Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 317 (Week Ending 20/02/2017)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
598766 Zest At Work Limited Dublin 8
598767 Ps Byrne Holdings Limited Co. Dublin
598768 Deskoerto Limited Cork
598769 Americamp Ireland Limited Dublin 2
598770 Dimcore Solutions Limited Co. Laois
598771 Jaks Factory Agents Limited Co. Wexford
598772 Kilkelly Memorial Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Mayo
598773 Ies R&D Limited Dublin 1
598774 Csjs Investments Unlimited Company Cork
598775 Ragged Wood Limited Co. Laois
598776 Google Payment Ireland Limited Dublin 2
598777 Ryeserve Developments Limited Co. Kildare
598778 Informed Decisions Limited Co. Meath
598779 B K Denrock Limited Co. Kilkenny
598780 Cw Inns Limited Co. Louth
598781 David Smith & Sons Plant Hire Limited Co. Tipperary
598782 Sacnast Limited Dublin 15
598783 Sh Hoban Consultancy Limited Dublin 9
598784 Roscommon Curtain Centre Limited Co. Roscommon, F42 Yf90
598785 Pgs Pharma Gmp Solutions Consultancy Limited Co. Mayo
598786 Centre Energy Effective Technologies (Ceet) Limited Dublin 14
598787 Falcon Aerospace Ireland Limited Clare
598788 Dfr Consulting Limited Dublin 13
598789 Gizbar Fashions Limited Dublin 15
598790 Bigfoot International Investment & Management (Ireland) Limited Dublin 7
598791 Red Strike International Limited Dublin 11
598792 North Star Safety Limited Sligo
598793 Old Abbey Engineering Limited Co. Cork
598794 As Air Lease 58 (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
598795 Scanron Limited Co. Dublin
598796 Baba Distribution Limited Co. Dublin
598797 Paul Murphy Electrical Limited Co. Kerry
598798 Durrus Compliance Diagnostics Limited Co Cork
598799 Three Streams Farm Limited Co. Wexford
598800 Talori Holdings Limited Co Dublin
598801 Liam Kavanagh Projects (Lkp) Limited Co. Carlow
598802 L.R.G. Construction Limited Co. Tipperary
598803 Sean Quirke Financial Services Limited Enniscorthy
598804 Kelstar Limited Dublin 14, D14 Rp28
598805 Bergard Limited Dublin 14, D14 Rp28
598806 Parnell Square Medical Suites Limited Dublin, D01 W5r9
598807 Knights Hill Capital Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
598808 Linda Blanchfield Consulting Limited Co. Kildare
598809 Liatris Limited Wexford
598810 Boneaset Limited Wexford
598811 Killeentierna Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Killarney
598812 H Books Cork Concepts Limited Co Dublin
598813 Baginbun Bay Limited Dublin 8, D08 F3f6
598814 Sycamore Lodge Equine Hospital Limited Co Kildare
598815 Steris Irish Finco Ii Unlimited Company Dublin 2
598816 Performant Training Limited Waterford
598817 Aspin Int (EMEA) Limited Dublin 4
598818 Mo's Triangle Limited Co. Dublin
598819 Barlia Consulting Limited Co Dublin
598820 Kliveden Limited Co Dublin
598821 Mpd Network Engineers Limited Cork
598822 Dkfs Limited Co. Dublin
598823 The Food and Catering Shop Limited Co. Dublin
598824 Meade Natural Stone Limited Co. Meath
598825 Cobbe Architecture Limited Dublin 4
598826 Iveagh Pharmacy Limited Co. Limerick
598827 Charisog Limited Dublin 15
598828 Belgrave Design Limited Dublin 2
598829 Bridlegrand (Camden) Limited Co. Kildare
598830 Worrily Warriors Limited Co. Wexford
598831 Forgebrook Limited Galway
598832 Sceneside Limited Galway
598833 Elvis Transport Limited Waterford
598834 Foyle Stenography Limited Co. Meath
598835 Gsv Coffee Limited Co Leitrim, N41 D265
598836 Amolbon Limited Co Louth
598837 Ffrr Limited Co Meath
598838 This Is Ethos Limited Co. Cork
598839 Pk Transportation Finance Holding Unlimited Company Co. Clare, V14 An29
598840 Penta Clo 3 Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
598841 Therapy Centres of Excellence Limited Co. Cork
