Have any of your Customers or Competitors had a liquidator appointed? Or maybe they are due to have a 'Meeting of Creditors' very soon to Appoint a Liquidator.

will provide you with online alerts on who these companies are and give full details of when and where each meeting will take place.

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More relevant to you, we've taken all the companies on your alerts list and we're monitoring them for any notices of Creditor Meetings right now. So if you log on and keep an eye on our new page, you'll see an alert as soon as any of them publishes a notice intending to Appoint a Liquidator.

This terrific service will alert you in advance of any other Gazette or other Publication.

is a highly innovative service which works by proactively scaning not only filings in the CRO but now also notices published in the newspapers to ensure you are one of the first to know, about any changes in companies that matter most to you!

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