Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 332 (Week Ending 29/06/2017)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
31531 Helena Estates Limited Galway
128646 Henbros Limited Co. Cork
301911 Bay Automation Limited Co.Westmeath
376686 A & a Developments Limited Co. Roscommon
420999 Irish Patent Drawing Company Limited Co Offaly
461099 Hillgrove Nursing Home Limited Dublin 6w
475004 Och It Services Limited Co. Dublin
480649 Northmex Limited Co. Dublin
482980 Seamkath Unlimited Company Cork
484281 Kerrin Consulting Limited Dublin 18
484347 Érdem Limited Co. Limerick
510533 Vaneela It Limited Dublin 6
511632 Orlamed Healthcare Training Limited Co. Cork
513847 Dolor Marketing Solutions Limited Co. Westmeath
554975 Adm Concepts Limited Dublin 16
564393 Stemiva Limited Cork, T12 K7cv
565359 Great Value Insights Limited Dublin 15
566753 Cat Entertainment Ventures Ireland Limited Dublin 2
575267 Cimarron Consulting Limited Dublin 15
579836 Woodpecker Shades Limited Co Dublin
595397 Pharmatrek Limited Dublin 16
71349 Kelleher Bros. (Millstreet) Limited Co. Cork
272086 Arts Productions Limited Dublin 2
350648 Nadsan Limited Dublin 14
365365 Ballyraine Properties Limited Co. Donegal
369033 Parkbury Developments Limited Co. Wexford
419539 Terence McDonald Construction Limited Co Wexford
428712 Denzille Developments Limited Galway
432995 Spranger Lettings Limited Dublin 17
436731 New Beginnings Creche & Montessori Limited Co Dublin
450625 Risecom Limited Co.Carlow
489846 Vision Test Centre Limited Cork
489847 Conor Crowley Opticians Limited Mahon Cork
512576 Meck Private Limited Dublin 24
513947 Vps Vine Limited Waterford
526898 Callaway Esolutions Limited Dublin 9
555210 Artigast Limited Co. Kildare
559589 Fahy Fitzpatrick Consulting Engineers Ber Limited Dublin 24
562859 Cotrax Finance Ii-2 Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
578357 Cyberwolf Developments Limited Co. Cork
25335 Michael Johnson, Sons and Company Limited Co. Kildare
111989 Kyne Construction Company Limited  Dublin 3
158538 B.F.C.D. Financial Consultants Limited Dublin 6
196482 Herr Enterprises Limited Co Louth
197955 Beaucon Developments Limited  Co Kerry
240519 Pdp Discount Tyres Limited Co Offaly
243562 Tanamara Limited Co Kerry
246419 Padco Construction Services Limited Co. Dublin
249956 The Vernon Toy Company Limited  Dublin 3
271385 O'Brien Roofing & Cladding Limited  Dublin 12
275329 Brooktron Limited  Galway
287788 Ashlingua Limited Co Mayo
294125 Good Grief Limited Dublin
294204 Forbairt Rathcairn Teoranta Co Na Mi
296423 Gurteen Transport Limited Co. Cavan
305719 Homan Forecourt Garages Limited Dublin 6
313223 National Association For Parent Support Company Limited By Guarantee Co Laois
318532 A & C Developments Limited  Co Dublin
323364 Vincent O'Neill Construction Limited Cork
341855 Garmin Unlimited Company Dublin 11
350102 Interim Management Solutions Group Limited  Dublin 2
353450 Training Works Limited Co. Dublin
354411 Clonpriest Construction Limited Co. Cork
355883 Chaple Brae Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co Monaghan
364221 Aspara Developments Limited  Dublin 2
369081 Endurance Fishing Services Limited Co. Louth
375256 Auburn Inns Limited  Co. Dublin
376790 Mics Mining & Infrastructures Consulting & Services Limited Dublin 3
378496 Castlequay Property Holdings Limited  Galway
378551 Ed Larkin Plant Hire Limited  Co Meath
378610 McC Print & Promotions Limited  Dublin 2
386706 Jollimont Unlimited Company Dublin 11
387134 Ballarat Clothing Unlimited Company Dublin 11
392331 Landcrest Properties (I) Limited Cork
398434 Barzo Limited Co Dublin
402472 Winton Rose Developments Limited Dublin 6
402964 Springmount Administration Company Limited By Guarantee  Dublin 1
403721 Connaught Scale Company Limited  Co. Galway
407793 Dearai Limited Co. Dublin
411373 Thulla Management Company Limited By Guarantee  Co. Dublin
411422 B & S Dowdall Limited  Co Dublin
411753 Bellewstown Quarries & Plant Hire Limited  Co. Meath
411776 Hartsfield Enterprises Limited  Co. Dublin
424003 Ekhron Limited Dublin 14
426120 Claremorris Leisure Centre Limited Co.Mayo