598842 D'Lish Eatery Limited Co. Louth
598843 Help365 Marketing Services Holding Limited Dublin 3
598844 Beatha Technology Limited Co. Limerick
598845 Straitons Whitelaw Limited Dublin
598846 Wari Payment Limited Co Clare
598847 Gm&J Veninvestors Limited Dublin 9
598848 Gattwo Limited Cork
598849 Gps Graphic Printing Services Limited Dublin 18
598850 Nm Synergy Facilities Limited Co. Meath
598851 Info Commerce Fiduciary Limited Co. Dublin
598852 Furry Friends Grooming Limited Co. Wexford
598853 Enolil Health Limited Dublin 24
598854 Amishnine Consultants Limited Co. Cork
598855 Pmb Developments Limited Co Offaly
598856 M. Akram & Associates Limited Limerick
598857 Pkmr Digital Limited Co Kildare
598858 Rationale Asset Management Limited Dublin 6
598859 Knockerk Farm Unlimited Company Co. Meath
598860 Tropical Fish Limited Dublin 15
598861 Klf Transport Limited Co. Meath
598862 Leegane Holding Designated Activity Company Co. Wexford
598863 Fuinneamh Productions Limited Dublin 16
598864 Digicol Media Productions Limited Waterford
598865 Knather Acquisitions Unlimited Company Co Donegal
598866 Crafthouse Construction Limited Co. Dublin
598867 Breffni Homes Limited Cavan
598868 Breakspear Technologies Europe Limited Cork
598869 Lk Tax Limited Co. Wicklow
598870 Charlu Limited Co. Mayo
598619 Cork Picture Framing Limited Co. Cork
598620 A & C Bio Buffer Limited Co Limerick
598621 Aurora Charm Limited Dublin 8
598622 Vine Fibre Communications Limited Co. Tipperary
598623 Peter Pardy Building & Carpentry Limited Dublin 15
598624 Willis Hr Consultancy Limited Dublin 10
598625 Moo Market Limited Dublin 7
598626 Cedar House Asset Holdings Limited Co. Donegal
598627 Emck Motors Limited Co. Monaghan
598628 Foxcover Dairyfarm Limited Co. Carlow
598629 G & V Stoneworks Limited Galway
598630 Glassderry More Foods Limited Dublin 20
598631 Etc Software Solutions Limited Dublin 24
598632 Bretland Group Limited Co. Offaly
598633 Ardimus Limited Limerick
598634 Feenahyona Limited Limerick
598635 Rafarilla Limited Limerick
598636 Ncph Limited Co. Clare
598637 Recordmount Limited Dublin 4
598638 Patchvale Limited Dublin 4
598639 Icas Eng Limited Co. Cork
598640 Ab Cvs Limited Dublin 18
598641 Alternative Fleet Limited Dublin 7
598642 Phibbs Construction Solutions (Pcs) Limited Dublin 12
598643 Forekings Limited Cork City
598644 Yarbel Limited Co. Meath
598645 Aegean Superior Limited Co Clare
598646 Sahi Euro Limited Co. Sligo
598647 Irish Dance Pro Limited Co. Dublin
598648 Clondoll Developments Limited Dublin 14
598649 Kenry Plastering Limited Co Limerick
598650 Jdr Accounting & Financial Services Limited Dublin 15
598651 Black Hawk Fuels Limited Galway
598652 Marian Oncology Medical Services Limited Co. Offaly
598653 Superb Value Limited Co. Dublin
598654 Jimba Limited Co. Mayo
598655 Round Square Investments 1 Limited Co Tipperary
598656 The Rural Hub Company Limited By Guarantee Co Monaghan
598657 Castletroy Dental Clinic Limited Cork
598658 Cm Grove Transport Limited Co Tipperary
598659 Brandywine Digital Media Services Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
598660 Green Horizon Tours Limited Co. Tipperary
598661 Abcversa Limited Cork
598662 Michael Rotaru Drylining Limited Co. Tipperary
598663 Mks Food Enterprises Limited Galway
598664 Aronas Technology Limited Galway
598665 Advanced Software Decisions Limited Co Wexford
598666 Burrito Haven Limited Co. Cork
598667 Facteq Limited Co. Donegal
598668 Alb Farm Limited Co Cavan
598669 Oci Consulting Limited County Clare
598670 Coiste Pobail Charna Company Limited By Guarantee Contae Na Gaillimhe
598671 Sethu Catering Limited Co. Kerry
598672 Castill Design & More Limited Co. Dublin
598673 Where's My Wardrobe Limited Co. Limerick
598674 Devaq (Irl) Limited Dublin 15
