Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 343 (Week Ending 21/09/2017)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
611899 Deedles Limited Co. Mayo
611787 Farranavarra Livestock Limited Co. Tipperary
611788 Andrew Hepburn Food and Packaging Limited Co. Waterford
611789 Rocksure Escargot Limited Co. Wicklow
611790 Maynooth Stoves Limited Co. Kildare
611791 Wyndham Management Consultancy Limited Co. Limerick
611792 Neo Information Technology Limited Co. Dublin
611793 Nobox Outsourcing Crew Limited Dublin 13
611794 Worldklass Technologies Europe Limited Limerick
611795 Flow Academy Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Cork
611796 McGuill Construction Limited Carlow
611797 Onlyone Invest Limited Cork
611798 Dougwell Construction Limited Co. Meath
611799 Country House Spares Limited Co. Laois
611800 J.Fazlic & Sons Construction Limited Co. Cavan
611801 Deschard International Limited Cork
611802 Zahrin Medical Limited Co. Dublin
611803 Market & Technology Ready (Europe) Limited Dublin 10, D10 Ca33
611804 Riefield Consulting Limited Dublin 6
611805 Basil Asian Street Food Limited Carlow
611806 Durrus Investigations Limited Co Cork
611807 Mi.Vi.Ta Limited Dublin 2
611808 Off-Grid Renewable Energy Limited Dublin 6, D06 Cv06
611809 Djd Insight Building Services Limited Co. Meath
611810 Rosaleen's Kitchen Limited Co. Westmeath
611811 Fmp Spa Concepts Limited Co Dublin
611812 Transform Value Consulting (Ireland) Limited Co. Clare
611813 Stradone Plant Services Limited Co. Cavan
611814 Fitting Facilities Limited Co Meath
611815 Digicontainer Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Tipperary
611816 Encircle 360 Limited Dublin 2
611817 Smart Lab Ai Limited Co. Dublin
611818 Ezon Limited Co. Dublin
611819 Noel O'Reilly Oil Carlow Limited Carlow
611820 Appetize Connect Limited Co. Dublin
611821 The Macro Counter Limited Co. Offaly
611822 Ireland Israel Jv Fund Limited Dublin 2
611823 Michael McDonnell & Company Accountants Limited Co. Meath
611824 Bkw Freight Services Limited Co. Meath
611825 Ibc Aviation Consulting Corporate Limited Dublin 1
611826 Linesight Limited Dublin 4
611827 Bellísima Beauty Limited Co. Louth
611828 Ibreve Limited Dublin 2
611829 Neva Labs Limited Dublin 2
611830 Perfect Perfume Limited Dublin 1
611831 Smoothie Web Design Limited Dublin 2
611832 Vibrant Films Limited Dublin 24, D24 Xhx3
611833 Asset Horizon Limited Co. Dublin
611834 Kepak Treasury Unlimited Company Co. Meath
611835 Sculpt Pilates Limited Dublin 18
611836 Bimlauncher Limited Galway
611837 East Coast Property Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
611838 Taparken Bars Limited Co. Louth
611839 Opungo Limited Dublin 2
611840 Mondent Limited Co. Dublin
611841 Salross Limited Co. Dublin
611842 Vartry Point Limited Co. Dublin
611843 Valeo Consulting Limited Dublin 12
611844 Kiniro (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
611845 The Superior Smoker Limited Dublin 6
611846 Colin Carey Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
611847 Walkabout Tours Dublin Limited Dublin 6w
611848 Amamt Limited Co. Donegal
611849 Dubrokil Property Limited Co. Offaly
611850 Dubrokil Holdings Limited Co. Offaly
611851 M & J Fish Limited Co. Wexford
611852 Mhf Healthcare Limited Co. Galway
611853 The Eyebrow Bar Limited Co. Cork
611854 Bishop Gate Equities Limited Dublin 2
611855 Seamark Communications Limited Dublin 1
