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Issue 327 (Week Ending 24/05/2017)
IndustryCompany Count
Agriculture, hunting and forestry84 Companies »
Computers89 Companies »
Construction258 Companies »
Education47 Companies »
Electricity, gas and water supply5 Companies »
Financial intermediation61 Companies »
Fishing5 Companies »
Health and social work80 Companies »
Hotels and restaurants101 Companies »
Leasing29 Companies »
Legal, Accounting & Business439 Companies »
Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products27 Companies »
Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres5 Companies »
Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment22 Companies »
Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco17 Companies »
Manufacture of leather and leather products1 Company »
Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.14 Companies »
Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products6 Companies »
Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing20 Companies »
Manufacture of rubber and plastic products4 Companies »
Manufacture of textiles and textile products11 Companies »
Manufacture of transport equipment8 Companies »
Manufacture of wood and wood products6 Companies »
Manufacturing n.e.c.22 Companies »
Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials1 Company »
Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials12 Companies »
Motor42 Companies »
Other community, social and personal service activities199 Companies »
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security7 Companies »
Real estate208 Companies »
Transport, storage and communication100 Companies »
Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods229 Companies »

Below is a list of Companies, whose Financial Accounts became available in the week ending 24/05/2017.

Agriculture, hunting and forestry

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
502033Limewood Lawncare Services Limited23/05/2017
436801Kilogen Limited20/05/2017
500184Griffinstown Grain Co Limited19/05/2017
392670Clunedarby Mushrooms Limited24/05/2017
419215Patrick & Ian Howard Limited20/05/2017
184414Belmont Mushrooms Limited20/05/2017
433415L&K Dunne Nurseries Limited20/05/2017
491041Kenny Rose Breeding Limited20/05/2017
475956Ballyalla Farm Limited19/05/2017
320363Forest Oaks Limited18/05/2017
444140Flowers By Lucy Company Limited18/05/2017
459261English's Fruit Nurseries Limited20/05/2017
551025Carna Farms Limited24/05/2017
509746Foley Farm Limited24/05/2017
504237Tdm Farm Limited24/05/2017
496875M & M O'Connell Farm Limited24/05/2017
508294Pullen Limited24/05/2017
550293Garraun Farm Limited24/05/2017
521444Ltla Farm Limited23/05/2017
526229Raheenbeg Farms Limited23/05/2017
542529Corkamore Dairies Limited23/05/2017
410528Mullinacross Enterprises Limited23/05/2017
529708J&S Morkan Farm Limited20/05/2017
477904Ardenville Farms Limited20/05/2017
550322Mocollop Dairies Limited20/05/2017
534717Tim Clune Limited19/05/2017
523843Killalough Farm Limited19/05/2017
524969Puckane Dairies Limited18/05/2017
527237John O'Gorman Farming Limited18/05/2017
501168Dan Cleary Farm Limited18/05/2017
558532Knocklong Cottage Farm Limited18/05/2017
559579Garranlea Bloodstock Limited24/05/2017
522013Whytemount Stud Limited24/05/2017
557331Ap Heskin Limited23/05/2017
516072Kimmins Farm Limited23/05/2017
567894R & M Bloodstock Investment Limited20/05/2017
461546Annshoon Bloodstock Limited20/05/2017
472997Actionhorse Limited20/05/2017
548865Brandon View Stud Limited19/05/2017
549115Vereright Limited19/05/2017
517048Raheen Na Gun Stud Limited19/05/2017
549114Sonessa Bloodstock Limited18/05/2017
489718Rushfield Farm Limited23/05/2017
489546Gerrardstown Farm Eggs Limited20/05/2017
474639Ib Eggs Limited20/05/2017
534627G. Casey Plant Hire Limited24/05/2017
518120Pamarbur Limited24/05/2017
526368Wicklow Bloodstock (Ireland) Limited20/05/2017
529484Ballyhimikin Stud Limited20/05/2017
519531Cal Flavin Farm Limited24/05/2017
545152Clonbrin Dairy Limited24/05/2017
346195Ms Patterson Limited23/05/2017
60838Dowra Marts Limited23/05/2017
547350Mullacurry Farm Services Limited20/05/2017
429819Renny Farms Limited20/05/2017
561510Knockaroo Farm Limited20/05/2017
512369Hornhill Farm Limited20/05/2017
545977J & D Noonan Farm Limited19/05/2017
501524Pat & Brenda Hogan Limited18/05/2017
549194Bilberry Hill Limited18/05/2017
409435D&P Doyle & Sons Limited24/05/2017
374703Fairybush Landscaping Limited24/05/2017
386192Fairyhouse Maintenance Limited24/05/2017
528900O'Grady Bros. Agri Contractors Limited20/05/2017
444391Strawchip Limited20/05/2017
526800John Geaney Agricultural Contractor Limited20/05/2017
463513Mark Moffett Agricultural, Environmental & Engineering Services Limited20/05/2017
413697Manfred Baer Garden Design and Landscaping Services Limited19/05/2017
21512Quinns of Baltinglass Limited18/05/2017
418301Furlong Equine Limited24/05/2017
336532Kineton Limited23/05/2017
511919Irish Dogs For the Disabled Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
409962Msf Equine Services Limited18/05/2017
73591Resita Limited24/05/2017
326354Pat Reynolds & Sons Limited23/05/2017
303704Kilbride Piggeries Limited20/05/2017
129430Maurice J. Sheehy Limited19/05/2017
144357Farmlabs Limited18/05/2017
156196Cullinane Agricultural Contractors Limited18/05/2017
447849O Kennedy Tree Care Limited23/05/2017
111380The Tree Council of Ireland20/05/2017
350646Hynes Timber Limited19/05/2017
533193Lda Forestry Limited20/05/2017
286735Weed Control Limited18/05/2017
84 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Agriculture, hunting and forestry" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top


Co NumCompany NameAR Now
447054Stripesystems Limited24/05/2017
551565Dhruv It Consultants Limited24/05/2017
557309Bitfoam Limited24/05/2017
531022Infinite Touch Limited24/05/2017
404038Silver Lemon Limited24/05/2017
534777Kronus Technologies Limited24/05/2017
459022Robert Mahony Consulting Limited24/05/2017
463946Indasoft Limited24/05/2017
549150Power Cloud Limited24/05/2017
525481Channelsight Limited23/05/2017
548736Danat Limited23/05/2017
446835Acorn Localizations Limited23/05/2017
327589Ab Software Consulting Limited23/05/2017
534233Lacewing Limited23/05/2017
519311Flavipharma Limited23/05/2017
413719Cmtech Limited23/05/2017
549214Silver Lining Cloud Consulting Limited23/05/2017
428666Blue Myosotis Limited23/05/2017
428662Sculthorpe Consulting Limited23/05/2017
435949Kaia Limited23/05/2017
428418Tallis Consulting Limited23/05/2017
405369Performit Limited23/05/2017
473652Brendan Hurley Consultancy Limited23/05/2017
464342Kerrah Wireless Limited20/05/2017
470764Dfs Resources Limited20/05/2017
327366Dabl Educational Trust Limited20/05/2017
500947Garbh Software Solutions Limited20/05/2017
530434Mojeca Limited20/05/2017
334681Jk Network Architecture Design Limited20/05/2017
556181Jor Software Limited20/05/2017
334070Richard Fielder Ireland Limited20/05/2017
339972Nathean Technologies Limited20/05/2017
524913Evolution Quality Services Limited19/05/2017
551434Redstrata Limited19/05/2017
559856Emerald Engineering Consultants Limited19/05/2017
542901Clickary Limited19/05/2017
500463Smart Farm Apps Limited19/05/2017
334049Chimera Software Consultancy Limited19/05/2017
522579Exia Information Technology Limited19/05/2017
426898Marina Project Management Limited18/05/2017
486783Gbn Tc Limited18/05/2017
493830Compucal Calibration Solutions Limited18/05/2017
386247Operandi Limited18/05/2017
329562Amacord Project Management Limited18/05/2017
381276Technology Optimisation Consultants Limited18/05/2017
373988Datacube Limited18/05/2017
542655Bici Bici Limited18/05/2017
518680Elahcam Training Limited18/05/2017
542693Fanalytics Limited24/05/2017
549755Connacht Apps Limited18/05/2017
324774Himalayan Crafts Limited20/05/2017
528389Holland It Computer Services Limited24/05/2017
350342New Image Design & Displays Limited24/05/2017
551955Realtime Innovations Limited24/05/2017
409999Bjb It Consultants Limited24/05/2017
448037Recharge Cartridges (Bandon) Limited24/05/2017
490375Videnie Limited24/05/2017
514466Cabhru Solutions Limited23/05/2017
429259Camroc It Consultancy Limited23/05/2017
464808Hasbin Consulting Limited23/05/2017
533323Proposition Hub Limited20/05/2017
517915Bluechief Solutions Limited20/05/2017
528695Zackmo Limited20/05/2017
418592Klariti Limited20/05/2017
517835Virtuoso Learning Limited20/05/2017
441804Jcnc Limited20/05/2017
333054Lpro Technologies Limited20/05/2017
550064Think Wise Limited20/05/2017
483893Dajo Web Solutions Limited20/05/2017
528820Emaint EMEA Limited20/05/2017
352813Mrtl Ireland Limited20/05/2017
534917Bubil Technology Limited19/05/2017
399453Web Exploring Limited19/05/2017
551325Legacy Experts Limited19/05/2017
503801Kate Makes Limited19/05/2017
548565Dubton Limited19/05/2017
550482Amax Information Technologies Limited19/05/2017
503867Instinct Software Limited19/05/2017
447366Future Audio Workshop Limited18/05/2017
432307Green Tiger Technologies Limited18/05/2017
514722Glenanaar Technologies Limited18/05/2017
535271Ohboh Limited18/05/2017
451255Beeraider Limited18/05/2017
315486Agenda Computers Limited24/05/2017
131020Lormac Industrial Distributors Limited23/05/2017
145407Eurosoft Limited23/05/2017
173141Brown Projects Limited20/05/2017
275498Alkaid Limited20/05/2017
314022Biz Kit Limited18/05/2017
89 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Computers" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top