598675 Social Stars Limited Co Dublin
598676 Arbris Consultants Limited Co. Meath
598677 Natural Power Resources Limited Co Dublin
598678 Eco Bright Services Limited Co Dublin
598679 Gallery Resource International Limited Co Dublin
598680 Celtic Mountain Trading Company Limited Co. Wicklow
598681 Lam Consulting Limited Cork
598682 Kehong International Investment Limited Dublin 8
598683 Meat Par Excellence Limited Dublin 2
598684 T&M Anchorage Limited Dublin 2
598685 Molloy Tyres Recycling Limited Co. Wexford
598686 Js Mechanical Services Limited Co Meath
598687 Ncg Education Dublin Limited Co Dublin
598688 Quinlan Beverages Limited Dublin 3
598689 Ms. Diva Limited Co Cork
598690 Tralak Limited Co. Kerry
598691 Schedulino Limited Dublin 7
598692 Titin Limited Co. Tipperary
598693 Oven Clean Eireann Limited Cork
598694 Prodigeo Limited Co. Cork
598695 Campus Advs Limited Cork
598696 Ibex Eda Limited Cork
598697 Euro Halal Quality Meats Limited Co. Westmeath
598698 Home Farm Dairies Limited Co. Galway
598699 John Conneely & Son Construction Limited Co. Westmeath
598700 Moloneca Limited Co. Dublin
598701 Khareef Limited Dublin 2
598702 Global High Yield Infrastructure Debt Fund a Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598703 Flat Stick Innovations Limited Co. Kilkenny
598704 The Old County Bar Limited Dublin 12
598705 Offaly Tourism Marketing Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Offaly
598706 Killarney Brewing Company Limited Co Kerry
598707 Tencile Tactical Limited Co.Cork
598708 Yunus Holdings Unlimited Company Dublin 5
598709 Ss Process Engineering Limited Waterford
598710 Euro Ig Infrastructure Debt (Ireland) Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598711 Glaslough Harriers Athletic Club Company Limited By Guarantee Monaghan
598712 Rosmor Stables Limited Limerick
598713 Coffee Et Al Limited Cork
598714 Calmax Consulting Limited Dublin 6
598715 Colette Cahalane Limited Dublin 6
598716 Mf Hopkins Engineering Limited Co Mayo
598717 Equivoque Limited Dublin 16
598718 Bia Global Logistics Limited Co. Cork
598719 Villena Foods Limited Co. Louth
598720 Lion Ii Re Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598721 Usd Ig Infrastructure Debt (Ireland) Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598722 The Islander Experience Limited Dublin 2
598723 Glengrange Farms Limited Co. Waterford
598724 Ken Whittle Farm Limited Co Offaly
598725 Davinstown Farm Limited Co. Meath
598726 C21 Global Medical Legal Services Limited Co. Westmeath
598727 Pierce Doyle Consultancy Limited Co. Kilkenny
598728 Bxb Design Limited Dublin 1
598729 If Workforce Solutions Limited Dublin 2
598730 Darmody Property Chartered Surveyors Limited Co. Clare
598731 The Purple Room Hair Design Limited Dublin 9
598732 Mc Communications & Installations Limited Co. Donegal
598733 Wong & Wang Trading Limited Dublin 15
598734 W. Fennell Plant Hire Limited Co. Wexford
598735 Mary Macrory & Co Limited Co Kildare
598736 1call Plant Limited Co. Clare
598737 Clonbeg Developments Limited Donegal
598738 Little Laughs Limited Dublin 9
598739 My Comet Limited Dublin 1
598740 Andrew Lacey Mechanical Services Limited Co. Wexford
598741 Costello & Tarpey Fs Limited Galway
598742 Forestry Thinning Solutions Limited Co. Wexford
598743 Jordan Engineering Consultants Limited Co Cork
598744 Two Elaines Media Limited Co. Kildare
598745 Bubstown Medical Services Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598746 Pfg Brand Attraction Europe Limited Dublin 5
598747 Sundance Ventures Limited Cork
598748 Pivorius Construction Limited Co. Dublin
598749 Daleth Sec Limited Dublin 2
598750 Hei Sec Limited Dublin 2
598751 P2age It Consult Limited Co. Offaly