611856 Heartland Activities Limited Co. Dublin
611857 Dpg Consulting Limited Dublin 14
611858 Watershed International Securities Limited Co. Carlow
611859 Hetikus Ireland Limited Dublin 2
611860 Lacas Limited Co. Kildare
611861 Nextten Innovation Solutions Limited Dublin 2
611862 Kdr Developments (Bettystown) Limited Dublin 2
611863 Kdr Developments (Rush) Limited Dublin 2
611864 Erinyes Limited Co. Tipperary
611865 Floe Software Limited Dublin 8
611866 Ticketchain Limited Co. Dublin
611867 Galway Youth Education Limited Galway
611868 Bio Tech Fit Limited Co. Limerick
611869 Nutra Roots Limited Co. Limerick
611870 Easy Bio Fit Limited Co. Limerick
611871 Everledger Limited Dublin 2
611872 Ipwe Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
611873 Ip Strategic Ventures Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
611874 Ip International Ventures Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
611875 Agiliot Limited Dublin 11
611876 Greene Lawson Advisors Limited Dublin 4
611877 Knockduff Plant Hire and Civil Limited Co. Cork
611878 Loubet Limited Wicklow
611879 Cloud Mechanix Limited Co. Meath
611880 Quidel Ireland Limited Dublin 2, D02 T380
611881 Lsa Finance Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
611882 Drillplant Limited Co. Cork
611883 Ladanac Limited Wicklow
611884 Smartfitz Auto Services Limited Dublin 6
611885 Stephen Kearns Electrical Services Limited Co. Westmeath
611886 Belgree Restaurant Limited Dublin 15
611887 McF Energy Consulting Limited Co. Cork
611888 Mercier Kar Passion Limited Co. Dublin
611889 Shamrock Escargots Limited Co. Kildare
611890 Cleggan Taverns Limited Co. Galway
611891 Paige Has Notions Limited Dublin 18
611892 Alamgir & Iqbal Ventures Limited Dublin 22
611893 Bombadil Studio Limited Dublin 2
611894 Sorcon Plant Limited Co. Meath
611895 Twin Eagle Sustainable Resources Limited Dublin 2
611896 Aois Órga Mineral Resources Limited Dublin 2
611658 Corcoran Commercials Limited Co. Carlow
611659 Fealeside Construction Limited Co. Limerick
611660 Arramount Furniture Nenagh Limited Co. Tipperary
611661 Short Mountain Consulting Limited Co. Kerry
611662 Even Steven Coffee Limited Dublin 1
611663 Alfred Groundworks Limited Co. Limerick
611664 Jim Kelly It Consulting Limited Co. Galway, H91 E3hp
611665 Rpm Sales Limited Co. Tipperary
611666 Irl Pension Advisors Limited Drogheda Co. Louth
611667 Jm Inns Limited Co. Louth
611668 Kissinger Limited Dublin 4
611669 Nash Car & Commercial Sales Limited Co. Limerick
611670 Wellington's Distillery Limited Co. Dublin
611671 Edgewater Blending & Bottling Limited Co. Dublin
611672 Ridgeworth Investments Limited Co. Dublin
611673 Panville Limited Co. Dublin
611674 Lasquire Limited Co. Dublin
611675 Monabey Limited Co. Dublin
611676 Altgeld Consultancy Limited Co. Dublin
611677 Teach Buí Properties Limited Co. Meath
611678 Quitmann Facilities Limited Co. Galway
611679 Roche & Keogh Hair Limited Co Wicklow
611680 Mrgn Limited Dublin 6
611681 K Brothers Convenience Shops Limited Co. Mayo
611682 Premier Crest Limited Co. Dublin
611683 Star Target Limited Co. Dublin
611684 Oak Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
611685 Oscar Way Limited Co. Dublin
611686 Waysont Limited Co. Dublin
611687 Timway Limited Co. Dublin
611688 Zolbay Limited Co. Dublin
611689 Francisco Tattoo Shop Limited Dublin 2
611690 Pinsent Masons Services Ireland Limited Dublin 2
