Below is a list of Dissolved companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 327 (Week Ending 24/05/2017)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
18994 Electrospeed Limited Dublin 12
39245 National Irish Life and Pension Services Limited Dublin 1
58084 Dck Properties Limited Dublin 2
64231 O'Riain (Athlone) Limited Co. Westmeath
73782 Cds Construction Limited Dublin 12
75962 Ennis Gift Centre Limited Co. Clare
76975 R.S. Components Limited Dublin 12
82138 Frances Studio Limited Co. Louth
96078 Gameball Trading Limited Co. Limerick
99493 Richwood Design Limited Co. Kerry
111248 Limpur Limited Co Cork
113752 Sranop Systems Limited Co Westmeath
116172 Company Services (A-Z) Limited Dublin 2
134109 John Bolger and Company (Manufacturing) Limited Co Wexford
135058 Carlton Varney Rose Cottage Limited Co Limerick
137384 Matt Dillon Limited Dublin 14
144352 Clan Limited Co. Wicklow
158222 Kelly Construction Services Limited Co Roscommon
161439 Legister Limited Co. Dublin
172419 Hazel Road Limited Limerick
180849 P.A. Samuels (Tallaght) Limited Dublin 24
183097 Wexford Land Holdings Limited Co Wexford
188950 Almondview Limited Dublin 6w
193112 Ergonomics Limited Dublin 4
193643 Retail Training Consultancy Limited Co Wexford
196706 Sanlux Investments Limited Athlone
204289 Kellybay Limited Dublin 4
208117 Aifs Leasing Company Limited Dublin 1
210659 Etg Limited Dublin 4
212706 Kildare Computing Limited Clondalkin Dublin 22
214296 Kerdel Limited Co Tipperary
217863 Bendon Fish Exports Limited Co Cork
222853 Yule Grove Investments Limited Co Roscommon
223457 Equi-Grass Ireland Limited Co. Cork
231551 Alpha Plastics Limited Dublin 11
233640 O'Sullivan Fleet Services Limited Co.Cork
238108 Brennan Construction (Donegal) Limited Co. Donegal
252758 Air Purification Systems Limited Co Laois
259499 Allpix Limited Co.Kildare
261561 Martin Coleman Construction (Westport) Limited Co Mayo
263134 Saturiba Limited Galway
263711 Omega Diagnostics (Ireland) Limited Co. Wicklow
266529 Dublin Counselling & Therapy Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 1
268184 Townsfield Limited Co. Tipperary
272216 Hilltop Developments Limited Co Clare
275709 Merrion Consultants Limited Dublin 4
289277 Creative Juices Limited Co. Dublin
294710 A.I.R. Aviation International Resources (Ireland) Limited Limerick
296692 Ballybeg Homes Limited Co Clare
302498 Dunmac Limited Co Kildare
302993 Cozzoli Limited Co Cork
306221 I.E. Design Limited Dublin 18
307391 Merryway Developments Limited Co Meath
307548 Merco Insurances Limited Dublin 9
310289 Oakdale Construction Limited Co. Offaly
320128 John Joe Lewis Auctioneers Limited Co Tipperary
321781 Coseley Limited Cork
321790 Cooperage Investments Limited Co. Wexford
323144 Gateview Developers Limited Co. Galway
324050 In Dub Music Limited Dublin 8
324362 Joe Glenfield Financial Services Limited Donegal
325799 Securexec Limited Co Monaghan
328250 New Finishes Limited Co Tipperary
330778 J.V.P. Business Partners Limited Co Tipperary
332326 Sliabh Luachra Construction Limited Co. Cork
333329 Drumms Cabs Limited Tipperary
334152 Denes Yard Developments Limited Co Waterford
335051 Tapar Limited Co Dublin
336951 Murlog Community Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Donegal
339620 Accident Claims Help-Line Limited Co Clare
340456 Stand Off Promotions Limited Cork
342567 Omega Research Limited Dublin 4
345951 Compusal Limited Co. Cork
348687 Lcg Life Changes Global Limited Co. Dublin
349074 The Park Arms Limited Co. Cork
351174 Fbo Dublin Limited Limerick
351902 Bhp Pension & Investment Consultants Limited Dublin 6w
354062 Combar Limited Co. Clare
355297 Professional Trust Company (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
355544 Pointe Boise Nursing Home Limited Galway
355946 Norpharm Limited Co. Louth
356986 Centrepoint Properties Limited Cork
356987 Chainberg Properties Limited Cork
359814 Castlelake Construction Company Limited Limerick
364612 Health Performance Limited Co. Tipperary
364758 P. & D. Design Limited Cavan
365578 Mmc Haulage Limited Co. Dublin