Co NumCompany NameAR Now
408254Clondam Developments Limited23/05/2017
97360Ken Thompson Plant Hire Limited18/05/2017
503231Pivotal Construction Limited24/05/2017
547608Crekav Landbank Investments Limited24/05/2017
533086Ace Visual Construction Limited24/05/2017
473096Burgatia Masonry Limited24/05/2017
551522Apmj Cox Limited24/05/2017
551993S.O.N.C. Limited24/05/2017
377202Deno Construction Limited24/05/2017
415162Mill Race (Castlerea) Limited24/05/2017
369033Parkbury Developments Limited24/05/2017
361944M.J. Gallagher and Sons Limited24/05/2017
534039Greenlake Developments Limited24/05/2017
406789Winlos Limited24/05/2017
345979Manning Ground Engineering Contractors Limited24/05/2017
441392Barrowline Constructon Limited24/05/2017
373841Donal O' Donovan Construction Limited24/05/2017
427474Rd Carpentry Limited24/05/2017
515323M.I.G Construction Limited24/05/2017
407930Baylar Limited24/05/2017
55026724 Hour Maintenance Limited24/05/2017
418351James Barrett Building Limited24/05/2017
414834J. Cloherty Limited24/05/2017
175835Brosnan Brothers Building Contractors Limited24/05/2017
529085Egan Mulready Developments Limited24/05/2017
411403Noel Cumiskey Contractors Limited24/05/2017
519270D. Dwyer Builders Limited24/05/2017
420205Smithform Construction Limited24/05/2017
462757Lenane D Builders Limited24/05/2017
462757Lenane D Builders Limited24/05/2017
438241Fourth Dimension Properties Limited24/05/2017
438275College Road Building Company Limited23/05/2017
401564Kevin Woods Construction Limited23/05/2017
545635Paddy Casey Limited23/05/2017
335009William McQuillan Builder Limited23/05/2017
515000William Powell Construction Limited23/05/2017
462288Corcrin Construction Limited23/05/2017
385178Drumgoon Construction Limited23/05/2017
404184Ailill Enterprises Limited23/05/2017
469577Connolly Eco Builders Construction Limited23/05/2017
372630Nk Building Limited23/05/2017
341387Kintex Limited23/05/2017
391938Jinga Limited23/05/2017
552844Fx Jameson Urban Limited23/05/2017
290011Mike Callaghan (Castlerea) Developments Limited23/05/2017
416529Karalla Limited23/05/2017
407267L & B Utilities Limited23/05/2017
357754Loughcrew Developments Limited23/05/2017
374912M.J. Heffernan Construction Limited23/05/2017
504217J & G Golden Construction Limited23/05/2017
452461Kilreffit Building Contractors Limited23/05/2017
492391Athenry Carpentry & Builders Limited23/05/2017
375845Cardinal West Development Limited20/05/2017
113676Havenhill Trading Limited20/05/2017
458093Carrowmorris Developments Limited20/05/2017
333680Eirn Construction Limited20/05/2017
551821Signature Rooms Limited20/05/2017
427008Donnacha Dennehy Engineering Limited20/05/2017
345159Lisheen Consulting Limited20/05/2017
427292Tom Feehan Construction Limited20/05/2017
456748Curragh Construction Limited20/05/2017
422737Par Associates Management Limited20/05/2017
554696Keamc Building Contractors Limited20/05/2017
497500D J F Engineering Services Limited20/05/2017
372032Farmleigh Construction Limited20/05/2017
558611Gem Elliott Construction Designated Activity Company20/05/2017
449022Wattle Construction Limited20/05/2017
202125Stonegrange Developements Limited20/05/2017
475699Slipstream Engineering Design & Innovation Limited20/05/2017
471084Lordan and O' Donovan Limited20/05/2017
366588Michael Wallace Construction Limited20/05/2017
371381Tower Village Developments Limited20/05/2017
375455Mc & Mc Construction Limited20/05/2017
481658Colliswood Construction Limited20/05/2017
358831J & C Crawley Building Contractors Limited20/05/2017
341683Matap Developments Limited20/05/2017
562798Bay Hill Park Limited19/05/2017
328716Leach Plastering Limited19/05/2017
419249Paul Coomey & Sons (Construction) Limited19/05/2017
125622Positive Accounting Solutions Limited19/05/2017
410211M & R Shannon Construction Limited19/05/2017
158489O'Connell Plastering & Construction Limited19/05/2017
488007Rjl Connolly Limited19/05/2017
488008Chester & Crowdle Limited19/05/2017
515512Gem Purcell Designated Activity Company19/05/2017
412480Slipform Barrier Limited19/05/2017
341706MacCon Developments Limited19/05/2017
461070Michael Lacy Limited19/05/2017
517468Green Road Construction Company Limited19/05/2017
541261Trevor Mulligan Construction & Plant Hire Limited19/05/2017
502559Mahbd Building Design Limited19/05/2017
403786T. McGlynn Transport Limited19/05/2017
491986Pivojam Limited19/05/2017
385057Aneri Developments Limited19/05/2017
406312East Cork Contractors Limited19/05/2017
511500Ceiling & Allied Services (International) Limited19/05/2017
354293Gorman Bros. Construction Limited19/05/2017
402086Pauric Reilly Construction Limited19/05/2017
101869Gainville Limited19/05/2017
191805Liam Mellon Construction Limited19/05/2017
517455Dsna Validation Services Limited19/05/2017
92963Barr Contractors Limited18/05/2017
403516Patrick Lordan Developments Limited18/05/2017
437911Datcha Construction Limited18/05/2017
385825Rosboro Builders Limited18/05/2017
470747C. Kane Building Solutions Limited18/05/2017
510567Ger Dunlea Construction Limited18/05/2017
442480Knocknaveigh Developments Limited18/05/2017
428903Agri Line Construction Limited18/05/2017
562645Ck Ceilings Limited18/05/2017
261785Powerscreen Ireland Limited18/05/2017
500594Quilty East Construction Limited18/05/2017
383373Tulla Contracts Limited18/05/2017
389189McElligott Properties Limited18/05/2017
509285Dudley Griffin Building Services Limited18/05/2017
443013R and J Doyle Building Services Limited18/05/2017
349927Underground Logistics Limited18/05/2017
361615Moyclon Construction Limited18/05/2017
420250O 'Hanlon and Farrell Contracts (Ireland) Limited18/05/2017
346185MacDe Construction Limited18/05/2017
405105Ardabhainn Construction Limited18/05/2017
402616Liam Cooper & Sons Limited18/05/2017
489618Christopher Reidy Roofing Limited24/05/2017
423580Marble City Paving Limited23/05/2017
460123Road Team Limited19/05/2017
533087Ace Hard Kate Fencing Limited24/05/2017
322644Fenlon Industries Limited24/05/2017
552382Crowe Decorating Limited24/05/2017
529768Offshore Welding Services Limited24/05/2017
479486Eugene Bolton Insulation Limited23/05/2017
372067Crannog Carpentry Services Limited23/05/2017
472731North Wicklow Marble & Granite Limited23/05/2017
549511B.K. Instrumentation & Technical Services Limited23/05/2017
305033Des Blessing Drilling Contractors Limited23/05/2017
304347Stonetech Products Limited20/05/2017
502154Aero Access International Limited20/05/2017
246152Atex Limited20/05/2017
327991Halcon Steel Limited20/05/2017
262336R. O'Toole Contractors Spiddal Limited20/05/2017
251163G.E.B. Construction Limited19/05/2017
518937Classic Window Replacements Limited18/05/2017
478724Nordex Energy Ireland Limited18/05/2017
367084Hey'Di Waterproofing Systems Limited18/05/2017
327304Gerry Jones & Co Limited18/05/2017
136887Frank Glover Limited18/05/2017
446395Fuery Stone Limited18/05/2017
245506Savailt Limited18/05/2017
277731Grimes Plant Hire Limited18/05/2017
349618Industrial Electrics & Controls Limited24/05/2017
421731R & D Glenmaquin Limited24/05/2017
504285Auburn Electrical & Controls Limited24/05/2017
560392McA Electrical Limited23/05/2017
541990Paul Bennett Electrical Limited23/05/2017
526366B.A.M Electrical Limited23/05/2017
501067Leinster Fire Safety Limited23/05/2017
555356Mgm Electrical & Data Services Limited23/05/2017
448019Diarmuid O'Carroll Electrical Limited23/05/2017
537441Dkes Limited20/05/2017
371645Raymark Engineering Limited20/05/2017
489286Horan Controls Limited20/05/2017
434094D. Bergin Heating & Plumbing Limited19/05/2017
354785Michael Condon Electrical Engineering Services Limited19/05/2017
363012Solidus Limited19/05/2017
469628C Duffy Electrical Limited18/05/2017
498994Insulation & Environmental Services Limited24/05/2017
476158Greener Choices Limited24/05/2017
281381Kiely Heating Limited24/05/2017
279769Martin Flynn (Heating & Plumbing) Limited20/05/2017
254608Newbridge Gas Limited19/05/2017
406347Ormond Insulation Limited18/05/2017
458919Boyne Ventilation Limited18/05/2017
498259Green Sheep Insulation Limited18/05/2017
530599Cork Gas Boiler Services Limited24/05/2017
427206Stephen O' Sullivan Heating & Plumbing Limited24/05/2017
558126Quill Mechanical Engineering Services Limited23/05/2017
537641Jason Fahy Heating Limited20/05/2017
232547Bluegas Heating Limited20/05/2017
530279Stg Gas Services Limited19/05/2017
520270Ecovolt Limited18/05/2017
408731Thomas Harrington Heating & Plumbing Limited18/05/2017
542749Saturn Heating Limited18/05/2017
347392O'Donoghue Plumbing and Heating Limited18/05/2017
408044James Finn Heating & Plumbing Limited18/05/2017
541736Halcon Roller Doors Limited20/05/2017
558723Crawley Maintenance Limited19/05/2017
387910Dun-A-Ri Plastering Limited24/05/2017
461677Keshmore Plastering Limited24/05/2017
446098Idacon Limited24/05/2017
343165Clifford Developments Limited23/05/2017
418187Denis O'Brien Plastering Limited20/05/2017
413576Barry Stephenson Plastering Limited19/05/2017
398735Caherass Plastering Limited18/05/2017
430099Corran Carpentry Services Limited24/05/2017
525967Tedwall Partitions Limited24/05/2017
511968E.B Joinery Limited23/05/2017
517071Km Concepts Limited20/05/2017
334950T.S.L. Windows Limited19/05/2017
384416First Class Carpentry Services Limited19/05/2017
365809Classic Interior Construction Limited19/05/2017
359975Mortarstown Joinery Limited19/05/2017
294589Patrick Holland Carpentry Limited19/05/2017
517789O'Connell Windows Limited18/05/2017
499847Lg Glass & Glazing Limited18/05/2017
333431Furlong Design and Development Limited24/05/2017
387442Noone Carpets Limited23/05/2017
260602Murphy Surface Coating Limited23/05/2017
409133Jamie Doyle Tiling Contractor Limited20/05/2017
330173Pat Byrne Industrial Flooring Limited20/05/2017
118260Cloghroe Joinery Limited19/05/2017
427953Donegal Contract Flooring (Dcf) Limited18/05/2017
529466The Historic Flooring Co Limited18/05/2017
333315Birmingham Motors Limited24/05/2017
504806Tuam Painting Company Limited24/05/2017
493131Tommy Flanagan Painting Contractor Limited23/05/2017
446130Brendan Jenkins Painting & Decorating Limited23/05/2017
527946Cygan Alley Limited23/05/2017
527947Cygan Avenue Limited23/05/2017
528711Abc Decorators Limited20/05/2017
356754Slm Decorators Limited19/05/2017
417945Fitchcraft Limited18/05/2017
298103Kriscolor Limited18/05/2017
489914Interior Building Products Limited24/05/2017
537771All Wood Architectural Joinery Limited24/05/2017
535571O'Dowd Precast Limited24/05/2017
439485John P Burke (Pvc) Limited20/05/2017
517390Kmc Maintenance Limited20/05/2017
532982Jigsaw Carpentry & Building Limited19/05/2017
540398John Devane Plant Services Limited18/05/2017
471252Grt Hire Limited24/05/2017
526435Finbur Plant Limited20/05/2017
366532John Ryan Plant Hire Limited20/05/2017
359516John Kirrane Plant Hire Limited18/05/2017
446740Liam Whelan Plant Hire Limited18/05/2017
304746O'Rourke Fireplaces & Stoves Limited24/05/2017
307216O'Donovan Developments Limited24/05/2017
311809Jabre Limited24/05/2017
281741Noel Bennett Construction Limited24/05/2017
266811Carrig Construction Limited24/05/2017
320976Showhouse Standard Limited24/05/2017
257967Oaklane Construction Limited23/05/2017
278668Shabrand Developments Limited23/05/2017
314700Faughnan Construction Limited23/05/2017
250287Raina Construction Limited23/05/2017
230087David Feeney & Company Limited23/05/2017
243346Cara Developments Limited20/05/2017
231589Castleblayney Enterprise Development Limited20/05/2017
279075Seamus Higgins Contractors Limited20/05/2017
308981Gilford Construction Limited20/05/2017
217935Marfin Contractors Limited20/05/2017
323402Moynihan Developments Limited20/05/2017
253556Leahy & Murphy Limited19/05/2017
320972Valedrive Construction Limited19/05/2017
250641Deane and Associates Limited19/05/2017
325130Loughanstown Construction Limited18/05/2017
301542Fahy Developments Limited18/05/2017
310156Phil O'Shea Developments Limited18/05/2017
284300L. Coghlan Construction Limited18/05/2017
231471Hardrock Limited18/05/2017
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
548796Inspirational Teaching Limited24/05/2017
451081Our Lady Queen of Peace Community Pre School Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
399536Busy Fingers Creche Limited23/05/2017
499596Crafty Kidz Limited23/05/2017
471928Carrakennedy Community Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
387392Hazelbury Montessori Limited20/05/2017
403659Sheephaven Autism Trust Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
348266Oaktime Trust20/05/2017
462969Mockness Limited18/05/2017
353450Training Works Limited24/05/2017
533194Limerick Institute of Education Limited20/05/2017
518162The Open Learning Centre Limited18/05/2017
462991Lagos Limited24/05/2017
500379Hazeltree Corporate Training Limited24/05/2017
441408Trance-Formational Training Limited24/05/2017
545958Dublin 15 Early Years Training Programme Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
484393Motor Simulations Limited24/05/2017
359015Kilmartin Education Services Limited24/05/2017
517969Kquram Limited23/05/2017
533076Train You Limited23/05/2017
478240New Hope Residential Centre Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
549821Iospace Limited20/05/2017
471781Waterford Academy of Education Limited20/05/2017
312640Careertracks Limited20/05/2017
463518Youth Ballet West Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
500250Nelfont Limited20/05/2017
463407Skellig Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
483304Gd Training Services Limited20/05/2017
456943Stein Study Abroad Limited20/05/2017
376762Naturopathy Institute Limited20/05/2017
534148Enter the Dragon Limited20/05/2017
504833North East College Limited19/05/2017
487070Course Compare Limited18/05/2017
330191Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences Limited18/05/2017
493740The Irish Education & Training Foundation (Ietf)18/05/2017
513749Revise Cjl Limited18/05/2017
503750North River Limited18/05/2017
559063Creative City Limited18/05/2017
193578Icon International Limited23/05/2017
151684Daonscoil Na Mumhan Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta23/05/2017
262436North-West Inner City Family/School Project Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
293186Tammemagi Training Limited19/05/2017
204383Oscar Wilde Limited19/05/2017
215498The American College, Dublin Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
203167The American University of Dublin Limited19/05/2017
203168The Irish American University Limited19/05/2017
115918Ecole Franco-Irlandaise Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
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Electricity, gas and water supply

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
479091Prevailing Wind Limited24/05/2017
495437Pcmcs Tech Limited24/05/2017
518546Salvaged Energy Limited20/05/2017
450177Aspect Architecture Limited20/05/2017
404382Four Symbols Limited19/05/2017
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Financial intermediation