611691 Kreatec Limited Dublin 1
611692 Vmmd Limited Co. Cork
611693 Jalmont Limited Co. Dublin
611694 Tanbay Limited Co. Dublin
611695 Glorious Way Limited Co. Dublin
611696 Core Horizon Limited Co. Dublin
611697 Plush Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
611698 Core Leap Designated Activity Company Co. Dublin
611699 Mmg Engineering Limited Co. Longford
611700 Athos Consult Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
611701 Gec House Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
611702 Ice Finance & Commerce Limited Dublin 2
611703 Helske International Limited Dublin 1
611704 Vertex Headhunting Limited Dublin 15
611705 Mastered Creative Limited Co. Wexford, Y35 D322
611706 Café Stella's Limited Co. Dublin
611707 Coffee Studio Limited Dublin 12
611708 Sean O'Riordan Engineering Services Limited Co. Cork
611709 Alg Homes Limited Dublin 7
611710 Jmc Packaging Ireland Limited County Kildare
611711 Euroconstruct Project Limited Dublin 3
611712 Hainan Project Management Asia Limited Co. Kildare
611713 Peachy Rewards Limited Dublin 6
611714 Kreatec Holding Limited Dublin 1
611715 Sopor Consultancy Limited Dublin 18
611716 Wecompare Limited Cork
611717 Rua - Deception Artist Limited Dublin 6
611718 Hold All Hygiene Limited Dublin 6w
611719 Amrap Autos Limited Dublin 12
611720 Rumory Games Limited Co. Dublin
611721 Creative Crew Limited Cork
611722 Grandwood Construction Limited Co. Cavan
611723 Reviver Barbering Limited Co. Monaghan
611724 Data Driven Insights Limited Dublin 2
611725 Ruckie Analytics Limited Co. Dublin
611726 Mva Fire Protection Limited Dublin 15
611727 Tornese Limited Dublin 2
611728 Churchill Private Finance Limited Cork
611729 Denvir Frayne Limited Wexford
611730 Prima Fitness Club Limited Donegal, F93rwv0
611731 Outer Space Music Limited Dublin 6
611732 Kevshee Investment Limited Co. Cork
611733 The Dublin Plaque Company Limited Dublin 6w
611734 Minjoy Limited Cork
611735 Lurch Limited Cork
611736 Hibernia Capital Limited Co. Westmeath
611737 Silby Investments Limited Co. Dublin
611738 Summit Medical Limited Dublin 24
611739 Gortussa Investments Limited Dublin 14
611740 Tax Refund Experts Limited Co. Donegal
611741 Nauto Global Limited Dublin 4
611742 Ckw Management and Services Limited Co. Cork
611743 Altimetrik Limited Dublin 7
611744 Gavin Hallissey Limited Co. Cork
611745 Sparrowatch Limited Dublin 15
611746 Long Inch Limited Co. Tipperary
611747 Mindtree Software Services Limited Co. Kildare
611748 Technocraft It Consultancy Limited Co. Wicklow
611749 You and Me Invitations Limited Co. Dublin
611750 Mohini Consultancy Limited Co. Kildare
611751 A-Doc Clinic Limited Co. Dublin
611752 Speakus Limited Co. Wexford
611753 Howard Investments and Consulting Services Limited Co. Wicklow
611754 Eolas Pharma Teoranta Dublin 2
611755 MacLeans Cleaning Services Limited Co Dublin
611756 Mb Apartments Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 11
611757 Slán Medicinal Holdings Limited Dublin 2
611758 Klsm Limited Dublin 18
611759 Inteco Limited Limerick
611760 Lamarc Sports Limited Co. Dublin
611761 Butler Plumbing and Construction Limited Co. Leitrim
611762 Balimo Limited Dublin 2
611763 Business To Business Accreditation Training Network Limited Co. Kildare
611764 New Brand Tyres Limited Co. Cork
611765 Yaffa Fusion Limited Dublin 14
611766 Trim Archaeology Projects Limited Co Meath
611767 Slf Steel & Plant Limited Co Limerick