598752 Dunne Motor Auto Sales Limited Co. Dublin
598753 Irish Oak Barrels Manfacturing Company Limited Co. Clare
598754 Roo Consulting Limited Co. Wicklow
598755 Yotlife Limited Co Wicklow
598756 Landport Estates Limited Co Kildare
598757 Beyond Beauty Laser and Skincare Limited Co Galway
598758 Damien McElhinney Construction Limited Co.Donegal
598759 Apisprotect Limited Co. Cork
598760 Yellow Man Holdings Limited Co. Meath
598761 Kumala Landscapes Limited Co Louth
598762 Leder Construction & Civils Limited Co. Kildare
598763 Aronmar Plant Limited Co. Kerry
598764 Challengeuchangeu Limited Co. Dublin
598765 Moog Consulting Limited Co Donegal
598421 Boojum 4 Limited Dublin 2
598422 Boojum 1 Limited Dublin 2
598423 Boojum 2 Limited Dublin 2
598424 Boojum 3 Limited Dublin 2
598425 Intermediate School Killorglin Company Limited By Guarantee County Kerry
598426 The Irish Jurist Designated Activity Company Rochestown Avenue
598427 Trg Wind Limited Dublin 7
598428 Know Tax Limited Dublin 6w
598429 Swords Web Design & Consulting Limited Co Dublin
598430 Debt Star Resolution Limited Dublin 4
598431 Egm Pm Services Limited Dublin 16
598432 Vertical Farming Ireland Limited Co. Meath
598433 Gilltown Horizons Limited Co Kildare
598434 Amabel Limited Dublin 18
598435 Crisp Edge Limited Co. Louth
598436 Horizon Bpr Limited Co. Wicklow
598437 Beirt Chairde Events Limited Westmeath
598438 The Wine Library Limited Co. Dublin
598439 R M Galvin Private Limited Cork
598440 Longmile Doors Limited Dublin 12
598441 Discount Clothing Limited Dublin 1
598442 Marjong Foods Ireland Limited Dublin 2
598443 Hashir Medics Limited Co. Dublin
598444 Potau Consulting Limited Dublin 4
598445 Enhance Aesthetics Limited Dublin 1
598446 Síotroim Irish County Tractor Club Company Limited By Guarantee Co Monaghan, A75c593
598447 Hayya Medical Consultancy Limited Co. Westmeath
598448 Max Wellbeing Limited Co Cork
598449 Bushcross Limited Co. Laois
598450 Fifty Shades of Spray Limited Dublin 15
598451 Phoenix Coaching & Consultancy Limited Dublin 15
598452 Gurtstoke Farm Limited Co Cork
598453 T.M. Power Farms Limited Co Waterford
598454 Jayan Management Limited Dublin 11
598455 Secret Garden Flowers Limited Co. Limerick
598456 Wildflower Enterprises (Restaurant) Limited Co Wexford
598457 Multisensory Ireland Limited Cavan
598458 Daniel Costello Consulting Limited Co. Waterford
598459 Multi Medium Arts Limited Cork
598460 Rockland Contracts Limited Co. Louth
598461 The New Fit You Limited Dublin 2
598462 Malta Chocolate Holding Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
598463 Rsi Chemrep Europe Limited Dublin 8
598464 Sure Autos International Mf Limited Co. Donegal
598465 Cde Alfa Limited Co Louth
598466 Celtic Physiotherapy Limited Dublin 15
598467 Tour Greens All Weather Surfaces Limited County Wexford
598468 Skydive Challenge Limited County Kilkenny
598469 Peppard Investments 2 Limited Co Offaly
598470 Greencoat Renewables Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598471 Epik Plus Limited Co. Cavan
598472 Spiralmont Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
598473 Dragoncross Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
598474 Hypervale Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
598475 Brand Avenue Limited Wicklow
598476 Gino's Diner Limited Co. Louth
598477 A S Retail Limited Co. Offaly
598478 Tiffeny Cafe Limited Co. Meath
598479 Taxassist Support Ireland Limited Dublin 4
598480 Sizebreed (Ireland) Limited Co. Dublin, A94 F544
598481 Future Ways of Working Limited Dublin 17
598482 Carnaween House Limited Co Donegal
598483 Garage Three B Customs Limited Dublin 7
598484 Inisbhui Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Meath
598485 Rbd Jupiter Developments Limited Dublin 3