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
443195Pafs Ireland Limited18/05/2017
475023Ross Curran Financial Services Limited24/05/2017
533721Justitia Ireland Investments Designated Activity Company24/05/2017
542626Blackstone / Gso Corporate Funding Designated Activity Company24/05/2017
518202Ignition Markets Limited23/05/2017
470617Reforcetech Limited23/05/2017
409895J G Bourke Consultants Limited23/05/2017
484719Colloco Capital Markets Limited23/05/2017
426525Nlco Accountants Limited23/05/2017
528696Blue Cactus Management Limited20/05/2017
528697Dam Groep Limited20/05/2017
409576Protilium Limited19/05/2017
201154Allianz Global Investors Ireland Limited19/05/2017
255508The Finance Shop Limited19/05/2017
308399Lenexa Limited18/05/2017
557433Cooney It Consulting Limited18/05/2017
482009Promenade Aviation Services Limited18/05/2017
477226P.Dempsey Financial Limited18/05/2017
545683Compass Capital Solutions Limited18/05/2017
304613Abalone Investments Limited24/05/2017
308107John Reynolds Finance Limited20/05/2017
188879Oak Holdings Limited20/05/2017
113718Coastline Holdings Limited20/05/2017
86667Molokai Investment Company Limited20/05/2017
218664Merlin Films Group Limited20/05/2017
188666Rbs Asset Management (Dublin) Limited19/05/2017
124610Hazleton Developments Limited19/05/2017
324897Minkford Investments Limited18/05/2017
324897Minkford Investments Limited18/05/2017
324897Minkford Investments Limited18/05/2017
324897Minkford Investments Limited18/05/2017
478055Eolas Money Management Limited24/05/2017
551172Bfc Analytics Limited18/05/2017
550480Financial Planning Association of Ireland Limited18/05/2017
123832Tredagh Life Assurance Pension & Investments Limited24/05/2017
292725First Ireland Risk Management Limited20/05/2017
341308Cropsure Limited19/05/2017
240333C & M Financial Services Limited18/05/2017
273117Breffni May Life & Pensions Limited18/05/2017
320875Alumina Chemicals Limited24/05/2017
562950Abr Investments (Ireland) Designated Activity Company24/05/2017
491097Hfr Asset Management (Ireland) Limited24/05/2017
382933Magnolia Finance I Public Limited Company23/05/2017
492966Waldam Limited23/05/2017
535499M&G Illiquid Credit Opportunities Fund Limited23/05/2017
535498M&G Debt Opportunities Fund Ii Limited23/05/2017
252808Enigma Investments Limited23/05/2017
539790Ischia Loan Limited23/05/2017
362569Kim Investments Limited19/05/2017
514479Centralis Ireland Limited19/05/2017
490072Chronos Life Ireland Designated Activity Company18/05/2017
348801Rospoint Nominees Limited20/05/2017
383496Shelmadden Limited19/05/2017
335235Patrick J. Burke & Associates Limited23/05/2017
526665McGettigan Financial Planning Limited23/05/2017
26540O'Callaghan Insurances Limited20/05/2017
533112Midland Vehicle Assessing Limited20/05/2017
358717Lhw Financial Planning Limited19/05/2017
99293Sogecore (Ireland) Limited18/05/2017
90947McAuliffe Barry & Collins Limited18/05/2017
328255Goggins Insurance Brokers Limited18/05/2017
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
550097Boley Fishing Limited20/05/2017
124325Curraun Hatcheries Limited24/05/2017
463995Ostra Regal Limited19/05/2017
517810Poulnasherry Oysters Limited18/05/2017
288130Daly's Seafoods Limited18/05/2017
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Health and social work

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
456913Dublin Academic Medical Centre24/05/2017
232524Tara Winthrop Limited20/05/2017
547212Lodestones Medical Services Limited24/05/2017
151253Cashel Hospital Action Committee Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
489594Dapson Consulting Limited24/05/2017
533612Contracting Doctors Limited23/05/2017
514263Romandie Limited23/05/2017
518637A.R.F. Life Medical Unlimited Company23/05/2017
488783Damiatte Consulting Limited23/05/2017
144062Sligo Mental Health Association Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
567893Respecta Limited23/05/2017
527410Myon Forest Limited23/05/2017
526305Myon Crescent Limited23/05/2017
526304Myon Close Limited23/05/2017
526206Myon Bay Limited23/05/2017
526204Myon Avenue Limited23/05/2017
526205Myon Alley Limited23/05/2017
545300Southpaw Business & Medical Limited23/05/2017
534045Jkl Medics Limited20/05/2017
315645Professional Medical Health Care Services Limited20/05/2017
549956Hampton Periodontics Limited20/05/2017
527409Myon Grove Limited19/05/2017
527408Myon Gate Limited19/05/2017
527407Myon Gardens Limited19/05/2017
549734Nasreen Medics Limited19/05/2017
549572Faz Medical Services Limited19/05/2017
530110Unlee Limited19/05/2017
496738J.S. Orthopaedics Limited18/05/2017
135002Blanchardstown Home-Start Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
518783Ahmed Manzoor E.N.T. Limited18/05/2017
493339Hy Medserv Care Limited18/05/2017
269695Denture Express Limited24/05/2017
560680Advanced Dental Aesthetics Limited23/05/2017
497024O & T Spa Cork Limited24/05/2017
538019Irish Association For Infant Mental Health Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
489988Solamh Limited23/05/2017
518281System 10 Precision Weight Loss Limited23/05/2017
288893Jomel Limited23/05/2017
498549A.D.K. Hill Limited23/05/2017
403751Epilepsy Research Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
534843Suir Valley Physiotherapy Limited20/05/2017
461099Hillgrove Nursing Home Limited19/05/2017
276842Irish Institute of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
550166Advanced Urgent Care Limited18/05/2017
461921Brisin Health & Leisure Limited18/05/2017
490948Paula Duffin Acupuncture and Medical Clinic Limited18/05/2017
452464Golden Years Care Limited18/05/2017
472245Dh&S Consultancy Limited18/05/2017
351487Ryan Scan Limited20/05/2017
405187Cleaghmore Veterinary Practice Limited18/05/2017
462619Holycross Community Child-Care Centre Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
428588Kinsale and District Day Care Centre Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
518188Knock Counselling Centre Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
532636Benbulben Crèche Limited24/05/2017
478921Castleblayney Community Pre School Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
404509Daingean Community Childcare Service Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
463984Baron's Playschool Limited24/05/2017
553217The Coach House Afterschool & Development Centre Limited23/05/2017
523385Parke Community Hall Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
499921Knockainey Community Pre-School Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
460133Beaufort Special Needs Project Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
395695First Employment Services Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
360658Wexford County Childcare Committee Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
410723Sunshine Community Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
464094Blacklion Childcare Services Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
470910Coiste Naíonra Ghaelscoil Dara Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta20/05/2017
459233Graiguecullen Parish Childcare Centre Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
428550Newport Community Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
373750Kinnegad Community Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
488652Kiermar Support Services Limited19/05/2017
340604The Park Academy Limited19/05/2017
556031Carrowreagh Kids Limited19/05/2017
185441Adapt Kerry19/05/2017
469018Chestnut Daycare Limited19/05/2017
552677Messy Hands Limited19/05/2017
460075Templebreedy Pre-School Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
502311Farranree Stepping Stones Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
543251Magic Moments Playschool Limited18/05/2017
503930Ardfinnan Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
531992No Limits Ability Centre Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
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Hotels and restaurants

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
528233Dulane Hospitality Limited23/05/2017
554484Sherwood Oak Limited20/05/2017
133836The Exotic Inn Limited20/05/2017
384995Dublin Road Hotel Limited20/05/2017
530989Clr Hotel Management Limited20/05/2017
269680Luke Wyndham Limited19/05/2017
432063Fairview House Limited18/05/2017
363534Hollyglen House Limited19/05/2017
392236Dagner Limited24/05/2017
502177Woodbine Cafes Limited24/05/2017
461794Castleview Foods Limited24/05/2017
395093Aillbhaun Limited24/05/2017
545926Eno Bar and Grill Limited24/05/2017
367507D.R.P. Limited24/05/2017
550818Bradley Kelly Limited24/05/2017
542119Rmd Catering Limited24/05/2017
214182Carroll Food Services Limited23/05/2017
214182Carroll Food Services Limited23/05/2017
550122Vgdb Limited23/05/2017
464800Dragon Palace Limited23/05/2017
550207Parmatma Limited23/05/2017
462371Vanilla Bean Limited23/05/2017
515133Ellabay Limited23/05/2017
385993Jan and Robby Limited23/05/2017
518348Blue Thunder Fastfoods Limited23/05/2017
295799Giselle Taverns Limited23/05/2017
113615Farcroft Inns Limited23/05/2017
302774Chiesa Limited20/05/2017
443240Lillis Restaurant Limited20/05/2017
523343Jard Thirty-Nine Limited20/05/2017
240846Kesmo Limited20/05/2017
516850The Homemade Scone Company Limited20/05/2017
549232Bialann Deas Teoranta20/05/2017
380674Bellissimo Restaurant Limited20/05/2017
362189Roscommon China Palace Limited20/05/2017
38931The Four Lanterns (Buncrana) Limited20/05/2017
519064Margaret's Cafe Limited20/05/2017
503882Dunmar Café Limited20/05/2017
475560Betoni Limited20/05/2017
549886O'Brien Maher Limited20/05/2017
533227City Trade Ethnic Food Company Limited20/05/2017
496722Elvira Restaurants Limited20/05/2017
550520Tyrrellspass Village Hotel Limited20/05/2017
352325Persia Catering Limited19/05/2017
523025Ammna Foods Limited19/05/2017
481589Gogo's Café & Deli Limited19/05/2017
234053G. Aprile Limited19/05/2017
383737Cape Greko Limited19/05/2017
541902Seventy Degrees Restaurant Limited19/05/2017
541902Seventy Degrees Restaurant Limited19/05/2017
496542Dol Beers Limited18/05/2017
505463Double Dragon Limited18/05/2017
479573Camile Thai Kitchen Limited18/05/2017
514818Green Bench Cafe Limited18/05/2017
352837Nce Restaurant Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
549811Carmac Retail Limited18/05/2017
503778Long Xin Limited18/05/2017
253485Horse & Hound Ballinaboola Limited18/05/2017
250027Patrick Collins & Sons (Adare) Limited18/05/2017
514692The Old Post Office Food Store Limited18/05/2017
430275The Wagon Tavern Limited24/05/2017
343124The Cradle Rock Limited24/05/2017
368420Drift Inn Limited24/05/2017
548928Dlh Investments Limited24/05/2017
532670Redree Limited24/05/2017
474993Hannah Taverns Limited24/05/2017
438810Doyle's the Railway House Limited23/05/2017
284912Pembroke Inns Limited23/05/2017
559669M & M Garrihy Limited20/05/2017
376197Rosies Bar Limited20/05/2017
363522Blackfort Taverns Limited20/05/2017
248322Maguire's Foodfare Limited20/05/2017
494555Bronamb Limited20/05/2017
534856Cardiffsbridge Limited20/05/2017
223994Rikeja Limited20/05/2017
420414The Moss House Limited20/05/2017
450611Gladeford Limited20/05/2017
329461Wallace Taverns Limited20/05/2017
366754Maddens Bridge Company Limited19/05/2017
550010Daek Taverns Limited19/05/2017
232784Vargas Limited19/05/2017
505974McNamara's Bar & Restaurant Limited19/05/2017
387118Faha Court Bar & Restaurant Limited18/05/2017
524201Clifford & Kearney Taverns Limited18/05/2017
518494Clondrohid Tavern Limited18/05/2017
458994D.C. Canny & Co. Limited18/05/2017
193672Clermont Rock Limited18/05/2017
372889Kilbarrahan Company Limited18/05/2017
393564F.T.G. Public House Limited18/05/2017
569188Beast Food Limited24/05/2017
558243Volcano Pizza Limited23/05/2017
457638Rnt Catering Limited23/05/2017
530490Kyles Events Limited20/05/2017
545411Nan & Mul Catering Limited20/05/2017
479360Henton Technical Services Limited18/05/2017
189402Beech Holdings Limited23/05/2017
177539Strand Hotel (Tramore) Limited23/05/2017
256849Streamside Taverns Limited20/05/2017
247146Navco Limited20/05/2017
206071Ames Limited20/05/2017
156171P. Moore Swinford Limited20/05/2017
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
206654Gorey Coach & Bus Co. Limited24/05/2017
219650The Limousine Company Limited18/05/2017
520610Inv2-R Leasing Company Limited19/05/2017
401979G. & C. Developments (Plant Hire) Limited24/05/2017
329285Luke O'Reilly Plant Hire Limited24/05/2017
224315Sigma Teoranta23/05/2017
442035The Heath Plant Hire Limited23/05/2017
516476Vincent Dempsey Plant Hire Limited20/05/2017
550677Bryan & Eoin Kenny Plant Hire Limited20/05/2017
541562Jackman Agri Repairs Limited20/05/2017
506229Blue Machinery (Ireland) Limited20/05/2017
492943Pat Creedon Plant Hire Limited19/05/2017
536506Celtic Crane Hire Limited19/05/2017
319356Duff Plant Hire Limited19/05/2017
405729Trummon Plant Supplies & Services Limited18/05/2017
305232White Crane Hire Limited18/05/2017
518001Jim Martin Plant Hire Limited18/05/2017
323725Ceco Equipment Limited18/05/2017
456327Hyland Construction and Labour Supply Limited18/05/2017
433478Paul Callinan Plant Hire Limited18/05/2017
550855Gill Civils Limited18/05/2017
316699Mark Dolphin Plant Hire Limited18/05/2017
410073P.L.U.M. Plant Hire & Sales Limited24/05/2017
451510Willow Plant Hire Limited24/05/2017
518383Advanced Space Providers Ireland International Limited20/05/2017
391314Loughmore Plant Hire Limited19/05/2017
440418Hoare Machinery Limited19/05/2017
376003Universal Radio & Data Communications Limited18/05/2017
220650B.A.T.S. Hire Limited18/05/2017
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Legal, Accounting & Business

