- by Amy McNeice on 09/02/2024

The Annual 'Business in Ireland' Review for 2023 from CRIFVision-net is now available!

The 2023 edition reports on the solid rise in new company start-ups, with a surge emerging beyond major urban centres. Another interesting finding is around business closures - our latest analysis covers both dissolved entities which encompasses both insolvencies and general closures. This offers a more comprehensive view of business discontinuations.

As well as this, you can expect analysis on all the key trends that have emerged in the past year for Directorships, Closures Vs Start-ups, Bankruptcies and much more...

Featuring comments from our Managing Director, Christine Cullen, on the current state of the Irish economy.

Read/Download the Annual Review 2023, below:

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4% year-on-year increase In Company Stat-Ups


Have you noticed the emergence of more start-ups in your industry?

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Growth in Irish Start-Ups: Data Overview


According to the data, March, April, and May of last year recorded the highest number of new company start-ups with 6,598 in total...

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Growth in Irish start-ups recorded in 2023.


Growth in Irish start-ups recorded in 2023, as annual figures reveal upswing of new companies outside of major urban hubs

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