611768 Ctm Professional Limited Co Laois
611769 Cluna Developments Limited Dublin 24
611770 Sweetness Desserts Limited Wexford
611771 Alcove Ireland Nine Limited Dublin 2
611772 Muzinich European Senior Loans Finance Limited Dublin 2
611773 Asate Limited Dublin 22
611774 Cargowise (Ireland) Limited Dublin 1
611775 Deerpark Jackson Trading Limited Limerick
611776 Cds-X Collaborative Direct Systems Exchange Limited Co Dublin
611777 Chiladol Limited Co. Dublin
611778 Paraford Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
611779 Codison Limited Co. Dublin
611780 Rossnuk Limited Co. Dublin
611781 Adure Innovation Limited Co. Dublin
611782 Siro Social Limited Dublin 4
611783 Brbm Golf & Leisure Limited Dublin 15
611784 Hennessy Dairies Limited Co. Laois
611785 Capel Bridge Investment Limited Dublin 7
611786 F.D.C. and Associates Limited Cork
611590 An Ghealach Venture Holdings Limited Dublin 2
611591 Ballyfermot/Inchicore Community Playgroups Federation Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
611592 Fiontar Na Gréine Teoranta Dublin 2
611593 Jk Motor Factors Limited Longford
611594 Gx2 Ventures Limited Cavan
611595 B.G.L Foods Limited Dublin 3
611596 Play Together Childcare Services Limited Carlow
611597 Wicklow Town Strength and Fitness Limited Wicklow Town, A67x928
611598 Teálta Na Hóige Teoranta Dublin 2
611599 Connaught Logistics Limited Co Mayo
611600 Icz Limited Dublin 5
611601 Al Amin Money Transfer and Travel Agency Limited Meath
611602 M.S.R Food Limited Dublin 12
611603 Dodd Accounting &Taxation Services Limited Co Dublin
611604 Peter O'Dwyer Medical Footwear Limited Co. Tipperary
611605 Home Safe Home Telecare Limited Dublin 22
611606 Faux Permanent Make-Up Limited Dublin 6
611607 Freebird Tea Limited Co. Louth
611608 Pest Pulse Limited Dublin 7
611609 Lucky Green Leaf Limited Dublin 2
611610 Cm Kaizen Limited Co. Laois
611611 Killarney Spirits Limited Co. Kerry
611612 Fxbarter Limited Dublin 4
611613 Vortex Profits Limited Dublin 4
611614 Black Sheep Creative Limited Dublin 2
611615 Cad - Classico Disegno Limited D02xt9
611616 Sherlock Carpentry and Construction Limited Co. Dublin
611617 The Holistic Gardens Limited Co. Cavan
611618 Medical Aesthetics Practitioners Ireland Limited Dublin 12
611619 Gs Agri Recruitment Limited Co Meath
611620 Camp Glamp Limited Co. Dublin
611621 Chiavari Chairs Limited Co Dublin
611622 Da Palma Consulting Limited Co Dublin
611623 Certified Conformity Limited Dublin 8
611624 L&M Miles Limited Co. Sligo
611625 The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (Trem Spirit of David) Co. Dublin
611626 The Leinster Cricket Union Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 3
611627 Picture Frame 052 Office Limited Co. Westmeath
611628 Yan's Oriental Restaurant Limited Dublin 1
611629 Kilkee Enterprise Development Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Clare
611630 En - the Centre For Entrepreneurs Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
611631 Bellerin 2 Management Company Ogenty Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
611632 Fp Engineering & Construction Limited Co. Meath
611633 Global Cuisine Marketing International Limited Dublin 15
611634 Pentek Installations Limited Co. Cork
611635 Sacred Heart Campus in Dingle Co. Kerry
611636 Lion Barber Limited Co. Waterford
611637 Icl Automotive Limited Co. Dublin
611638 Amphi-Intellect Company Limited Dublin 7