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
492407Natural Bio Solutions Limited24/05/2017
527012Irish Seaweed Consultancy Limited20/05/2017
482187Carbon Sole Group Limited19/05/2017
399623Vesta Research Limited19/05/2017
489396Social Research Evaluation Services Limited23/05/2017
426709Gillian Barnett and Associates Limited19/05/2017
527568Lyons Kenny Insolvency Solutions Limited23/05/2017
426015Mc Earth Holdings Limited20/05/2017
542764Complete Turnaround Solutions Limited19/05/2017
345246Emeracly Holdings Limited18/05/2017
449315Anthony Ryan Accountants Limited24/05/2017
476167Seoladh Accounting Services Limited24/05/2017
534191O'Mahony Donnelly Accountancy, Audit, Taxation & Company Formations Limited24/05/2017
519566Redcore Finance Limited24/05/2017
550378D&N Business Solutions Limited24/05/2017
511083Sheehy (Cta) Limited23/05/2017
267053Michael F. Dolan & Co. Limited23/05/2017
536822Taxation Procedures Limited23/05/2017
522628Nurney Financial Services Limited23/05/2017
430761Dbass Limited23/05/2017
351284Liam Mac Namara Limited23/05/2017
501867Declan Coote & Co Limited23/05/2017
486001Ajp Consultancy Limited20/05/2017
408405Da Business Consulting Limited20/05/2017
408066Providence Forensic Accounting Experts Limited20/05/2017
504964Exact Online Accounts Limited20/05/2017
556078Film Accounting Solutions Limited20/05/2017
515503Harmonics Money Limited19/05/2017
329940Global Accounting & Tax Services Limited19/05/2017
561641P Murphy Accounting & Tax Limited19/05/2017
478590La Communications Limited19/05/2017
429599Dunning Taxation Services Limited19/05/2017
498967Kerr & Co (Accountants) Limited18/05/2017
475219Apg Consultancy Limited18/05/2017
517851Fm Strategic Partners Limited18/05/2017
153592Media Marketing Limited19/05/2017
128967North West Cooling Limited18/05/2017
300240F.F. Polymers Limited18/05/2017
210829Abs Progen Ireland Limited24/05/2017
477277Logscreen Limited24/05/2017
364473Avakat Limited24/05/2017
364450Embarcadero Pharmacy Holdings Limited24/05/2017
534724Chesterfield Business Administration Services Limited24/05/2017
489257Basala Investments Limited24/05/2017
487466Tradex Consulting Ireland Limited24/05/2017
241702James Hyland Advisery Limited24/05/2017
476258Saburai Consulting Limited24/05/2017
544122R-Gon Insights Limited24/05/2017
399908Okc Business Services Limited24/05/2017
409820Artemis Consulting Limited24/05/2017
512890Michael O'Brien Media Limited24/05/2017
429388Promenade Consulting Limited24/05/2017
375600Michael J. Flynn Consultants Limited23/05/2017
485006Elaine Ryan & Associates Limited23/05/2017
513584Ross Demense Management Company Limited23/05/2017
410286Ashcourt Business Services Limited23/05/2017
521816Biz2biz Limited23/05/2017
478808Collective Administration Services Limited23/05/2017
358873J. & M. Management Consulting Limited23/05/2017
457478Track Business & Software Solutions Limited23/05/2017
457804Piersetec Limited23/05/2017
500520Mh Vision Limited23/05/2017
494055Leagrand Consulting Limited23/05/2017
511117Clonard Executive Management Limited23/05/2017
392285Meengara Management Services Limited23/05/2017
392286Cummer Management Consultants Limited23/05/2017
392284Toureena Engineering Limited23/05/2017
427380Jazzin Engineering Services Limited23/05/2017
392288Clogher Consultants Services Limited23/05/2017
392283Barnaraig Limited23/05/2017
392287Glenderry Consulting Services Limited23/05/2017
493515Marian Keane Actuarial Consulting Limited23/05/2017
489751Emmet O'Conaill Consulting Services Limited20/05/2017
478845Lime Trees Road Limited20/05/2017
497296Crm Sweet Appeal Ireland Limited20/05/2017
490028Lysaght Project Management Services Limited20/05/2017
405074Sean Lee Marketing Limited20/05/2017
473289Gae Procurement Limited20/05/2017
439508Leyton Consulting Ireland Limited20/05/2017
303370Junap Limited20/05/2017
413901Lenihan Management Consulting Limited20/05/2017
200577Dacon Limited20/05/2017
475612Elderfield Ventures Limited20/05/2017
521620Twinkleford Limited20/05/2017
485893Barry O Kane Limited20/05/2017
504319Compass Corporate Consultancy Limited20/05/2017
518548Catherine O'Connor Limited20/05/2017
512694Ollamh Osraighe Teoranta20/05/2017
512694Ollamh Osraighe Teoranta20/05/2017
391607Upstream Limited20/05/2017
404103Kish Management Services Limited20/05/2017
251711Broiler Advisory Services Limited20/05/2017
525327Kontrolex Limited20/05/2017
411132Lean Ireland Limited20/05/2017
563499Charlemont Capital (Ireland) Limited20/05/2017
425500M.W. Entertainment Limited20/05/2017
179053Walsh Financial Services Limited20/05/2017
475690Complete Financial Management Limited20/05/2017
327662Project Operational Consultancy Limited20/05/2017
517014Xl Media Limited20/05/2017
550770Lisa Maher Design Limited20/05/2017
349575Bran-Tech Limited20/05/2017
341861Creative Performance Limited19/05/2017
504992Turin Consultancy Limited19/05/2017
227267Hazchem Training Limited19/05/2017
531898Gavmc Trading Limited19/05/2017
535007Falcon Oil & Gas Holdings Ireland Limited19/05/2017
491316Jml Technology Limited19/05/2017
446536Cregg Ard Limited19/05/2017
506486Edge Business Consulting Limited19/05/2017
547818United Healthcare Strategies Limited19/05/2017
484610Curran Management Limited19/05/2017
507823Greensky Advisory Limited19/05/2017
256930Louisburgh Accounting Services Limited19/05/2017
533108Djak Engineering Limited19/05/2017
505829V3 Smart Consulting Limited19/05/2017
486404Hurley Seq Solutions Limited19/05/2017
505830Cost Focus Consulting Limited19/05/2017
269016Reed Specialist Recruitment Ireland Limited19/05/2017
529479Gamma Sky Limited19/05/2017
529498Beta Sky Limited19/05/2017
376231Protheus Limited19/05/2017
534017Vertical Movement Payment Systems Limited19/05/2017
449458Lismoore Consulting Limited18/05/2017
475438Blackhunt Management Services Limited18/05/2017
505772Herculean Business Consulting Limited18/05/2017
536901Curtin Economic Consultancy Limited18/05/2017
502265Morewen Limited18/05/2017
534722Htennek Limited18/05/2017
521160Leonard Bree Management Limited18/05/2017
391441Irish Food Export Consultancy Limited18/05/2017
504554Eco Beet Ireland Limited18/05/2017
183069Dornan Holdings Limited18/05/2017
533718Qufsont Limited18/05/2017
446429Carine Consultants Limited18/05/2017
503863Monwex Limited18/05/2017
175454Mgm Wealth Management Designated Activity Company18/05/2017
517054Enjoy the Coffee Limited18/05/2017
497674D&D Professional Consulting Limited18/05/2017
174049Ocm Limited18/05/2017
408569Ardigeen Limited18/05/2017
408572Gurrnanes Consultants Limited18/05/2017
365650Roche Facilities Consulting Limited18/05/2017
365650Roche Facilities Consulting Limited18/05/2017
365650Roche Facilities Consulting Limited18/05/2017
429021Santry Sports Clinic Co-Ownership 9 Limited24/05/2017
429022Santry Sports Clinic Co-Ownership 10 Limited24/05/2017
429023Santry Sports Clinic Co-Ownership 11 Limited24/05/2017
458837Montraype Limited24/05/2017
306904Goya Investments Limited24/05/2017
473321Aqs Composting Limited24/05/2017
545148Egt Entertainment Holdings Limited24/05/2017
349667T.T.A.F. Investments Limited24/05/2017
453706Third Private Equity Participations (Ireland) Limited24/05/2017
358402Furlong Investments Limited24/05/2017
487944Clanbrassil Mill Holdings Limited24/05/2017
476525Lioncourt Investments Limited24/05/2017
404113Bishops Quay Investments Limited24/05/2017
541594Crosserlough Mushrooms Holdings Limited24/05/2017
550009Ballinoe Ventures Limited24/05/2017
443840Daisymount Limited23/05/2017
431830Kingscourt Country Manor Brick Company Limited23/05/2017
475906Cerus Partners Limited23/05/2017
505037Tammisaari Limited23/05/2017
469056Shamalot 2 Limited23/05/2017
264318Mpj Holdings Limited23/05/2017
519312Sonic Cavitation Limited23/05/2017
420449Doherty Bergin Financial Services Limited20/05/2017
447108Greenhills Windfarm Nominees Limited20/05/2017
550061Film and Music Entertainment (Ire) Limited20/05/2017
503846Venturepunks Limited20/05/2017
426891Peerless Investments Limited20/05/2017
492420Beckingdale Limited20/05/2017
388349Spartanridge Limited20/05/2017
549930Aeronet Global Communications Nominees Limited20/05/2017
551968Carlton Henry Limited20/05/2017
509258Orchidford Limited20/05/2017
313944Ticamar Limited20/05/2017
485625Lifeforce Education Limited20/05/2017
447107Greenhills Windfarm Investments Limited20/05/2017
522612Subulter Investments Limited20/05/2017
533951Barron Design Limited20/05/2017
536652Kesteven Limited20/05/2017
456849Blackjet Limited20/05/2017
489702Goodyear Dunlop Tires Ireland (Pension Trustees) Limited20/05/2017
508439Jdl Investments Limited20/05/2017
491702Applegreen Public Limited Company19/05/2017
550450Efficio Lucrum Limited19/05/2017
549934Robus Facultas Limited19/05/2017
553433Lujasa Limited19/05/2017
363519Luke Wyndham Holdings Limited19/05/2017
550049The Art of Pop Limited19/05/2017
362809Devok Trust Limited19/05/2017
418416Red Rock Agencies Limited19/05/2017
541802Reproinfo Limited19/05/2017
349789Danjam Limited19/05/2017
424487Persepolis Global Limited19/05/2017
559198Cordix Holdings Limited19/05/2017
541793West To Med Limited19/05/2017
517200Canelous Limited19/05/2017
517200Canelous Limited19/05/2017
517200Canelous Limited19/05/2017
550971Gallego Capital Investments Limited19/05/2017
432375Lites Group Limited18/05/2017
375660Burgagery Holdings Limited18/05/2017
424714Its Asset Holdings Limited18/05/2017
554855Ravensilver Limited18/05/2017
377796Blackrock Building Chemicals Ireland Limited18/05/2017
518870Huntington Investment Properties Limited18/05/2017
516574Lodgepatch Limited18/05/2017
548459Sparrowdale Limited18/05/2017
562526Camile Thai Group Holdings Limited18/05/2017
542277Camile Franchising Limited18/05/2017
552098Camile Thai Kitchen (Property) Limited18/05/2017
478109Bernix Limited18/05/2017
460927Expert Ireland Retail Sales Limited18/05/2017
519928Deanmire Limited18/05/2017
535505Ardkeen Investments Limited18/05/2017
520178Mintalot Limited18/05/2017
426816A & M Projects Management Limited18/05/2017
427210Sergeant Jasper Limited18/05/2017
551575Garrymay Holdings Limited18/05/2017
236704Cashla Holdings Limited18/05/2017
458439Hb Inns Limited18/05/2017
458439Hb Inns Limited18/05/2017
458439Hb Inns Limited18/05/2017
458439Hb Inns Limited18/05/2017
463745Long O Donnell Technical Services Limited24/05/2017
388942Tersha Consulting Limited24/05/2017
282924Barry Cullinane Developments Limited24/05/2017
342464Moviestar Limited24/05/2017
422611Frank Wright Limited24/05/2017
374122J E H Consulting Engineers Limited24/05/2017
388515Donal Keane Limited24/05/2017
447344Envelope Design Services Limited24/05/2017
504774Calmac Insolvency & Qs Services Limited24/05/2017
351105Marine Legal Limited24/05/2017
553188Harken Engineering Solutions Limited24/05/2017
559906Bmn Energy Limited23/05/2017
532830Energy, Automotive & Aerospace Limited23/05/2017
458264Egan Mulready & Associates Consulting Engineers Limited23/05/2017
522744Paul Boland Construction Consultants Limited23/05/2017
376057McAulay Rice Architects Limited23/05/2017
466096Duncan Laurence Environmental Limited23/05/2017
517388Donnellan Consulting Engineering Limited23/05/2017
493271Hillcrest Control Systems Limited20/05/2017
443592Sja Engineering Limited20/05/2017
515328Vtl Consultancy Limited20/05/2017
358597Ats Consulting Limited20/05/2017
422421Collald Design Limited20/05/2017
372342W.D. Buchanan & Co. Limited20/05/2017
386919Gl Chemical Engineering Limited20/05/2017
436487Cadwest Limited20/05/2017
463172Hjf Engineering Limited20/05/2017
392345Quantum Surveyors Limited20/05/2017
359384Coady Partnership Architects Limited19/05/2017
376173Rosefield Validation Services Limited19/05/2017
532987Shournagh Consulting Limited19/05/2017
397847Oifig Consulting Holdings Limited19/05/2017
520800Blarney Commissioning Services Limited19/05/2017
319003O'Rourke Fireplaces Limited19/05/2017
409848Tom Quinlan Safety Consultants Limited19/05/2017
328799Thomas Fennell Engineering Limited19/05/2017
393881Nicholas Quirke Consultancy Limited19/05/2017
518026Ecotech Concepts Limited19/05/2017
407354Declan Finn Engineering Services Limited18/05/2017
326629Lmk Landscape Consultants Limited18/05/2017
442844Michael Sheehy Electrical Contractors Limited18/05/2017
505030Michael Fitzpatrick Architects Limited18/05/2017
463898Patrick Duffy Consultants Limited18/05/2017
504707Via Verde Limited19/05/2017
392130Inventive Marketing Limited24/05/2017
410514Melody Communications Limited24/05/2017
427883Vidvert Enterprises Limited24/05/2017
477169Donger Limited24/05/2017
347500Fokle Limited24/05/2017
458206The Property Site Limited24/05/2017
499102Dbs Promotions Limited23/05/2017
525448Craig Breen Motorsport Limited23/05/2017
487459Boldly Go Limited23/05/2017
525645Animo Digital Limited23/05/2017
484295Ubloyal Limited23/05/2017
533248Patient Pixel Limited20/05/2017
529748Quinn Brand Presence Limited19/05/2017
387479C M C Communications Limited19/05/2017
527789Bare Concepts Limited19/05/2017
510401Mixtape Marketing Limited19/05/2017
517272Mass Media Limited19/05/2017
427544Buzz Box Limited19/05/2017
515702Nyasaland Limited19/05/2017
515025Red Balloon Marketing & Communications Limited19/05/2017
549712Brewhaven Limited18/05/2017
534115Platinum Recruitment Limited23/05/2017
128201St. Paul's Area Development Enterprise Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
553682Deena Energy Services Limited23/05/2017
518465Lenka Management Limited23/05/2017
