- by Megan Gilmer on 16/01/2024

How well do you Know Your Customer?

KYC compliance is now mandatory for so many of businesses. Which is great to help tackle money laundering, funding of illegal activity and provide clear audit trails etc. Problem is, it can be a time consuming and expensive for your business to run in a manual way. Checks required cover both new and existing customers. They also vary by customer type from personal to corporate customers.

CRIFVision-net are leaders in KYC solutions, and are used daily by thousands of business professionals across a wide range of industry sectors.

Our low cost solutions let you easily fulfill compliance with an instant KYC pre-screen on individuals. Our intuitive KYC platform lets you run affordable batch KYC checks on both your personal and corporate customers - an all in one solution at the fraction of the cost of others.

Verify Customer Identity - with IDV Checks, Proof Of Address, Eircode Verification

Run Customer Due Diligence - with checks across 10 default consumer databases

Risk Assessment - check for past default and affordability with OpenBanking

AML Check - Across the latest PEP and Financial Sanctions Database

Record Keeping - store and re-access with clear audit trails.

Let's save you time, money, and resources, to stay compliant and keep up with the fast-moving legislation on KYC!

Speak to our compliance specialists on Tel: +353 (01) 903 2660, or email solutions.vision-net@crif.com.

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