598486 Cala Medical Limited Limerick
598487 Berlark Limited Co. Tipperary
598488 Kent Ayers Fertility Clinic Limited Dublin 6
598489 Project Treaty Unlimited Company Dublin 24
598490 Quality Solutions By Kay Limited Co. Cork
598491 Korou Project Management Services Limited Co Kilkenny
598492 Opalcove Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
598493 Grapemont Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
598494 Sos Ceramic Contracting Limited Co Cork
598495 Volkswagen Reinsurance Company Designated Activity Company Dublin 22
598496 Ash Promotions Limited Kilkenny
598497 Vault Lane Developments Limited Co Cork
598498 Gabriel Claudia Plastering Limited Dublin 3
598499 Orken Planning Limited Dublin 15
598500 Gresham Investments Limited Dublin 17
598501 Jc Retail Consulting Limited Dublin 2
598502 Rkp Consultancy Limited Dublin 16
598503 Blackstone Investments Limited Limerick
598504 Tikka Ventures Limited Dublin 15
598505 Witty White Launders Limited Co. Wicklow
598506 Henoodle Limited Co. Dublin
598507 City Scaff Limited Co. Louth
598508 Moving Brothers Limited Dublin 15
598509 My Heart Health Limited Dublin 2, D02 Kc57
598510 Mdsf Taverns Limited Co. Clare
598511 Gaothnua Limited Galway
598512 Kylemore Park Cafe Limited Dublin 10
598513 Akal Sewa Volunteers Limited Co. Louth
598514 Ngr Innovations Limited Dublin 22
598515 Libblu Company Limited Co. Dublin
598516 Lissadel Fuels and General Merchants Limited Sligo
598517 Am Reliable Transport Limited Co. Kildare
598518 Four Roads Kilmurry Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Offaly
598519 Interideas Construction Limited Dublin 15
598520 Align Consultant Engineering Limited Co. Galway
598521 Valley Quarry Civil Engineering Unlimited Company Meath
598522 Rory Dunworth Roofing & Building Limited Dublin 22
598523 Arthur Lyons Construction Limited Dublin 6
598524 N a O'Riordan Limited Co. Kerry
598525 T.O.B. Healthfoods Limited Co. Cork
598526 Coolehane Stables Limited Co. Cork
598527 Ballyheashill Enterprises Limited Co. Meath
598528 Orchard Analytical and Technical Services Limited Dublin 8
598529 Bbi Technologies Europe Limited Dublin 4
598530 Star of the Sea Limited Co. Roscommon
598531 Therapy Hub Limited Co. Tipperary
598532 Finlogic Services Limited Co. Dublin
598533 Mill Hill Farm Limited Co. Cork
598534 Hazelwood Park Properties Limited Co. Galway
598535 Gmd Plastering Limited Co. Donegal
598536 Kevin Carron Property Consultants Limited Co. Dublin
598537 Haireiss Limited Galway
598538 Random Warehouse Limited Dublin 3
598539 Qodit Limited Co. Kildare
598540 Shapla Spice Limited Dublin 1
598541 Abstract Security Limited Co Kildare
598542 Lash & Brow Emporium Limited Co. Mayo
598543 Bowbeck Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598544 Former Players Association of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
598545 M Gargan Plant Hire Limited Co. Meath
598546 Little Hollow Boutique Limited Dublin 12
598547 Humble Beginnings Tattoo Studio Limited Co.Meath
598548 Grey Fox Design Limited Dublin 22 Ireland
598549 Ps Coffee Roasters Limited Kildare
598550 Wide Street Brewing Company Limited Longford
598551 Slider Consent Holding Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
598552 Sasof Iii (A25) Aviation Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
598553 Nutri Chef Limited Carlow
598554 Sligo Stoves and Fireplaces Limited Sligo
598555 Hello Markets Diamonds (Ireland) Limited Dublin 5
598556 Ballard Estates Limited Co. Offaly
598557 Yakbit Limited Dublin 18
598558 Caroline Costigan Limited Dublin 14
598559 Cardent Auto Limited Co. Wexford
598560 Alpha Babylon Saxony Limited Dublin 3
598561 The Spa Advisors Limited Co. Kerry
598562 Honeywell Organic Products Limited Co. Wexford