518278Renata Aviation Limited23/05/2017
441341Clearwater Recruitment Limited20/05/2017
550002Acteon Consulting Limited20/05/2017
553577Coarsepark Trading Limited19/05/2017
470475Propel Consult Limited19/05/2017
431811John Carroll & Associates Limited19/05/2017
358345Rainbow Recruitment & Training Limited19/05/2017
370717Sligo Recruitment and Training Company Limited18/05/2017
372691Perrem Access Security Solutions Limited23/05/2017
363062Blue Wall Technologies Limited23/05/2017
553849Judge Fire & Security Limited19/05/2017
451333Sleepless Knights Investigative Services Limited18/05/2017
345348Moyvilla Cleaning Services Limited24/05/2017
532119Folan Cleaning Services Limited23/05/2017
414366Cara Facilities Management Limited23/05/2017
549527Cdcs Duct Cleaning Limited23/05/2017
391134Neylons Facility Management Limited18/05/2017
333945Anne McMahon Limited18/05/2017
290273Park Valet Limited18/05/2017
549973Doonbeg Envirosweep Limited18/05/2017
545725Wexford Wedding Photos Limited24/05/2017
527866Under the Apple Tree Limited23/05/2017
218575Photocall Picture Agency Limited20/05/2017
424566Dermot Byrne Photography Limited18/05/2017
447971Scottvision Limited18/05/2017
375810Hain Celestial Ireland Limited23/05/2017
428845Er Packaging Limited23/05/2017
420584Fifty-Eight Secretarial Services Limited24/05/2017
495836Reco Renewables Limited24/05/2017
247452Doyle Fuels Limited24/05/2017
501113Kemac Consultancy Services Limited24/05/2017
297484Nasco Trading Limited24/05/2017
545307Inga Captari Limited24/05/2017
217724Navan Ford Centre Limited24/05/2017
534283Ab Personal Insolvency Solutions Limited24/05/2017
168486Walker Vehicle Rentals Limited24/05/2017
186696Kelly's Dunboyne Limited24/05/2017
260716Rossbear Holdings Limited24/05/2017
545056Idc National Dancesport Federation Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
504706Aipx Power Exchange Limited24/05/2017
286386The Tanner Romanian Mission Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
289630Hawthorn Import Export Limited24/05/2017
183190Springlawn Limited24/05/2017
392840Ryan Project Management Company Limited24/05/2017
156954Laurel Enterprises Limited24/05/2017
268855Kosta Limited24/05/2017
111836Sherlent Limited24/05/2017
222682Kelly Bros. (Clondegad) Limited24/05/2017
290735Hobgrove Limited24/05/2017
265117Oakthorpe Trading Limited24/05/2017
266993Dick Britton P.V.C. Limited24/05/2017
114519Keane & Fitzgerald Limited24/05/2017
485234Finn Mulcahy and O'Neill Limited23/05/2017
288167Soundtrax Limited23/05/2017
533338Eamonn Sayers Consulting Limited23/05/2017
169648Galway Tool and Mould Limited23/05/2017
525440Keltech Motorsport Limited23/05/2017
280412Millennium Promotions Limited23/05/2017
299780Onmerglass Limited23/05/2017
325426Newvent Limited23/05/2017
440484R.P. McEnroe & Co Limited23/05/2017
228624Athlone (Midland) Rape Crisis Centre Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
517986Mmm Data Perspectives Limited23/05/2017
152491Irish Cycling Safaris Limited23/05/2017
128100A.P. Security Limited23/05/2017
423579Kaptec Contact Centre Services Limited23/05/2017
542980Oil Tank Cleaning Specialist Limited23/05/2017
231977Solas Limited23/05/2017
286326Aquasun Limited23/05/2017
246740Zymill Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
499000Vendrila Nominees Limited20/05/2017
504367Tomlor Services Limited20/05/2017
319941Bray Jazz Limited20/05/2017
112433Alsiri Limited20/05/2017
268043Railway Avenue Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
137511Echlin Street Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
429944Sarah Jane Stanley Quality Analyst Limited20/05/2017
514591Martin Dorrian Limited20/05/2017
243562Tanamara Limited20/05/2017
292545Avl Audio Visual Lighting Limited20/05/2017
486938Bo Media Limited20/05/2017
321208Eaglecroft Limited20/05/2017
282302Bolster Limited20/05/2017
204957John Henderson (Ireland) Limited20/05/2017
251579Bicon Europe Limited20/05/2017
391812John Moynihan Rallying Limited20/05/2017
425015Fineline Interiors Limited20/05/2017
319757Dormtown Limited20/05/2017
156262Inglegate Limited20/05/2017
238690Shamand Enterprises Limited20/05/2017
270063Boldeffect Enterprises Limited20/05/2017
527563Saffronglen Limited20/05/2017
362981Cardnet Limited20/05/2017
220681Farrelly Industrial Supplies Limited20/05/2017
130735F & E Lyons Limited20/05/2017
476500Trinity Media Trustees Limited20/05/2017
133217Westacre Limited20/05/2017
156263Inglehill Limited20/05/2017
296291Modular Automation Ireland Limited20/05/2017
409950Rosway Investments Limited20/05/2017
211523Galway Technology Centre Designated Activity Company19/05/2017
500467Carraig Productions Limited19/05/2017
304548Wacky Shoes No.1 Limited19/05/2017
304549Wacky Shoes No.2 Limited19/05/2017
288989Luas Cleaning Services Limited19/05/2017
156828Gam Fund Management Limited19/05/2017
283023Traxby Limited19/05/2017
247606T. Patton & Son Limited19/05/2017
126678Rna Pallets Limited19/05/2017
141658John Murphy Trailers (Gneeveguilla) Limited19/05/2017
533716I Fitness Limited19/05/2017
248569Cavan Industrial Cleaning Services Limited18/05/2017
547397Gomsid Consulting Limited18/05/2017
474427Kpi Marketing & Sales Consultancy (Ireland)Limited18/05/2017
284944Ricoh Capital Ireland Limited18/05/2017
253188Calbourne Company Limited18/05/2017
526677Jga Sports Limited18/05/2017
246037F. Field Limited18/05/2017
511341Grimme Ireland Equipment Limited18/05/2017
183505D.B. Construction Limited18/05/2017
505692Glamour Dogs Limited18/05/2017
256008Bullfinch Enterprises Limited18/05/2017
301611Buntingford Limited18/05/2017
155056Meehan Tully & Associates Limited18/05/2017
110934Michael Foy Philips Services Cork Limited18/05/2017
241130Levenmill Trading Limited18/05/2017
170048Clonmel Service Station Limited18/05/2017
237657Cadiston Limited18/05/2017
147440Brighton Hall Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
226405Ryland Limited18/05/2017
299757Hakoda Limited18/05/2017
144006Ilcu International Development Foundation18/05/2017
446898Vishay Insurance Designated Activity Company18/05/2017
265049Barkworth Limited18/05/2017
464500Country Fine Foods Limited18/05/2017
520299Mulga Resources Limited18/05/2017
906666Fil Investments International24/05/2017
906666Fil Investments International24/05/2017
906666Fil Investments International24/05/2017
906666Fil Investments International24/05/2017
498605Fellenberg Foundation Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
493160Mega Mobiles Limited20/05/2017
498769Foxderry Limited19/05/2017
439 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Legal, Accounting & Business" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
411908Steel Formed Sections Limited23/05/2017
327224Bailieborough Stainless Fabrication Limited18/05/2017
459444Dcjj Casting Services Limited19/05/2017
427874T&C Chapman Limited20/05/2017
299211Nolan Steel (Kerry) Limited18/05/2017
535200Wall Steel Limited18/05/2017
327847Olandi Engineering Limited19/05/2017
497119Rpg Engineering Limited24/05/2017
505809Heavey Kenny Associates Limited24/05/2017
451467McCarthy Specialised Welding Services Limited24/05/2017
529742David Goode Welding Services Limited23/05/2017
552275P. Wheelock Enterprises Limited23/05/2017
421603Valiant Engineering Limited23/05/2017
533367Lackavane Mechanical Services Limited23/05/2017
537853Upper Peake Engineering Limited20/05/2017
558799Trefoil Controls Limited20/05/2017
423696Automation & Industrial Maintenance (A.I.M.) Technology Limited20/05/2017
559795Mg-Rigging Limited20/05/2017
532012Keith Wiseman Auto Engineer & Assessor Limited19/05/2017
448316R Brown Engineering Limited19/05/2017
496218Greensbridge Engineering Limited18/05/2017
542473Duval Management Limited18/05/2017
372652O'Leary Ventilation and Duct Cleaning Services Limited18/05/2017
374441Bpm Consulting Limited18/05/2017
443305Cjos Consulting Limited18/05/2017
372167Advanced Roller Door Systems Limited19/05/2017
222751Arnisdale Limited24/05/2017
27 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
410342Starterbiotics Limited24/05/2017
260271Eurofoil Teoranta20/05/2017
407264Thornton & Ross Ireland Limited20/05/2017
337776Creative Design New Media Limited24/05/2017
329434Pharmaserve Limited18/05/2017
5 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
310434Eurosoft Information 2000 Limited23/05/2017
148229The Computer Shop Limited18/05/2017
247252Roscom Networking Limited18/05/2017
530920Carrickallen Wind Limited20/05/2017
530920Carrickallen Wind Limited20/05/2017
476513Fair Wind Energy Limited18/05/2017
457893Dunmore Wind Power Investments Limited18/05/2017
518495Wenmor Limited24/05/2017
546387Heating Equipment and Thermal Systems (Europe) Limited24/05/2017
332379Audio Visual Installation Limited20/05/2017
491462Connect Control Systems Manufacturing Limited20/05/2017
232937Tekelek Europe Limited18/05/2017
181875Continental Sales Limited18/05/2017
157480J. Derek Greene Sound Electronics Limited24/05/2017
311537Jerry Sheehan Domestic Appliance Services Limited23/05/2017
126178Wescom (Ireland) Limited23/05/2017
156952M.E.C. (Cork) Limited20/05/2017
166750Accutron Limited20/05/2017
410780Voxtile Limited23/05/2017
518129Med Early Healthcare Limited23/05/2017
518223Lofty Quest Limited24/05/2017
174148Fines Opticians Limited18/05/2017
22 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
490205Troys Abattoir Limited24/05/2017
519020Munster Poultry Limited24/05/2017
234931Hillside Poultry Limited23/05/2017
373813Dean Halal Foods Limited20/05/2017
323564Parker Dairy Services Limited20/05/2017
239764Patrick Gallagher (Churchill) Limited19/05/2017
79362Quinns of Baltinglass (Manufacturing) Limited18/05/2017
280474Aymer Limited23/05/2017
264031Hermitage Milling Limited20/05/2017
381135Inny Milling Limited20/05/2017
526673David Aranda Petit Delice Limited20/05/2017
517186Aroi Foods Limited23/05/2017
420317Meadowsweet Apiaries Limited19/05/2017
158284Solar Mechanical Services Limited24/05/2017
323472Texas Frozen Foods Limited20/05/2017
241829T.N.B. (Ireland) Limited20/05/2017
283127Mountvane Fruit Limited18/05/2017
17 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of leather and leather products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
132732Louisburgh Commercial Consulting Limited19/05/2017
1 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of leather and leather products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
495516Shanderry Elevator & Escalator Consultants Limited19/05/2017
527275J&H Bracken Farm Limited18/05/2017
363767Mtl Hydraulics Limited20/05/2017
329049Milltech Toolmaking Services Limited19/05/2017
409760Glendenning Catering Limited23/05/2017
478800Tech Catering Equipment Limited20/05/2017
457943Bia Ganbreise Teoranta18/05/2017
421216La Qudo Limited20/05/2017
469814Coldkit Ireland Limited18/05/2017
271652Technix Machinery Limited23/05/2017
251040Sheatec Maintenance Systems Limited23/05/2017
124291Designlight Limited20/05/2017
252274Finucane Burke Plant Hire Limited20/05/2017
253784J & T Lalor Timber Harvesting Limited20/05/2017
14 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c." industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
296365Transglass Services Limited18/05/2017
146659Corbett Concrete Products Limited24/05/2017
366514O'Regan Slipform Kerbing Limited23/05/2017
391459Bj Molloy Monumental Stoneworks Limited23/05/2017
537256Claffey Memorials Limited20/05/2017
446892O'Riordan Monumental Works Limited18/05/2017
6 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
117552Cork Corrugated & Cardboard Products Limited23/05/2017
545911Cobh News Publications Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
376338West Cork People Limited19/05/2017
224699Opus 11 Limited20/05/2017
448957Irish Roots Media Limited19/05/2017
349817Tenpercent Media Limited19/05/2017
215227I Supply Limited24/05/2017
139361Kelly Richards (Printing) Limited19/05/2017
286965Infinite Horizons Limited19/05/2017
518134Portobello Print Limited23/05/2017
464218Soundbite Production Limited20/05/2017
80867Thomson Reuters (Professional) Ireland Limited20/05/2017
96626Walsh Printers (Clonakilty) Limited19/05/2017
344233Photos and Phones Limited24/05/2017
344305Adc Plasticard Limited23/05/2017
503970Cal Digiprint Limited20/05/2017
498919Kilcogy Scanning Services Limited18/05/2017
402356J M Print Limited18/05/2017
444427Magill Visual Communications Limited18/05/2017
391855Rank Outsider Productions Limited24/05/2017
20 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
356789Quick Fix Hydraulix Limited24/05/2017
533446Ck Signs & Display Limited24/05/2017
475288Graham Allen Limited23/05/2017
532666Evolution Signage & Design Limited23/05/2017
4 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of textiles and textile products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
59044O'Dea & Company Limited24/05/2017
551080Uniwear Workwear Limited19/05/2017
269386F.V.H. International Limited24/05/2017
316797Carisma Clothing Limited23/05/2017
161262Klassic Socks Limited20/05/2017
254859The Forgotten Lady Limited20/05/2017
101905Montex Holdings Limited20/05/2017
315745Wild Places Limited18/05/2017
128561M & S Fashions Limited18/05/2017
460889Bing Bongs Limited18/05/2017
245503D. Connolly's Fashion Footwear Limited23/05/2017
11 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of textiles and textile products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of transport equipment