370316 Cluain Alainn (Management) Company Limited By Guarantee Co Monaghan
370835 Feile Frank Mc Gann Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Roscommon
370976 Rockhaven Inn Limited Co. Louth
373016 Loran Developments Limited Co Dublin
373906 Jetin Limited Co. Dublin
373993 Jct Leasing Limited Co. Carlow
376358 Michael J. Curtin & Co. Limited Co. Cork
378930 Mazarine Projects Limited Dublin 6
381558 Damian Friel Stone Mason Limited Co. Donegal
385219 Jazz Imports & Exports Limited Co. Offaly
389267 Works Records Limited Co. Dublin
396090 J Gallagher Developments Limited Co Leitrim
396232 Sicon Construction Limited Co. Meath
396655 Tigger Limited Dublin 8
397098 Caledonian Development Limited County Kerry
398749 Hooley Tours Limited Co. Westmeath
399175 Funtoparty Limited Co Kerry
399664 Gouverneur Construction Limited Co. Clare
401745 Ballygunner Development Limited Co. Tipperary
401954 Callow Lakeside Limited Co Mayo
403935 McEvoy's Clothing Limited Co.Louth
405455 P. O' Brien Project Engineering Limited Co Cork
405909 Shandan Meats Limited Co. Tipperary
408145 Battery Services (Ireland) Limited Dublin 12
410773 Lines and Sounds Limited Co. Tipperary
413140 Bekin Kids Limited Kilkenny
413654 Andcor Limited Co. Dublin
414375 Otira Limited Co. Kildare
414937 Initial Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
415510 Personal Protective Equipment Limited Dublin 15
418723 Pkw Consulting Limited Co Meath
419499 J & S Graham Transport Limited Co.Cavan
424091 Ufs Online Processing Europe Limited Cork
424143 Templescoby Plant & Commercial Sales Limited Co Wexford
424177 Mountkennedy Hotel Limited Co Dublin
424297 Fno Promotions Limited Dublin 16
426716 Cashel Lighting Services Limited Co.Tipperary
427706 Moybella Consulting Limited Co Kerry
427955 Griffin Lynch Construction Limited Co. Mayo
428188 M & a Mar Retail Company Limited Dublin 15
431358 Tos Technical Consulting Limited Co. Limerick
436163 Blackwater Tiles Limited Co Meath
437715 Quay West Developments Limited County Mayo
440296 Le Petit Bacchus Limited Co Wicklow
440891 Pixel Enterprises Unlimited Company Co. Kerry
444019 Asceda Plant Limited Co. Monaghan
444297 Advanced Vacuum Solutions Limited Limerick
444498 Hattori Precision Engineering Limited Limerick
445380 New England Designs Limited Dublin 6
445618 Robotic Electronic Systems Limited Limerick
449173 Aglomac Limited Co.Cork
452462 One Stop Tyres Limited Co Leitrim
456675 Dolores Wallace Photography Limited Co Offaly
459657 Energy Measurement Systems Limited Waterford
459766 Harmony Holistic Health Limited Co Kildare
459852 Maxol Holdings Limited Dublin 1
459972 Tyrrell Sutton Developments Limited Co Dublin
460100 Ola Energy Holdings Limited Dublin 1
460281 Brain Resource Europe Limited Dublin 4
461330 Crunch Fitness Premier Limited Dublin 2
461414 Eddisons East Point Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
463577 Social Care Solutions Limited Waterford
465561 Gdac Partners Limited Co Wicklow
466711 Pádraic Duffy Consulting Engineer Limited Co. Dublin
466771 Suhali Limited Co. Dublin
467123 Aey Aviation Limited Co. Dublin
467733 Marisan Limited Co. Galway
468574 Langbroek Limited Dublin 4
468862 The Legal Rooms Limited Dublin 15
469058 Energy Solve Limited Co. Westmeath
469063 Ecopromo Limited Co. Offaly
470998 Dooley Agri Consultants Limited Co. Offaly
471157 West Coast Adventure Tours Limited Co. Mayo
471540 Theworldgiftsite Limited Co. Galway
473561 Swapna Catering Limited Co. Kildare
473565 Petric Management Company Limited Co. Galway
473653 Strokestown Beauty Salon Limited Co. Roscommon
473663 Bia Mara Oileain Arainn Teoranta Co. Galway
473740 Curran Kavanagh Limited Co. Kildare
473953 Rothar Cycling For the Community Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 8
475126 Lean Flight Initiative Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Limerick
477008 Shaun O'Neill Validation Limited Cork
477105 A & T Maintenance Doctor Limited Dublin 12
477149 Ap Logging Limited Co. Offaly
477680 Teac Bui Limited Killarney Co. Kerry
477823 Irish Heart Luxury Gifts Limited Co.Dublin