598563 Fogarty Branding Limited Co. Wicklow
598564 Respace Limited Co. Kildare
598565 Empathy Test Limited Dublin 8
598566 Crofton Bay Limited Co. Kildare
598567 Advanced Data Robots (Adr) Limited Cork
598568 Ace Industrial Cleaning Limited Wicklow
598569 Marlico Ireland Limited Dublin 1
598570 Many Solutions For All Limited Dublin 4
598571 Healthwise Oranmore Limited Co. Donegal
598572 Yetusote Technologies Company Limited Co. Limerick
598573 Voyage Consulting Management Limited Dublin 3
598574 Excavations Plant Agri Limited Co. Cork
598575 Barrowvalley Farms Limited Co. Carlow
598576 Belgrave Training & Consultancy Limited Dublin 6
598577 Conas Construction Limited Cork
598578 Smart Infinite Solutions Limited Co. Wicklow
598579 Carraigeford Limited Dublin 4
598580 Allogenic Private Limited Co. Waterford
598581 Into the Future (Douglas) Limited Co. Cork
598582 Tower Development Properties Limited Cork
598583 Shack Bars Limited Wexford
598584 My Cpd Spot Limited Co. Clare
598585 Crystal Valet Trade Centre's Limited Galway
598586 Hyderus Teoranta Cork
598587 Clavest Limited Dublin 18
598588 Brivest Limited Dublin 18
598589 Racvest Limited Dublin 18
598590 Lyevest Limited Dublin 18
598591 Brookpoint Limited Galway
598592 Weaveridge Limited Galway
598593 Moore Fund Administration (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
598594 Rlr Pua Limited Cork
598595 Glencar Investments Xi Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598596 Wellsea Properties Limited Dublin 1
598597 Stevest Limited Dublin 18
598598 Fairgreen Coach Station Limited Dublin 6
598599 Ai MacHina Limited Co Cork
598600 Moby Bikes Limited Co Meath A86 T651
598601 The View Attractions Limited Co Donegal
598602 Man Real Estate Debt Investments-Eu Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598603 Man Real Estate Debt Investments-Us Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598604 Brightdale Limited Dublin 4
598605 Rusticridge Limited Dublin 4
598606 Association of Visitor Experiences and Attractions Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin A96 E9k1 Ireland
598607 The Urban Pup Limited Galway
598608 Drawside Limited Galway
598609 Jcd Image Limited Co Offaly
598610 Trojan Steel Limited Kerry, V31 K738
598611 D & V Plastering Services Limited Co Meath
598612 Briarhill Ventures Limited Galway
598613 Dexol Investments Limited Co. Meath
598614 Exclusive Ireland Tours Limited Dublin 3
598615 Daguiat Associated Engineers Limited Dublin 2
598616 Golden Age Audio Limited Co Wexford
598617 Johnson Kenny & Co Limited Co. Kildare
598618 Atalla Energy Limited Co. Donegal
598410 Greendine Limited Kilkenny
598411 Cinnacor Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
598412 Gasot Limited Co. Carlow
598413 Farm To Table Limited Dublin 17
598414 Hawk Hill Haulage Limited Galway
598415 Con Heagney Construction Limited Co. Galway
598416 Ashbear Limited Dublin 11
598417 Unitrade View Limited Co. Louth
598418 Curradarra Limited Co. Waterford
598419 Mmc O Reilly Farm Limited Co Westmeath
598420 Lacisi Products Limited Co. Dublin
598319 Mkm Civil Engineering (2017) Limited Co Longford
598320 Murphy Ia Limited Dublin 8
598321 Colm Cleary Property Limited Dublin 13
598322 The Triggerfish Cookshop Limited Co. Dublin
598323 Cleary Barry Property Limited Dublin 13
598324 Nore Foods & Services Consulting Unlimited Company Co. Tipperary
598325 Stimdrill Limited Co. Dublin
598326 Life Balance Pilates Limited Co. Dublin
598327 Sykes Software Solutions Limited Dublin 16
598328 Virtual Reality Gaming Limited Dublin 7
598329 Franchise Accounting Limited Dublin 18
598330 Stm Paving Limited Co. Meath
598331 Canmar Properties Limited Co. Dublin
598332 Glencar Investments V Limited Dublin 2
