- by E on 02/03/2023

If you're using CCR data when approving customers, you might find the user story below helpful on Revolut. It covers how we provided a solution to help them fast track their approval process, instantly evaluate customers to allow for more frictionless approvals.

Helping Revolut achieve high-speed loan approval from their app without any previous history or legacy data to use to create scoring/algorithms. When Ireland's No.1 'Challenger Bank', Revolut, wanted to enter the Irish personal loan market, it's goal was to offer fast-start loan approval from their app without any previous history or legacy data to use to create scoring/algorithms. To do this, Revolut needed to find a trusted partner with an intuitive solution that solved their needs.

Sound and reliable risk assessment comes part in parcel with offering credit, and was no different for Revolut when it began its loan journey in Ireland. To ensure best-in-class due diligence and risk assessment, Revolut employed CRIF Vision-net to incorporate a creditworthiness score into their loan assessment process.

CRIFVision-net proved to be the perfect partner, offering a scoring solution built with the needs of Irish lenders in mind, ultimately aiding in Revolut's quick entry to the Irish loan market.

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