A list of the top 20 Companies searched on Vision-net recently.

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86338Dublin Foods Sales LimitedNormal
535741Gleesont LimitedStrike Off Listed
474440Applegreen Service Areas LimitedNormal
624821Golden Lane Liffey LimitedNormal
505288Chapz Male Barbers LimitedNormal
667906Quarrylands Capital LimitedNormal
562164Mc2 Nominees Trust LimitedNormal
622812Linccube LimitedNormal
573252Dms Governance Risk and Compliance Services LimitedNormal
908590Iarlann LimitedNormal
531447Arthurve LimitedNormal
146198Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists Company Limited By GuaranteeNormal
580455Repa Business Consultancy LimitedNormal
637243Mid-West Care Homes Spv LimitedNormal
596260New Energy Financial LimitedNormal
572605Yun Aviation LimitedNormal
39068Kinlay Group LimitedNormal
377526Usit Ireland LimitedNormal
535935Cenergise LimitedNormal
76504Sunbeam House Services Company Limited By GuaranteeNormal