611639 Tramyard Exchange Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Longford
611640 Delphi Lodge Wild Atlantic Gin Limited Co Galway
611641 Petbucket Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
611642 Eyesupply Optical Limited Limerick
611643 Marcon Modular Limited Dublin 2
611644 Midland Business Hub Limited Co Meath
611645 Autumn Water Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
611646 Bitbahn Limited Dublin 2
611647 Daka Investments Limited Co. Monaghan
611648 Valentia Consulting Holdings Limited Dublin 4
611649 Glenstal Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
611650 Crs Events Nominee Limited Co. Dublin
611651 David Ryan Hair Style Limited Dublin 15
611652 Golden Eagle Restaurant Limited Limerick
611653 Aa4p Leasing Ireland 2 Limited Dublin 2
611654 Zhang&Qu Food Service Limited Dublin 3
611655 Alr Aircraft Investment Ireland Limited Dublin 1
611656 Summit Bloodstock Limited Co. Tipperary
611657 Cvp Eco Funding Limited Dublin 2
611548 Little Greenwich Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 6
611549 Tk Distributors Limited Dublin 14
611550 Qf Featherstone Funding Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
611551 Qf Featherstone Holdings Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
611552 Principal Building Staff Limited Co. Wexford
611553 Crystal Valley Tech Company Limited By Guarantee Waterford
611554 Kadolac Consultancy Services Ireland Limited Co Meath
611555 Leonard Acquisitions Limited Sligo
611556 Tempest Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
611557 Cf Tilburg Holdco (Ireland) Designated Activity Company Dublin 15
611558 Axa Im Global Loan Opportunity Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
611559 Templenoe Pier Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co.Kerry
611560 Glenev Technologies Limited Co. Wicklow
611561 Legal Protection Insurance (Ireland) Designated Activity Company Do2 Fp52
611562 Bcwm Scope Limited Dublin 2
611563 Launchpad Ventures Limited Co Dublin
611564 Renizon Limited Co Cavan
611565 Kelly Craig's Tavern Limited Co Donegal
611566 Drumkeeran Retail Solutions Limited Sligo
611567 Michael & Mary Daly Limited Co. Cork
611568 Hewitt Meats (Ireland) Limited Co. Louth
611569 McCarthy Donohoe Plumbing and Heating Services Limited Dublin 6w
611570 Pebble Business Transformation Limited Co. Dublin
611571 Fk Furniture Management Systems Limited Galway
611572 Pinnacle Horizons Limited Dublin 14
611573 Abbey View Business Consultants Limited Co Leitrim N41pc44
611574 Eye Smile Limited Co. Dublin
611575 Adaman Property Holdings Limited Co Donegal
611576 Lisladeen Farm Limited Co. Cork
611577 Strathcone Unlimited Company Co. Dublin
611578 Emmy's Subs Limited Co. Dublin
611579 Carrick on Suir River Rescue Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Tipperary
611580 Michael Roberts Estate Agents Limited Limerick
611581 Nabin and Holistic Limited Dublin 2
611582 So Enter Training Limited Limerick
611583 Musicmonkey Limited Cork
611584 Jack Dodd Showjumping Limited Co Tipperary
611585 Rego Consultancy Limited Dublin 18
611586 Fiona's Freedom Foods Limited Co. Kildare
611587 Dpf Construction Solutions Limited Dublin 8, D08 Rx8v, D08 Rx8v
611588 Tdac Limited Co. Kilkenny
611589 James Hickey Kitchens Limited Co. Cork
There are 350 Company set ups in the above list.

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