478455 Recitell Limited Dublin 2
483119 Dermot Casey Forestry Services Limited Co. Cork
483930 Redwood Carpentry & Building Services Limited Co. Limerick
484247 Gerlow Developments Limited Co. Offaly
484401 L & T Restaurant Limited Dublin 2
484503 Easy Wind Energy Limited Co. Kilkenny
486467 Lloyd Bowmaker (Development) Limited Co Cork
487032 Carol Barry Optical Services Limited Co. Cork
487073 Hephzibah Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 12
487156 Jmb Projects Limited Dublin 9
489110 Act One Theatre School Limited Co. Meath
490901 Expo Organisers Limited Co Cork
492143 Lugworks Limited Co. Limerick
493259 Volard Limited Dublin 4
494422 Aleana Project Solutions Limited Co. Cork
495405 Advanced Spray Foam Insulation Systems Limited Rathmore
495907 Arc Property Care Limited Co.Kildare
496155 Asera Limited Cork
496437 Kitchen Discount Warehouse Limited Co Kerry
496479 Fofu Limited Dublin 1
496887 McBirney Owners Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
497416 Mid Ireland Foods Limited Tullamore Co. Offaly
498065 Christia Chinese Company Limited Co. Dublin
501356 Ahmed Medical Services Limited Co. Laois
501692 Custom Cakes Limited Co. Louth
502302 Aran Manufacturing Consultancy Limited Co. Galway
502944 Malgorzata Moczulska Limited Co. Meath
503942 Alberoy Limited Co. Dublin
506103 Orthopaedic & Sport Medicine Consultancy Unlimited Company Dublin 7
506393 Stality Limited Dublin 6
507008 Rymax Altostrata Limited Co. Galway
507243 Identity Streams Limited Kimmage Dublin 12
507736 Tloc Limited Dublin 24
508856 Bernard Jackman Sports Consultancy Limited Co. Carlow
509037 Rocco Food Company Limited Galway
509771 Securigen Monitored Security Limited Co. Dublin
510278 Tan and Tone Sunbeds Services Limited Co. Cork
510432 O'Connor Kenny Training Solutions Limited Co. Galway
510832 Bosonic Software Limited Co.Louth
511809 Joe Whyte Buildings Development Limited Co. Wicklow
512382 Haitian Hospitality Investments Limited Dublin 2
512416 North West Cycles Limited Co. Donegal
513306 Specialist Medical Home Care Limited Co. Louth
513487 Jason O'Brien Taverns Limited Cork
515843 R.G.S Construction Limited Co. Meath
515875 Hokua Media Limited Co. Dublin
515932 Duff Maintenance Services Limited Dublin 11
515939 Gsmp Phone Trading Limited Dublin 1
515972 Smc Locum Limited Co. Louth
516280 Seco Process Limited Co. Cork
516385 Esi Consulting & Investments Limited Cork
516748 Jamad Process Solutions Limited Co. Cork
518227 Cunniffe Financial Planning Limited Co. Louth
519000 Whobeganit Theatre Co. Limited Na Chorcaí
522264 Philip Medical Services Unlimited Company Co. Wexford
522914 Trevor King and Co Limited Co. Dublin
523006 Z & F Ventures Limited Dublin 1
523009 Mosenergo Finance Limited Dublin 3
523380 Kilmacthomas Community Meitheal Company Limited By Guarantee Co Waterford
523728 Premier Payment Limited Dublin 2
524281 A . S Mexican Café & Catering Limited Co. Clare
524937 Bluebarrel Limited Dublin 14
526198 Cheaprooms Limited Co. Kildare
526372 Mahon Offshore Marine Services Limited Co. Cork
526484 Chipview Systems Limited Co. Wexford
526671 Xpatfood Limited Dublin 7
526965 Outside Eye Pr Limited Dublin 6w
527155 Claregalway Community Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Galway
527243 Wizards of Odd Limited Co. Kildare
527309 Maven Accounting Limited Dublin 8
529789 Laurel Lodge Day Care Solution Limited Longford
530703 Credit Recovery and Management Limited Co. Dublin
530757 Engineering Consulting and Training (Ireland) Limited Dublin 8
530839 Eamonn Brownlee Gas Services Limited Co. Laois
530914 Retail Channels International Limited Co. Dublin
532213 Freyc Limited Co. Dublin
536723 Homebird Design Limited Co Cavan
537350 Turnkey Facilities Limited Limerick
538443 Jjt Ventures Limited Co. Tipperary
538583 Building Brain Limited Dublin 2
538590 Yukka Soft Limited Dublin 1
538696 Gxp Risk Management Limited Dublin 16
539658 Kanell Services Limited Dublin 24
539732 Trc Recycling Limited Co Wicklow
540666 Cruise Cork Harbour Limited Co. Cork
540710 Jmk Capital Management Services Limited Co. Waterford