430308 Co-Ownership 2 (Hermitage Clinic) Limited Dublin 4
430309 Co-Ownership 3 (Hermitage Clinic) Limited Dublin 4
430310 Co-Ownership 4 (Hermitage Clinic) Limited Dublin 4
430389 Thomas Gleeson Building Contractor Limited  Co. Kerry
430485 Cheval Noir Limited Dublin 11
430770 Boyne Tower Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee  Co. Dublin
430938 Heatford Limited Dublin 11
431308 J.D.T. Transport Limited Co. Westmeath
432557 Interleado Limited Co. Dublin
444088 Munster Wood Pellets Limited  Co.Tipperary
449694 Fms-Field Marketing Services Europe Limited  Dublin 2
449770 William McSweeney Design Limited  Co. Kerry
450015 Coney Island Pizza Limited  Waterford
453067 Chillax Engineering Limited Co. Roscommon
453738 Rathcoole Crash Repairs Limited  Dublin 24
458361 Access Legal Limited Dublin 8
459719 Jonestown Trading Company Limited Co. Kildare
464680 The Botanic Gardens Plant Co. Limited  Dublin 9
464740 Piosta Limited  Co.Dublin
464842 Seven Knights Limited  Dublin 1
465636 The Centre For Progressive Change Limited Co. Dublin
469632 Leocof Limited  Killarney Co. Kerry
471280 Lpd Energy Saver Products Limited  Co. Cork
471905 Loud Seo Limited Dublin 24
477782 Heliotrope Resources Limited Co. Waterford
477978 Quickfire Consulting Limited  Dublin 9
477979 Tempo Consulting Limited  Dublin 9
478003 Foto Bureau Ireland Limited  Dublin 1
478034 Rowland Roofing Group Limited  Castlebar Co Mayo
478036 Great Choice Limited  Co. Limerick
478236 The Parent Care Solution Limited Co. Cork
482494 Digisafe Limited Co. Dublin
484763 Parasol Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 1
484771 Tolisons Service Station (Cork) Limited  Co. Cork
485646 Independent Network Distribution Ireland Limited Dublin 22
485657 Tsd Electrical Contractors Limited Co. Carlow
487795 Shelums Elite Limited  Co Tipperary
487832 No Pause Music Limited Dublin 2
491835 Adarah Property Management Limited  Dublin 3
491854 X2spend Limited  Co. Louth
491900 Peter Pan Promotions Limited  Co.Mayo
491913 People Protecting People Limited  Co Cork
491998 Envirotherm Insulation Systems Limited  Co. Kilkenny
496322 Redley Quality Management Limited Co. Dublin
497147 Mpkh Consulting Limited Co. Kildare
499306 E-Commerce Accounting Limited  Dublin 18
500725 Monath Engineering Services Limited  Kildare
501588 Jmac Locum Services Limited Co. Cavan
504196 The Design Basket Limited Co. Meath
505111 Fowley Shellfish Co. Limited Co. Sligo
506479 The Delivery Guys Limited  Co. Clare
506488 Chirisa Investments Unlimited Company  Co. Louth
506505 Dag Technical Services Limited  Co. Limerick
506544 Gw Motors Limited  Co Wexford
506559 Wang & Jessica Limited  Limerick
506635 Boredara Properties Limited  Newbridge Co Kildare
506718 Kangoo Organisation Limited  Dublin 2
507604 Horkan Financial Services Limited Dublin 18
512881 Magnet Insurance Solutions Limited Co. Kilkenny
513399 Belle and Budd Limited Dublin 16
513619 Melita Deals Malta Limited  Co. Dublin
516575 Granlight Limited Dublin 6
516925 Northern Lights Film Limited  Co. Donegal
517345 Selene Finance Holdings Ireland Limited Limerick
519864 It's Beside You Limited Dublin 3
520039 Murty O Neill Limited  Co. Meath
520348 Burrard Limited Dublin 2
520589 Ireland China Consulting Limited  Co. Dublin
520622 Corcove Limited  Dublin 12
520695 Happy Fryers Limited  Co. Cork
520704 Brazilian Entertainment Limited  Dublin 2
520811 The Radical Food Company Limited  Dublin 5
520854 Carroon Professional Services Limited  Co Louth
520869 Dark Optic Limited  Co. Dublin
523579 Double D Consulting Limited Co. Wicklow
527736 Highway Toll Administration Europe Holdings Limited Dublin 6
528244 Octopus Kidz Limited Co. Longford
531793 Early Learners Preschool Limited  Co. Kildare
532699 Skills Assessment Academy Limited Dublin 1
533315 Doncaf Limited Dublin 2
534835 Dublin Disability Support Services Limited Dublin 12
535776 Tempbuddy Limited  Dublin 8
535863 De Vignoles Atelier Limited  Galway
535906 Green Door Taverns Limited  Dublin 24
535950 Howley Training Limited  Co. Westmeath
535966 Moma Restaurant Limited  Roscommon
535982 Lowlough Limited  Co. Kildare