598333 Glencar Investments Vi Limited Dublin 2
598334 Rjx Aviation Co. (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
598335 M&G Crel Eu/UK Ig 2017 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598336 Epma Limited Co. Dublin
598337 Alan the Fishman Limited Co. Wicklow
598338 The Liberty Community Centre Dublin 8
598339 Bright Red Entertainment Limited Rathmines, D06 Y8c7
598340 The Thomas Hayes Trust Kilkenny
598341 Fm Mender Designated Activity Company Co No Gaillimhe
598342 Treslam Limited Co. Dublin
598343 Kanfax Limited Co. Dublin
598344 Sailtrax Limited Co. Dublin
598345 Vilacone Limited Co. Dublin
598346 D.D.S.G Hospitality Limited Co Dublin
598347 Soundcaster Studios Limited Co. Dublin, K36 Df29
598348 Jls Premier Business Services Limited Co. Cork
598349 Nrz Pro Credit Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
598350 Dae Leasing (Ireland) 15 Limited Dublin 1
598351 Sublane Limited Co. Galway
598352 Fasefax Limited Co. Dublin
598353 Ozerline Limited Co. Dublin
598354 Spanzone Limited Co. Dublin
598355 Alphanix Limited Co. Dublin
598356 Pulse Event Medical Services Limited Dublin 12
598357 Spark Analytics Limited Co. Cork
598358 Dlt Sliding Wardrobe Systems Limited Dublin 15
598359 Iernevation Limited Co Longford
598360 Blueprints Express Limited Galway
598361 P4sell Limited Co. Dublin
598362 O'Donoghue Catering Limited Co. Kerry
598363 Giance Consultancy Limited Co. Louth
598364 Dk Lands Limited Galway
598365 Pansarelle Limited Co. Dublin
598366 Batucada Digital Limited Co. Cork
598367 Euro-Galaxy Vi Clo Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
598368 My Streets Homeless Walking Tours Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Louth
598369 Mollit Construction Limited Co. Meath
598370 Gms Motor Solutions Limited Co. Louth
598371 The Real Taste Limited Dublin 14
598372 Pesk Importers Limited Dublin 13
598373 Mdm Agri Services Limited Co. Tipperary
598374 Collar of Gold Limited Co. Louth
598375 Grid Wealth Designated Activity Company Co. Dublin
598376 Murphy's Takeaway Foods Limited Co. Cork
598377 Dcr Demolition Limited Co. Dublin
598378 C.M. Griffin Limited County Galway
598379 Kreo Construction Limited Dublin 10
598380 Emerald Isle Fishing Company Limited Co Cork
598381 Airtight Pro Limited Co Dublin
598382 Procraft Engineering Limited Tipperary
598383 Dynamic Core Solutions Limited Dublin 15
598384 Jace Farm Holdings Limited Dublin 7
598385 Kieran O'Callaghan Consulting Limited Co. Cork
598386 Heritage Window Restorations Limited Co. Clare
598387 Merville Therapy Centre Limited Co. Dublin
598388 The Pkrdistributor Limited Co. Tipperary
598389 Irish Education Draiocht Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Monaghan
598390 Knocklong Car Rentals Limited V9kn3n
598391 Knockgrange Holdings Limited V9kn3n
598392 Ediset Consultancy Limited Co Dublin
598393 Goce Limited Dublin 4
598394 Oakhampton Limited Co. Tipperary
598395 Chris Flavin Engineering Services Limited Co. Limerick
598396 Ronsull Consulting Limited Cork
598397 Favourite Film Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
598398 Prime It Consultancy Services Limited D2
598399 Envirico Limited Co. Kilkenny
598400 Keane Maloney Contracts Limited Co. Galway
598401 Pop Personalised Assurance Limited Co Dublin
598402 Bcr Property Consultants Limited Limerick
598403 Anchor Independent Financial Advisors Limited Dublin 3
598404 Augustus Global Risk Limited Co. Louth
598405 Lex Mercatoria Limited Cork
598406 Modtech Innovation Limited Dublin 15
598407 Fane Construction Limited Dublin 12
598408 Van 1 Tour Operator Limited Galway
598409 Phoenixbrook Holdings Limited Dublin 2
There are 552 Company set ups in the above list.

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