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In recent years, properly measuring and communicating one's ESG performance has become a competitive lever for companies. However, while the adoption of sustainability-related practices is becoming more common among companies, measurement and governance issues still pose major challenges for many organizations, especially SMEs.

For this reason, more and more companies are opting for ESG solutions to manage and report on corporate sustainability actions and performances. The choice of solution is crucial, as there is no value in measuring and reporting on ESG-related aspects if it is not done based on reliable data that refer to recognized and shared standards.

Our brand new sustainability reporting tool, Synesgy, can help your business manage and report on your corporate sustainability actions, and the sustainable actions of your business partners with ease.

Synesgy will provide you and your business partners with a simple questionnaire, that operates in line with the 17 SDG's underpinned by the new EU directive, CSRD. Once this is completed by you and your business partners, you will have access to an easy to interpret dashboard, where you can manage and monitor the sustainability of your own business and your business partners with a click of a mouse.

The rewards reaped by reporting and managing your businesses sustainable actions are extremely advantageous, providing both financial and reputational benefits.

Synesgy will provide you with the tools to achieve benefits such as...

  • Understand the impact of your company
  • Highlighting where you are doing well
  • Mapping and benchmarking your company's journey so far
  • To receive certification with guidance and suggested areas of improvement
  • Use your certificate to signal to customers you've started your sustainability journey
  • An independent point-in-time reference of your sustainability efforts

Transform the sustainability of your business with Synesgy today. To sign up, or to learn more about how Synesgy can help your business, simply call us on Tel: 01 903 2660 or email us at solutions.vision-net@crif.com.

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