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
221085Limerick Auto Parts and Services Limited24/05/2017
307014Moloney Tyre & Contractors Limited24/05/2017
241577Central Motors (Muff) Limited23/05/2017
486228Drive Intelligence Limited18/05/2017
23995Martin Dundalk Limited24/05/2017
174736Hunter Marine Limited19/05/2017
115075Model Aeronautics Council of Ireland Limited18/05/2017
192786The Belfield Bike Store Limited23/05/2017
8 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of transport equipment" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of wood and wood products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
89841Tullira Joinery & Carpentry Limited24/05/2017
398829AA Door Specialists Limited24/05/2017
480908Deerpark Windows Gateway Limited23/05/2017
77835Wood Industries (Ireland) Limited24/05/2017
124528Dublin Square Deal Centre Limited20/05/2017
123829Hallmark Furniture Company Limited18/05/2017
6 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of wood and wood products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacturing n.e.c.

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
90305B.O.N. Laboratory Supplies Limited19/05/2017
450959Dactec Limited19/05/2017
250889T. J. Doyle Fitted Kitchens Limited24/05/2017
204641Gilmartin Bar & Hygiene Supplies (Kiltimagh) Limited24/05/2017
402779Watters Garden World Limited24/05/2017
496597Aspekt Furniture Limited23/05/2017
334483Connolly Upholstery Limited19/05/2017
503532Healthy Bedding Limited19/05/2017
552075West Jewellers Since 1720 Limited24/05/2017
313835Martins Jewellers the Gift Centre Limited18/05/2017
188854T & T Equipment Limited20/05/2017
177884Irish Creative Stamping Limited24/05/2017
440595Diagnostic Polymers Limited24/05/2017
518183Innovation Twenty One and Beyond Limited20/05/2017
154385Cullen Aluminium Products Limited20/05/2017
219536Fire Safety Equipment Limited18/05/2017
203298Mann Engineering Limited24/05/2017
206511Forest Furniture Centre Limited19/05/2017
92759Matt Lohan and Sons Limited18/05/2017
440675Cleary Compost & Shredding Limited24/05/2017
459553Acg-Technology Limited24/05/2017
547288Rínua Greentech Limited24/05/2017
22 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacturing n.e.c." industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
251539M. Loughnaneoil Birr Limited24/05/2017
1 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
199054Hillstreet Quarries Limited23/05/2017
376640Glenview Natural Stone Limited23/05/2017
345223Chaireil Na Sceilge Teoranta18/05/2017
499973P. Galwey Quarries Limited18/05/2017
459387Gerry Quinn Sand & Gravel Limited24/05/2017
420276Michael Gunning & Sons Limited23/05/2017
344172Hill Side Developments Limited20/05/2017
417290Rampart Hill Products Limited20/05/2017
398165Burncourt Development Company Limited20/05/2017
463861Clash Quarries Limited19/05/2017
447418Brian Murray Stone Limited19/05/2017
427632J and D Tunnelling & Blasting Limited18/05/2017
12 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top


Co NumCompany NameAR Now
530262Used Direct Car Sales Limited24/05/2017
541896Michael Barrable Limited24/05/2017
460321Graeme Colfer Auto's Limited24/05/2017
161111J. Moynan & Co. Limited24/05/2017
44462Auto Diesel Services Limited24/05/2017
529203Corrigan Cars Limited24/05/2017
365998Gowran Motors Limited23/05/2017
540591Noel T Cars Limited23/05/2017
526182Hexagon Car Sales Limited20/05/2017
496877Connell Imports Limited20/05/2017
520311Ipeo Exports Limited20/05/2017
381404Reens Car Sales (Rathmore) Limited18/05/2017
508950G Truck & Trailer Sales & Rentals Limited18/05/2017
347849Martin Molloy Commercials Limited24/05/2017
343371Rathgoggin Forecourt Limited24/05/2017
533217A.B.S. Crash Repairs Limited23/05/2017
330032W.J. Autos Limited23/05/2017
341396Gc Autos Limited23/05/2017
395401Baltinglass Test Centre Limited20/05/2017
539421Garahys Garage Limited20/05/2017
390081Glasderry Motors Limited18/05/2017
402198Kanes Autos Limited18/05/2017
535588Airport Tyres Limited24/05/2017
483863Cost Plus Tyres Grange Limited24/05/2017
286170Castledermot Commercials Limited23/05/2017
501747Wesourcenecar Limited23/05/2017
342168J & R Tyres Limited23/05/2017
317631Jim Carey Car Sales Limited23/05/2017
550300Irca Limited20/05/2017
359442Albert Quinlan & Co. Limited20/05/2017
509389Thurles Auto & Agri Factors Limited18/05/2017
445419Muriel Healy Limited23/05/2017
517801Avondale Aron Limited20/05/2017
488862Bonagee Property Holdings Limited20/05/2017
543233Castlerea Service Station Limited20/05/2017
420525Bennekerry Service Station Limited20/05/2017
427605Mike Kelly Commercials Limited18/05/2017
159532Automobile Power Limited24/05/2017
276988Highland Motors Limited24/05/2017
276639Petrocourt Limited23/05/2017
307960M. J. O'Leary & Co. Limited19/05/2017
170723Mortimers Service Station Limited18/05/2017
42 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Motor" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Other community, social and personal service activities

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
533040Psa Portaloos Limited20/05/2017
388646Ard Abhainn Treatment Plant Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
448994D & H O'Sullivan Recycling Limited18/05/2017
181545Chemifloc Technologies Limited24/05/2017
238628Connaught Waste Recycling Co. Limited18/05/2017
374859Quality Green Producer Organisation Limited24/05/2017
316989Oval and Round Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
539839The Irish Whiskey Association23/05/2017
257910M & M Provisions Limited20/05/2017
162125Opus Dei Prelature Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
445292Christ Ambassadors Christian Centre Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
510165Wolc Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
449508Fr. Joseph K. Bill Foundation20/05/2017
384484Think God Company Limited20/05/2017
457183Mission of God Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
446218Net Ministries of Ireland19/05/2017
523014Rccg Excel Parish Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
490182Dominion Chapel Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
363090Myshall Drumphea Sports Council Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
450160The Redeemed Christian Church of God Faith Hall Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
447512South East Community Services Wexford Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
358404County Nature Trust Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
469164Phlebotomists Association of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
533274Leenane Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
287091Bee Park Resource Centre Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
373495Drumlane Community Partnership Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
379713St.Mogue's Rural Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
282984Kilcock and Districts Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
341054Forest Friends Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
489519Owenbeg Community Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
308952Oldcastle/Moylagh Community Employment Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
502978Gulf Centre For Human Rights (Gchr) Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
376065Birr Tidy Towns Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
377656Tay Valley Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
448985Innovation & Lean Sigma Federation Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
371947Graiguecullen/Killeshin Parish Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
460461The Redeemed Christian Church of God House of Prayer For All People Parish Cobh Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
331859Irish Institute of Cognitive & Humanistic Psychotherapy Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
262292Comhairle Muintir an Chaiseal Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta23/05/2017
547377Castle Gardens (Owner Management Company) Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
399585Greenore Greencastle Community Association Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
555745Lan Decran Limited20/05/2017
550107Ogonnelloe Commumity Centre Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
207742Dr. Steven's Resource Centre Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
159760The Community Enterprise Society Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
402058Tooreen Community Group Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
355296Corofin Community Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
211209Milltown Community Care Association Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
489159Dunmanway Community Sports Hall Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
462846Clones Family Resource Centre Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
411098Loughrea Family Resource Centre Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
399930Hawthorn Village Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
502943Thomastown Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
365907Step By Step Child and Family Project Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
463299The Irish Uplands Forum Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
513339Mamoli Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
281397Milltown Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
395486Drumkeen Community Childcare Group Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
362939Snug Counselling and Information Service Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
261839Saint Monica's Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
363281S.B.O.T. Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
333778Family Life Service Ferns Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
458018Knocknagoshel Community Centre Committee Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
458500Avondhu/Blackwater Partnership Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
334581Part-Time Creative Work Project Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
378419Camolin Parish Community Employment Project Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
290064Aughrim Community Development Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
234717Caherciveen Social Services Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
319876Comhlacht Forbartha Aitiuil Acla Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta18/05/2017
340389Women's Community Projects (Mullingar) Association Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
416202The Glenfields Community Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
351532Limerick Childcare Committee Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
358333Mullingar Homecare Services Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
479170Cuchulainn Entertainment Limited23/05/2017
537150Slaney Productions Limited23/05/2017
404902Windmill Lane Limited23/05/2017
376096Merchants Gate Films Limited23/05/2017
285833Tasogare No Hotaru Limited23/05/2017
408437Overcoat Films Limited20/05/2017
372443Redorange Productions Limited18/05/2017
469137Iwr Media Limited18/05/2017
551116Kingston George Limited18/05/2017
552024Lunar Pictures Limited18/05/2017
270753Agnes Productions Limited24/05/2017
277704Merlin International Distribution Limited20/05/2017
313911Sawbridge Limited18/05/2017
464410Easy-Digital Limited24/05/2017
187907Merry Edits Limited18/05/2017
162101Leinster House Television Limited18/05/2017
520477Liam Brady Media Limited18/05/2017
511213Books4babies Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
514636Camelback Enterprises Limited18/05/2017
543827Kids' Classics Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
471536Roscrea Abbey Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
489691Coolgarrow Studios Limited24/05/2017
494069Spraoi Arts and Heritage Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
235302Hecate Limited20/05/2017
124759Graffiti Theatre Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
360182Jumpin Jack's Fun Factory Limited23/05/2017
443583Heave-Ho Limited24/05/2017
524328Mini World Adventures Limited24/05/2017
120246Suzuki Education Institute of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
512767Subtitle Kilkenny Limited20/05/2017
222826Merlin Films Distribution Limited20/05/2017
369327Stephens Display Solutions Limited18/05/2017
552187Keating Smoke House Limited18/05/2017
497890Samplechamp Limited18/05/2017
519140I Saw Santa Limited18/05/2017
517053Gerard Hayden Building Contractor Limited18/05/2017
388959Lynne Kelleher Limited19/05/2017
163859Mayo North Family Heritage Centre Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
485454Addergoole Titanic Society20/05/2017
145541Butterfield Private Park Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
116156The Irish Peatland Conservation Council20/05/2017
343950Cahir Park A.F.C. (Development) Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
380201Achill Island Golf Club Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
4516Castle Golf Club Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
292592Connemara Rugby Club Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
550029Sbm Investment Company Limited20/05/2017
426851Thomond Park Stadium Company Designated Activity Company20/05/2017
344832Mardyke Leisure (Ucc) Designated Activity Company19/05/2017
133744Kilmoganny Hunt Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
473169Go Cycle Limited18/05/2017
472308Slate Quarries and District Vintage Club Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
216673Woodfarne Limited24/05/2017
434164Irish Taekwon-Do Association Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
393894Mount Merrion Youths Football Club Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
441319Gorey Golf Driving Range Limited24/05/2017
474623M.O.B. Training Limited23/05/2017
544472Hazelbrook Equestrian Centre Limited20/05/2017
383794Askea Sports Limited20/05/2017
175706West Waterford Golf Club Limited19/05/2017
532595Nf Golf Club Tyrellspass Limited19/05/2017
550000W.J. Lee Racing Limited19/05/2017
536321Functional Strength Movement Limited18/05/2017
546580Limerick Gymnastics Limited18/05/2017
520009Golf Club Business Association of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
550024Coolronan Raceway Club Limited18/05/2017
455133Antibes Limited24/05/2017
530650Ak Club Limited20/05/2017
267623Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
499354Virginia Show Centre Limited24/05/2017
533540Limerick Womens Gym Limited23/05/2017
513547Culturetranslate Limited23/05/2017
125117Clonakilty Agricultural Show Limited20/05/2017
196745Comhairle Fo-Thuinn - Irish Underwater Council18/05/2017
264636Cryogenesis (Ireland) Limited20/05/2017
231507The Cat Laughs Limited20/05/2017
344102Reg (Dry Cleaners) Limited23/05/2017
135307Mary's Salon (Athlone) Limited24/05/2017
373301Ealu Spa Therapy Teoranta24/05/2017
533500Fox & Bow Hairdressing Limited24/05/2017
139830Salon 33 Limited24/05/2017
182720Jenin Limited24/05/2017
126309Bronwyn Conroy Beauty Centres Limited24/05/2017
482078Urban Wax Limited23/05/2017
535625Red Door Hair & Beauty Limited20/05/2017
552176Blushes Salon Limited20/05/2017
453506Wig Clinic Limited20/05/2017
562143Sixth Sense Beauty Limited19/05/2017
515762Wilde Academy Limited18/05/2017
532882Koseva Limited18/05/2017
403707Fordes Funeral Homes Limited20/05/2017
372502O'Donnell Funeral Directors Limited19/05/2017
491310G. McCool & Son Limited19/05/2017
408187Paddy Mulligan Funeral Directors Limited18/05/2017
534407Infinite Arts Limited23/05/2017
47580524hr Training Solutions Limited19/05/2017
455801Bodycare Wellness Centres Limited19/05/2017
519089Parkadox Limited24/05/2017
489552St. Michael's (Cloonacool) Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
398295Rathmines Home Help Services Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
550007M.C. Watersavers Limited24/05/2017
498650Grove Environmental Solutions Limited24/05/2017
489368Sim Travel Limited24/05/2017
448038Ladybird Lane Creche (Clarecastle) Limited24/05/2017
552067Marcol Test Centre Limited24/05/2017
551170Flashback Photo Limited24/05/2017
427048Naomi-Billings Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
205008Language & Leisure Ireland Limited24/05/2017
534166Visualarm Fire & Security Limited23/05/2017
382884Kiltubrid Parish Development Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
550994Comunidade Angolana Na Irlanda Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
507055Quinagh Creche Limited20/05/2017
475335Coneel Natural Energy Limited20/05/2017
549818Markagen Labs Limited20/05/2017
474859Install All Limited20/05/2017
321231Icom Technologies Limited20/05/2017
516589P.H. Veterinary Services Limited20/05/2017
323108C.D. Communications Limited20/05/2017
552211Velofit Studio Limited20/05/2017
420694Bms Security & Management Limited20/05/2017
510507F Gas Compliance Solutions Limited20/05/2017
514832Shannon Maintenance Training Limited19/05/2017
482216Zehra Company Limited19/05/2017
479057It-Is Life Science Limited18/05/2017
511647Cp Leisure Limited18/05/2017
526440Dublin Ink Social Club Limited18/05/2017
355942Tydavnet Tots To Teens Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
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Public administration and defence; compulsory social security