536000 Reverse Clothing Company Limited  Dublin 24
536029 Functional Health and Performance Limited  Dublin 4
536103 Rf Canners (Leinster) Limited  Co. Kildare
536118 Aj Groundworks Limited  Co. Meath
537266 Networking in the City Limited Dublin 6w
544516 Big Hits Media Limited Dublin 3
544912 Pnkd Limited Co Dublin
544992 Exvirion Healthcare Limited Cork
545872 Troy Student Village Limited Limerick
547315 Adrian Lynch Engineering Limited Co. Cork
548072 Beamon Limited Co. Galway
548472 Rbr Restaurant Limited Dublin 15
550320 Keating Butler Limited Co. Wexford
551355 Wildfire Records Limited Co. Dublin
553006 Murgh Pulao Limited  Co. Cork
553031 Balheary Clay and Target Shooting Club Company Limited By Guarantee  Co. Dublin
553036 Jakes Legacy Company Limited By Guarantee  Kilkenny
553081 Noodle King Limited  Dublin 3
553082 Absolute It Limited  Co. Laois
553085 Eirí Arís Developments Limited  Co. Cork
553088 Shortens Garage Limited  Co Cork
553110 Phoenix Abs Finance Holdings Limited  Co. Cork, P75 Vp95
553126 The Black Armband Company Limited  Co. Dublin
553130 Stikies Limited  Dublin 6
553167 Jsi Logistics Ireland Limited  Dublin 12
553171 Green Knight Entertainment Limited  Dublin 2
553178 Andyshan Limited  Dublin 15
553187 Stoneyford Investments Limited  Dublin 2
553209 Nutleylodge Limited  Dublin 8
553213 Mal-Con Ventures Limited  Limerick
553219 Only Beauty Limited  Dublin 24
553239 Jm Farm Plant Sales Limited  Co. Donegal
553242 Freq Show Entertainment Limited  Galway
553252 Ravengreen Limited  Cork
553262 Inlitin Limited  Dublin 7
553271 Guestlogix Ireland Limited  Co. Dublin
553307 Allpro Confectionery Limited  Co. Waterford
553312 Lifecycle & Asset Services Limited  Co. Monaghan
553323 Sem Blind Design Limited  Co Limerick
553370 Sunshine Bay Limited  Limerick
553378 M50 Toll App Limited  Co. Dublin
553401 Metro Motels Limited  Dublin 18
553443 Black and White Capital Limited  Co. Dublin
553458 The Kilkenny Distillery Company Limited  Co. Dublin
553867 South East Cpd Training Limited Waterford
554361 Keurig Ireland Limited Dublin 2
554362 Keurig Manufacturing Ireland Limited Dublin 2
556341 Loughglynn Stoves Limited Co. Roscommon
556731 Garrison Earlsfort Investments 3 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
559781 Farranree Consulting Limited Cork
560300 Simple Rooms Network Limited Dublin 2
560335 Limerick Choral Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
563335 Sentinel Human Rights Defenders Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
563451 Mazuren Tech-Corp Limited Dublin 7
565531 Dci Ec Energy Services Limited Dublin 24
567675 Kapti Technologies Limited Co. Wicklow
569225 The Spark Side Limited Dublin 2
571476 Bracken Commercial Limited Co. Mayo
572258 Blue Monkey Limited  Dublin 7
572259 M Hussain Limited  Co. Meath
572285 Protax Accountants Limited  Dublin 12
572288 Urban Street Catering Limited  Co. Meath
572307 T & M Bare Cheek Theatre Company Limited  Cork
572326 Sgc Snagcglobal Company Limited  Dublin 2
572327 Raimis Auto Repair Centre Limited  Dublin 15
572366 Shandon Magnus Enterprises Limited  Co. Cork
572374 Sureng Project Engineers Limited  Cork
572406 Lily's Adventures Playschool Company Limited By Guarantee  Dublin 7
572441 D a O Entertainment Limited  Co. Donegal
572452 Sme Hr Services Limited  Co. Laois
572453 Link Accounting and Business Consulting Limited  Co. Laois
572465 Belville Plant Hire Limited  Co. Galway
572988 Edmh Limited Dublin 12
573043 Silverwood Capital Limited Cork
575643 Pmn Technology Solutions Limited Dublin 2
576702 Db Dental Limited Co. Dublin
576798 Bygo Digital Limited Dublin 2
578084 Jendub Limited Cork
580701 Rodeler Ireland Limited Dublin 2
581122 Fenero Pct Holdings Limited Dublin 4
582683 Voxco Survey Software Limited Dublin 18
584087 Top Tanning Limited Dublin 15
585154 Brownshill Montessori Limited Carlow
589475 Fenero Securities Trading Limited Dublin 4
595067 Investmill Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
595429 Blitzenvill Limited Dublin 2
There are 258 companies in the above list.

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