruit Design Limited Dublin
481409 Philip O' Dwyer Unlimited Company Dublin
484204 Michael & Michele Keogh Limited Wexford
488442 Lir Accountancy Services Limited Dublin
490881 Tictoc Platforms Limited Dublin
495556 Sligo Doctors Services Limited Roscommon
519223 Dolphin M.U.T. 116 Limited Dublin
524680 Footmaster Medical Limited Wicklow
525981 Cola Finance Unlimited Company Wexford
526131 Nueva Era Leasing Designated Activity Company Dublin
548906 Sackville Hotel Properties Limited Dublin
549770 Tds Target Development Services Limited Dublin
555767 Systemics-Pab Ireland Limited Meath
563893 Sanguis Properties Limited Cork
564534 J&B Dalton Enterprises Limited Dublin
589214 Lakemill Limited Cork
595500 David Johnston Carpentry Limited Louth
598806 Parnell Square Medical Suites Limited Dublin
603116 Holcomb Global Energy Limited Dublin
603673 Albus Expertise Limited Cork
603737 Podium Performance Limited Wexford
605442 Holcomb Energy Controls Limited Dublin
611729 Denvir Frayne Limited Wexford
615333 The Rocket Man Food Kitchen Limited Cork
615993 Expert Insulation Limited Meath
621662 Walfrid Education Academy Limited Dublin
632230 Gossamer Bio 003 Limited Dublin
633150 Lead Electrical Engineering Limited Kilkenny
633697 Beta Inventions Limited Dublin
636413 Datamac Limited Dublin
641231 White Teeth Direct Limited Dublin
645159 Red Engineering Design (Ireland) Limited Dublin
649816 Firedupbrand Limited Wicklow
652977 Bray Wellness Spa Centre Limited Wicklow
653506 Morey Smith Limited Cork
653595 Triathlon Nation Limited Westmeath
665693 Bnbs Research Services Limited Laois
666117 Jeanie Stores Limited Cork
667656 Af Whiskey Services Limited Wicklow
672515 Aluvetro Limited Dublin
674539 Heartnate Limited Dublin
675762 Materna Medical Limited Galway
676545 Rapid Medical Solutions Limited Dublin
701896 As Commerce Limited Dublin
There are 123 companies in the above list.

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