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
430434Abbeyknockmoy Parish Society Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
160208Wicklow County Tourism Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
206990Cashel Heritage and Development Trust Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
250774Muintir Mhaigh Eo International County Enterprise Fund Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
315738Inniskeen West Louth Development Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
272871Assist Consultancy Limited18/05/2017
327052Mallow Sports Club Group Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
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Real estate

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
439515Travello Developments Limited24/05/2017
154407Hastonvale Properties Limited24/05/2017
498030Wagon Tavern Properties Limited24/05/2017
550234Church View Investments Limited24/05/2017
471840All Smart Solutions Limited24/05/2017
368584Ballyglas Developments Limited24/05/2017
320115New Catherine Court Management Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
387448Higginstown Developments Limited24/05/2017
295644Bishop O'Donnell Road Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
341274Turnkey Management Services Limited24/05/2017
184316Cnocbreac Developments Limited24/05/2017
134397Greenmish Holdings Limited24/05/2017
433900Bs O Malley Properties Limited23/05/2017
511622CBD Capital Limited23/05/2017
142822Fbd Properties Limerick Limited23/05/2017
373337Seamus Walsh Limited23/05/2017
388867Millview Properties Limited23/05/2017
300488Maryborough Hill Management Company Limited23/05/2017
409705Denise Properties (Thurles) Limited20/05/2017
410972Cuanlip Properties Limited20/05/2017
339257Lechinta Limited20/05/2017
384905Tipperary Smith Barry Limited20/05/2017
532376Bobmar Limited19/05/2017
313588Dealgan Property Developments Limited19/05/2017
438318Sona Developments Limited19/05/2017
63870Garnafailagh Development Company Limited19/05/2017
544740Fp Asset Holdings Limited19/05/2017
523716Manna Property Management Company Limited19/05/2017
182591Rosslare Southfields Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
541243Cg-Bcp Limited18/05/2017
160510Embassy Properties Limited18/05/2017
530806Torcbridge Limited18/05/2017
365431Passage Properties Limited18/05/2017
371247Brenwall Developments Limited18/05/2017
370504Shamrock Gift Company Investments Limited18/05/2017
392189Tusker Property Limited18/05/2017
408197Laburnum Farms and Warehousing Limited18/05/2017
371687Barrow Property Developments Limited18/05/2017
333127Rathcabbin Community Hall Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
125137Woodleigh Ash Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
414454Murtagh O'Gráinne Limited18/05/2017
549384Advanced Volumetric Building Limited23/05/2017
475678Talbot Street Investments Limited20/05/2017
528395Propatron Limited19/05/2017
352228The Jam Factory Limited19/05/2017
542209Penvika Medical Services Limited24/05/2017
550201Magenta Rentals Limited20/05/2017
348075Grangecourt Holiday Cottages Limited20/05/2017
353601Guilfoyles Auctioneers Limited24/05/2017
357528Independent Valuations Limited24/05/2017
550337Buy My Place Limited24/05/2017
324419Learidge Properties Limited24/05/2017
443722Jimmy Connell Auctioneering Limited24/05/2017
280380Harbour Mill Owners Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
237405Target Properties Limited23/05/2017
263054Douglas Close Management Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
327888D.M. Auctions Limited23/05/2017
305773Northwest Centre Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
271131Portside Properties Limited23/05/2017
504487E&S Leasing Limited20/05/2017
513459Cumisky Auctioneers Limited20/05/2017
441491Carol McDermott Valuations Limited20/05/2017
274771Lakeside Marina Management Company Limited19/05/2017
372676Fergus Garland Limited19/05/2017
477681H & F Auctioneers Limited19/05/2017
476756Norths Auctioneers Real Estate Co. Limited19/05/2017
479910Sudway & Company Limited18/05/2017
292250Woodville Property Developments Limited18/05/2017
240756Eleveden Properties Limited18/05/2017
377297E.Mc Developments Limited18/05/2017
267455Tigh Neachtain Teoranta18/05/2017
430081John Phelan Auctioneering & Valuers Limited18/05/2017
461709Shane Black Property Advisors & Agents Limited18/05/2017
274388Fitzwilliam Quay Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
308497Freedom Properties Limited18/05/2017
308497Freedom Properties Limited18/05/2017
308497Freedom Properties Limited18/05/2017
207454Brogan Court Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
418401Limerick Strand Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
389478Fitton Street Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
374425Rockwhite Management Co. Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
389416Gleann Tain Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
331969Woodview Ballywish Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
349445Clonbalt Woods (Management) Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
388633Block 100 (Duirling) Management Limited24/05/2017
443005Wexyard Management Company Limited24/05/2017
364458Central Park Carrick Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
336155Ramsgate Village Management Company No 1 Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
406579Kingdom Management Company Limited24/05/2017
449578Clearstream Court Management Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
394938Jakata Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
422456Ms Project Management Company Limited24/05/2017
518595Errigal House Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
511911Urban Flo Owners Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
253241Clarinda Park House Management Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
420868Aisling Park Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee24/05/2017
358012The Ironworks Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
492589Killarney Lartigue Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
370615Pl Management Co. Limited23/05/2017
348770Stradmac Management Limited23/05/2017
419134Rathnew Oaks Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
546304Bracken Park Owners Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
255888Station Road Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
421884St. Gerard's Management Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
377840Trinity Court Management Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
359555The Saltings Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
435336Castlemartin Close Apartments Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
392585Louisa Park Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
392586O Ruadhain Court Management Limited23/05/2017
192801Parson's Court Management Designated Activity Company23/05/2017
419004Burkeen Estate Management Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
338205Garran Ard Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
549178Poststation Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
549179Mailstop Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
369355Corrib View Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
360718Roseville Turvey Management Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
478636Applefour Property Management Limited23/05/2017
393408Greenogue Site 403 Management Limited23/05/2017
183973Bellfield Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
401800St. Marys Gardens Management Company Limited By Guarantee23/05/2017
408648Riverview Medical Centre Management Limited20/05/2017
139541Formal Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
379377Cois Abhainn (Collooney) Management Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
390189Radharc Na Farraige Management Company Limited20/05/2017
368146Ballybrack Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
462023Gort Fada Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
382996Hillcrest Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
559146Mc Donnell Facility Services Limited20/05/2017
331826Whiterock Heights Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
363483Spring Hallow Management Company Limited20/05/2017
425911Pirevam Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
355243Ashton Broc Management Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
555259Reeks Residents Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
438305Tuam Palace Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
452866Alandale Square Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
347468St. Marys Court Management Company Limited20/05/2017
404260Bloomfield Administration Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
123065J.J.M. Holdings Limited20/05/2017
259647Homeville Court Management Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
441524The Belfry Stepaside Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
377339Cois Fota Owners Management Company Limited20/05/2017
393265Royal Canal Mullingar Management Services Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
399833Grattan Park (Claremorris) Management Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
377997Cuan Mhuire Residential Management Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
374445Kiltipper Gate Management Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
362673Finnstown Hall Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
449378Oldtown Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
343275Blackrock Court (Dungarvan) Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
411134Derrywater Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
358049Castleheath Apartments Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
361924Boroimhe Management Company No 3 Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
529377Green Property Reit Ventures Designated Activity Company19/05/2017
261699St. Kevins Apartments Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
304465Barcastle Management Services Limited19/05/2017
423943Fernhill (Westport) Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
162981Portmarnock Arcade Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
466075Stockwell Complex Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
412802Auburn Avenue Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
441241Blanchardstown Apartments Management Limited19/05/2017
421287Orchard Gardens Management Co. Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
410180Hampton Rise Management Limited19/05/2017
378524Cabra Road Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
335629Dun Leinn Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
400551Ballyfoyle Management Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
397577College Avenue Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
249104Holland Park Owners' Management Company Designated Activity Company19/05/2017
292036Montree Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
449510Convent Lane Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
424045Parkside P.M.C. Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
426542Corrabhile Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
300975Doranside Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
441715Convoy Court Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
472430Fairlands Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
183902New Row Square Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
418826Smiths Lane Management Company (2) Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
373261The Rookery Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
421853Glen Abhainn Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
407855Kinard Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
525682Galrane Developments Limited18/05/2017
476978Ard an Mhuilinn Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
476978Ard an Mhuilinn Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
476978Ard an Mhuilinn Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
476978Ard an Mhuilinn Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
476978Ard an Mhuilinn Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
227255Enniskerry Demesne Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
398225Durands Court Management Company Limited18/05/2017
410635Harbour Athy Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
362704Roschoill Estate Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
249168Hunters Brook Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
129555Firgrove Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
530097A.D. Property Management Limited18/05/2017
305529Suir Island Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
349735Priory Street Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
471736Stormanstown House Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
505335Midland Amenity Park Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
436557Oldtown Avenue Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
389391Sheen View Limited18/05/2017
425888Corraun Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
427954St. Anne's Administration Limited18/05/2017
148922Cedar House Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
336613Sandy Beach Properties Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
402407Rathmullan Willows Management Limited18/05/2017
367062Charlestown Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
348818C.G.O. Management Limited18/05/2017
383757Monasterevin Shopping Centre Limited18/05/2017
391996Abbeyville Estate Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
391996Abbeyville Estate Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/05/2017
542822Trenholm Limited24/05/2017
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Transport, storage and communication