541461 Tyrecycle Ireland Limited Co. Westmeath
542997 Cathal McCarthy Services Limited Co. Cork
543255 Green Bird Limited Dublin 14
543893 Loughbeg Venture Investments Limited Co. Dublin
544402 Rockhouse Designs Limited Co. Cavan
544652 Skane Transport Limited Co Meath
544731 Donabate Medical Limited Co. Meath
544865 Eagleclaw Limited Co. Tipperary
545616 Aimeim Public Limited Company Dublin 7
547441 Customclubkits Limited Cavan
547463 Old Connaught Manor Property Services Limited Dublin 2
547466 Conment Limited Dublin 2
547469 Mabrefa Limited Dublin 2
547494 Roscommon - Larrys Bar Limited Co Leitrim
547505 Love Nail Tree International Limited Dublin 7
547520 Brumeden Inns Limited Co. Offaly
547535 Glaxy Limited Dublin 3
547556 Anavargos Limited Co. Dublin
547569 Wakame Limited Dublin 1
547570 New Era Creative Limited Dublin 24
547572 Gilkean Limited Co. Clare
547629 Advertising Pens Limited Dublin 24
547663 M & S Merchants Limited Co. Limerick
547671 A Crowley Consulting Limited Dublin 3
548013 Dpi Distribution (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
549989 Now I & R Limited Dublin 3
550108 Simra Taverns Limited Co. Louth
550157 Limerick Arts & Culture Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
551335 McNicholas Business Solutions Limited Co. Mayo
553636 Rossdon Limited Dublin 14
554147 Design Island Initiative Limited Kilkenny
555398 Burkart Consulting Limited Dublin 4
555742 Mimdal Building Services Limited Co. Cork
556380 Jc&V Publishing Limited Dublin 6
558206 Shavac Limited Wexford
558824 Wilmar Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
559698 Inospatial Limited Co. Cork
559934 Crazy Sports and Games Limited Dublin 13
562329 Meet My Booker Limited Dublin 2
563522 Liberties Charcuterie Limited Dublin 24
565026 Pim 205 Ncr Limited Dublin 7
565105 Daanth Construction Services Limited Co. Mayo
565577 Recetas Nuestras Limited Co. Kildare
565598 Grey Raven Records Limited Co. Dublin
565602 Nutrition Plus Limited Co. Waterford
565661 B & F Public Houses Limited Dublin 3
565662 Amc Concepts Limited Dublin 12
565719 Dromore Energy Trading Limited Co. Dublin
565720 Alternative Grid North Africa Limited Cork
565742 Luxury Estate & Project Limited Cork
565744 Fct Project & Distribution Limited Cork
565747 Tvrs Entertainment Limited Cork
565807 Digital Media and Innovations Limited Dublin 2
565810 McCabe Excavations Limited Co. Westmeath
565845 Purple Dawn Limited Co. Dublin
565872 Clonard Ventures Limited Wexford
565890 Nathan Adams Promotions Limited Cork
566752 Whitem Productions Limited Dublin 14
567577 Irwin Grimes Limited Co. Mayo
567741 Airfinsa Limited Dublin 2
568396 Taj Ventures Limited Co. Meath
568831 A K Natural Stones Limited Cork
571194 Apc Investments Limited Co. Clare
571285 Octi Digital Limited Dublin 2
571544 Peter McDonald Consulting Limited Tipperary
571994 Adk Tasman Limited Co. Meath
571996 Rosewood Corporate Investments Designated Activity Company Co. Clare
572701 Techdelivery Limited Co. Wicklow
573959 Millenium Advanced Limited Co. Clare
573981 Mimedia Computing (Ireland) Limited Co. Clare
577149 Granary Developments Ireland Limited Dublin 2
577652 Granada Park Development Ireland Limited Dublin 2
578138 Crunch Fitness Premier Aston Quay Limited Dublin 15
578139 Crunch Fitness Premier Dun Laoghaire Limited Dublin 15
580704 Wisgil Limited Co. Kildare
581180 Scala Pcm Limited Dublin 2
581542 The Tipperary Mushrooms Partnership Limited Tipperary
581951 Crunch Fitness Premier Westmanstown Limited Co Louth
581958 J Chung Chinese Buffet Limited Dublin 1
583739 O'Neill Certification Services Limited Co. Kildare
583957 Wangs Garment Supplies Limited Co. Dublin
584716 Strong Minds Limited Co Donegal
586446 Fashion Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 5
586682 Health Genee International Limited Co Donegal
586712 Nimco Hydraulic Systems Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
591023 Golive Creations Limited Dublin 18
There are 345 companies in the above list.

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