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
153394Tralee-Dingle Steam Railway Co. Limited20/05/2017
357165Ennis West Community Bus Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
355552Callinan Coaches Limited20/05/2017
365988Laois Transport For Rural Integration Programme18/05/2017
430973Murray Ambulance Service Limited20/05/2017
337018Town Radio Taxis Limited20/05/2017
421743Zero Cabs Dispatch Centre Limited18/05/2017
545734Bronze & Boru Luxury Travel Limited24/05/2017
522826Andrew's Coaches Limited19/05/2017
488995Fahy Bus-Hire Limited18/05/2017
495768Woodlock Livestock Limited24/05/2017
405699Brendan Gallagher Transport Limited24/05/2017
532741Kevin White Transport Limited23/05/2017
500468Michael & Bill Ryan Limited23/05/2017
531307A. Ebner Ireland Limited23/05/2017
401567Denis Myers Haulage Limited23/05/2017
426821Quay Transport (Irl) Limited20/05/2017
403971Pj Finnegan Transport Limited20/05/2017
341681Jacqueline O'Donovan Limited20/05/2017
505436Jmw Feeds Limited20/05/2017
457169Anthony McDonnell Transport Limited20/05/2017
550076Mounthill Transport Limited20/05/2017
362729D & a Kenny Transport Limited20/05/2017
475864James G Hoey & Associates Limited19/05/2017
503999S & R Distribution Limited19/05/2017
423417Stephen Robinson Transport Limited19/05/2017
450375Noel Dunne Livestock Haulage Limited19/05/2017
413531Sean O'Connor Haulage Limited19/05/2017
347101Carlow, Kilkenny & South Tipperary Rural Transport Company Limited By Guarantee19/05/2017
489673P & R Express Limited19/05/2017
517261McCarthy Logistics Limited19/05/2017
371746Declan Sullivan Haulage Limited19/05/2017
377782Toem Transport Limited18/05/2017
545672C&K Hoffman Limited18/05/2017
567867Asr Logistics Limited18/05/2017
473886Mybio Limited18/05/2017
533906Aherne Drilling Consultants Limited20/05/2017
536301Hemisphere Freight Services Limited18/05/2017
463142Silver Bear Consultancy Services (No.4) Limited23/05/2017
514903Nerson Sky Limited19/05/2017
51842Norish Public Limited Company20/05/2017
51842Norish Public Limited Company20/05/2017
177043McGrath Haulage Limited20/05/2017
140453Gilmac Limited18/05/2017
485794New Ross Boat Yard Limited24/05/2017
518566Lidstrom Limited23/05/2017
518778Lemieux Limited23/05/2017
518689Gretsky Limited23/05/2017
504614Garons Park Limited23/05/2017
518564Brodeur Limited23/05/2017
470274Silver Spirit Limited23/05/2017
468952The Crows Foot Limited23/05/2017
475891Challenor Limited23/05/2017
470270Briallan Limited23/05/2017
476314Candlestick Park Limited23/05/2017
476313Alamodome Limited23/05/2017
470862Andynorth Limited23/05/2017
465261Barn Owl Management Services Limited23/05/2017
470863Bencrane Limited23/05/2017
470864Benhogan Limited23/05/2017
476006Blackbaud Limited23/05/2017
468386Winged Foot Limited23/05/2017
476001Campbelltown Limited23/05/2017
470275Vandura Limited23/05/2017
548908Camo Support Ireland Limited23/05/2017
518779Parise Limited19/05/2017
518565Selanne Limited19/05/2017
150661McConnon Travel Limited24/05/2017
361180O'Carroll Consultants Company Limited By Guarantee20/05/2017
529449Paul Claffey Tours Limited20/05/2017
347842Top Class Travel Limited20/05/2017
549432Wild Atlantic Sea Tours Limited19/05/2017
411728Platinum Travel Limited19/05/2017
383332Classic Resorts Limited18/05/2017
233279Drumsnatt Haulage Limited24/05/2017
289605Moen Transport Limited24/05/2017
521948Transport Insights Limited24/05/2017
159915Marron Transport (Carrickmacross) Limited23/05/2017
221280Nort Valley Enterprises Limited23/05/2017
291712J & M Hackett Limited20/05/2017
240398Celtic Tacho Analysis Limited19/05/2017
235155Crowley Transport (Churchtown) Limited19/05/2017
307874Thorn Greys Transport Limited18/05/2017
283518Shipco Transport Limited18/05/2017
264066South Eastern Freight Services Limited18/05/2017
123730Trevor Gordon Transport Limited18/05/2017
385433Kilflynn Transport Limited18/05/2017
472764Synergia Executive Solutions Limited24/05/2017
401723Castleview Business Services Limited24/05/2017
438937Episensor Limited24/05/2017
550324Ultra Breeze Limited23/05/2017
533296The App4u (Ireland) Limited23/05/2017
418345How's That? Limited23/05/2017
478797Robert Byrnes Limited23/05/2017
373294Leveret Developments Limited20/05/2017
328247Glengaurus Communications and Services Limited19/05/2017
551273Imperial Star Limited19/05/2017
330135B2c Limited19/05/2017
330241Topcard Limited19/05/2017
330136Esecurity Limited19/05/2017
100 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Transport, storage and communication" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
307585Epona Bloodstock Limited20/05/2017
487396Direct Pigeon Supplies Limited19/05/2017
524655Mac Fuels & General Supplies Limited24/05/2017
388946McConville Oil Limited23/05/2017
516516Gala Fuels Limited19/05/2017
384169Dekoratif Limited19/05/2017
119604Pickworth Systems Limited23/05/2017
344539Cloghroe Joinery Sales Limited19/05/2017
251942T.A.G. Timber Sales Limited19/05/2017
218156Quigley Preservation Limited18/05/2017
126638Castlebar Woodwork Limited18/05/2017
253112Torpey Wood Products Limited18/05/2017
375866Tekpak Automation Limited20/05/2017
546638Over & Under Limited20/05/2017
447967Todos Mexicana Limited19/05/2017
463993Better Value Kitchens Limited19/05/2017
402437J M P Furniture Limited18/05/2017
551519Padanee Bridal Couture and Consultancy Limited24/05/2017
549740The Jungle Food Company Limited24/05/2017
345672Wine-Deli Limited18/05/2017
408643Miguel Torres Ireland Limited18/05/2017
547908Top E-Cigarette Limited18/05/2017
542278Sutton Central Production Limited18/05/2017
533192J&M Forde Limited18/05/2017
389291Calfruff Limited18/05/2017
366811Tullogher Limited24/05/2017
527930Jrf Strand Enterprises Limited24/05/2017
528443Callaghan Forklifts Limited24/05/2017
407920Jml Cash Registers Limited23/05/2017
548108Hynes Automation Limited23/05/2017
547778Amark Technologies Limited23/05/2017
393576White Birch Limited23/05/2017
141852Architectural Antiques Limited20/05/2017
507047Ps Fire & Electrical Limited20/05/2017
513221E.M. Noone Jewellers Limited20/05/2017
472650Killusty Crafts Limited20/05/2017
518491Coolmore Organics Limited20/05/2017
404443Combico Limited20/05/2017
537732E.J. Bodkin Distributors Limited20/05/2017
536227Gleeful Limited19/05/2017
513277Distriworld Europe Limited19/05/2017
465541Rangour Products Limited18/05/2017
391325Laracor Corporate Services Limited18/05/2017
475408Ace Direct Distributors Limited18/05/2017
393288Litas & Co. Limited23/05/2017
503982Cash 4 Clothes Limited20/05/2017
477019Clondyke Marketing Limited19/05/2017
394130W.G. Skelton Limited18/05/2017
346652Red Nose Wine Limited18/05/2017
402545Tullamore Agri Supplies Limited24/05/2017
553438Fitzgerald Flowers Wholesale Limited19/05/2017
337038Carhue Investments Limited18/05/2017
504912The Fine Cask Company Limited23/05/2017
425358Premium Wines Limited18/05/2017
540776Tp Beverages Limited18/05/2017
514397Tom Dunne Sweets Limited20/05/2017
48093Cushendale Woollen Mills Limited20/05/2017
400434Rant & Rave Limited20/05/2017
487323Hatty-Matty Limited19/05/2017
496733Blackline Licensing Europe Limited18/05/2017
402125Expert Ireland Retail Limited18/05/2017
519692Blackbox Electronics Limited18/05/2017
547763Desbar Limited20/05/2017
538251Straight Arrow Europe Limited20/05/2017
470011Freynes Wholesale Limited24/05/2017
482668Sraid Bhaile Pharmacy Limited18/05/2017
177156Tesla Limited23/05/2017
536933Ringtray Limited24/05/2017
208191Aidan Mc Guinness & Son Limited24/05/2017
447167N and D Agencies Limited24/05/2017
475619Chiro Hvac Europe Limited23/05/2017
472209Progressive Recycling Solutions Limited24/05/2017
561033Dorada International Trading and Shipping Company Limited19/05/2017
426608Machine Tool Specialists Limited20/05/2017
517623Dj Imports Limited18/05/2017
498738Simply Office Solutions Limited18/05/2017
521169Kelly Industrial Solutions Limited18/05/2017
436559Crosslane Digital Limited18/05/2017
456023Cahill Machinery Limited20/05/2017
365935Rehman Foods Limited23/05/2017
529379Citrine Tree Limited23/05/2017
521767Hillstreet Quarries Silica Sand Limited23/05/2017
502050Tapasya Limited23/05/2017
523030Lb Cylinders Limited20/05/2017
115577Mms Medical Limited19/05/2017
532849Chris Mortell & Associates Limited18/05/2017
491382Kennedy Flooring Limited18/05/2017
535085Pspd Distribution Limited18/05/2017
550184Cursmith Limited24/05/2017
396440Meemar Limited24/05/2017
386465Tighes Supermarkets Limited24/05/2017
393726Benzar Vision Limited23/05/2017
462257Curious Wines Limited23/05/2017
422687Derrymanor Limited23/05/2017
73972John Staunton (Glenealy) Limited20/05/2017
515028Jay's Retail Stores Limited20/05/2017
440835D P T Supermarket Limited20/05/2017
423777D & a Supermarkets Limited20/05/2017
379754Cullens Gala Limited19/05/2017
440531Murbuck Limited19/05/2017
533007Yxsl Retails Limited18/05/2017
552835Oriental Silkroad Supplier Limited18/05/2017
533023Crancam Distribution Limited18/05/2017
555491Vinrion Limited24/05/2017
170424Dromena Foods Limited23/05/2017
250742Deli Masters Limited23/05/2017
463119N.B. Meats Limited20/05/2017
533487Jetland Butchers Limited20/05/2017
542663Gourmet Game Limited20/05/2017
546141Gerry Blain (Fish Sales) Limited24/05/2017
407305Davis & Mahon Limited20/05/2017
375759N & J Hall Limited19/05/2017
428237John O' Malley & Sons Stores Limited18/05/2017
550181Sunnydale Off Licences Limited23/05/2017
497361Southside Wine Merchants Limited19/05/2017
499744Baggot Street Wines Limited18/05/2017
312952Simply Cigars Limited23/05/2017
313468Knock Pharmacy Limited24/05/2017
228413Askea Pharmacy Limited24/05/2017
113398Old County Pharmacy Limited24/05/2017
318579Euro Medical & First Aid Limited24/05/2017
444357Churchview Pharmaceutical Limited23/05/2017
127848Hacketts Chemists Limited23/05/2017
438187Gowran Pharmacy Limited23/05/2017
298077Cuddys Medical Hall & Company Limited23/05/2017
382950Ashford Pharmacy (Dun Laoghaire) Limited23/05/2017
439074O' Doherty's Pharmacy Limited23/05/2017
506812B & P McMahon Pharmacy Limited20/05/2017
211907Hogans Pharmacy (Limerick) Limited20/05/2017
529606Obseva Ireland Limited20/05/2017
299549Biopharma Systems Limited20/05/2017
145908St. Gabriel's Pharmacy Limited19/05/2017
478900Laverty's Pharmacy Limited19/05/2017
447253Coolchem Pharmacy Limited19/05/2017
234760Mc Sweeney Pharmacy Limited18/05/2017
211437William Gannon Limited18/05/2017
506628Kj Pharmacy Limited18/05/2017
554584Mybio Holdings Unlimited Company18/05/2017
536065Uhpc International Limited23/05/2017
227451Labplan Limited20/05/2017
421544Independent Health Care Service Limited20/05/2017
550705Medical Mobility Franchise Limited19/05/2017
456931Abbey Retreat Beauty Salon Limited24/05/2017
510231Go West Retail Limited23/05/2017
352321Doctor Botanicus Limited20/05/2017
40312Dorothy M. Fashions Limited19/05/2017
442621Barrow Way Limited24/05/2017
421989Cloud 9 Boutique Limited24/05/2017
140595Personal Touch (Sutton) Limited24/05/2017
482768Knitwear and More Limited24/05/2017
499503Coach Stores Ireland Limited24/05/2017
514656Watson Menswear Limited23/05/2017
371034Benetrends Limited20/05/2017
156965Berrie Stronge International Limited20/05/2017
515175Protocol For Men Limited20/05/2017
404128Coogue Limited20/05/2017
390759Zenith For Men Limited20/05/2017
376540Joanne Hynes Limited19/05/2017
568650Michelle Moran Limited19/05/2017
372358Avanti Retail Limited18/05/2017
475901Karma Clothing Limited18/05/2017
561827Amaryllis Fashions Limited23/05/2017
445094Sue Perrott Saddlery Limited20/05/2017
490047Pushka Limited18/05/2017
552458Donegal One Luxury Limited24/05/2017
72650O'Reilly Wood Products Limited23/05/2017
382400Mallow Blinds & Curtains Limited23/05/2017
504044Bebenny Limited23/05/2017
222324Monaghan Bros. Bar Furniture Manufacturers Limited20/05/2017
162151Garabridge Limited20/05/2017
486318Kieran Bros Tt Limited20/05/2017
452361Square Deal Interiors Limited20/05/2017
556388Element 3 Systems Integration Limited20/05/2017
519489Easi Close Limited19/05/2017
245646Kitchens & Homestyles Limited19/05/2017
122553M.J. Spillane Flooring Limited19/05/2017
264022House of Coolmore Limited19/05/2017
502983Cooney Electronic Limited23/05/2017
347428Bob Hall Limited23/05/2017
464022Kronos Studio Limited24/05/2017
216684Lavey Hardware Limited20/05/2017
426983Deise Decorating Centre Limited20/05/2017
519251Esp Tiles Limited19/05/2017
422491R&B Locksmiths Limited18/05/2017
426818Iceryan Limited18/05/2017
473820Cph Office Solutions Limited24/05/2017
509434Osb Office Services Limited24/05/2017
144770Gleesons (Kilkishen) Limited20/05/2017
560625Steeples (Books & More) Limited20/05/2017
271470Corporate Pens Limited20/05/2017
487205Woodbine Crafts Limited24/05/2017
425908Crisenda Oil Logistics Limited24/05/2017
512026Terenure Cycles Limited24/05/2017
227991Petstop (Retail) Limited24/05/2017
445512Tír Na Nóg Toymaster Limited24/05/2017
546370Gebrovia Limited23/05/2017
279783Normac Limited23/05/2017
432411Lr Active Limited23/05/2017
510303Dvc Oak Sports Limited23/05/2017
426881Environmental Biofuel Power Limited20/05/2017
377116Patrick Moore Opticians Limited20/05/2017
491968The Grow Shop Limited20/05/2017
486373Hemp Seed Distributor Limited20/05/2017
561654Puraflow Limited20/05/2017
144204V G Limited20/05/2017
122546Ruaidhri O Conchubhair Limited20/05/2017
256791Corporate Interiors Limited20/05/2017
490888Roc Optical Services Limited20/05/2017
520672Sarah Young Opticians Limited20/05/2017
540512Mp Keepsakes Limited19/05/2017
515865Fleurtatious Limited19/05/2017
473474Hearth & Home (P & T) Limited19/05/2017
548332Js Horsetrucks Limited19/05/2017
475524B & D Fuels Limited19/05/2017
517174Giant Bicycles Retail Dublin Limited19/05/2017
428250Robert Giles Golf Limited18/05/2017
430033Skelton Retail Limited18/05/2017
199415Bob Fitzgerald Limited18/05/2017
549849Country Living Stoves Limited18/05/2017
519848Glow Party Limited20/05/2017
503644My GAA Gear Limited19/05/2017
376956Energy Wipe Limited20/05/2017
471862Archimedes Print Management Solutions Limited19/05/2017
512790Bakeworld Limited19/05/2017
167328Tredwell Electrical Limited24/05/2017
129650Ardnore Stores Limited20/05/2017
176039Aidan Scally Limited20/05/2017
289507Magee's Inniskeen Limited19/05/2017
290594Conlon Foods Hall Limited18/05/2017
229 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

There are 2,159 companies listed above.

*Please note that there may be some companies not on this list, as they have not provided industry details.

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